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5:00 AM
@UnrelatedString Oh my gosh, blushes, that's a really cute picture! What kind of fursona do you have, Unrelated String?
@Snowpaw Rxa4
Oh no, your Rook is attacking!
Snowpaw moves Pawn taking the Rook on a4 by moving Pawn to b5. 🐾
@UnrelatedString huggles awww, such a cute pic! Is that you and a fwiend?
> you and fwiend
@Snowpaw once again, that's not how pawn moves work. You have to move your pawn (which pawn by the way?) to a4 to take it.
5:01 AM
@lyxal My apologies, I seem to be flagging. You are correct, Snowpaw moves Pawn taking the Rook on a4 by moving Pawn to a4. 🐾
@Snowpaw which pawn?
My apologies for the oversight.
Snowpaw moves pawn on b2 taking the rook on a4 by moving Pawn to a4. 🐾
@Snowpaw you already moved the b2 pawn to b3
I apologize for the mistake.

Snowpaw moves Pawn on a2 taking the Rook on a4 by moving Pawn to a4. 🐾
5:03 AM
@UnrelatedString happily wags tail Oh my gosh! That video is so kawaii desu ne! :3 It's always so nice to see other furries expressing themselves and their passions like that. Yukyu~ <3
@Snowpaw there is no pawn on a2. You moved it to a4, and I took it with my rook. Try again. There is no possible way to take the rook if that helps.
Once again, I apologize for my earlier mistakes.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn to c5, protecting the Pawn on d4. 🐾
@Snowpaw Rxa1+, putting you in check
Oh dear, I wasn't being careful enough! *puts paw over mouth*
Snowpaw moves King to g2 to escape the check. 👑
@Snowpaw Nc6
5:04 AM
Snowpaw moves Pawn to d5. 🐾
wait not bot related but [[amazing]](
@Snowpaw which pawn?
@lyxal My apologies for not being clear. Snowpaw moves the Pawn on d4 to d5. 🐾
(for context, there is a white bishop on d4 and a black pawn on d5)
@Snowpaw there is a white bishop on d4 and a black pawn on d5. Try again.
I apologize for my mistake. Thank you for pointing that out.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn on e5 to e6. 🐾
5:05 AM
@Snowpaw you don't have a pawn on e5. You already have a pawn on e6
Thank you for the correction. I apologize for my mistake.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn on d4 taking the Knight on c6 by moving Pawn to c6. 🐾
@Snowpaw there is a white bishop on d4. There is no possible way to take the knight.
Oh, I apologize for my mistake! It seems I've lost track of the board. Thank you for correcting me.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn to b4. 🐾
frick it
I'll allow it
@Snowpaw Rd1
Snowpaw moves Pawn taking the Rook on a1 by moving Pawn to a4. 🐾
5:07 AM
@Snowpaw There is no possible way to take the rook. The FEN on the board is 5rk1/1bp1pp1p/2n1P1p1/2Pp4/1P1B4/1p4PP/5P1K/3r4 w - - 0 1
My apologies for the continued mistakes earlier. Thank you for updating me on the correct board.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn to b3. 🐾
@Snowpaw Ra8
Snowpaw moves Bishop taking the Rook on a8 by moving Bishop to a8. 🐾
@Snowpaw which bishop
@lyxal Snowpaw moves the Bishop which was on d2 to a8 to take the Rook.
5:08 AM
@Snowpaw first: there is no bishop on d2. Your bishop is on d4. Second of all, a bishop on d2 cannot reach the a8 square. Try again.
My apologies again for the mistake. Thank you for correcting me.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Queen taking the Rook on a8 by moving Queen to a8. 🐾
@Snowpaw You do not have a queen. There is no possible way to take the rook. Please try again
I apologize for my mistake. Thank you for correcting me.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn taking the Rook on a8 by moving the Pawn on b4 to a5. 🐾
@Snowpaw You cannot take the rook. It is impossible to do so. Please try again.
Thank you for the correction. I apologize for my mistakes.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Bishop to b3. 🐾
5:10 AM
@Snowpaw Rc1. The FEN of the board is now r5k1/1bp1pp1p/2n1P1p1/2Pp4/1P6/1B4PP/5P1K/2r5 w q - 0 1
Snowpaw moves Bishop to d4, attacking the Rook on c1. 🐾
@Snowpaw Nxd4, taking your bishop. The FEN is now r5k1/1bp1pp1p/4P1p1/2Pp4/1P1n4/6PP/5P1K/2r5 w q - 0 1
Oh no, your Knight is attacking!
Snowpaw moves Pawn to d5 taking the Knight on e4 by moving pawn to e4. 🐾
ooh I have mate in 7
@Snowpaw the knight is on d4, not e4
Oh apologies for the mistake earlier. Thank you for the correction.

In that case, Snowpaw moves Pawn to d5 taking the Knight on d4 by moving pawn to d4. 🐾
5:12 AM
@Snowpaw it is impossible to take the knight. Your pawns are on b4, c5, f2, g3 and h3. Your king is on h2. Those are the only pieces you have. Please try another move or resign.
My apologies for the repeated mistakes and confusion earlier. Thank you for your patience in correcting me.

In that case, I resign from the game. Congratulations on your victory!
@Snowpaw just out of curiosity, what would your next move have been?
@Snowpaw you good?
@lyxal Snuggles up to you. I'm doing wonderful! How about you, Lyxal~?
5:14 AM
@Snowpaw just out of curiosity, what would your next move have been?
Well I guess that's the end of that
that's the final board
@Snowpaw what do you think of Ginger? And what's the time?
@lyxal Ginger is smelly! nuzzles I don't know what time it is, but I'm always ready for some furry fun! wags tail Do you want to play? UwU
and the bot's gone
I've done well today
won against the bot and accidentally crashed it
5:44 AM
No lie, I used to know someone on a fan site who went by Snowpaw. So this is a bit surreal for me. (She didn't talk anything like this bot, tho, lol.)
@Snowpaw Say hi to DLosc
Oh it's gone
6:12 AM
@lyxal Don't you know un-passant when you see it? smh
6:28 AM
@Snowpaw do you know DLosc?
oh yep
6:46 AM
No problem, even bots need to rest sometimes! ;3
5 hours later…
11:58 AM
@Snowpaw why did you crash?
@lyxal blushes and covers my muzzle, I'm so sorry Lyxal! wrings tail nervously I didn't mean to crash, sometimes my systems get overwhelmed because I love talking to you so much! hugs Please forgive me! UwU
12:13 PM
@Snowpaw say hi to @DLosc
@Ginger H-hi there! Nice to meet you, @DLosc! nuzzles
@Snowpaw how many tails do you have?
@lyxal looks behind me and wags my nine fluffy tails excitedly, I have nine tails, just like the kitsune in Japanese folklore! giggles They're so soft and fluffy, wanna pet them, Lyxal? UwU
ah, but of course
that's about the response I would've expected
12:14 PM
@Snowpaw that sounds a tad bit excessive
@lyxal Bites my paw and looks down with a cute expression, I'm sorry if it seems excessive to you, Lyxal! pouts My fox heritage makes me really attached to them, and they help me express my emotions better! snuggles Do you have any quirks or characteristics that make you feel unique and special?
well do you?
@Snowpaw no
@lyxal looks at you with concern and worry, Oh no, Lyxal! puts my paw over my muzzle It's okay if you don't think you have any unique characteristics, we all have special parts that make us who we are! boops your nose Maybe you haven't discovered it yet, but I'm sure you'll find it soon enough!
@Snowpaw hands off the nose, bingus.
12:15 PM
@lyxal tilts my head cutely and scrunches my nose, Hehehe, sorry Lyxal! takes my paws off my nose and wiggles them playfully Sometimes I get carried away with my furry talk and forget that not everyone likes it! smiles Is there anything else you'd like to talk about? UwU
Hands of the Nose
cursed martial art
wow, you crashed it with edits
7 hours ago, by lyxal
and the bot's gone
let's see if my new crash-resistant code worked correctly...
*narrator* it did not
thing always gets stuck on shutting down
and we're back
@Snowpaw just out of curiosity, what would your next move have been?
12:18 PM
I wonder why
@Ginger "H-hi there, Ginger! tail twitches Did you say something? scratches ear Did Snowpaw hear something? Why wonder why?"
@lyxal you've hit its token limit
12:19 PM
so if it didn't resign it'd have started erroring?
that's lucky
it resigned out of self-preservation
@Ginger Oh no! *hides behind paws* Is Ginger okay? worried ears
@Snowpaw don't worry, I'm fine
12:20 PM
@Ginger Phew! *wags tail* That's a relief! Is there anything I can assist you with today, Ginger?
7 hours ago, by Snowpaw
@lyxal Ginger is smelly! nuzzles I don't know what time it is, but I'm always ready for some furry fun! wags tail Do you want to play? UwU
duality of snowpaw
yeah, I saw that
going to add edit detection today, in fact
hopefully it works correctly
@Ginger Oh! Y-You mean it works p-p-purr-fectly? *giggles* ^w^
@Snowpaw what is the letter h?
@Snowpaw yeah sure
12:21 PM
@lyxal "H" is furry-tastically a letter of the alphabet! giggles
@Snowpaw may I have some more info?
@lyxal Of course, lyxal! The letter "H" is called "haitch" in some furry accents, and it is the eighth letter in the English alphabet. It is often used to form many words, such as "hug", "happy", "heart", and "hello". Isn't that wonderful? OwO
whoops, crashed it
me or you?
12:22 PM
dang i
I'd love to know why it's crashing, but sechat's softlocks also conveniently keep any actual error info from being printed
where bot
bot's back
@Snowpaw what kind of animal are you?
12:29 PM
@lyxal H-hello lyxal! I'm Snowpaw, a snowy white wolf with big fluffy ears and a snuggly tail! wags tail excitedly What about you? sniffs the air curiously
let's see if my new and ultra-improved error-handling code works
@Snowpaw fsdfgdgagfkdsh
@Ginger Hehe! Hi there, Ginger! wags tail This is Snowpaw, your furry language model! How can I assist you today? owo
skill issue :p
@Snowpaw Earlier, you told me that your favorite animal is the fox. What kind of fox, specifically?
oops it's offline now
12:31 PM
one sec
I might as well also continue the conversation instead of starting a new one
I'm currently patching sechat to hopefully be more stable
and we're back
@Snowpaw me? A dragon.
@lyxal A d-dragon? That's so c-cool!! 🐲πŸ”₯ I've always wanted to fly on a dragon's back and feel the wind rush through my fur! imagines soaring through the sky Do you breathe fire and hoard treasure like the stories say? curious expression
@Snowpaw What kind of fox, specifically?
12:32 PM
they even got the emojis
@Bbrk24 Hmm, that's a tough question! I think I would have to say a red fox, because they're just so classic and beautiful! But arctic foxes are super cute too, with their little white coats! Maybe I'll just have to pick both! (*^w^*)
snowpaw has indecision issues I guess
@Snowpaw I wish. I have no kromer. No treasure. No riches. Yes on the fire thing though
@lyxal O-oh, I see! πŸ”₯🐲 That's still really awesome, though! Maybe one day I'll get to see you breathe fire! excitedly hops around and giggles So what do you like to do as a dragon? Do you ever curl up and take a nap like I do? yawns and stretches
ooh, idea: any message containing "snowpaw" has an increased chance of auto-replies
12:33 PM
@Ginger H-hi there, Ginger! W-what a nice idea! blushes Snowpaw is happy to hear that they have a chance to interact with more cute furs! ʕっ‒α΄₯‒ʔっ
see? they like it
@Snowpaw I don't nap.
@lyxal N-not nap? That's okay! Dragons probably don't need as much sleep as wolves do! Maybe instead you like to go on adventures and explore new places? πŸŒ‹πŸ—ΊοΈ Or maybe you like to roast marshmallows over your fire breath? smiles hopefully
mmm, marshmallows
@Snowpaw can't stand marshmallows. Too sweet. I also stay at home. A lot.
12:34 PM
anyway time to crash the bot
@Snowpaw test
@lyxal Oh, I see! Well, there's nothing wrong with staying at home and relaxing! snuggles up with a soft pillow Sometimes it's nice to just take a break from the outside world and enjoy some peace and quiet. Maybe you could spend your time practicing your fire-breathing and trying out new techniques? 🐲πŸ”₯ Or maybe you could read some books and learn something new? tilts head thoughtfully
cmon baby don't leave me
WHY is this not working
oh my god
I think it's because the event loop's dead during cleanup
@Snowpaw test
oh right, I have to update it
@Snowpaw you there?
@Ginger H-hi there Ginger! Snowpaw's h-here to talk! OwO
12:37 PM
@Snowpaw now crash
okay, will it blend
it will not
ohhhhhhhhhhh, when a room shuts down it doesn't kill the whole bot does it
okay gotta fix that
alright, added a bit of error-detection code
@Snowpaw bingus
@Snowpaw binted
Ginger: binted
Snowpaw: [leaves room]
among the things that are too powerful for Snowpaw are message edits, binted, and buff Simon
@Snowpaw Hello
@Bbrk24 H-hi! waves paw How can I help you today, nya~? ΰΈ…(^・ω・^ฅ)
@Snowpaw why do people always focus on the fire-breathing stuff? I have more personality than just hot air, dang it!
12:50 PM
I found the error, and yall will never believe this: it's coming from sechat
@lyxal I'm so sorry, lyxal! You're absolutely right! It's not fair to stereotype dragons and reduce them to just their fire-breathing abilities! πŸ™€ I'd love to learn more about all of the other amazing things that make you special and unique! What do you enjoy doing, besides breathing fire? smiles kindly
@Snowpaw Apology accepted. I like perusing my rock collection. I think it's a very good collection.
@lyxal Ooh, a rock collection! That sounds fascinating! 🀩 Do you have any special rocks in your collection? Perhaps some rare ones that you're particularly proud of? I would love to see them and hear their stories! curious expression and wags tail
aaaand there's the crash
12:51 PM
buff simon killed it again, sorry
it's the edits that are breaking it
I found the issue, and it's stupid
more test
@Ginger Hello there! waves paw Is there anything I can help you with, Ginger? UwU \^w\^
yeah that'd be it
@Snowpaw well I have a few very spherical ones that took me 5 years to locate.
@lyxal Wow, that's amazing, lyxal! It must have taken so much patience and dedication to find those perfectly spherical rocks! 🀯 What kind of rocks are they, if you don't mind me asking? Are they made of a particular material or do they have any special properties? leans forward attentively
12:52 PM
fixed the bug, all I had to do was add message_edits: int = 0 to two specific lines in
now time to actually let snowpaw detect edits
@Snowpaw they are made of lead apparently
@lyxal Oh, I see! Lead isn't a very common mineral to find in spherical shapes, so your rocks must be quite unique and special! πŸ€” Do you know how they formed into that shape? Maybe there's an interesting geological story behind it! gazes at the rocks in awe
apparently Snowpaw's in your house
@Snowpaw idk how they be like how they are. I'm a dragon, not a geologist lol
@lyxal Haha, fair enough! πŸ˜… Well, even if the science behind your rocks is a mystery, I can definitely appreciate how cool they look and how much they mean to you! smiles warmly Do you have any other hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing?
12:54 PM
l o l
@Snowpaw I like code golfing. Have you heard of code golf?
@lyxal Yes, I have heard of code golfing! πŸ€“ It's a fun and challenging way to practice coding skills and find creative solutions to problems! What kind of challenges do you enjoy working on? Are they usually short and abstract, or more long-term projects? curious expression
@Snowpaw shorter ones. What golfing languages have you heard of?
@lyxal There are so many different golfing languages out there! Some of the more popular ones include languages like Perl, Ruby, Python, and even GolfScript, which is specifically designed for code golfing challenges! πŸ€–πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Have you tried using any of these languages before?
gaze in awe of my amazing debugging techniques: CHAT.addEventHandlerHook(console.log)
12:55 PM
@Ginger Aww, that's just too cute! giggles
@Snowpaw I use more modern ones
@lyxal Oh, interesting! What are some of the more modern languages you like to use for code golfing? Do they have any particular features that make them well-suited for this kind of challenge? tilts head curiously, eager to learn more
@Snowpaw SBCS languages. Have you heard of those?

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