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12:00 AM
hmm these aren't listed
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 105, Bombs Used: 57, Moves Performed: 13922, New Users: 8
I guess my "refactoring" draft for that wiki entry will include a table to sumarize all annotations more concisely
btw, it now occured to me... excluding @Folder, do all the other annotations require an explicit action at Code Inspections to take effect?
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 issues closed. 1 issues opened. 4 issue comments
[Zomis/Server2] 8 commits. 207 additions. 4 deletions. 2 issues opened
All the others relate to attributes and, thus, require a quick fix to take effect.
@M.Doerner how do these work? I could write something like @ModuleAttribute("VB_PredeclaredId","True") ?
12:08 AM
@M.Doerner does that need a flag on IAnnotation that it takes a param args?
Or @ModuleAttribute("VB_ExtKey","MyKey", "MyValue")
so part of what I proposed earlier already exists, I get it now
VB_ExtKey, haven't read about this one before
@CarlosGustavoReetz Keep in mind that it might be more fragile to use that for defined attributes, esp. the description.
12:10 AM
@M.Doerner no wonder I was uneble to make them work on my ancient attempts
@this what do you mean by more fragile?
At least, it is less readable, especially for the member attributes.
@Description("foo") will work correctly. @ModuleAttribute("Foo.VarDescription", "foo") would break if you renamed the Foo procedure to Bar
and requires you to remember to VarDescription vs Description
probably few other details I'm forgetting (and do not care to remember)
Erm, you also have to remember to @VariableDescription vs @Description.
oh toob ad. I thought it took care of that for us
The @MemberAttribute takes care of the member name.
No, they attach to different annotation targets.
12:16 AM
oh I wouldn't have thought of writing "Foo.VarDescription", rather just "VarDescription" and hope it infered it's context by it's position (which, I admit would require some magic)
We actually do that for @MemberAttribute VB_SomeAttribute, SomeValue.
That translates to Attribute Foo.VB_SomeAttribute = SomeValue.
@M.Doerner and that's the basis of my hopes lol
provided the next member is Foo.
I'm coming to realize how poorly qualified I am to "refactor" that wiki page :(
Well, I was the one who actually implemented the inspections to sync the annotations and attributes.
12:22 AM
and to think that my original motivation to come was to try to contribute to the "revival" of the ParseState user-facing API (silly me)
*adjusting Goal time to.... 2030
12:38 AM
@M.Doerner, I googled for VB_ExtKey and it only returned 3 results (!!!), none of them really explaining it's purpose or functionality. Is it vb6 exclusive?
I think you can use it in VBA as well, but I also do not really know how to use it.
oh, VB_Ext_Key yields more results
I only know that it exists because it has the strange property to take multiple arguments.
> # [Codecov](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/5404?src=pr&el=h1) Report
> Merging [#5404](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/5404?src=pr&el=desc) into [next](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/commit/9734c7ff3a1dfd33341a1e877a5e69d52cbd858f?src=pr&el=desc) will **increase** coverage by `0.3%`.
> The diff coverage is `86.93%`.

@@ Coverage Diff @@
## next #5404 +/- ##
1:02 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 1c8f7a41 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
> # [Codecov](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/5404?src=pr&el=h1) Report
> Merging [#5404](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/5404?src=pr&el=desc) into [next](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/commit/9734c7ff3a1dfd33341a1e877a5e69d52cbd858f?src=pr&el=desc) will **increase** coverage by `0.32%`.
> The diff coverage is `87.19%`.

@@ Coverage Diff @@
## next #5404 +/- ##
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 1c8f7a41 on unknown branch: 61.24% (target 0%)
@BloggingDuck wow, very nice article!
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4:46 AM
@Duga 6 Stars to go.
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7:29 AM
When working with XAML does any duck know if there's a preference to place a space after a self closing element? IE <TextBlock Text="Foo" /> such that is has a <space> character before the closing />.
8:35 AM
8:58 AM
Q: Filter a two dimension array with VBA

Davide ToninThis is the function I've written to filter a two-dimension array. I use it mainly on forms with user-defined filter (categories, dates, search bar, etc). It works fine, but it's ugly. Do you have any advice? Function FilterArray(ByVal originalArray As Variant, _ Optional ...

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11:12 AM
@Duga so @FreeMan has been holding out on us, eh? Also, one more before the mythical milestone of 1K stars!
@Duga and that's our 1k star! We should send him a prize or something.
11:25 AM
12:24 PM
12:56 PM
@Duga Not sure how I feel about that.
@IvenBach yeah, you want that space in
@this well, not quite so much!
@FreeMan s'ok. He's a better and improved version, right?
@MathieuGuindon yeah, no kidding. Did this' OOP post just get slashdotted?
@this Nowhere to go but up, so I guess so...
hmmm ought to star ta software project where first version starts at 100, next at 99 and so forth...
Why? Version 0 is perfection.
1:00 PM
@this Yeah. TBH, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the project... You know, is it viable, does it work, are the devs responsive... I just needed to check it out for a while...
@FreeMan huh did it? that's awesome!
nice little meteor shower!
@MathieuGuindon no idea, I was askin'. Is /. still a thing?
Just sayin' - if you slash the dot, you no longer have a dot but 2 half-cicles...
Yup, guess it is, but I dunno if people still rage about it.
This is pretty funny, though
sigh, I forget that chat doesn't one-box links...
you have a valid point there, @this... On the bright side, they're less likely to roll away that way!
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3:18 PM
3:36 PM
actually it could be
to be fair it was an awesome idea. all error pages do that though
but it reports it posted on 2017?
3:52 PM
more likely this one is the reason
> I think in the situation of the MCVE, we really should issue a result. There is no reason why to treat private variables in interfaces any different than private variables in any other components.

For public fields, the situation is a bit different. We do not report interface members with an implementation as not used, even if they are never used. However, we report public fields on interfaces with an implementation. That is inconsistent. However, I would like to propose to actually report
@Vogel612 The comments toward the end are less than stellar, though. They value speed and stability.
@Vogel612 ah, yes
@this understandably. not that any of these folks have a solution to these problems, but eh, we can always give them their money back
@this yea, and I kind of agree with that, but IDEs are usually not that quick in the first place because the problem domain is ... heavy
@this Yeah, saw that. Wonder how many years ago they tried it out. Granted, still not the fastest thing in the world, but light years better than 2.0 versions
3:59 PM
@MathieuGuindon What?!? You're insane! Do you have any idea how many users we'd end up paying back! We would go bankrupt!!!
Given that it's recent postings, I would hope they were referring to a recent-ish version and not going off memories of older versions. But who knows.
FWIW one of them seems to be going off of older versions
4:32 PM
@Duga that old story...
5:14 PM
6:07 PM
@MathieuGuindon but is there a setting that automatically enables that?
1007 stars. I must’ve missed something.
@IvenBach I don't think so. It's annoying.
@IvenBach look here
@IvenBach no that I know of. Maybe some linter tool exists to do that
6:38 PM
@this yeah... what was that about?
@FreeMan said the Captain Oblivious
6:56 PM
Yep missed the star shower. Darn life for getting in the way.
at this rate I'm going to run out of chat-votes (stars) by the end of the day
7:23 PM
It's not just stars... Twitter "xxxxxx is now following you!" notifications are ringing too
stars? i see the text that so-and-so starred RD-VBA, but is that a favorite or what does that equate to?
#IndustryDisruptors get used to their phone blowing up with alerts and low battery life. Comes with the territory.
8:01 PM
@this That's me. Oh, I guess it was the shooting star part, not the "The more you know" part. I was cornfused
@Cyril all those things listed over there --> are starred comments. Just to the left of the "reply to this message" arrow is the "star this as interesting" star. We really don't necessarily use it for that. At one point any "lol" message was starred about 20 times...
And Duga's message about starring us is her notifying the chat that someone has clicked the GitHub star to follow the project.
@Feeds creepy - are you listening to our discussion about stars?
8:26 PM
> The sky is going away because people keep shining lights at it.
That's just... that sounds like so many people's logic and arguments for things...
8:39 PM
@FreeMan now you know more!
So it's relevant, too
it's late Friday afternoon, I wouldn't count on that if I were you...
needs a demotivional poster for the more you know
8:54 PM
x = 42
42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, so of course it's True.
Meh, good nuff.
At least it's nowhere as bad as JavaScript's handling of nulls.
That’s not in your code is it?
Hell no
Still it's annoying that it behaves illogically. Note that if you had Int(CBool(42)), you'd get -1
but use a variable? VBA derps awfully hard on that one.
that example tickles the brain
9:00 PM
@this I need to thank for your article. It’s a level of refinement and professionalism I can measure by. Floored me by how well you went through it.
Thanks! As long it get paid forward, all the better!
Oh jeez. I missed the CBool with variable. Yes that’s a bit :wow:
Mug + this = VBA demolition tag team against bad coding practices.
@this what about with a const?
@BigBen "tickles", "sticks a cattle probe in", there's such a minor difference
@IvenBach correct behavior; not surprising if you consider constants to be basically "public" literals.
9:18 PM
hrm, guess that should be cattle prod. You really don't wanna cattle probe...
did I mention it was late on a Friday afternoon?
@FreeMan well, you could probe with a prod....
Do not do that at home, kids
You know... When I was a kid, we didn't have to be told "do not try this at home" about every single thing we saw on TV. A) we weren't stupid enough to try, or B) if we were, our parents would look at us and say "well, that's what you get for being stupid enough to try"...
Public literal? Would 42 would be a in line literal?
26 mins ago, by this
Still it's annoying that it behaves illogically. Note that if you had Int(CBool(42)), you'd get -1
@IvenBach 60%, ...working at the office helps a bit =)
9:27 PM
I saw that. My question is more with the semantic naming of 42 in that use.
Being around this pond I’ve had to up my pedantic skills.
don't invent new names!
Consts and literals are fine enough. I'm just saying that you can pretend that consts are basically "public" literal (e.g. they are treated the same way as a literal, but without having to use the magic numbers every where)
Mkay. Hadn’t ever heard that term before. Named literal is how I think of them.
10:17 PM
Hi! So I'm back from my 1-week beginner C# course. :-)
And I like the language! Better than VBA :-D
cheers yo

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