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2:51 AM
Q: The naughty friend and the mysterious note

L. F.A total of 10 friends came to my house for a party. Halfway through the party, while we were having dinner, I noticed only 9 friends present in the dining room. A few minutes later, the missing friend came out from my study and joined our dinner. After the party ended, I entered my study and saw...

3:15 AM
Q: Seasons pass within a day. Where am I?

Dmitry KamenetskySeasons pass within a day and the sun moves in reverse. I am in love with this place. Where am I?

11 hours later…
1:59 PM
Q: is there any resource to solve messed up words

AnonymouseI'm wondering if there is any online tools that solve not properly spaced words to be more clear, by not properly spaced words i meant something like mynei ghbor isapo pular softw areen ginee r if spaced properly, this should be my neighbor is a popular software engineer

4 hours later…
5:57 PM
hello! apologies for the delay, my computer's completely broken
CCCC hint: The fifth letter is A.
1 hour later…
6:59 PM
Q: Original sequence of fractions

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have the following sequence of fractions $\frac{31116}{5185},\frac{186696}{5185},\frac{248928}{5184},$ ? What is the next fraction, replacing the question mark? From each fraction we obtain a very close approximation of the arithmetical value of an irrational number. What sequence of irrati...

7:23 PM
Q: 👎💑😐Scrambled emoji tale❤️👩⭐ #3️⃣

Victor StafusaToday is July, 17th - World Emoji Day 📅 🥳 So, today is time to post a new scrambled emoji tale. 😂😂😂😂 This is the emoji tale #3️⃣. Click here and here to see the previous two. Since my previous emoji tales were solved too quickly 🙁, I tried to make this one much harder 😈. There is a story ...

1 hour later…
8:39 PM
@Deusovi o noes
9:25 PM
Q: Op. 5 Cacophony in C

IAmLucidNonsenseThe whole gang's here... except for one. Who's missing? https://vocaroo.com/16SafkG940Lt

1 hour later…
10:31 PM
Hi @IAmLucidNonsense, nice to see you here :)
I know it's old, but is this NAA? (this message not specifically directed at anyone)
And this is still NAA, but I can't flag it (argggh) because someone Edited it in review, disputing my flag, and y' can' no re-raise a flag. General reminder that editing in LQP review is only for when you can fix all the problems, and should not be used on an unsalvageable answer, especially not just for a spoiler edit
11:15 PM
@bobble I'd say no to the first, as though theres no final answer, they seem to have found the gimmick, and thats a lot of the puzzle
And flagged + VTD the second
(Also in relation to the first, the OP actually asks if anyone can 'give some advice or hints, which it definitely does)
At least one of their things is wrong by their own explanation (forbids flight != FLIGHT OF BIRDS, since there's one extra F) and one is missing, which might be part of why I misunderstood what is happening
It definitely doesn't seem not 100% accurate, but the gimmick still seems to be almost given and I'd say its definitely an answer to the question the OP asked

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