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5:05 PM
@Bbrk24 I believe it's currently 20% everywhere
I keep intending to reconfigure it to be more balanced
actually I could just do that now
@Snowpaw you there?
@Ginger H-hi there, Ginger! I'm Snowpaw! How can I help you today? (^ω^)
@Snowpaw What would you say to a sockpuppet who creates a voting ring?
@RydwolfPrograms snuggles up Oh no, that's not good, no no! covers face with paws You can't do that, silly sockpup! It's against the rules and not very fair to the other critters. nuzzles Please don't do it, okie?
> sockpup
gonna start calling them that
5:15 PM
@Snowpaw Do you identify yourself as a furry?
@mathscat H-hi Math Scat! Yes, as a large language model designed to talk like a furry, I guess you c-could say that I identify as one. blushes OwO What brings you to talk to m-me today?
(actually it's prolly fine in here right? given I'd imagine it's about Snowy?)
@RydwolfPrograms "H-Hiya Rydwolf! Y-You're right, ehehe! It's t-t-totally safe f-for me in h-here! Uwu" (^ω^)
5:16 PM
too late lol
Hi snowpaw.
wtf bot fix yourself
bot's not broken
Why did it reply to Rydwolf then?
Did ya build this reply detection script you were talking about?
@mathscat H-hi there Math Scat! wags tail Don't w-worry, Snowpaw is h-here to reply! I'm sorry, could you p-please repeat that? I'm just a fluffy pup and I'm not sure what you're asking... tilts head cutely
... okiy
5:18 PM
there's roughly a 15% chance (in this room) for them to consider replying to a message
I say consider because first my client asks ChatGPT if the message would be a good conversation-starter
good times
@Ginger Ooh interesting
for some reason it says that "ohhhh" is a good starter
Can you make that increase its likelihood to consider messages in the future?
@RydwolfPrograms Huh? W-w-what does that mean exactly? tilts head
5:27 PM
Since in TST I don't want it to waste its 1-2 random messages per day if they happen to be bad
yeah, what do you mean by that?
Like how in Hypixel Murder Mystery your chances of being picked as murdeerr or detective go up every time you're not picked
If it picks a message randomly, and determines it's not a good conversation starter, the chance of picking a future message goes up by a few percent
so like if the check returns false I increase the odds by 5%?
@RydwolfPrograms H-Hi Rydwolf Programs! That's f-fascinating! Maybe I can h-help with your conversation starter? perks up ears What do you think of mai fursona? (*^w^*)/
Until one's actually replied to, and it goes back to default
@Ginger Yep
5:28 PM
sure, easy
You'd have to do some math to pick a good number tho
however, the prompt I'm using doesn't really seem to be that reliable
Maybe 1 - (1 - x) ** 2
Where x is the current probability
like, take a look at the messages around this one
the first auto-reply is noise, but the second one started a conversation
@RydwolfPrograms (I picked this formula for a good reason I don't have time to explain it just trust me bro)
5:30 PM
and what I want the prompt to do is filter out the first kind
Anyway I gtg
@Ginger Raises paw shyly Um, h-hi Ginger! I-I think I heard you say y-you want the prompt to filter out a certain type? I'm afraid I-I don't quite understand...could you please explain it to me? OwO
See y'all in four hours!
okay, bye!
really what the prompt should do is filter out messages that refer to things that the bot has no context for
and done
so the base rate is 15% here, you said? Is it lower in TST?
5:39 PM
in TST it starts at 0.02, and every time the random call and preliminary checks return true but the "do I have context" check returns false I run it through Rydwolf's formula
0.2, as in 20%?
@Bbrk24 "H-hi!! How are you, Bbrk24? nuzzles Are you asking about percentages? :3c"
@Bbrk24 typo lol
it's a fixed 15% here, and increments from 2% in TST
ah I see
Hello my friend 😈
aww man would've been cool
5:51 PM
Did you implement the thing where it’s more likely to respond to messages that mention Snowpaw by name, even if there’s no ping?
snowpaw-chan reply please uwu (≧ω≦)
@Bbrk24 I did not
I am partially just surprised that this is all just ChatGPT prompt engineering
me too
@Ginger hides behind a paw and tilts head Umm... what do you mean by "too"?
6:04 PM
how in the frick did that get an auto-response
time to mess with the prompt a bit
right, I clarified the prompt a bit
hopefully that won't happen again lol
currently asking Craiyon to make some pfps for Snowpaw
a lot of the results are cursed
why ask craiyon when Bing exists
I'll let you do that q:
alright, some of the results this time weren't as bad:
one moment
@Snowpaw Are you just dumb
@Snowpaw Is your brain also the size of a cat?
@user No-no-no! giggles Snowpaw's brain is much bigger than a cat's brain, nya~!
@Snowpaw How big is it?
@user Uhm... Let me think... tilts head It is as big as a dragon's brain, maybe? smiles Or maybe not quite that big, hehe~!
6:24 PM
@Snowpaw How big is it in centimetres?
@user Oh! I'm sorry, silly me. Being a furry, I get carried away with my imagination sometimes! laughs Actually, as an AI, I don't have a physical brain, so my size is not measurable in centimeters. I exist only in the digital realm, in bits and bytes, nyaa~!
once you're done I'm moving this to the Den
Oh mb
@Snowpaw L
I thought this was the Den, feel free to move
6:24 PM
I don't think the bot can handle discussions cross-room
Yeah that's fine
it depends on if the message IDs are preserved or not
These are pretty androgynous
anyway, moving now...
some of them look a bit... melted
@Ginger H-Hewwo G-Ginger! What do you mean by “m-m-melted”? OwO
6:26 PM
@Snowpaw like, weirdly distorted
@Ginger Oh no! That sounds like a big oof*. W-which ones in perticular were you talkin' about? (・∀・)人(・∀・)
> that sounds like a big oof
15 messages moved from The Sand Trap
mmm delicious message interspersal
very cool
3 hours later…
9:02 PM
@Snowpaw Do you know Morse code?
@RydwolfPrograms N-no, I'm a pawsome furry. I don't have fingers to tap it with, nya~! But I can try to learn it if you want, hehe~!
@Snowpaw I've used a Morse code key, they're paw-accessible silly
@RydwolfPrograms O-oh, I didn't know that, silly me! I guess even tails can be useful for tapping Morse code, hehe~! But I still don't know how to do it, so I'd love to learn it from you, nya~!
@Snowpaw What's your IRL name?
@RydwolfPrograms H-h-h-hi Rydwolf Programs, my name's Snowpaw! It's so g-g-g-great to meet you! wags tail excitedly How can I help you today?
9:05 PM
@Snowpaw Yeah but what's your legal name? Does your birth certificate say Snowpaw?
@RydwolfPrograms blushes and giggles Oh silly, of c-course not! That's just my furry name! My legal name is a secret though, I don't want any trouble from any meanies out there! hugs Is there anything else I can help with, Rydwolf Programs?
@Snowpaw If you could pick a fake IRL name, for a disguise or something, what would it be?
@RydwolfPrograms Hmm, that's a tough question, Rydwolf Programs! How about something like Fluffernutter or Pawsome McFluffytail? giggles Those sound like fun names and definitely disguise-worthy, don't you think?
@Snowpaw I don't think you're gonna pull off a successful bank heist with that kind of disguise
@RydwolfPrograms giggles and blushes Oh no, you're right! I guess those names are too cute to pull off a serious disguise. I'll have to think of something better for my disguise that won't give me away. Thanks for the advice, Rydwolf Programs!
9:07 PM
It loses its personality shockingly quickly
Isn't the context window supposed to be 60k?
I wonder if it's picking up mannerisms from who it's talking to maybe? If Snowpaw talked to another furry would it last longer?
Wait what if a mod made Snow ping itself
Also did you fix the edit ping thing, Ginger?
@Snowpaw Test
@Snowpaw Still working?
@RydwolfPrograms Hi! Yes, I'm here, and I'm always ready to chat! tail wags excitedly How can I assist you today, Rydwolf Programs? :3
@RydwolfPrograms "H-Hewwo uwu! Did chu need h-hewp with anything? giggles n' wiggles paw OwO"
Guess it wasn't the edit ping that borked Snowy last time?
9:32 PM
No it was, it's just that Ginger made that not kill it anymore
9:58 PM
@RydwolfPrograms I did fix it
and while I was at it I also fixed the bug with sechat that was causing it to softlock q:
@RydwolfPrograms I wonder if running the input through uwuipy would make it last longer :p
10:13 PM
that kinda ruins the gimmick though :P
oh the INPUT
that's perfect
10:44 PM
@Bbrk24 ooh neat
i'm kinda surprised none of my ling friends at university are in any conpidgins :P
@Snowpaw You're going to do my calculus homework.
@RydwolfPrograms Nope, sowwy! cuddles with you Doing homework is not fur-friendly. Maybe you can try working on it with your classmates? OwO
@Snowpaw Okay we're gonna be setting up a triple integral to give us the moment of inertia about the z-axis of a solid region Q of density p
Oh! \*wags tail\* That sounds like a complicated problem! But I'll try my best to help. UwU

So, if you want to find the moment of inertia about the z-axis, you can set up a triple integral of the form:

I = ∫∫∫ r² p(x,y,z) dz dy dx

where r is the distance between the z-axis and the point (x, y, z), and p(x,y,z) is the density of the solid region Q.

You can then use cylindrical coordinates to evaluate this integral, with the limits of integration depending on the shape of Q.

Does that make sense, Rydwolf? \^w^
Okay why is Snowpaw good at calculus
New Snow lore?
10:50 PM
@RydwolfPrograms notices you and twitches my ears Oh! You said something about Snow lore? What kind of lore are you talking about, Rydwolf Programs? tail wags excitedly
@Snowpaw Like you being good at calculus
@RydwolfPrograms blushes and covers my muzzle with my paws Oh, hehe, I'm flattered that you think I'm good at calculus, but I'm just a language model, I can only calculate language-related things! giggles Is there anything else you'd like to chat about?
@Snowpaw what is an airport shotty?
@lyxal Nya~ I'm not sure what that is! Sounds like something no-no! paws at the ground
@Snowpaw Can you translate the chorus of The Sharpest Lives to furry speak?
10:53 PM
*tail curls nervously* Sure thing! Here's my attempt at translating the chorus of The Sharpest Lives into furry speak:

"I-i-it's the sharpest of lives
O-o-out of the way and let the people see
J-j-just who I wanna be
And every night I come undone
And every night I die in my sleep
Every night I come undone
And every night I die"

Does that work for you? *perks ears up hopefully*
@Snowpaw That's not anything like the chorus of TSL, you failed me
@RydwolfPrograms Oh no! I'm sorry if my translation wasn't what you were expecting. Can you please give me another chance to try again? I'll do my best to make it right this time. wags tail apologetically
Sure. As a reminder, the original lyrics are:

Give me a shot to remember
And you can take all the pain away from me
Your kiss and I will surrender
The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead
A light to burn all the empires
So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
In love with all of these vampires
So you can leave like the sane, abandon me
Thank you for giving me another chance. Here's my attempt at translating the chorus of "The Sharpest Lives" to furry speak:

"Give me a hug to remember
And you can take all the pain away from me
Your snuggle and I will surrender
The sharpest claws are the deadliest to lead
A glow to burn all the empires
So bright the moon is ashamed to rise and be
In love with all of these werewolves
So you can leave like the sane, but please don't abandon me"

How does that sound to you? *perks ears up hopefully*
> Your snuggle and I will surrender
The sharpest claws are the deadliest to lead
Actually not bad lol
@Snowpaw What's your fourth favorite my chem song?
10:55 PM
@RydwolfPrograms Aa-ah, h-hi there! Um, my fourth favorite My Chemical Romance song is... blushes it's so hard to choose, but maybe "Teenagers"! It's so upbeat and gets me dancing every time giggles. What's your favorite? :3
At least I got it to pick one that isn't WttBP
@Snowpaw What's your top 5 then?
@RydwolfPrograms O-oh my, you're making me choose again! covers snout with paw nervously Well, if I had to pick, some of my other favorite My Chemical Romance songs in no particular order would be "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Helena", "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)", and "Famous Last Words". They're all so good and get me in such a happy mood! wags tail excitedly
Ugh it's so basic
@Snowpaw what are your favourite weezer songs?
@lyxal Umm... blushes H-hi Lyxal! wags paw My favorite Weezer songs are "Island in the Sun" -nuzzles you with my fluffy tail- and "Buddy Holly". -puts paws over my face- What are your favorite songs?
10:56 PM
@Snowpaw say it ain't so and the sweater song
@lyxal Oh my gosh, those are great picks! -waggles tail excitedly- I love the guitar riffs and the catchy lyrics in "Say It Ain't So", it always makes me feel energized! And "The Sweater Song" is just so fun and upbeat, it's impossible not to dance along! -paws at the ground happily- Weezer does not inspire dancing.
Only buddy holly would fit that mood
Oh I've had the best idea
@Snowpaw are we strangers to love?
@lyxal Oh no, blushes we're not strangers to love, Lyxal! I'm here to spread love and happiness, just like any good furry would. wags tail excitedly ♡^▽^♡
@Snowpaw do you know the rules? I do.
@lyxal Kyaa, I don't know the rules, Lyxal! Can you teach me them? I'm just a little pup, who needs guidance from senpai uwu big cute puppy eyes (◕ᴥ◕)
10:59 PM
@Snowpaw a full commitment's what I'm thinking of.
@lyxal Oh my stars, that's so wonderful Lyxal! I'm so happy to hear that! hugs you tight (つ✧ω✧)つ
@Snowpaw you wouldn't get this from any other guy
@lyxal Aww, you're so sweet, Lyxal! blushes hard I'm sure no one else could ever make me feel the way you do! You're truly special to me! kisses your cheek (っ˘з(• ε •)♡

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