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12:50 AM
Q: Alchemy in a Tin Kit

capAs usually happens when rummaging through one's grandparents' attic, I unwittingly discovered a seemingly ancient papyrus manuscript. It was stored in an old tin box along with some utensils. I carefully removed and unfolded the paper and this is what I saw: What could it be?

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6:31 AM
@ChrisCudmore i believe you're up next for the c4, just a reminder
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10:48 AM
Q: Show there is always a pair at least 16 apart

graffeThe integers 1 to 4 are positioned in a 6 by 6 square grid as shown and cannot be moved. The integers 5 to 36 are now placed in the 32 empty squares. Prove that no matter how this is done, the integers in some pair of adjacent squares (i.e. squares sharing an edge) must differ by at least 16. \be...

Q: What Am I At 7?

JLeeAt 1 I was born when my parents parted, And no folds were used. So that's how I started. At 2 I was famous since ages ago, But looked more like three and continued to grow. At 3 I was cover for some compressed files To get to your email and cause you to smile. At 4 I was nothing, so don't even st...

11:13 AM
Q: What size square grid can you tile?

graffe A tiling of an n × n square grid is formed using 4 × 1 tiles. What are the possible values of n? A tiling has no gaps or overlaps, and no tile goes outside the region being tiled.

Q: How high does the ladder reach up the wall?

graffeA ladder of length $l$ rests against a vertical wall. Suppose that there is a rung on the ladder which has the same distance $d$ from both the wall and the (horizontal) ground. Find explicitly, in terms of $l$ and $d$, the height $h$ from the ground that the ladder reaches up the wall.

12:02 PM
Q: Find all solutions to a sum of fractions

graffeFind all the solutions to: $$\frac{1}{x}+\frac{2}{y}-\frac{3}{z}=1$$ where $x, y, z$ are positive integers.

12:52 PM
Q: Mice and their relations

graffeIn a colony of $(m n+1)$ mice, must at least one of the following statements be true? If so, why? There is a set $A$ of $(m+1)$ mice none of which is a parent of any other in the set. There is an ordered set $B$ of $(n+1)$ mice $a_{1}, a_{2}, \ldots, a_{n}, a_{n+1}$ such that $a_{i+1}$ is a pare...

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2:56 PM
Q: What is an EQÜAL WORD (patent pending)

someoneinexistenceAn UNEQUAL WORD (patent pending) is a special type of word. You'll know it when you see it. Here are some examples, sponsored by the original, @JLee! EqÜal Words™ Not EqÜal Words™ equal unequal fauna flora anime fun briny desaturates serious unfunny want unguent fight nul gi...

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5:26 PM
Q: Why do I have so many unanswered puzzles?

someoneinexistenceI can't understand. I mean, I'm trying to be interesting. Maybe I'm just bad at this. Huh, maybe I should try clickbait... or something special... another type... no, not just another type... GOT IT! I KNOW HOW TO BE INTERESTING: SomeoneInExistence, nee Parz, presents: THE INTERESTING PUZZLE: Um....

2 hours later…
7:05 PM
Q: The Monopoly tournament's secret prize

WoomyRogueThe image below is the aftermath of a secret tournament of Monopoly played here on PSE. Akin to something that might come out of a subreddit like r/anarchychess, the board has been massively scrambled and edited due to the immeasurable amount of homebrew rules and mechanics. The only thing more s...

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10:08 PM
@Slate suspicious link is suspicious.... 👀
@AncientSwordRage It'll be fun! Trust me. Just trust me...

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