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1:16 AM
Q: Can a sinner attain liberation and avoid hell just through bhakti?

PloxguidemeI saw a picture of an elephant being saved from a crocodile by Vishnu. The caption read that the elephant was supposed to represent humans, and the crocodile was meant to be the hardships (punishments) due to bad karma, and it represented Vishnu saving his devotees from their bad karma. Does that...

1:40 AM
Q: What is the story of the "Shaiva Itihasa" or Shiva Rahasya Itihasa?

R. KaushikThe Shaiva Linga Mahapurana mentions the Shaiva Itihasa in Chapter 1.26 For the propitiation of eighteen Puranas beginning with Brahma, for the propitiation of eighteen Upapuranas beginning with Saura, and for the propitiation of holy Itihasas beginning with Saiva, he shall touch his ears and th...

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3:19 AM
Q: Under what conditions, a women is not allowed to perform Sati?

hanugmThis answer on Sati lists the conditions in which a woman is not allowed to Sati. Only a Pativrata alone can enter the pyre upon the death of her husband. That too, if she has young children, or she is pregnant, or she is menstruating, even a Pativrata too cannot undergo Sati. It says three con...

3:44 AM
Q: Transit chart is showing saade satte

user2225190As per a astrology site, my transit chart is showing as only 20 percent goodness to me out of 100 percent for almost 5 years from 2023 i.e.almost completely bad luck and nothing favors me. It is also listed as I wll be in saade satte during that period. It will be highly difficult to survive duri...

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5:51 AM
@Vivikta Since you're mainly involved in raising citation banner flags. I would encourage you to help users in finding valid sources and update the answers. Especially to new users.
rather than simply flagging them.
And old answers too.
Also check if the user is deleted user, in that case adding citation banner won't make any sense.
Either you or any high rep users can add sources to that answer or if any valid sources can not be added then raise delete flag.
6:18 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I would have done the same to "help". However, it's very time-consuming. Plus, my basic motif in raising citations is to salvage the Best answer in that Question because generally in the Older questions- people have accepted non-sourced answers and ignored good answers severely. So, adding the banner at least will help with a bit of Quality Control. :-))
@Vivikta Going through old answers posts and looking for unsourced statements itself is tedious tasks and time consuming.
6:39 AM
Q: Guru diksha for lord vishnu

Nishant guptaI am a lord vishnu devotee but i have heard no mantra chanting works without spiritual initiation from a guru. Can anyone recomend me where can i take initiation and get lord vishnu ashtakshar mantra as guru mantra?

@TheLittleNaruto Not if you're reading a lot / or can read a lot. And in that case: flagging for "low-quality" material is easier and lot-less time consuming than finding a source and adding it. However, I do take your suggestion seriously and will try to add relevant sources (especially for New answers or Deleted users), whenever I can find time or interest or energy for that. :P
6:56 AM
@Vivikta Don't lie you have enough energy, I know that. ;-P
Om namaH shivaya @Tezz
long time!
7:18 AM
@TheLittleNaruto namaxiva
@TheLittleNaruto yes after long time... how are you doing?
7:28 AM
@Tezz doing well. learning a lot!
Q: What are some verses in the Vedas and upanishades that are similar to gita 7:22?

Dark Knight 7.22 : Endowed with that faith, one engages in the worship of that [particular] manifestation and thence obtains the desired objects, which are in fact bestowed by Me alone. What are some verses in the Vedas and upanishades that are similar to gita 7:22?

@TheLittleNaruto 😂 😂
@TheLittleNaruto me too doing well..
@Tezz haha looks like you understood what I meant :P
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8:38 AM
@Vivikta Can you limit citation banner flags to 7-8 per day? we are getting lots of such flags from users and mechanically adding them is tedious task. We are in talks to CMs to get them added through community review or through other ways. Meanwhile we want every user to restrict citation banner and old posts deletion to max of 7-8 each.. All other flags have no restrictions
@Tezz Missing your jokes.. it's been a long time we spoke on chat rooms.. how are you?
Q: Why is it considered as bad to become ghost after death ? Do ghosts live a very miserable life?

riverIt is being said that people who die by suicide or suffer violent death usually become ghosts . So, why is becoming a ghost considered a bad thing ? Is there more suffering in it ? What things can a ghost do ? Can he take revenge from people who wronged him or punish bad people in general ? Can ...

@TheDestroyer Maybe the time has come to revive our old chatrooms like Vedanta and Philosophy using your Mrityunajaya vidya...😂😂
@Tezz welcome back tezz. Long time since your presence
@TheLittleNaruto Yes, I have little bit studied english also, so can understand what you wrote...
@ParabrahmanJyoti It's all due to the grace of your effulgent light (your Jyoti)...
@Tezz yeah.. good old days and your Advaitic jokes too..we can revive but not sure if i can be active like that again😂😂
8:47 AM
@TheDestroyer Yes let it remain in it's Preta loka for now.. when your Anugraha happens later it can get liberated..
@Tezz lol..
@Tezz even Agamas and tantra room is dead
Let them be in pralaya state for meanwhile 😂
@Tezz So, you learning any new things these days?
9:49 AM
@TheDestroyer Sure, no problem!!
Q: Does a Jeevatman have any gender?

ViviktaAs discussed in this question - Does a soul have any gender? : No. All souls that enter the human body are not male because the soul (or the Self) doesn't have any gender. However, most people confuse between a Jīvā (जीव) and Ātmān (आत्मन्), generally translating both of them as Souls. In an...

10:06 AM
@Tezz :)
10:30 AM
@Tezz 😂😂😂
11:12 AM
Q: How many are the RgVedic Devatas or gods in number?

Prakash RPWe've heard of 33 crores of Devatas. We've heard of armed conflict between Devatas and Asuras. We've also heard of the RgVedic Brahman the Absolute claimed to be the True God the Almighty who's One and only One. Evidently, the Devatas that fought and conquered the Asuras were Not the RgVedic Brah...

11:37 AM
Q: Is the notion of Chudail (चुड़ैल) and Daayan (डायन) based on any scripture?

ViviktaBoth - Chudail/Chuṛail (चुड़ैल), and Daayan/Ḍāin (डायन) are mass popular terms across the Indian subcontinent. Both of them are believed to be supernatural entities having the appearance of a Women, generally conceived to have negative connotations. In fact, in the popular mass vernacular its no...

12:02 PM
Q: Is the word " Kanjar (कंजर /कंजड़)" found in the scriptures?

ViviktaThese days it's not uncommon to hear the word Kanjar/kanjaḍa (कंजर/कंजड़) being used as either a sarcastic insult or a nominal derogatory insult against the other person. However, as per Wikipedia: The Kanjar are a nomadic tribe or group of people of North India, Kashmir and Pakistan. Some of th...

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1:16 PM
Q: Searching of one Shloka

Shivkumar MallesappaI am searching for one shloka which means : If you take gods name in anger , in happiness , in timepass etc it still reaches god unfortunately I am not able to find the shloka , it will be great if someone could tell me the original shloka.

1:41 PM
Q: What is the story of Parvati closing the eyes of Shiva?

TezzThere is a story in our scriptures where Goddess Parvati closes the eyes of Lord Shiva and the entire Universe went dark due to it. Lord Shiva has been described as Tryambakam (one with three eyes) in the Vedas. Linga Purana mentions that three eyes of Lord Shiva represents Soma, Surya and Agni! ...

Q: Are foreigner people free from the rule of four Varna?

riverSince foreigner people (Mlecchas) were never Hindus , not even their ancestors. So, they lie completely outside of the rule of four Varnas. How are they judged in this life and in afterlife ? For examaple a Kshatriya man is committing a sin by marrying a Brahmin woman as it is Pratilom marriage ...

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3:20 PM
Q: Did Krishna actually call Draupdi as "Sakhi" ? Were Krishna and Draupdi friends?

riverI had watched Mahabharat on TV star plus. In the show , the Character of the Krishna used to call Draupdi "Sakhi" .And Draudpdi would call Krishna Sakha . I found this to be inappropriate. Were Krishna and Draupdi really friends ? How is this possible ? Draupdi was a normal woman . Why will Krish...

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4:35 PM
Q: The Source Scripture of Popular Lakshmi Aarti

Divyanshu RajThis is the popular and most common aarti (devotional song) of goddess Lakshmi.Ma Lakshmi aarti What is the Scriptural source of this song?

4 hours later…
8:18 PM
Q: Did Draupdi marry only Yudhistira?

riverhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scbxuxmJ5hI ( Video is in Hindi ) In the video above this guy is claiming that Draupdi married only Yudhistira and not all five Pandavas. He is saying that in Mahabharat nowhere it is written that Draupdi married all Pandavas. I also found the act of Draupdi marryi...

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10:48 PM
Q: Definition of father in indian scriptures?

kritika jainDefinition of the father and his qualities with verses in Vedas and Upanishads?


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