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2:03 AM
@Deusovi I think the answer is CANVAS def+cdef: to survey is to canvas (valid spelling according to MW), and the area where Olympia is is a painting (note: NSFW)
2:15 AM
that's correct!
2:26 AM
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4:44 AM
Q: Pair of words containing many other words

AnushThis is a straightforward word puzzle. Find two words in English and concatenate them. For example 'teach' and 'airway' can be concatenated to make 'teachairway'. Now look at the new word you have made and count the number of words that occur as substrings. In this case we have: tea, teach, eac...

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5:57 AM
Q: When will I see my friend?

Bardic WizardMy friend and I both sing in the choir of our local episcopal church, but our choir director is really strict. He doesn't like people talking much. At our last rehearsal, right at the end of a break, I asked my friend if she wanted to come over to my house sometime this week. But before she could...

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10:36 AM
CCCC: French author's character made up a distorted perspective, with soldiers finally taking over last bit of Montréal (3, 2, 10)
10:54 AM
@oAlt GUY + DEMAUPA* + S(_S)(-l)ANT
11:23 AM
@Jafe your turn
CCCC: Place that's a pain to inhabit, like area where Olympia is? (6)
with apologies to the inhabitants of the many olympias out there
11:50 AM
@Jafe hell+as
Ahh, darn
CCCC: Survey area where Olympia is (5)
hah, very nice
Oh my gosh hahah
11:52 AM
a co-written schrödinger hehe
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1:20 PM
Q: Three cups and a ball

Dmitry KamenetskyI am walking down the streets of Paris when a street performer approaches me. He has a row of 3 cups facing down on a table. He places a ball under the left cup. He proceeds to swap pairs of cups, keeping the ball hidden from sight. He moves them so quickly that I cannot trace the cup with the ba...

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2:38 PM
Q: Please help me find the missing number in this combination of 3 stars

Biostats I have added a picture which consists of 3 stars. Please help me find the missing number. I was thinking that it should be 145 but don't know whether I am right or wrong. I would really appreciate if someone can help me find the answer with logic at the earliest convenience. Thanks.

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7:23 PM
Q: Five positive integers in a row each being the sum of the digit sum of its neighbours

ThomasLFive positive integers should be put in a row such that each integer is the sum of the digit sum of its neighbours. The integer at the beginning and at the end have only one neighbour, i.e the first integer is the digit sum of the second integer, the fifth integer is the digit sum of the forth in...

8:11 PM
@Deusovi I love it
8:41 PM
Q: Define "pangram" with the shortest

Rewan DemontayI have been invested in pangrams recently. I thought up an odd puzzle. What is the shortest pangram that defines the word "pangram" itself? By shortest, I mean the fewest amount of characters used, i.e. commas, periods, letters, dashes, hyphens, etc. Only English words can be used. No abbreviatio...

9:33 PM
Q: Worlds Hardest Pattern Puzzle

Frank Luccithis is my first time on puzzle stack exchange. This puzzle originally started with logic class. We were learning about pattern recognition puzzles and I thought they were all too easy in every way. So when we had a project to make our own, I threw together a puzzle in an hour that would challeng...

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