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12:05 AM
now... what can we do...
invent a puzzle
but only use the numbers 0 and 2
any form of binary or ascii is disallowed
maybe do a puzzle?
@Avi Slitherlink
12:22 AM
1:06 AM
Slitherlink would be the easiest to construct with those limitations, but it's not necessarily the only one
1 hour later…
2:25 AM
Q: What's the longest radiation-hardened Scrabble word?

Raymo111Let's define a radiation-hardened word (a homage to radiation-hardened quines in programming) to be a word that, with any one letter removed, is still a valid English word. For example, "seat" is such a word: sea sat set eat are all valid words, but "seats" isn't, since "sats" isn't a valid wor...

1 hour later…
3:43 AM
@msh210 is it a good idea to edit the actual answer into your post? (as u have the correct answer...)
4:07 AM
Q: What is the most STAMINA-efficient strategy to escape the well?

FeryllYou are roleplaying as an adventurer under the direction of a sadistic DM who has just thrown your character down a well. In order to escape, you have unlimited chances at a STAMINA check, difficulty level 21. Such a check entails spending some number of STAMINA reserve points (currently you have...

4:25 AM
@msh210 Thanks. That's correct, of course.
Here, autumn has just arrived with a drop of temperature, rain showers and mist, so a tropical C4 theme is more than welcome.
(Fun fact that may be useful for anyone pursuing the nascent seafood-and-tropical-ilands fad: The full ISO 3166 code for Hawaii is US-HI.)
totally understanding
Ughhhh I hate fighting with Azure... :facepalm: I need sleep and I'm still working...
@msh210 I'm not Jafe, but I also think it's not a ddef because the other half of the clue is still technically wordplay :0
Perhaps it's a "def + cryptic def"?
Ah true, could be
4:41 AM
uh, lets make a puzzle to put me out of my misery
(Despite what I've said above, I quite like autumn. There are still some nice days and when the weather is really bad, you can use it as an excuse to stay at home. I'd probably even prefer the Central European autumn to a tropical island vacation.)
@MOehm Autumn here is still summer, so meh lol
It was 87*F outside today.
I can't wait for winter weather here.
@Tacoタコス speaking of winter... I wished it snowed in Australia.
You know, I'd never thought about it until now, but that makes perfect sense lol
Speaking of snow, I want to visit Mt. Fuji some day. :)
@Sphinx Flagged as "needs improvement"
4:54 AM
@Anonymus25 yep
@Tacoタコス We have "late summer" and "golden October" here, too -- some years. This year, they seem to have gone for good. Today it's below 50°F/10°C. You know summer's over when you crave a nice, fatty stew.
@MOehm I don't usually get that way until February :(
And it's gone by late March lol
I know understand where the Riley Riddle came from. I feel like an idiot.
@oAlt @MOehm okay, fair enough
@Stevo iirc it snows in Tasmania sometimes
@msh210 I totally live in Tasmania though.
5:10 AM
@Stevo as someone who moved here from the freezing cold i have to disagree hehe
just tried to "pip install math", not realizing that "math" is one of the default packages that come in-built with python
don't get me wrong there are plenty of fun things to do in the snow / on the ice, but i still prefer not having to put on three layers of clothes every time i leave the house
@Jafe then just don't put on clothes and do the fun things
uh... it just never snowed... you know? Maybe if I go into the northern hemisphere...
5:11 AM
jafe the shirtless skier?
@Avi dumb ways to die…
fun* ways to die
very fun...
Dashing through the snow, with a no-clothes open ski...
Over the hills we go, no one freezes faster than me!
5:13 AM
no one is more chill than me, I guess
Jingle jafe jingle jafe traveling gladys crazier...
also i definitely don't miss the long in-between time when you can't do the cool winter things yet and it's just grey and dark and cold and rains all the time
"Failed continuation"
5:13 AM
@Anonymus25 gladys? who is she
continuations are the most powerful programming abstraction that I never fully understood
and by the time I understood them I had forgotten the first half
@Stevo A jafe-mada person
your understanding had a discontinuation
Wait, Gladys is female, right?
@Jafe pain
5:15 AM
@Anonymus25 Gladys Berijiklian?
@Jafe I don't think northern Finland was designed to be lived in. When He made it, He intended for it to be admired from afar.
@Stevo Ummmm
I pretty much understood after reviewing, but I still didn't understand how to implement in a programming language without compiling to assembly
major sadness, because assembly is pretty awful
@Stevo starts here
5:16 AM
I liked that puzzle
but then I couldn't do it again since it's been done before
hey... just got an idea for editing
im gonna go back
into the oldest posts
and gonna poke around
seeing anything that needs fixing
alright, I'm heading out to see if nude skiing is legal so you know what happened if I don't come back
@Jafe Ooooh, never knew Gladys first adventure was in 26 parts!
no relation to berejiklian, because two years ago i had no idea who that was
5:20 AM
oh... i c
storynory.com/gladys-and-the-chix Gladys is a band member! :P
CCCC: Going on vacation in a traditional mode of transportation (I can't fly a broomstick!) (6)
nice surface
@Anonymus25 and of course Gladys Knight and the Pipps
@Jafe thanks
u can't fly a broomstick?
let me guess...
5:23 AM
pretty sure he can :P
@Jafe uh.... neville? (thats 7 letters long...)
@Jafe Yer a wizard of crosswords, jafe :P
you have the right franchise, though
because the answer is G(oin)G in MULE = MUGGLE
@Jafe yes, of course
5:28 AM
Oh damn, nice clue!
Which movie do you like best btw?
if only banana reversed was a word...
@Stevo ananab
its not a word...
@Anonymus25 thanks
5:30 AM
@Anonymus25 Not sure. Possibly Airplane!. Why do you ask?
From Harry Potter I mean
@Anonymus25 haven't seen 'em
@Anonymus25 ananab meaning: banana reversed. :l
@Anonymus25 ngl i think i liked deathly hallows pt 2
whats a cryptic clue for banana with a good surface?
Yellow flag removes Anna's stomach and tail (6)
Oct 8 at 3:01, by Anonymus 25
I am an expert at bad cryptics, so unfortunately I can't give advice :P
5:38 AM
@Stevo Flag= BAN, not sure if legal
yellow is not a good def...
CCCC: Good place for tropical vacation getaway to reflect, do some scuba and a little surfing (8)
@Jafe i don't know the answer... but my newly cryptic'ed brain tells me that some scuba means takes some letters from that, same with little surfing
Cryptic'ed brain is a very bad thing.
At work, I am seeing "control plane" and I am already thinking "control could be a anagrind"
5:50 AM
A very fruitful riddle...
"did you hear about brian? he's a cryptic brain"
i just thought of a puzzle
6:09 AM
Q: Riley Riddles can be fruitful you know

StevoMy first Riley riddle... Hope you enjoy! My prefix might mean I kicked you My suffix gives a value. My infix might be a mother Altogether it has a bright colour

6:36 AM
@Jafe mal< dive s_
7:16 AM
@msh210 that's correct
7:53 AM
@Stevo is this YELLOW? Yell could indicate a kick, low could be a low value, and ELL might be indicating a female in some other language?
Hi, Deusovi
I think it's something yellow and you can find the word if you scroll up a bit here.
ah, true
I came here after seeing the puzzle and realizing it might be "yellow"
but not really liking whatever was going on with the "might be a mother" so I came here to check
Hm. Nan is a grandmother, so definitely a mother, too.
banana lol
N/A is a value of sorts
although I would be suspicious if someone BANs you for kicking them
or baas
A ban might get yu kicked out, I guess.
7:59 AM
just realized entropy is an anagram of not prey :O
that might just be it
nana's not an infix, though
ah right it's nan
when you read the latest message but not the ones above it...
uh oh
we got sniped
correct answer but wrong explanation
alright back to ML
2 hours later…
9:35 AM
CCCC: Foul, unpleasant region: not exactly a tropical vacation spot (4)
10:00 AM
inline explanation link, nice
10:11 AM
@msh210 So that's a "region" of (f) OUL U (npleasant). I'm not qualified to comment on the surface reading as extended definition, I'm afraid.
let's just say the climate is not exactly tropical there
@MOehm yes indeed. And I meant only what @Jafe just said. :-)
I thought as much. :)
10:27 AM
CCCC: One pressed to interrupt getaway on tropical island? (6, 3)
aand i totally misunderstood what MOehm said... oh well
(no opinion on oulu, i've only ever driven through very briefly)
I just hope that "foul and unpleasant" was an exaggeration.
Not super fond of the cumbersome markup that msh210's innovation entails, but let's see whether it sticks.
@MOehm I think it's merely the wordplay, c.f. this is not the def
@MOehm ESCAPE+KEY (one pressed to interrupt)
Yet another C4 theme: Vacation! (And I really need one right now because covid happened)
10:34 AM
like the double-mislead there
@MOehm nor I, but it may be easier than repinning the instructions all the time... maybe not
@MOehm very nice
@Jafe How is tropical island KEY?
@Anonymus25 e.g. Key Largo
10:36 AM
@Jafe Yep!
CCCC: Retired Palestinian leader avoiding real work during tropical vacation (10)
@Jafe I was thinking of key west... not quite tropical maybe
key west's not tropical?
@Jafe not sure on my geography here
i was under the impression the south of florida has a tropical climate but i can easily be mistaken
Wait, what are Stiv's C4 so far? Lost count :P
@Stiv how does work=OP?
@msh210 operation?
10:42 AM
@msh210 It's often used as an abbreviation for 'operation' or 'opus'
oh. thanks
@msh210 In practice, you have to do this only once and then copy/paste it. Getting rid of the explanation also leaves more room for other messages on the starboard.
(Very common in GB cryptics - one of the first ones I learned!)
I guess I shoulda known that, from classical musical pieces' titles.
("Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67")
Everybody take notes! :P (Stiv's past C4s)
10:49 AM
@Stiv that's right
Rubs palms toegether
@Jafe I liked that - I was working with T_L for too long!
@Anonymus25 Well, you should have a pretty good idea of what the middle letter of the next clue is ...
E, U, O, P, B
CCCC: Is yours truly taking Bono on vacation, in front of people? HORROR! (11)
10:57 AM
If o is actually c, then it could be anagram-solver.net/detail/eucbp?detail=P-Cube
@Stiv a(B…o)m I nation
@msh210 That's correct :)
@msh210 which part makes bono b..o ?
'on vacation'
i.e. 'on emptying'
ahhh ok
11:10 AM
I know :)
11:32 AM
@AncientSwordRage ah right, not geographically in the tropics but apparently still has a tropical climate
@Jafe yeah, goot spot
i wonder what the coldest place in the geographical tropics is
somewhere high up in the andes maybe?
google suggests mount cayambe in ecuador but more research is needed... and by research i mean donations of flight tickets to ecuador for me
CCCC: In essence, Bono and the Edge rule a band (3,9)
11:54 AM
@msh210 (b)ON(o) + (th)E + DIRECTION
(and also they literally do)
@msh210 (in essence) MID (festival with Bono and Edge) LATITUDE (rule ~ succeeds)S
@Jafe yep
latitude is a bit of a panic solve when I saw Jafe's...
CCCC: A mountain range in Europe (9)
12:19 PM
@Jafe CAUCASIAN ddef?
not the intended answer, i'm afraid
darn, it's not a great fit so no worries
@Jafe nice clean surface, looks like it could be a non-cryptic crossword clue
thanks! i guess the prefix could be CCC: then :P
or CCCC for "crossword clue chat chain"
customarily cryptic, 'casionally conventional, crossword clue chat chain
12:32 PM
commonly called CCCCCCCC, concisely
how about that, some words look wrong when you spell them incorrectly
i think i mentioned at some point that "battalion" always looks odd to me with two Ts and one L... turns out it's borrowed from french where it's spelt with one T and two Ls, which in turn borrowed it from italian which has two Ts and one L
i'd wager the madness doesn't end there but i've been scared to dig any deeper
12:56 PM
@Jafe PATH (range) in CARIA (sort of in Eurpoe) to form CARPATHIA (mountains of...) .... not sure is you would call them that or need an N at the end?
nope, sorry
in particular i wouldn't use "in europe" to clue a place in europe (and also like you said caria isn't exactly in europe)
there's a cryptic clue waiting to be written with that structure, though
@Jafe SEVERAL which makes this hard...
A PENNINES (A + mountain) = APENNINES (range) ?
that's it!
I think they're both a range technically, but I like it
yesterday, by Jafe
@AncientSwordRage not convinced but this gave me an idea for another clue which i'm definitely stealing
oh, and the intended parsing is A + PENNINES (mountain range in europe) = APENNINES (a mountain range in europe, &lit.)
1:11 PM
@Jafe nice
thanks! that's one of those clues that pretty much writes itself hehe
yeah, you just need to spot it
@Jafe ahhh that works better
Will just mix up a CCCC, won't be long
sc+andes is screaming for the same treatment but that is left as an exercise for the reader
1:24 PM
@AncientSwordRage if you're mixing it, it's a CCCC Cocktail, or CCCCC
no no, cocktail is K
CCCC: Boneless Garibaldi is engaged in 'room service' with sweetheart, should cover Canary Island fare? (4,4)
I stuck to the vacation theme, but if it makes anybody feel better, I just checked and garibaldi happens to be a mountain range as well as a name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1:50 PM
Q: What kind of sequence is this?

DrDStart with 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 8 2 1 2 8 ? Your answer should explain what do these numbers represent.

From their Terms & Conditions: "Any product purchased online on www.time4education.com is non-transferable and is intended for the sole use of the buyer only" - the creator has explicitly asked for their content to not be shared, so this is still off-topic. — bobble 1 min ago
1 hour later…
3:04 PM
Q: Please, I don't know greek!

Alan Bagel data key result 7, 2, 17, 82, 56 0 ΛΞλν 1, 3, 8, 127, 65, 8 19 εΤψΒΖ 5, 64, 13, 9, 4, 42 7 δδιΡΠ 13, 9, 8, 657, 31, 3, 7, 5 3 ? Hints

3:16 PM
I feel like I've almost got the C4, but can't figure out the last piece. But I could also be completely wrong. Anyone else have any ideas?
I'm thinking Garibaldi somehow resolves to AR (that's the part I'm stuck on), and then is engaged in room service is EATS IN and sweetheart is LOVE. This gives AREATSINLOVE, and boneless means to remove the centre, giving AREA [-TSIN] LOVE. Anagram that (should cover) to get ALOE VERA (Canary Island fare).
making gari a baldi by shaving off the edges is ingenious (along with the rest of the word play) but not what I was intending
@AncientSwordRage Are you saying I'm completely wrong?
@GentlePurpleRain unfortunately yes
...back to the drawing board
Oh, a wild @GentlePurpleRain has appeared... long time no see
3:25 PM
frantically searches for the luxury ball
3:37 PM
@Mithical Hi, Mithical. I don't have much time to be around these days, but I thought I'd try (and fail :( ) the C4.
4:29 PM
Sometimes I hate asking for help on Math SE.
4:39 PM
@Tacoタコス only sometimes?
Actually to be fair, it's no ELU.se
4:52 PM
Q: I thought morse code was dead?

Taco タコスMy computer went on the fritz earlier today and all of my messages were being sent in what looked like morse code. I recorded a few test messages to confirm my suspicions once the anomaly ended and to my surprise, it's not quite morse code, it just looks like morse code: Input Output Eins...

this puzzle probably has something to do with translating from the left phrase to uh
German, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Hawaiian
and then some length comparisons, maybe
not sure though
Q: Circling the rectangle: A strange IQ problem

AnonWhat comes next in this sequence? You all know those IQ puzzles very well I'm sure - the ones where you have to find a pattern, and see which option continues to satisfy it. Well, I’m completely stumped on one… Do you think you can help? Have a look at the sequence of pictures in the top row of t...

5:10 PM
Looks like it. What looks like Morse code but purportedly isn't, is Morse code all right -- those are the morse code numerals. If there are two, the first is 1, so that might be in the order of the differences in glyphcount.
5:21 PM
@Avi I think you're on to something there.
2 hours later…
7:12 PM
@Tacoタコス I found the pattern in the words I think, I just need to figure out how it maps
7:28 PM
Not it; Avi's direction on comparisons between languages and lengths is a good route to travel though.
@Tacoタコス okies no worries then I'll leave it to Avi
Also I'm worried there's too much indirection in my C4 🤔
8:11 PM
garibaldi contains (a) rib, which is a bone, but removing that still leaves only 2 or 3 letters for both room service and sweetheart...
aha, maybe there's a 2-letter abbreviation for room service and the sweetheart could be the E at the heart of "sweet"
8:41 PM
apparently RS can mean room service
8:56 PM
Q: A number like waldo?

Taco タコスWhat is the smallest whole number that when its individual digits are summed, produces a number 4 digits long? For example, the number $5357$ is no where close since $5 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 20$. Note: I'm looking for an answer that includes a logical path to the answer (e.g. working backwards from a 4 ...

2 hours later…
10:34 PM
Q: Modification of 100 lightbulbs problem (everyone flips 100 bulbs each)

Ice TeaThis is a modification to the usual 100 lightbulbs in a room puzzle. Like before, the first person flips the switch of every lightbulb. However, while the second person also starts from the first bulb and flips the switch of every second lightbulb, he does not stop at the 100th lightbulb. Rathe...


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