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7:57 AM
@FireQuacker It's not normal, but it appears to be common from what I've seen.
8:29 AM
@FireQuacker Unfortunately, yes
A lot of phone apps aren't written by security folks, and often times, invalid certificates lead to exceptions
And you know what programmers do when they see exceptions they don't understand but don't seem to cause any issues?
Correct, just log them and carry on.
I can't really think of a way to convey to a programmer that this is a really dumb thing to do.
8:54 AM
@MechMK1 Why can they even do that? Shouldn't all the functions that ever need to validate a certificate exit when they see an invalid certificate without completing whatever it was supposed to do?
So if the a programmer needs to download a resource, they are going to do something like download("resource"), then the certificate validation part should be done by the download() function, no?
And if the certificate was invalid, just terminate the connection and not download anything
@nobody No, they first establish a HTTPS connection, and that's when the certificate is being validated
If they re-use the same object, then they only need to do that once
Or they make a helper function, which logs every invalid attempt
You know, to get rid of that stupid exception that keeps breaking the app in the test environment
@MechMK1 what?
So, a new HTTPS connection is established, and no validation occurs, simply because they are using the same object?
@nobody Since its the same host, yeah
Or, as I said, make a helper function:
Well I guess the problem here is that the right way to do something isn't also the easiest way
Q: ignore ssl errors in DefaultHttpClient

2red13Im searching for a possibility to ignore all ssl errors (eg. not trusted) in a default httpclient. I've seen lots of solutions here, but i alwas have to import a specific certificate an add it to the trustmanager or it is for HttpsUrlConnection instad of DefaultHttpClient. My used webrequests are...

10k views :D
9:01 AM
shit, that's crazy
@nobody The problem is that developers and security people have two extremely different views on this
I get it now, you need to get rid of the errors for testing, but then they just keep it that way
You know when you browse on a website with an expired certificate and you have the option to continue nevertheless? That's the same, the question being asked by a raised exception instead. And like everybody, they click on "continue" by ignoring the exception an carrying on.
A developer sees this as "that one annoying thing that keeps preventing the app from working"
Whereas security folks see it as "that one incredibly useful thing that prevents your data from being stolen"
As a security person, your reaction to certificate errors would be "Display an error and stop the connection"
But "don't do what the user wants the app to do" isn't what developers want to do
The reasoning is "If our users can't use our app to do what they want to do, they will go to the competition"
Well atleast the developers keep us in business
9:04 AM
If my own data was guaranteed to never be compromised by these things, I wouldn't complain about them
That's why I told my developer friends that it's okay to trust client data, roll their own crypto and ignore any certificate warnings.
> So you know, just trust your client data. You wrote the client, right? So it's guaranteed to be okay. And for cryptography, definitely invent your own algorithm and make sure to keep it secret, so attackers will never be able to crack it. And certificate warnings? Pfff, they're just warnings, right? Who cares about warnings.
10:09 AM
This is weird. How do I know that the FBI doesn't drop their own backdoor while removing the chinese one?
10:48 AM
You don't.
oh they wouldn't
they'd get the NSA to do it
11:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ah okay.
Afternoon, by the way.
11:49 AM
Beautiful :'D
Hahahaha :D
The perpetually offended versus the perpetually offensive
I am not even sure offended is a strong enough word to describe those people anymore.
There needs 40 adjectives in front of it.
Wait, I need to find something
This fucking bio
Fun exercises with tumblrinas is telling them that self-diagnosis of mental illnesses isn't the same as having an actual diagnosis from a medical professional
Why do people think being mentally is a badge?
It isn't.
What the fuck is this shit?\
12:04 PM
@J-- It's quite obvious, isn't it?
Grow up. Shit makes me SO mad.
It's not fun. It isn't a badge. It isn't nothing. It's terrible.
I'm actually tilted.
SOme people are fucking...
Step 1.) Create an ideology that puts disadvantaged people on a pedestal.
Step 2.) Perpetually claim that non-disadvantaged people have no right to express themselves or to be heard, because they "oppress disadvantaged people".
Step 3.) People suffering from mental illness are more disadvantaged than those who do not suffer from mental illness.
See how it's all coming together?
More like "I am mentally ill, so my opinion is worth more than yours"
Yeah people that do this can fuck off.
Mental illness isn't a fucking bargaining chip.
12:07 PM
Plus they use it as an excuse to just be horrible people
It isn't a badge of honor.
It's nothing more than what it is.
When being called out on their horrible behavior, they use their self-diagnosed mental illness as an excuse.
these people can just get in the bin
Oh, I know.
I don't disagree with you.
They do it a lot, I've seen it. It's absolutely stupid.
Because if they say something wrong: "im mentally ill"
There is actually a bit more of a sinister reason behind it
If they get called out: "bullying someone whos mentally ill"
If they kill someone: "well im mentally ill"
12:08 PM
Exactly, it becomes an all-deflecting shield
Would you like to know another reason why they do it?
Social isolation and social dependency.
Selling someone a fake cure for a real illness isn't a good scam. Once the cure shows not to work, the game is up. A much better scam is to sell a healthy person a fake illness, for which you claim to have the cure.
First of all, look at the age group for all these people
They're all teenagers and young adults
Or, the vast majority of them are.
I mean, the main issue I have is that it just completely negates anything I (or other mentally ill people) have experienced.
But oftentimes, these people are too fucking selfish to care about that.
A lot of people in that age group have problems, stemming from hormonal changes, social changes, having to become more independent, etc....
I mean, I am in that age group, also.
12:12 PM
I think I'm saying the truth when I say that a lot of teenagers and young adults have problems they didn't have when they were kids still.
But I can say with absolute certainty that 90% of what I experienced was not due to hormones.
@J-- Statements made about a group don't necessarily need to be true about every individual in the group.
@J-- But you had problems too, right?
So these clowns who use fake mental illness as an excuse just make others experience valueless and meaningless.
its wrong,.
The point I'm trying to get at, being a teenager is a difficult time for many
And when they get in touch with the wrong people, they might tell them things like "Look, your problems are obviously the result of an undiagnosed mental illness"
Oh, that for sure happens, no doubt.
I've seen it happen. It is also a real problem.
12:14 PM
You have mood swings? Obviously bipolar disorder.
You struggle in school? Obviously ADHD.
You feel sad or demotivated sometimes? Obviously depression.
The list goes on and on and on.
But from my perspective the real evil part is faking an illness that other people actually have in order to game the system of blame.
It isn't a badge.
@J-- I don't believe people consciously fake it
Oh, I do.
I think they delude themselves into believing they have it
I absolutely do believe people do it on purpose because it works.
Not most, but a few.
I believe most, like you say, delude themselves.
12:15 PM
Okay, I should say some do, but I believe some also do it by deluding themselves
But I do believe there are people out there who see how claiming something you don't have can benefit you greatly.\
There is another sinister concept at work
These are the people that put it in their bio^\
they use it as a badge
And that is "accepting an illness as being part of you"
and it makes me fucking LIVID.
12:15 PM
Yeah I've seen some people admit they faked ADHD and that sort of things
Yes, exactly. I agree with you fully
What I'm trying to get at is that some people are being told that having a mental illness is "part of their identity"
As in "Don't say you suffer from ADHD, be positive and say you live with ADHD"
They're being told that being mentally ill is actually really good
And that it shouldn't be seen as a sickness
There was a case where a baby was born deaf, and the doctors could restore its hearing
@MechMK1 Well it shouldn't
People online were LIVID, saying they deprived the baby of its "identity as a deaf person"
This is what I am saying about these clowns that want it to be a badge.
Because, you know, not having an illness means "depriving someone of something"
12:18 PM
It isn't a badge. It's horrible. There is a difference between accepting it and fucking displaying it like some kinda' fucking certificate.
But once you start going into that mindset, it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle
Look, I don't know for sure if I have depression or not. I never spoke with a doctor about it
But I'm pretty confident normal people don't have suicidal thoughts every single day of their life
If someone offered me a button I could push to not have those thoughts, do you think I'd push it?
Abso-fuckiung-lutely I would!
It's fucking awful to have to live with that shit
This isn't "part of my personality", it's a fucking sickness that I have and that I would rather not have if I had the choice
Yeah, I agree.
@MechMK1 Well thinking of yourself as mentally ill doesn't help
12:20 PM
But once people delude themselves into believing that "depression is part of who they are", they consciously resist all efforts to counteract it, as in their mind, they would begin erasing themselves
I don't consider my depression nor my autism to be part of my personality either, that would be absolutely stupid.
@nobody In all honesty, I would say it absolutely helps
It isn't a character trait. I am not an MMO class.
Because it definitely isn't normal
Just because I'm ill doesn't mean I don't have to take responsibility for my actions
Well if you spend all day thinking "I'm just a depressed wreck" you'll just feel more depressed
12:21 PM
I don't do that
Anyway, I don't want to say more because I know for a fact that some clowns are going to read it and think shit like: "THIS GUY CLEARLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT SICK PEOPLE"
But "acknowledging you have a problem" isn't the same as "believing you're just a depressed wreck"
TL;DR - almost every one is a clown.
@J-- Welcome to the clown world
@MechMK1 Well that's what I meant to... sorry I am bad at communicating
12:23 PM
I could say something really controversial which I am sure you would agree with, Mech.
@nobody Your failure to communicate seems to stem from a mixture of BPD, ADD, ADHD, SGX, BBQ, BFG and possibly ROFL
But, I won't...
@MechMK1 It probably is. I don't care.
Aww, I was wondering if nobody cares
12:24 PM
@J-- Based
that's all i'll say on that matter.
To answer your question:
Yeah. Shit pisses me off. Again, it undermines the people who are that and don't use it in that way.
I do believe that a significant percentage of said group exhibit the traits you described.
12:25 PM
It ruins it for everyone, it is absolutely retarded to do it.
But they are so selfish they don't give a fuck.
And furthermore, I believe that a significant percentage of said group claim to belong to said group because it's "trendy" among young people.
To bring in a personal anecdote: I have not once met a member of said group, who wasn't "made of glass", figuratively speaking, and who wouldn't completely crumble under the slightest criticism.
And I am not talking about questioning their identity or belonging to said group - I am talking about any kind of criticism, valid or invalid, personal or in regards to their work.
Yeah, I have a rather similar experience.
But to be completely fair, I believe that most people are like that in general.
In fact, one character trait I have noticed among a significant number of people in said group show a strong bias towards vindictive behaviour.
I don't think it's exclusive to that group, I think a vast majority of people in the world cannot take any form of criticism, even constructive.
As well as a strong desire to control the language and ideology used by their peers
@J-- Perhaps that is true.
12:30 PM
Anyway, if I comment more this will only lead to someone trying to dox me or some shit.
Though I would argue there is a difference between someone getting defensive when being criticized, and someone having an absolute breakdown when being criticized.
So I just won't.
People can read the chat without us seeing them so whats the fucking point.
Ties nicely with the criticism thing, really.
i have learned the hard way on this topic.
Ironically, the fact that those characteristics make it pretty obvious who we are talking about only proves that point.
people will attempt to destroy you if you say ONE thing that upsets them
and by destory i mean
I know
12:31 PM
get you fired. get you homeless. everything.
its bonkers.
And you wonder why people hate them...
Support for their group among "young people" has plummeted in recent years. Makes you wonder why...
Is it because of the evil far-right propaganda? Is it because of Trump?
Or, could it be their own behavior, which people have become sick of?
Have you ever heard of Vaush?
I have.
I generally disagree with him.
Almost everything he says.
Isn't that the guy everyone calls a pedophile?
Although I have never found any evidence that he is...
Because he constantly defends child porn
12:34 PM
Oh Jesus...
Like seriously, every single stream he says child porn should be legal
Well, he's a clown.
"I have yet to hear a compelling moral or legal argument as to why child pornography should be illegal" - Vaush
But his he a pedophile for having a thought? No.
I absolutely do not agree with thought crime.
Also, defending a right to something doesn't mean you partake in it.
But I agree with one statement he made. He said "She and He are basically the same word, written the same, sounding the same, meaning almost the same thing. I've misgendered a lot of people by accident, and every single one was fine with it, except _____ people. They go fucking ballistic and trying to ruin your life over it"
12:35 PM
Yeah, it is the last part which resonates the most.
@J-- I'm not saying he is, but if I consistently claimed that rape should be legal, you'd probably think I'm a horrible person
"trying to ruin your life over it".
That part, that part is fucking insane that it is so true.
You saw it here on SE too
@MechMK1 Oh, I know you're not.
I am talking about the people that call him that.
Misgender someone, get publicly shamed by a big company
@J-- I'm not saying he possesses child porn, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did
I mean, the fact that he keeps defending it, keeps bringing it up EVERY stream...
12:37 PM
Yeah, I get that.
Like, it wouldn't be a big deal if he made the comparison once, if he said "If this should be legal, then that would mean that should be legal too"
But every stream? That hints at some personal investment in the topic
Yeah, I mean, that is strange.
And his discord messages
Where he argued multiple times that he'd rape children
Or his arguments that in an "ideal society" the age of consent should be lowered below 12
Is it proof? No.
Is it suspicious as fuck? YES.
12:40 PM
Anyways, I think Vaush is a fucking cunt
Yeah, agreed.
But I agree on his position regarding the group of people we spoke about before
He isn't wrong about groups trying to ruin your life though.
Also, have you heard about the "super straight" thing?
12:40 PM
They do. They will. They can.
But as I said, I don't think it is really exclusive these days. I think a lot of groups try this shit. I think a lot of people in general have the mentality of: "you offended me? now im gonna fucking hit you, get you fired, fuck your wife in the ass, kill your children, take your house, murder you, dump you in the ocean, piss on the sea where i dumped you, kill your wife, rape your mum, murder your dad"
All because you called them an idiot
Thats my experience with people anyways
fucking bonkers
This is pretty much why I stopped arguing with people on the internet.
It starts in school
It always ends in someone them trying to fucking... fuck you over.
Do you have any idea how often girls hit me because I said something that offended them?
And they always got away with it.
What does that teach them? "It's perfectly reasonable to use violence to express my discontent with someone"
Yeah, well, double standards is another problem entirely. They exist absolutely everywhere and if you call them out then you're a bad person.
Teachers keep saying "She's a girl, she can't hurt you"
12:49 PM
See, that's another problem as well.
"She's a girl, she can't hurt you."
First of all, that is absolutely false
Oh yes, she absolutely can
But it's about the principle
Second of all, that implies girls are weak. Except if a man said that, he'd be called a sexist and lose his house.
"Girls can use violence, boys cannot."
Society can just go fuck itself.
"it's okay if a woman hits a man"
"It's okay if a woman abuses a man"
12:50 PM
I lost all faith in it long ago.
It all stems from this mindset
"If you are the "lesser" person, you can do whatever you want"
And trust me, this mindset of "women are weak" absolutely implies they're not even to men
"It would be unfair if the same rules would apply to them, so they get preferential treatment"
That literally implies they are lesser beings
I think a lot of this shit stems from how self interested everyone has become.
Fucking hell
As years go on people are more and more only interested in themselves.
It spawns a lot of this shit.
Most people have no sense of care for anyone else except themselves.
That person can't eat? That's their fault, I can.
That person lost this right? Too bad, I didn't.
That person called me an idiot? Well I don't like that so I'm going to hit them.
Oh they hit me back? Now I'm calling the police.
Can I ask an honest question?
12:52 PM
Do you believe the terms "blacklist" and "whitelist" are racist?
Why would anyone think that?
Because of "black" and "white" obviously
12:53 PM
Is binary racist now too?
On and off also?
me neither...
I guess when displays are turned off, they can't be black anymore, right?
I was reading on slashdot the "war raged on racist terms on IT"... man, what?
Someone once marked me saying "It is recommended to use a whitelist approach instead of a blacklist approach" as saying this has "racist conotations"
That's racist. How dare you.\
12:54 PM
Oh fuck yeah, uncle Adolf would be proud of me
No more TVs on standby guys
fucking racists
all of you. :D
They can suck my nuts with their "allowlist" and "denylist"
@J-- Yes.
a list implies some on that list are more privileged than the others... that's segragationism
People spend far too much time being offended for others rather than aiming to solve problems which are actually real.
"Protecting your data from attackers is privilege. They might need your data more than you."
Literally an excuse for armed robbery I've heard by the way.
12:56 PM
and who said the data is yours?
I have no issue with people robbing banks to be fair, Mech. As long as they do it when the bank is closed.
Take as much money out of that bitch as you want.
The bank don't need any more.
Our data!
> Союз нерушимый республик свободных
> Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.
> Да здравствует созданный волей народов
> Единый, могучий Советский Союз!
Of course its googles
Its not yours
It never was yours.
It's always been Googles.
@J-- I have... it makes their insurance go up, and the price of their services go up, the mortgages interest go up... it hurts us, not the bank...
12:57 PM
"Wait, it's all Googles?"
[cocks gun] "Always has been"
the bank never loses
@ThoriumBR I wasn't entirely serious.
But you're not wrong.
I recognise that if the bank were to get robbed we'd still be paying the difference.
Agh fuck, the DMZ is so nihilistic again
They are too big to ever take an actual loss.\
12:58 PM
@J-- and my irony/sarcasm detector is an underperformer
"What's your biggest strength?"
"The fact that my own death is certain"
Anyway, back to ASLR bypass for me.
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