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12:01 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 2 opened issues. 19 issue comments.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 178, Bombs Used: 97, Moves Performed: 24080, New Users: 11
12:19 AM
Hm, not doing anything for the dictionary access will actually break the code since the references parameter is no longer there.
3 hours later…
3:04 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 286f5f95 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
9 hours later…
11:54 AM
Huh, @Duga taking a nap. @M.Doerner I've finished my review of #5274.
12:11 PM
@this I coulda sworn your tutorial said to check it, but I'll undoso
This is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened in the last 2 days.
I getz no duckie!
2019-11-18 15:43:13.0859;INFO-;Rubberduck._Extension;Rubberduck is shutting down.;
2019-11-18 15:43:13.0859;TRACE-;Rubberduck._Extension;Unhooking VBENativeServices events...;
2019-11-18 15:43:13.0929;TRACE-;Rubberduck.VBEditor.WindowsApi.SubclassManager;Releasing subclass for hWnd 0x00AC1404.;
2019-11-18 15:43:13.0929;TRACE-;Rubberduck.VBEditor.WindowsApi.SubclassManager;Releasing subclass for hWnd 0x009E1C9C.;
2019-11-18 15:43:13.0929;TRACE-;Rubberduck.VBEditor.WindowsApi.SubclassManager;Releasing subclass for hWnd 0x00231672.;
That's the end of the log from yesterday afternoon when I shut down Access. No duck log from this morning when I opened it.
No errors that I see...
When I select it to load, it fires up just fine and works with no complaints. I also select "load on startup".
Must do a decompile because I've got a ghost breakpoint, we'll see what happens after that...
(parsed just fine, too)
Decompile, C&R, Alt-F11, I haz duck!
for now...
And OASIS is still telling me my master form .layout file is different. It opens when the DB opens, then I closed it to do some poking around. From the diff, I can see why it thinks it's different, but why is it coming up like this?
12:34 PM
and yet, when I look at what needs to be exported, OASIS says nothing's changed.
I'm very confused by all this. :(
1 hour later…
1:45 PM
@FreeMan VBE file exports weren't designed with SC in mind; they'll drive you nuts nuts nuts mwahahahahahaha
(at least it's not a .vbp)
I'd just take whatever diff it thinks it has
I'm confounded by why one .layout file is showing all the layout info, while the other .layout file is not!
@FreeMan That is expected if you checked certain settings to sanitize the files
The export from VBE will include useless pieces like Version, Checksum or Ptr*** properties that will change everytime and thus mess up the SC.
OASIS will strip those from the exported files, so that only stable data goes into SC.
Take the Ptr*** for example - if you import/export between 2 computer, the host will always change the data because computer A's default printer is a HP while computer B's default printer is a Lenmark.
By stripping it out, we avoid bogus diff everytime either computer makes a change, keeping it small & focused.
also of note:
your article shows Use object-date as filedate, yet your advice late yesterday was to not do so.
1:53 PM
NoSaveCTIWhenDisabled and Compatibility Mode also impacts the export, too
Will update, thanks!
Other than the use object-date, I've not changed these settings in the last couple of days.
YW. That is why I had that selected, BTW...
"If it's on the internet, it can't be wrong" - A. Lincoln
but if you were transitioning your files from the original VBE export to OASIS, that'd be expected
true, but I'd gotten past that point a few weeks abo ago.
@this This "Yep" means that's the correct setting, right?
> You may recall that from the previous section on Object Types pane, we chose the changed, which requires us to save the object’s date/time as a file date/time. That is checked off here as well. It’s worth noting that Access does not always reliably stamp the timestamp when changing the objects. We will discuss this again in later section about making commits.
looks for "later"
1:58 PM
> We usually want to ensure that the auto-correct is always turned off but more important are the option to use Ctrl+S as a hokey to do an export. That is very very helpful and avoids the problem with the Access object timestamp. However, this requires discipline to consistently use the keyboard shortcut to save the changes. Whenever you execute the keyboard, you will see this dialog shown briefly:
I can see that I should make the language more stronger.
pun intended
I'd merge the .fr.resx PR now; FYI there are a few tiny little diffs in the culture-neutral files too
@FreeMan should be but I can't guarantee that.
@MathieuGuindon I totally can't can review the french translation!
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] retailcoder pushed commit 98a8e644 to next: translations-fr (v2.5 round 1)
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] retailcoder pushed commit 286f5f95 to next: round 2/2
Merge pull request #5280 from retailcoder/quackamole

French translations update
@this oh
@Duga now I need a new bad pun for a new branch name
> avoids the problem with the Access object timestamp
How, In what ways?
2:02 PM
Fun news!
@MathieuGuindon No, that's just me pretending I can read French.
(I do have the ctrl-s hooking enabled and usually use that, not the button. It's the 'save often' part I need to work on)
I may or may not be on a project this spring involving rewriting a system built on top of an Access DB last modified in '95 to be a webapp with (presumably) SQL Server.
@Hosch250 that sounds like a blast! (if you enjoy multiple, simultaneous root-canals without anesthesia...)
@FreeMan You ran into this yesterday. There are probably more aspects but I know about one well -- the fact that Access stores the entire VBA project in a single stream means that it can't have different object timestamps for modules. You change one thing in one module, all of the VBE modules' timestamp get changed.
2:04 PM
@FreeMan Well, I always was kind of a masochist...
At least we have the duck :D
To help illustrate this, look in the MSysObjects -- that's where the object's timestamp are. Look at what happens to module's timestamp as you make changes.
@this ah! that makes sense and explains things... Though yesterday I saw times stamps from 2015!
Furthermore, there are other cases, for which I'm not familiar enough to give a reproduction steps, where you can get weird timestamp like the one from 2015.
@Hosch250 nice!
"Blame Microsoft" is the best TL;DR version I can give.
Anyway, as mentioned, ctrl + s is really your friend if you don't want to get driven nuts by exports introducing extraneous diff. OASIS can only do so much with Access giving wrong information.
2:07 PM
@this that explains so much, yet feels like a cop-out, yet is so accurate!
You're welcome!
@this Will use this, and will improve the habit!
Unfortunately, I don't see the SC experience improving until the VBIDE is fully hijacked.
Especially for the document modules.
@this Avalon++
just tried to explain to someone that you can exclude items from searches using the hyphen... they were extremely confused why their search for "-9143413" was not working. they still don't get it ='/
"but i didn't use 'NOT' like you showed me" "that was outlook" "but they both search"
Just say that seeing the - sign kills the goblin carrying the search result over the wire so it never gets there.
@Hosch250 you know what, that might actually work for some of these folks. at least the funny thought will stick in their heads (i hope)
2:22 PM
And you can say that works in Outlook because they are a different goblin clan that got inbred differently.
It's the NOT that kills the those ones.
the fat one might get stuck on the "bread" part of that statement
so will come up with somethign different
remembers back to deuce bigalo "did somebody say steak?!"
Dang, that flagged comment...
The most qualified people I've worked with have all been women.
Manager, QA, UI/UX, and PM.
i'd say i'm in a similar spot, hosch; but having the most qualifications does not make them good at the job in the particular environment. as explained to me by a former director of quality, "we have to do more to get the same respect as those who have not". with that said, qualification does not make you inherently right for a role, aka people problems
also, not seeing where the flag is
2:27 PM
It got handled.
I guess I shouldn't say "qualified". None of them had any certs and stuff that I know of, except the PM.
I should have said "competent."
@Cyril chat flags can be viewed & handled by all 10K+ chat users IIRC. Moderators handling them have more options I think.
2:49 PM
@MathieuGuindon thanks... we lowly 5k'ers will continue to be in the dust lol
confused me the first time or two they mentioned one, then, all of a sudden, I had these little blue circles with numbers and was more cornfusdeder!
@Cyril if 5K's dust, does that means 1Ks' underground? :(
@this something has to make up the dust... you could even be flesh still on the body!
oh, @this been playing around a bit more with Brave. The built-in shield has regularly caused some issues with floating divs, which appear to be treated as pop-ups and are severely delaying the loading of pages. turning off the shield resolves the issue. my most noted site for that is salesforce, though i have not verified if it's an issue with the page being some weird amalgam of aspx/html rather than html5
3:02 PM
Interesting. Haven't seen that (yet)
on the home computer i've not had as many issues (some of these sites at work are odd); i was doing some load-time testing by looking at 100 images on imgur (cycle through gallery) and noticed damn near 5 minutes of saved load-time (~10 min compared to ~15 min), so roughly 2/3 the load-time without obtrusive ads and shit
figured that site is riddled with AIDS so it was a good test site
for me, I'm more interested in cutting out those faux "related" link that they'll add to hte bottom of various sites
you know, the one that has usual clickbaits or whatever. Normally, ad blockers don't block those because those are the first party, rather than third party.
copy; will keep my eye out as that's not typically something i look at
3:12 PM
just about to say that...
regardless of how it's running now, i'm curious to see what will happen in January
what's happening in January?
google is changing the basic settings in all of chromium (which brave is built on) to allow more ads to come through, essentially preventing ad-blocking extensions
brave has a built-in adblocker, so i'm waiting to see how that turns out
ooo. fun times.
yeah, ad-company wants ads to show so they make more money... makes sense from a business perspective
3:21 PM
still, you'd thunk for a company founded on the motto "Don't do evil" (or whatever it was), they'd be less creepy about how they do it.
I understand that to get free services they need to sell data. But when it's to a point that it's following you everywhere you go on the internet... it's a bit disconcerting.
up until 2006 or whenever it was sure... then they removed it from their code of conduct and started building browsers specific for countries to allow government control and full access to any computer using said browser
not to get too political with that statement. paraphrasing a google-whistleblower on the topic
so I guess motto is now "Don't be poor and have integrity"
something like thatlol
@this "Don't be poor and or have integrity" <-- FTFY
@this Not sure that was their "founding" motto, but it was what they were touting when they went public
@Cyril That's when I decided to move back to firefox. It's much quicker than it used to be.
3:29 PM
@FreeMan I suppose but that could implies you could have either of them.
when in fact they don't want either.
@this hooray for lowering standards?
@Cyril Maybe Brave will switch to the Mozilla engine...
@IvenBach hooray for raising the sewerage level!
@this You can be wealth or poor, have integrity or not - they're really not connected.
@FreeMan That is true; those are 2 different attributes, and other people could have either. But I'm saying they don't want to settle for just having either wealth or lack of integrity - they want both.
3:31 PM
@FreeMan supposedly they've already stated they will stick with chromium and ensure that their measures are ensured, as the claim is they have default ad-blocking default to the browser, not as an extension. there was an article about how they expect to allow previous infrastructure (before the upcoming removal) to function while they develop on the newest platform
that article was what i refer to, as well as a few comments on brave's site by eich
@FreeMan feels like poor+integrity is life on hard mode.
@IvenBach so 83% of the world is on hard mode
@IvenBach eh... you don't have to be poor to have integrity, nor do you need to compromise your integrity to be wealthy. A lot of people don't understand that, sadly.
> The only major browser maker who did not respond to our request for comment on this issue was Microsoft.

The company announced last year it was ditching its proprietary EdgeHTML browser engine for a Chromium port of Edge, which is currently in public testing.

Microsoft's plans in regards to Google's Manifest V3 changes are currently unknown
How typically un-Microsoft-like.
Frankly, there's nothing "hard" about integrity. Honestly, it makes life easier - you don't have to remember which lie you told to who, or who you screwed in what way, and you can look forward instead of constantly looking over your shoulder. You tend to run into stuff when you're looking behind you.
@this So this means they're finally ditching IE once and for all?
3:37 PM
@FreeMan Again, a true statement but you can't deny there is lot shared connection between the two, mainly because the world is a fallen place.
@FreeMan That's been the plan for a good while. I think they announced it few years ago
@this very true.
@this i can't read "microsoft" without thinking of epic rap battles of history, bill gates versus steve jobs... "Why'd you name your company after your dick?"
@Cyril my guess is less. Add in ugly for looks and the their on BRUTAL mode. They account for a fair amount, just go to Walmart for proof.
> Initially, it was thought that extensions which provided ad-blocking services would be the ones impacted the most, but it was later also discovered that extensions for antivirus products, parental control enforcement, and various privacy-enhancing services were also affected.
Google: Evil is good. :/
3:39 PM
@this Which is kind of funny as back when they started win 95, the goal was to be the internet company. they are finally deciding to get back with the times after the solid investment into fighting netscape lol
@IvenBach or save yourself the effort of getting run-down by a rascal by looking at the people of walmart site
Keep in mind, however, Bill's first edition of his book (The Road Ahead) didn't even discuss internet. Oops!
they're kind like that fat little kid who is always in the rear, rasping in between breaths "wait for me! wait for me!"
Yeah, but he's a wealthy little fat kid who can just buy the bike off of the kid up front and play "catch-up" that way. Of course, he doesn't know how to ride the bike, so it's of limited value.
That's pretty accurate, considering their last few acquisitions, in fact.
More of a "slow down the kid up front" rather than a "catch up to the kid up front" situation...
TBH, though, once they decided the internet was here to stay, they did go full-bore after "internet everything". Doesn't mean they did it well, but that was a mighty large ship that they turned mighty fast...
Is there a quick & easy way within OASIS to see what branch you've currently got checked out?
or even a slow and painful way?
That's not OASIS' concern
That's tortoise's concern.
3:50 PM
yeah, but it's mine!
ok, that's whatimeant...
that said, OASIS does expose the Tortoise menu
I'm not seeing anything blatantly obvious
even in the Tortoise menues
so you can use that menu to access the commit or the view changes or repo browser commands
actually show log would be better than repo browser
ah, so looking at the commit dialog will show the branch I'm committing to. makes sense - hadn't thoguht that through.
Note that in the commit dialog, you'll always see the branch
Yeah, you figured that out. :)
and view changes is defintiely your friend, too
4:04 PM
OK, that was weird (I'm saying that a lot lately...). I actually made some changes to code. I hit Ctrl-S, Access confirmed that I wanted to save the changes to 2 modules, I clicked OK. I did not get the OASIS "Action successfully completed" message. I hit Ctrl-S again, got no notification from Access, but did get the OASIS "Action successfully completed" message.
that's a quirk; have to ctrl + S twice in some cases.
worse, I saved 2 modules, but it only exported the one I was currently in. (checked OS date time).
I switched...
it can only work on one module per
4:05 PM
More to get used to... :/
Yeah, sorry.
I know it's not ideal but it is best given the VBIDE's....
Seriously, it's better than what I had, but it's got it's... quirks...
and also the host's....
Learning curve: Cliff-like
and as I said, it can't be really be overcome until we actually hijack the whole editor and thus have control over the saving.
There's been few attempts - Ivercy is another commerical add-in I know about but even that has its own quirks & issues.
once you get used to the weird things, OASIS works reasonably well, at least after training a circus bear to ride a bicycle. HHCIB?
4:23 PM
training a circus bear to ride a bicycle on a rubber ball being held up by a circus elephant? No problem at all!
So, I just took an online practice exam for the C# certification test.
It appears to have been screen-shot off the real test shortly after C# 5 came out.
And then image-to-text converted for practicing.
I easily passed it.
So, I'm going to read my C# In Depth 4th ed, and then take it.
@this LAFF. The visual made my morning. :+1:
The ASP.NET one seems more complex.
I don't know my IIS management very well.
@Hosch250 Were you actually concerned you wouldn't?
I just took it to see roughly what was on the exam so I knew where I needed to brush up.
I wasn't even really trying to "pass" it.
Basically, I need to get more familiar with signing assemblies and the GAC.
That's the only part I got entirely by guesswork (and even then, I got most of them right).
4:42 PM
that's the thing about exam. They want you to know at least little bit about everything
even if you'll never ever sign an assembly nor use GAC
Yeah, makes sense, though.
They are basically for devs to say "I really know MS stuff from top to bottom. I can solve your problems."
And if MS is basically backing them in that statement, they need to make sure they can solve the problems.
5:34 PM
240 messages moved to ­Trash
If he comes back again, I'll kick-mute him. This room needs to stay on topic now.
thanks hosch
Sorry for getting so dragged into it.
happens to the best of 'em
@Hosch250 :pat pat: There there. We all have our triggers. Mine involve Pineapples.
I thought it was going to be a friendly debate about various browsers, but then it just went south.
5:37 PM
:52618359 :+1: for reminding me about that feature bug.
@IvenBach hopefully not related to them on pizza because that is delicious
@Cyril Noooo. That ruins them both!
I agree. Ham+Pineapple is delish.
@IvenBach I bet it is :) Not had that combo before.
how is ham and pineapple on topic
5:38 PM
Had me a good pineapple creme soda yesterday. A pleasant surprise.
Well, there he goes.
He can go be in Blizzard's chat or something, LOL.
Discuss flat earth with the rest of them.
I think Twitch has a place for him.
Pro tip: Do not paste a large quantity of text (including a grid) into the "To..." box of a new Outlook email message. Outlook tends to get all chokey trying to sort out the "names" you've typed in.
I don't like twitch chat, it scrolls too fast
There he goes for 5 minutes.
5:40 PM
@IvenBach if you can get a nice proscutto instead of ham... i like to make bagel-pizzas, so cut a fresh rye bagel in half, smear a little pizza sauce, then put on a couple hunks of havarti, some proscutton, then take one of those cans of pineapple with the rings in it and cut the ring so it fits just to the inside of the bagel hole... get a good bit of flavor with every bite
@IvenBach add BBQ for the sauce instead of marinara/pizza sauce and you have an absolute winner!
and you can just eat the extra pineapple cus it's pineapple
@Cyril I thought that went without saying...
@FreeMan when you get into making a dozen of 'em you go on autopilot and just start chucking unused pieces... gets to be a little rough lol
5:42 PM
now i'm thinking about all the things i eat pineapple with... damn it i'm hungry
I ate lunch 2 hours ago, I'm still good...
when my wife makes pretzels (homemade), we make a little mango-pineapple salsa to dip it in. warm pretzel into the slightly chilled salsa is awesome
but.. pineapple.... <insert Homer donut drool>
@FreeMan 2 hours to go till lunch. Blasted round earth causing time zones.
yeah, that...
5:44 PM
i tend to eat dinner each day is about my one meal. talking about certain foods, though, does make me peckish
Dang, you guys just made me hungry. Good thing it's 11:45 here, so I have legit reason to be hungry.
Here he comes. He's a pretty funny troll, when you think about it. I wonder how much Google is paying him per hour to advertise their browser?
As of September 2019, Google Chrome accounted for about 70 percent of the global desktop internet browser market share, increasing by around 13 percentage points in just three years. Found the Chrome user. it's... Everyone!
And there he goes.
30 minutes this time.
oh my goodness....
> Table: Default | Error: Incorrect syntax near ':'..Net SqlClient Data Provider
I'll go eat lunch so I'm back in time to deal with him next time.
5:46 PM
that's from a state website....
> Version
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.18362.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
Host Version: 16.0.12130.20344
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

Rubberduck go in a "Resolver error" status.

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Click on 'Pending...' button
2. Wait...
3. 'Pending' button become 'Resolver error'

![Annotazione 2019-11-19 184532](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/51159386/69171737-c9173880-0afc-11ea
@this ransomware += 1;
IKR? it's appalling.
extreme Spongebob voice iT iS a CoSt CeNtEr
@puzzlepiece87 why not indirect spend?
5:53 PM
Yeah... I typed up a comment about him thinking they don't know anything about him, but the streetview car knows where his WiFi is located without having to log into it. Anything that comes from that IP is traced to a physical address that Google knows, not just the ISP.
Then I smacked my hand for wanting to throw out another tasty morsel to the troll...
Hmm... Brave says "autoplay" was blocked on this page. Is there video somewhere on the SE chat pages?
a gif up a little bit
do we get soothing background music that I'm not aware of?
it just rolled off of the active feed, but i had the same thing happen
huh... who knew.
video = ad; didn't you know?
5:56 PM
the more you know!
one currently annoying thing for my with brave (because i can't find the setting) is on sharepoint when i right click and say to open in excel/word, i get a browser-popup asking if i want to open in excel/word
@this I need enlightenment. Is it pointing a finger at a possible weak spot IE "Try and break in via this way" signpost?
Yeah - it straight up told me they are using .NET with SQL Server, that they are concatenating strings so I can then attempt SQL injection attacks.
That is a lot of information for the malicious actor to have.
But apparently that wasn't enough. I tried to report this, but they didn't have a Contact Us. So I figure, I'll use closest match, which was "Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse". That led me to a link where the SSL certificate wasn't trusted. Doh!
Gonna lurve the gubermint being smort with your nickels!
I wrote them. I'm skeptical as to whether someone will care enough to just write back.
6:11 PM
@this I hope so.
@this depending on the site, and your country, you can contact the BBB
on a gov site?
@Cyril He'd better do it quick before Texas secedes then.
isn't BBB more for private busineses?
if it provides information for public use, then you can
6:12 PM
@this I bet they'd get after a gov site too though.
worst case scenario is they don't, best case is they do... check the BBB site if they can target the specific and if not, then you've an answer
they redirect a lot of requests to state-level BBB, so i'm unsure how a federal accusation would process
Looks like he might be gone.
BBB lists this as one of items they don't handle:
> Complaints against government agencies, including the postal service;
doesn't seems likely.
LOL, I just found him in a chatroom from before he came here and he was talking about regularly wiping and reinstalling his OS because he didn't know what malware it was running :D
OTOH, he could be just trolling the other side.
6:27 PM
That's what I expect.
But still, it's funny to see.
Funny haha, not funny peculiar.
that reminds me of that scene from Toy Story, where Buzz says to Woody, "you're a sad little man." :-)
@Hosch250 "funny like a clown, not funny like a dying clown"
i can't remember if that was mad tv or snl that was rippin on goodfellas with that line
6:50 PM
i feel like this is a stupid question, but i've never tried before and am hopeful for a yes/no before i embark:
if i have a website open and on the visible tab on a browser, can i change getidbyname("name").value by double clicking on a file wiht some javascript in it?

thinking if i should just set-up a spreadsheet and use VBA, where i can set-up the sheet to act like mail-merge with my open site... but if making an hta with javascript is better, then i'll go that route
7:02 PM
@Duga Is there any kind of module with an implied with block variable?
Oh, looking a bit further, I see the problem.
> ```
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2016 x64
Host Version: 16.0.4873.1000
Host Executable: MSACCESS.EXE
Just ran across this on a Quick Fix - Select the quick fix, nothing happens. Appears to my untrained eye to be the same type of issue.

Here's the relevant log bits from 2 successive attempts on different occurrences of the same error (`Replace function {x} with existing typed function`):

2019-11-19 13:52:06.17
> You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application by using Visual Studio 2012.
Dear Rubberduck- You desperately need an Italian translation so this poor user's menu bar reads "Rubberducki". Love, Your QA department
> You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that has pages for users who browse the site with Windows Phone 7
7:22 PM
> Thanks for reporting this! However, we will need a bit more information to allow us to fix it.

There is something in your module `F09_Varianti` causing us to throw an NRE in the resolution, which should not happen. The problematic part seems to be some indexed member access inside the arguments to another indexed member access in an assignment.

It would help us immensely if you could look whether you can find such a thing in the aforementioned module and provide us with some code causing
@Duga To my knowledge, there are exactly two possibilities for the NRE to happen. Either there is a member access on a MemberAccessProcedurePointerBinding to a procedural module, which actually is impossible, or a with member expression without an enclosing With block, which should not compile.
@MathieuGuindon so you hate questions about web scraping... lol
cus i've got one that you may or may not be able to help with!
cannot find the windows handle for the browser Brave... trying to search my registry
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