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2:05 AM
Q: Hierarchy of entities spanning from gross body or senses to parabrahman

hanugmAcross the scriptures, different hierarchies has been mentioned regarding entities related human life. For example consider the following hierarchies: #1: Hierarchy by Krishna The senses are superior to the gross body, and superior to the senses is the mind. Beyond the mind is the intellect, and...

2:48 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Lmao, +1 for an interesting question :D.
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4:59 AM
Q: Any references to Vishnu and his other avatars like Kalki and Vamana being black or dark-skinned?

R. KaushikMost people are aware that Krishna was a blackish-skinned person. Lord Rama is also depicted as blackish-skinned. But I have also heard that black is shri hari Vishnu's skin color, despite his blue aura. That's why he, Rama and Krishna all look exactly the same. Kalki is also depicted looking ju...

Q: What is Tvarita Rudra? Where is it found?

TezzLinga Purana (chapter 64) states worship of Lord Shiva done by Parashara using various Vedic Suktas which I also mention in my answer here. The verses are as: अदृश्यंति वशिष्ठं च प्रणम्यारुन्धतीं तत । कृत्वैकलिंगं क्षणिकं पांसुना मुनिसन्निधौ ।। संपूज्य शिवसूक्तेन त्र्यंबकेन शुभेन च। जप्त्वा त्वर...

5:24 AM
Q: Why are vedic chants used to propitiate puranic deities?

Abhi SivasailamSama Veda for instance mostly has hymns to Indra, Agni, and Varuna, and yet we use these very hymns nowadays to worship Ganesha, Skanda, Shiva, and others. Where is the scriptural basis for doing so?

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@Vivikta hehe
@Vivikta btw no swear word please :-)
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someone asking for Hinduism mods in the TL
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@Vivikta the Teacher's Lounge - it's a chatroom for moderators from across the network
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10:23 AM
Q: What is the RgVedic ' Brahman' truly?

Prakash RPThe RgVea has many gods: Indra, Agni, Vayu, Vishnu, etc. It also talks about a God the Absolute called ' Brahman '. What is this ' Brahman ' actually? Agni (fire)? Vayu (wind)? Or something else?

10:47 AM
Q: Are there any references related prohibition on certain plants within the house

babaIs there anything mentioned about which plants we are allowed to grow inside or near our house and which plants are prohibited? Hinduism worships the whole of nature, from animals and trees to rivers and mountains. So is there any source that mentions anything related to growing plants? Or is the...

11:38 AM
@Zanna ok
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2:55 PM
Q: Where can I read the mythological story of Nakshatras?

rachit_vermaI have been practising Jyotisha (Astrology) for the past few months and have recently acquired curiosity about the mythological stories behind the lunar mansions, or the nakshatras: Uttarabhadrapada, Rohini, Chitra, Krittika etc. Is there some place that has compiled all the stories about all the...

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4:34 PM
Q: According to Smriti Shastras, what punishment is prescribed for a girl who lost virginity before the marriage?

Amritendu MukhopadhyayI suppose Smriti Shastras do not encourage sex before marriage. But these days, it is pretty common. I want to know the views of Smriti Shastras on it. What kind of punishment is prescribed for girls? Manu Smriti Verse 8.227 says that girl can not marry. But apart from that ban, is there any spec...

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@TheLittleNaruto today there was no Vedanta session??
@MrGreenGold Hello
I have been too busy because of work
SO could not participate
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7:28 PM
Q: What is the Dharma of outcaste people?

riverHinduism is based on principle of dharma (unlike Buddhism and Jainism which are based on principle of Karma). And all varnas have different duties(dharma) to discharge. And varna is based on birth . So, what is the dharma prescribed for outcastes who don't come under the four varnas .


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