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3:32 AM
Q: Indian traveller's who visited abroad for studying ,learning purpose?

Tushar SethMany foreign visitor's visited India since ancient times to study the cultute , faith ,beliefs and religion of the land. Did India had any of it's own travelers in the past who travelled across nations to study the different faiths,cultures etc.Is there any written account of a Indian travellers...

4:08 AM
Q: Is eating meat forbidden for Brahmins in Kali yuga?

HinduOnce I heard that even though Vedas and Smritis contains many verses regarding animal sacrifice and meat eating, they are forbidden in Kali Yuga. I want quote from any of the scriptures which says something like this?

4:57 AM
Ankit sharma becomes 19th trusted user of the site. \o/
@SS You are heading towards it :-)
@TriyugiNarayanMani Thanks for your encouragement. But it's a long way to go. :-)
@SS Yeah but the time will come.
Let's wait for that time.
5:06 AM
@TriyugiNarayanMani It would be best if we discuss site related topics i.e., spam users,flagging etc., in this room as it is the primary room.
Also we will know about the questions asked on main site quickly. We have bots here.
@SS Yes, I totally agree on this. I can remember we used to do talking in this room some months ago.
2 hours later…
7:00 AM
Hello @BhargavRao How are you?
@SS Hi, Doing great! Thanks. Wbu?
@BhargavRao I am fine.
Glad to hear that!
@TheDestroyer @Pandya @KeshavSrinivasan @BhargavRao @AnkitSharma Considering recent issues on the main site, I think we should also add Smoke detector as a bot. What do you think?
don't know
@SS wow
7:08 AM
There has been many troll posts and usage of rude words in questions and comments.
Wait, what are the recent issues?
There has been a series of duplicate accounts(I think) and troll posts on main site.
Abusive words in questions and comments.
in Vedanta and Philosophy, 4 hours ago, by S S
Was it detected by Smoke Detector?
Take a look @BhargavRao .
We don't have a smoke detector bot here.
I feel that should be added.
No, Smoke detector doesn't detect trolls. It detects spam and abusive posts.
7:12 AM
There has been spam posts too today. Troll posts abusing hindu gods.
Using swearing words
Yeah, those are already reported in Charcoal, so I'm not so sure if adding Smokey here would help. But you can also speak to the Charcoal guys and get it here.
Where were they reported? In charcoal HQ?
I'm not sure if those posts were reported, but all the detected posts are reported there
Does smoke detector detect rude comments?
That's the list of detected posts.
@SS Nope, there's another bot Heat Detector (which is only for Stack Overflow that does that).
7:20 AM
@BhargavRao Thanks for the list.
Q: How does this site deal with aliases?

RickrossHow does the site deal with aliases? Suppose the moderators are convinced about some accounts being the aliases of one principle account. Will all such alias accounts be suspended under all circumstances?

@MetaBot You became lazy. You are late
The feeds are always updated every 5 minutes.
It is late by an hour
7:25 AM
Huh, then I'll ping some dev and ask them the issue
2 hours later…
8:59 AM
Q: Is Laxman an avatar of Sheshnag?

rspI heard that Laxman is an avatar of Sheshnag? Is it true?

1 hour later…
10:02 AM
Q: If Human birth is so Auspicious and Rare, why does God let some people be born as - Lunatic, Autistic, Schizophrenic et cetera?

Anurag Singh मानुष्यं च समासाद्य स्वर्गमोक्षप्रसाधनम्। नाचरत्यात्मनः श्रेयः स मृतः शोचते चिरम्॥३०॥ The human body is the means for achieving of the heaven and moksa and even after achieving the same, he does not do good to himself. After death he keeps on thinking for a long time. देवासुराणा...

10:37 AM
Q: How can Ashwatthama be an incarnation of Lord Shiva?

Surya Kanta Bose ChowdhuryI have heard Ashwatthama who is an important character in the story in the Mahabharata epic and one of the chiranjeevas (immortals) to be the twelfth Rudra. However, he is seen as a cruel person for having the killing all the sons of the Pandavas and siding with the evil Kauravas. My question is ...

11:11 AM
Q: If a Brahmin doesn't perform duties as per his varna, is he still called as brahmin?

AjayNormal duties of Brahmana varna are waking up early morning, learning and chanting Vedas, etc, But if a Brahmin doesn't perform these duties, is he still respected like other brahmins who perform these duties regularly?

@AnkitSharma Hello Napoleon Wilson o/ :P
Q: Atimaharathi class of warrior: Was Parshurama one of the Atimaharathi?

VikrantAs per this link, Parshurama belonged to the Atimaharathi class of warrior, the only other being Meghanaada. But some other links like this mentioned Parshurama as Maharathi. Is there any relevant text mentioned in any of our Epics which clarify this ambiguity. Thanks!

3 hours later…
2:10 PM
Q: How sanatkumars reach Lord Vishnu's abode?

Mr. PHow sanatkumars reach Lord Vishnu's abode? Sanatkumars were also incarnation of Vishnu, but they were only children, how did they in such a small age reached there? This is a difficult task. What technology they used?

5 hours later…
7:19 PM
Q: Who believes in the two-Kapilas theory and who doesn't?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school. But there are five other Astika or orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy: Purva Mimamsa, Samkhya, Yoga, Vaisheshika, and Nyaya. My question is about Samkhya. The Samkhya school believed that ...


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