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12:03 AM
@msh210 not the intention, i'm afraid
also how would "and" clue the removal there?
ah no i get it now, sorry
@Jafe Is the extra asterisk there on purpose?
(Your purpose, I mean, not its.)
oops no
I can't figure out your C4 yet, but some reason I have a sudden urge to foxtrot.
12:35 AM
2 hours later…
2:46 AM
@Jafe Is this C+LOVER?
@Ankoganit yup!
next C4 might take a while, in a class right now
CCCC: Senseless, without a bit of sanity (5 or 6)
3:11 AM
If I understand correctly, a clue with an "or" in the number bit has multiple answers that fit, and from previous examples, it seems that they are a set (eg. red/green, malleus/stapes/anvil) - correct?
@Ankoganit Wut do you mean, 5 or 6?
@samm82 Yes on there being multiple answers; I don't think there's a rule they have to be in the same "set"
gotcha :)
(no comments on whether the answers in this particular case belong to a set or not)
3:24 AM
Follow-up on how these clues work, does the definition have to be the same for each alternative, or are the alternatives valid if they match the clue (not necessarily in the same way)?
the clue may work differently for different answers
3:56 AM
@Ankoganit IN(-s)ANE & lit. or IN(S_)ANE & lit.?
@Jafe correct!
very impressive!
thanks :D
4:37 AM
CCCC: Vacation spot for Spooner's chill spirit (4,5)
@Jafe G/old C/oast
that's right
Very nice clue.
(Gh)ost = (C)oast?
@Bubbler in my pronunciation, yes.
I think in most people's.
4:47 AM
Can confirm in (at least a region of) Canadian English
@msh210 thanks
5:02 AM
eh, I'm not so happy with it, but:
CCCC: Babble? Parties have. I'm at one. (10)
5:16 AM
red alert, the c4 explanation post has come unpinned
Hey @Jafe, when your crossword comes out, can you ping me? I wanna see the ultimate crossword
@Jafe How does that even happen?
i think the pins expire after x days or something
I think x = 14
Q: Encrypted Vegetables

00xxqhxx00Similar to the last puzzle, figure out the vegetables: A 🤼 a->an,n->? $\boxed{8}-\tau$ Bag->Cab(🛄) 2021-1980 $(TO)_2+F$ ⛽ K out$\times$ ?? 🎨🖌️ I $\boxed{6}$ $F=kx$ 🔃 🤰 🥶 $90$deg=$\frac \pi 2$? 🐠-$\boxed9$ 🔃 iP 🍳 🌱 $\boxed{11}$-(v+1) +$Cu_2$ Negative-a+0 $£20237+\boxed{£7500}\leftarro...

2 hours later…
7:45 AM
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is ⤴/⤵ there! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's Archive & Statistics of past clues.
I don't know why I'm even thinking this, but I have a feeling that CHATTERING could be the c4 answer, just couldn't make out some of the wordplay
2 hours later…
10:13 AM
Q: Multiplying English numbers is strange too

trolley813It seems that the English-speaking people multiply the numbers in the very same way that the Portuguese add them: while the latter say that 2+2=8, the former claim that 2×2 is 8: T W O T W O × ________ E I G H T (Same letters mean the same digits, and the different ones are different....

10:32 AM
Q: Fortnightly Topic Challenge #51: Non-rectangular grids

FTC_BotThis is the tenth installment of the Fortnightly Topic Challenges Rerun described here and the fifty-first installment of the FTCs overall, with topics suggested and voted on here. This fortnight's topic is "Non-rectangular grids" (suggested by Bubbler) and will span from the 7th of March to the ...

^ Just a reminder to get those non-rectangular grid questions in before the end of the fortnight! :)
10:45 AM
@Stiv Do you think puzzles from other sources are ok to be entered into the FTC challenge?
10:58 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica Interesting question - myself, I have never considered the idea of submitting a question from elsewhere. To me, it feels part of the challenge is to create something on-theme. However, in the original FTC post it purely refers to "users who asked or answered one or more questions about that topic", not 'created' per se.
So I am unsure. Uncomfortable, but unsure. I would be interested to hear the views of others who have been around this community longer than me...
It seems against the spirit of it, I'd say - but am happy to be overruled by a mod on that if I'm being too strict in my interpretation!
Q: Haisu: Schezo's Birthday

athinRules of Haisu: Draw a path from S to G passing through all white cells exactly once by connecting the centres of adjacent cells. When the path passes over a number N, it is on its N-th entry to the region which contains it. The standard Haisu rules apply. However, all question marks should be...

11:36 AM
For what it's worth, I've put non-original puzzles into FTCs in the past: puzzling.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5839/…
Not super proud of it, and would advise against doing this in general, but it's not against the rules per se.
1 hour later…
1:06 PM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica ping!
Q: A cryptic crossword is in order

Jafe There are no word boundaries in the grid. Answers are placed on the row or column indicated by their number in the order given (first a, then b etc.). Successive answers on the same row or column are allowed to share any number of letters, and must share at least one. Fourteen "across" clues, on...

perfect timing for me
1:25 PM
yesterday, by Gareth McCaughan
Guaranteed to be at a time when Deusovi is around and I'm not :-).
but hey, at least i didn't post at 6am uk time like i did for months...
@Jafe Yay!
Holy geez, that thing is a monstrous monster monstrosity! (Sorry, can't think a better quote, :p)
If only I was on my laptop, I could type them in Microsoft Word, sadly I'm on mobile :(
@Deusovi, please do not solve it for the next 19 hours :P
19 hours is a bit of a long shot
you could probably get 2 or 3 hours
But it's bedtimeeeeee :d
hey, "6am uk time" was 1am my time and i dealt with it
1:37 PM
fair point
Skool suks
Star that^
i want the c4 to be two abbreviations for political parties around "i'm at I"... CON is an abbreviation for conservatives so it could be something like xxCIMATION
but the only word known to qat that fits is decimation which means nothing like "babble"
1:57 PM
@Jafe can you double-check 6g-Across?
sure, just a sec
hm don't see an issue there
2:13 PM
alright! just making sure
2:48 PM
Out of context, I just realised that Mith changed her prf pic again
3:48 PM
(please ignore last comment, found the error)
@Sphinx Holy moley bajizee whack-a-moley
@Stiv I wouldn't say it's against the rules, but I think it's against the spirit
FTC are to challenge the community to a new genre of puzzles, but I think part of the fun is also trying to create a puzzle within that scope and boundary
I don't think it should be considered part of the FTC challenge if it's not original
4:19 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Cool. I would agree with that stance.
also agreed
i would not say it's completely disallowed, but i think most of us would stare at you disapprovingly for that
5:15 PM
got everything but explanation for 10a-A
dang that didn't take long
5:49 PM
@Deusovi Sounds like a partial answer to me ;-)
oh, answer's going up, i'm just writing up the full explanation

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