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12:05 AM
@merrybot Heheh
1 hour later…
1:31 AM
@msh210 RUB + ICON (it may be found in church), using the classic cryptic def "flower" to mean "river" (one that flows)
2 hours later…
3:48 AM
@oAlt yes indeed!
4:18 AM
uh oAlt did you lose a hand
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
@bobble I have a spare, dw
6:49 AM
Your hand does look awfully yellow, though. Hopefully it’s okay
yeah it's to be expected when it got detached
2 hours later…
8:35 AM
an easy one again, and while we're at the topic of flowers:
CCCC: A flower found in Nero's empire? (4)
neROS Empire?
@TakingNotes your turn
oop now i've gotta make a clue
9:06 AM
CCCC: Closes succeeding stage with keys (7)
@TakingNotes ENDS following LEG to give us LEGENDS
Damn, really hoped that one would stay up longer...
Nonetheless, your turn @Sid.
9:27 AM
CCCC: Star's blatantly stupid in Manila, adrift (9)
10:02 AM
Clue will be delayed, I'm busy until tomorrow
11:00 AM
@oAlt How does Blatantly Stupid clue DER?
11:28 AM
Interjection: der
  1. (Australia) Disdainful indication that something is obvious.
  2. (Australia) Indication of stupidity.
  3. der
  4. Nonstandard spelling of there.
Adverb: der (not comparable)
  1. Nonstandard spelling of there.
  2. der
  3. there (in or at that place)
Noun: der (uncountable)
  1. Nonstandard spelling of there.
Pronoun: der
  1. Nonstandard spelling of there.
  2. der
  3. (dummy pronoun) there (expletive...
Verb: der
  1. second-person singular imperative of drát
Yeah, gotta admit wasn't familiar with that either
I was just scrolling through wikipedia's list of stars
And then made sure that "der" was actually legit
11:42 AM
@oAlt that is correct. Well done
2 hours later…
1:24 PM
Q: A Five City Loop, starting and ending in MA

DrDComplete a loop of five large cities. The starting city name starts with the letters MA. Each of the following cities starts with the last two letters of the previous city name. (Like PARIS ISTANBUL etc.). The fifth city name ends in MA, completing the loop. All cities have population of at leas...

2:14 PM
Q: Equation 60 divide by 2

chicharitoThis riddle is from on Youtube 60 / 2(10+5) = ? The Answer mentioned is 450. Also, the same answer is shown by google. But I believe the answer is 2. so the question is Is Answer is 2 or 450?

3:07 PM
Whoop! Hello there from the Mathematics Stack Exchange!
How do I link my account from MSE to here?
(and apparently get 100 reputation to start off with)
3:22 PM
It should do it automatically when you make an account
When you sign up there should be something saying it is linking accounts
You may be in need of that?
But... right now if I post a question in Puzzling while I am logged into all the SE sites, will it link?
Posting a question and making an account are separate
It's possible to do one without the other
You don't have a Puzzling account which is linked to the same network profile as your Mathematics account
I'd advise making an account here first, then posting the question
as for how to make sure your account are linked, the pop-up on "Confirm your new account" should look like this, after you click on "Join this community"
If you're planning on posting a math puzzle, I'd advise reading this meta to make sure it doesn't run afoul of our "math problem vs puzzle" policy: puzzling.meta.stackexchange.com/a/2784
4 hours later…
7:47 PM
I got my question posted. It's [word-property]
and also got the rep bonus
Does Sphinx auto-post new questions here? It seems so
The precise time from main-site-posting to Sphinx-posting varies; Sphinx checks for new questions every so often and then posts
Some on Puzzling must surely remember me for things like this math.stackexchange.com/q/1996120/357390
uh... that would be "Some on Puzzling who also have Math.SE accounts and/or were around all the way back then"
And it's not like posts are typically remembered for the users who post them, the content is the interesting bit
more modern post of mine that got on HNQ math.stackexchange.com/questions/4140936/…
At the time I posted that I was fantasising about running a full BFS search for the Brainball in order to compute God's Algorithm
Maybe I should also point out that most people don't read every HNQ'ed post?
Sure, some people might remember the user who did an HNQ a while back, but far more likely they'd either not see the HNQ or their eyes skip over the usercard in favor of juicy content
8:01 PM
My old laptop could crunch all positions of a "Slide Rule Pie 12" (see Jaap's page on the Slide Rule Pie 3 and 6; the 12 makes all pieces distinct) in about 5 minutes. That is 12! positions, and the Brainball has 2048 times that. But my computer would run out of memory
I'm outta here
Q: What is a Dime Word™?

Parcly TaxelThis puzzle is based off the What is a Word™ series started by JLee If a word satisfies a certain property it is called a Dime Word™. Here are some examples: Dime Words™ Not Dime Words™ KARMA ECHO PHOENIX THUNDERBIRD PANTHEON VALKYRIE CYPHER ZERO VIPER LESION RAZE REAPER BREAC...

Q: Adding up divisors of integers

ThomasLAlice and Bob play a game, taking turns. Alice starts and writes an integer between 1 to 10 on a blackboard. Then Bob adds any integer between 1 to 10 to this number and writes it on the blackboard. When a three digit number is reached the game ends. During the game the number of positive divisor...

I have a long, long history behind me
I was trying to give a sample of the stuff I do on MSE
8:22 PM
Is it OK to prod an answerer if I feel that the answer is incomplete?
Q: As OP, editing/helping the correct answer

Mark NAs this is my first post on Puzzling Meta, I hope it is appropriate. If you post a question on Puzzling, and someone posts an answer which is mostly, or almost completely correct, what would be the policy on giving assistance to better 'aligning' your answers together? IMHO I believe that for a...

Well, the current answer by Desuovi only addressed one of the two questions in the word-property problem, so I prodded
yeah, I have no idea why it's called a Dime Word
i'd guess that it's just a reference i'm unfamiliar with rather than a wordplay thing
hint: Blizzard and Ubisoft are not subsidaries
8:31 PM
ah i see
Echo is also an Overwatch hero. I recently fell in love with her, partly because in her lore she was created by a Singaporean. And I am a Singaporean
Despite this I play none of the four mentioned games. I have been watching lots of esports matches involving them, though
@Deusovi have made an edit noting that Echo is also a hero, feel free to accept
accepted (but i didn't think it was important to note that you added that in the middle of the answer, so i made a slight change - if you want credit for it i can add something at the bottom of the answer?)
no need credit, anyone can find this out themselves
8:54 PM
Q: What is a Sharp Word?

The Jokester(Based off and inspired by JLee's What is a Word™ puzzles) What Is A Sharp Word? Word that conform to a specific rule are called sharp words. Here are some examples: Sharp Words™ Non-Sharp Words™ WALLOW BATHE WALK STROLL SHORES BEACH OTTER SEAL DUSTY DIRTY DUMP TOSS GENOME GEN...

1 hour later…
10:09 PM
Q: The maze one should not enter

Florian FOnce upon a time, somewhere in Italy, two archaeologists unearthed a burried passage. As they explore the passage they reach the doorway, which is clearly the entrance of a lEFWE structure behind. They see well-built passages made of square stone walls. There are passage forking in various dire...


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