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9:20 AM
I slept for the longest time I have in a long, long times yesterday and I am so tired, fuck.
I was asleep for 9 hours. I don't even remember sleeping that long in the last year.
If you oversleep you will have as much problems during the day as sleeping too shortly.
Yeah but I don't usually sleep at all, that's why I thought I'd feel better.
I sleep most nights like 4 hours.
I thought it would like... Catchup, or some shit. Like a nice big rest. But I feel very, very tired. More than usual.
SO back to 4 hours a night for me.
No, doesn't work that way. You hsould sleep 8 hours, period :)
4, 8 what's the difference?
4 hours.
9:22 AM
No, I should sleep more, I know that.
The problem is that 98% of the time I cannot sleep when I want to sleep.
And I have had that issue for many, many years. But its whatever. I am used to it now, mostly.
I'm in the same situation. I know the solution: do sports in the evening and shut down screen at 10. Start with 11 when you're still in the denial phase.
(don't do sports at 11, you won't get to sleep, you've just activated your body, you need ~ 2 hours to get it to rest)
Yeah, I have been trying that more recently too. Well, minus the sports thing, but the screen thing.
Your body needs to feel tired as well, helps with the sleep. Otherwise it is just your brain.
Glasses may help too, that's my next stop.
The issue is, I don't spend much time with my girlfriend so if I come off my computer at 10 she'll want to hang out since previously she is asleep before I even get to bed. So if I come to bed when she's there then she'll want to watch stuff and then I have the same problem of going to bed at like 2-3am and waking up 6-7am.
Its fine though. I'll fix it eventually...
I should start taking sleeping pills or something but I've always been really against doing that because needing to take something just to sleep is in my opinion; absolutely dumb.
It is no different from needing cocaine to function or weed to be happy.
Yeah, that is the other issue, it is my brain which just never, ever turns off.
I have this in my daily life as well, not just around sleep. I am pretty much never not thinking about something.
Fixing underlying problem is always better. Talk to your GF about the sleeping and say you'd like to go to sleep at 12.
9:29 AM
But when I need to sleep it is often even more accelerated.
Yeah, my brain won't shut up either.
Yeah, it's REALLY annoying.
But I can manage to steer it into thinking about relaxing things most of the time.
Even if I manage to stop thinking about work related things, it then just starts to think about stupid stuff.
Things that don't even matter.
Its like, I can tell it to turn off from work sometimes but then it will always find something else to go round in circles about.
I wish I could do that, that'd be useful :D
Yeah, I know the feeling. You need to distract yourself without it involving a computer.
Sports helps with that. I go kayaking, I can spend an entire day or weekend without ever thinking about work.
9:32 AM
Yeah, that's the tricky part right there :D
I like reading but then I always end up reading about technical stuff which is just no good for going to sleep.
I'm an actual computer addict, Sadge.
I just really don't find any enjoyment from much else, which is kinda' the problem.
If it doesn't involve a computer or something technical I get bored and then I start getting really antsy.
9:47 AM
I hate how our corporate mandated e-mail signatures are becoming longer and longer and longer
You know what I want?

First Name, Last Name
Phone number: _____ Mobile Number: __________
oh you got more? add them in!
Honestly, I don't mind if someone wants to use "John Doe, BSc." as their name
add it all!
9:48 AM
I was about to say
Just add in your K/D as well
"once got to prestige 10 on COD in three weeks"\
Marketing treats our email signatures as fucking newsletters
just add everything, colour of your kitchen, fucking shoe size.
2030: people add their inside leg measurement to their signature.
"Here is a marketing slogan. Here is some news. Here's a link to our blog. An image that we have been ISO42069 certified"
Fucking hell
Just add a link to your fetish list, just in case
I don't mind people listing like one cert, one thing they're really proud of.
But more than 1 I instantly assume they're a clown.
9:50 AM
@MechMK1 Yeah, at work I use Rory Alsop, F.CIIS and leave out all the certs. If you have a doctorate, or fellowship or something like that, it's work having one postnomial. Long strings of them just make no sense
I just don't have patience for people who add more than one thing...
Its annoying.
Literally the only information I ever look for in an email signature is a phone number
@RoryAlsop Yeah, I believe common sense should prevail
That said, when trying to get a job, as I currently am, I have them on my LinkedIn headline - it helps HR sorters
I think it's okay to add one thing you're proud of, I don't mind that.
9:51 AM
And once I am in new role, I remove them again :-)
But more than one I just think they're... As I said, a clown.
"Dr. Jane Doe" - yeah, sure. You worked your ass off for that doctorate, feel free to show it off
Are they? Probably not. Do I think they are? Yes.
My signature is literally just my name and job title.
I don't even mind people bragging about personal stuff
But what I HATE with a burning passion is email signatures being used as marketing material
@J-- most corps I have worked at have a mandated format - name, title, phone and email. And then the sustainability and diversity banners
the banners are what take up all the space
9:52 AM
What on Earth is a sustainability banner?
What is a diversity banner?
"im a white male"
where they talk about what they are doing to reach carbon zero, or planting trees or whatever
and the diversity goals as an emplyer
When you receive an e-mail from me, where I tell you the access to doesn't work, would you honestly give a single fuck about how many black people work in my company?
all large corps seem to have them now
9:53 AM
If you ask me, that sounds like virtue signalling.
It is
(sustainability banners)
I mean I do like those sort of initiatives, but don't need to tell everyone in every email
That's what a company website is for
Not every fucking e-mail I send out
I like working for companies that try to undo some of the damage done to the environment etc
9:53 AM
Yes, I agree.
but yeah, it feels like virtue signalling
I literally go against company policy for not having that shit in my signature
But you don't need it in your signature.
That's just cringe.
I really believe there is such a thing as trying too hard.
You see, by adding this shit into email signatures, they can show off how woke they are. That's all there is to it
9:55 AM
Do you think there were any meaningful changes?
I'm a firm believer that companies don't have such a thing as "ethics"
Can I also say this...
Go ahead
If you work for a company that contributes a HUGE amount of emissions.
Putting fucking your "sustainability goals" or whatever in your signature.
If left alone long enough, every company will optimize towards maximizing profits.
Is absolutely degenerate behavior.
9:56 AM
How about stop working there.
not fucking "im doing this"
do it then.... don't tell everyone.
I'm working for a security consultancy company, we don't really have carbon emissions
Sure, we have the electricity we use
And the heating in our office
The only thing that has direct impact is when we have to drive to our customers for a meeting
But even one of the firms I worked for, that did hit carbon zero in the UK, and had most buildings at carbon zero as well, still wanted it in the emails - even though it was already plastered all over their website. They did well, but seriously, they don't need to shout it everywhere
But a.) I always use public transit and b.) we're doing 99% of all our calls remotely now
Honestly, COVID did wonders in modernizing IT infrastructure
9:58 AM
Yeah, it's all just virtue signalling at the end of the day. They want everyone to know how much of a "good" person they are rather than actually being one. I hate that a lot. That can stay very far away from me, I am not interested in it.
I kid you not, the local government didn't have any VoIP software
@MechMK1 yup. "We can't let you all work from home" ... covid ... "oh, well, yes - keep working from home then"
No teams, no zoom, no skype - nothing
@MechMK1 wow
9:59 AM
@RoryAlsop I'd honestly love to go back to the office
Yeah, that's a good point actually...
COVID has really, really helped IT.
Yeah, you wouldn't believe how backwards the IT was
We've moved from 2005 to actual 2021.
It's amazing.
They all believed "It worked so far, so why change?"
Meetings were all held in person, all the time
@MechMK1 I do want to see people in person again. Being sat in my own little office with zoom for a year has not been anywhere near as fun as I would have expected
10:00 AM
@RoryAlsop See, home-office is nice if it's the exception, not the norm
Before COVID, I was really happy to work at home when the weather was shit
Why go into pouring rain when I could just work from home?
But I'm so glad not to have had so many meetings where it was get up early, get to airport, queue, get to foreign city, have a meeting for an hour, and then return!!!
Jesus, really?
I must be one of the only people who actually really, really enjoys not having to go anywhere or see anyone.
those were the worst - and just because client wanted to feel important enough for personal meetings
I love it. I want life to continue like this indefinitely.
10:01 AM
@RoryAlsop I had some meetings too where I had to go 200km away by train just to meet them in person
For literally no good reason
I understand an on-site pentest, but for a simple meeting? Seriously?!
@J-- You're definitely the exception, not the norm.
One year, back in the early noughties, I had over 50 national flights and 20 international flights. Some may have been necessary, but the vast majority could have been done over skype
Oh for sure :D
But don't see this as a devaluing statement
^ this
Can I be honest? A lot of people shit on Teams but all in all, I think it works really well.
10:03 AM
Eh, it's okay.
Literally the only thing I hate about it is sharing files
It uses way too much RAM.
That's one thing that bugs me.
But my laptop has 32GB now so, meh.
Like I care, I downloaded like 2 TB of ram
Hahahahah :D
Plus you can always buy the ram doubling software
10:04 AM
Oh, question for Teams users.
Did you have an issue until recently where you'd type and the whole of Teams would just freeze?
It would happen fairly regularly. To everyone in my entire team.
They seem to have fixed it. But I never managed to decipher whether it was a Teams issue or our issue.
Okay, I guess our issue then..
I know some people who use Teams on Linux, who complained about it a lot
For example, Teams on Linux would not allow you to share individual windows, only entire screens
Which would not be so bad, but when you run Teams on Chrome on Linux, you can share individual windows.
So it's definitely not a necessary restriction
More like Microsoft not wanting to support the Linux client fully
Just enough so they can claim "Works on Linux"
That old chestnut, yes...
FedEx actually sucks.
Still waiting for these keycaps... Sadge.
I have exactly 57 days till my exam.
How exciting.
About to smash all the stacks :D
I believe in you
And yes, all the delivery companies suck
10:10 AM
Smash stacks, collect racks :D
Thank you, heh.
They all scam you, so you have no choice really
This is really hard. I am going to end up using a lot of holiday just for this exam, but it's okay.
Yeah, they really do.
In germany they use actually state-sanctioned slave labour
That reminds me...
It's fucking wild
10:11 AM
One time I was shipping something to myself "next day" right.
Okay, and?
In my mind, that means, it will come one business day from the day it is collected, right?
This delivery company tried to tell me the definition of next day is the next day after it arrives at their depot.
It took 2 days to arrive at their depot, then one day from the depot to me.
SO that's 3 days.
And they tried to convince me that was next day service.
Next Day*
10:13 AM
Which cost me 10 pounds by the way, and it was like 1kg only.
and its called next day?
I was just like "wtf is this"
And they just sent me their terms of service or whatever
and in black and white "next day is next day from our depot", actual scammers.
"We're not responsible for your assumptions of what "Next Day" means."
Yeah, pretty much.
Wanna hear the slave labor story?
But that is just downright shady.
Yeah, go for it. I'd love to. I thought Germany was really up on social care...?
10:14 AM
I guess it's just propaganda.
Yeah, sure it is :'D
Seniors are literally collecting bottles to return for a few cents
Because the state pension is so laughably low
They're considering raising the retirement age to 70
It's 67 right now
Quick question then...
Since I am considering moving out of the UK, well, am. I was looking at German income tax.
I'd be paying up to 43%.
Where the fuck does the money go?
It's not because they believe that people will work 3 years longer. The reason is that when people are unable to work anymore, say at 65, they don't retire 2 years too early, but 5 years too early - so they earn way less money.
The EU, of course.
So I'd be paying more tax in Germany for a less salary than I make now and it'd pretty much just be getting spent God knows where?
I guess Germany is off my list.
Germany is the nettopayer in the EU
10:18 AM
I am only willing to pay more tax if it goes to things which are important, you know like, abolishing slavery.
The cash cow so to say
I refuse to pay more tax for quite literally zero gain.
UK isn't great but at least the taxes aren't aids.
THe tax I do pay gets wasted
but i dont pay that much!
Well, that's the german idea of the welfare state
well, i do pay a lot. but if i moved to germany and then compared the salaries i'd pay a lot less tax than in the uk.
They bought into this "germany is responsible for all evil in the world" mindset
And so they try to absolve themselves by giving money away
To everyone, except germans
10:19 AM
Wonderful... Well, that leaves Germany off my list.
Here you see, in billions of euros, who pays and who receives money in the EU "recovery plan"
Hmm, yes.
Germany pays 133,300,000,000€
I have no idea where I am going to move at this point...
I refuse to pay 43% tax for it to just get pissed up the wall.
Austria "only" pays 14,000,000,000€
Meanwhile Spain receives 82,000,000,000€
10:22 AM
Denmark seems nice, but I think it is really expensive and I don't think they like immigration much.
Exactly, because denmark had a flood of immigrants and noticed "Wait, they're not assimilating like we were told they would"
So they put a halt on immigration, saying it's "unsustainable"
I honestly think it is going to be borderline impossible for me to move anywhere.
I don't think anywhere will take me. I'll be honest.
I'm sure denmark would take you
You have a stable job, good education and you're not from a no-no country
I guess so. It is going to be a lot of effort to move, that's for sure. I am still putting together a list of places I'm even considering, honestly.
The reason I kinda' gravitated towards Germany is that my girlfriend is German.
But their tax system is absolutely whack.
Oh, I forgot we spoke about the state-sanctioned slave labor :D
Wanna hear now? :D
10:26 AM
Yeah, go for it.
So if you don't have a job, you can apply for money to support you.
But as you can imagine, that money is tied to conditions.
Doing education on how to act in a job interview, how to write a CV
Which is absolutely ridiculous when you have a highly skilled worker, who happens to not have a job because his company went down.
Like seriously, imagine sending a senior software architect to a course on how to write a CV
Anyways, that also includes that you have to apply for specific jobs, and if they take you, you have to work there.
Now here comes the funny bit: Your new employer can "test" you for 3 months, without paying you. The state still pays you unemployment benefits - while you are employed.
And during or after those 3 months, the employer can reject you without giving any reason.
Sounds pretty similar to our system as well.
They can also tell the gov't that you refused to work, which means your unemployment benefits will be cut
You see where this is going, right?
UK has a very similar system to this.
It's absolutely retarded.
Those companies then tell you to work in the worst fucking conditions, and if you don't comply, they literally cut your only source of income.
10:30 AM
For example, they tell you not to use your seatbelt in the delivery van, as putting it on and off will take too long
They explain you how to fill in the sheet that you did your pauses, while making it very clear you're not allowed to make pauses
You get loaded ~50 parcels, while you have to make a tour to deliver ~100 parcels
You do the math on how that's possible
A journalist posed as an unemployed person, and got assigned a job there, where he recorded everything
@MechMK1 at least you have a source of income...
Including his boss telling him very clearly if he tells anyone about the conditions here, he'll make sure he won't get any unemployment benefits anymore for at least a year
@ThoriumBR But not paid for by the employer
Paid for by the state
The companies abuse the system, so they get the labor, but the population has to fit the bill
The journalist specifically asked about the seatbelt thing
but isn't anything that you as indentured servant can tell the government about the working conditions?
"So you're saying I'm not allowed to put on a seatbelt?" - "No, you're not allowed. It's too slow" - "What if I have an accident?" - "That's your problem man"
@ThoriumBR Oh, they publicized it
The government said "We'll investigate" and that's the end of the story
10:33 AM
like walking with a recorder on all the time, and refusing to work and giving all recordings to the government?
The government knows that their unemployment system is being abused left and right
@ThoriumBR That's literally what he did
or the social media army of warriors?
Response: "We'll investigate"
None of this really surprises me, as I said, the UK has a very similar system and the UK government lack the moral integrity to solve the issues with it such as these ones.
I believe a boycott is something that works on the developed countries...
10:34 AM
Boycott when you can't eat?
Good idea.
@ThoriumBR What are you going to boycott?
They NEED the income.
That is the issue.
not you, but imagine posting on facebook the working conditions on a company that is being paid by the government... people will be mad at them
What are you going to do? All logistics companies are like that.
Every single one.
That's why it works
like, imagine working at a restaurant, recording all the violations, and posting on social media about that...
10:36 AM
And then?
"Don't go into any restaurant anymore"
you are right: a logistics company would not be affected... they are just a cog in the system
In the case of the UK Universal Credit scheme. You're forgetting that the UK government allowed an entire tower block to burn down because they wanted to save money and 3 years later have not done a single thing to help the victims. Facebook isn't going to do shit, it didn't for Grenfell, it doesn't for Universal Credit.
If you buy something online, you need a logistics company to deliver it to you
Oh, you're talking about boycotting the company...
Imagine the same with grocery stores
10:38 AM
My bad.
Imagine all grocery stores would abuse their employees. You can say "boycott this company", but all the other companies are just the same.
And at the end of the day, your food needs to come from somewhere
but if you start a boycott against the largest one, and make clear the motive, the others will think about being the next target...
"Boycott FedEx, who abuse their employees. Better use USPS; who also abuse their employees"
but that wouldn't work either... the company would create some marketing about changing, relax the rules for 2 weeks, back to normal when people forget about them...
"Boycott USPS, who abuse their employees. Better use UPS, who also abuse their employees"
The company will just claim that it was an "incident in one branch office and does not represent the company values as a whole"
You know how the spiel goes
Then hire like 200 shills on social media, who reply to everyone criticizing the company saying "Oh come on, they have like thousands of people, and just because one guy did this, they're all evil now?"
10:42 AM
Mech does make a good point.
When the vast majority of companies are partaking in the same shady practices, boycotting one does literally nothing because you still have to go to another.
@MechMK1 For that, you can't beat James May, Bmus, not to be confused with Brian May, PHD and rockstar :D
I forgot to change the text of "Slaughter House" to "Slave Labour"
my memes are just as half-baked as the government's attempts at pretending to care about their people
Also GIMP's text tools are shit
Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahha :D
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