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1:16 AM
Q: Does any one know the name (and solution) of this 3D wooden puzzle (33 pieces)?

Lucas SousaI purchased this 3D wooden puzzle and wasn't provided with the instructions to reassemble it. I can't seem to find any information about it other than the source I bought it from. It has 33 pieces Does anyone know any information about it? Common name or even the solution?

1:29 AM
ah, a new user who helpfully includes lots of details and context for their question about a puzzle -- such a rarity
Should be edited back in? I removed it because it seemed better covered by
i think it would make sense to be put in, but it doesn't really need to be there - the tags we have are already pretty good
is applicable?
And it is very nice that the only real problem with the question was that it was missing important tags :D
applicable, but probably too general
no point in re-editing it back in
1:42 AM
eh, leaving the tags as-is then
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2:55 AM
Q: Another Straightforward 4-letters Crossword?

athinThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #43: Variety Crossword Grids. Across 4. "___ and on" 5. "La ___" light 6. Aside from it 8. Diagonal 10. Firefly 12. Clothes shop 14. Supersede 16. -ism or -y 18. Area in Da Nang 21. "___ many times do..." 22. Dad and son 23. From readers Down 1. ...

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4:17 AM
the hunger games movies are better than I expected? what? this is odd
4:35 AM
Q: What are the following numbers?

00xxqhxx00The number sequence goes like this: 3412, 361, 51, 5312, 5342, 531, ...... What are the following FOUR numbers in this sequence? Absolute hint:

4:54 AM
also that announcer lady has way too many fancy styles
Okay, I'm going to apply to Barnes and Noble tomorrow! crossing my fingers
Well I have to create/finish my application first but still
So far, NONE of my applications have even been responded to in the past
I sent off my last college app today - haven't even tried to get a job
I really want to work at Barnes and Noble- normally I don't want to work, but I LOVE that place and if I work there, I get cool benefits
my mom worked at the local public library organizing books when she was a teenager, I would love to have that as a job
now there is a waitlist to volunteer to do that, because people want volunteer hours
You have to be 18 now to make-money-work at a library :/
5:01 AM
I don't think my parents would be comfortable with me working outside the house right now because COVID
My parents want me to WORK
They want you to apply a force over a distance?
claps and groans at the same time
@bobble Socially distanced?
hopefully, otherwise... umm... I can't think of a good physics pun here
5:14 AM
5:51 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr barnes & noble is like amazing
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
Does "At the start" act validly in "At the start, having odd temperature, having high temperature (3)" (= HOT)?
4 hours later…
10:50 AM
Q: Ancient character sequence

Dmitry KamenetskyWhat is the next character in this ancient sequence: a, a, a, a, n, a, a, a, a, a, a, ? What is your reasoning?

1 hour later…
11:51 AM
@oAlt I guess you might complain that it should be "starts" or something, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't notice any problem if I actually encountered that construction in a cryptic crossword and it's definitely been used in e.g. respectable UK newspaper cryptics.
This one's from the Guardian about a month ago: Anyone can edit this when it's keyed in at the start (4), solution WIKI.
(No, I don't have all the last month's Guardian crosswords in my memory, I did a web search for "at the start" restricted to fifteensquared.net.)
12:19 PM
i see :0
3 hours later…
2:59 PM
Q: Does this alphametic have only one solution?

DrDI could only get one answer for the following alphametic. Can you confirm? All 4 lettes are separate digits from 1 to 9. ETAS, SEAT and SATE are 4 digit numbers NO Programming please

1 hour later…
4:14 PM
Q: A 4-D Cryptic Crossword

Jeremy DoverAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #43: Variety Crossword Grids This puzzle is a cryptic crossword, but with a twist...literally! The grid presented is a 2-dimensional representation of the actual grid, which is embedded on a Klein bottle, and thus has no edges. The top and bottom edges sho...

@Sphinx @JeremyDover this looks AWESOME
In general the crosswords released as part of the fortnight have been extremely high quality.
5:19 PM
@Sphinx That's siccckkk
Also, just realized today's the last day for variety crosswords, and I still haven't finished mine :((((
I had a crappy Klein bottle crossword earlier this week, but I ended up canning it. Luckily found just enough time to get this one done.
It's like solving 6 crosswords!
Or nine, I guess
5:36 PM
no rules against releasing a variety crossword after the fortnight is over
also, I'm looking through the latest Nature marine bio research to choose a paper to write up, and just look at this title:
> Global phylogeography suggests extensive eucosmopolitanism in Mesopelagic Fishes (Maurolicus: Sternoptychidae)
Well obviously
I don't know
I understand 1/2 of those words
I understand like every other word
who do you think could parse it?
100% Gareth :P
5:49 PM
shall we ping him?
@GarethMcCaughan, North thinks you can parse this obscenely scientific title
I can make some guesses. Meso- means "mid", pelagic means relating to the coast, so I guess mesopelagic means "living in shallowish water". I haven't heard "eucosmopolitan" before but there are "eusocial" insects, ones that live in colonies with all of them being genetically identical, so that they all behave with a sort of perfect altruism, so I'm guessing eucosmopolitan might be something similar on a large scale -- schools of fish that are all super-closely related (perhaps all ...
Wow, he's actually trying
Watches with awe
Watches alongside North
5:55 PM
... clones somehow, though I didn't think that happened in fish). A phylum is one particular sort of taxonomical division (a very high-level one, between "kingdom" and "family") and I guess phylogeography means looking at genetic relationships between populations in different places.
But at least one of these things must be wrong.
Because surely "phylogeography" if it means that can't tell you about anything as "genetically fine-grained", so to speak, as colonies of fish that are all very closely related.
The abstract of the article had something about firmly separating some populations of fish into different species due to different genetics (I couldn't understand it very well)
Global, presumably, means just what it says -- they've looked at things over the whole world.
Any of my guesses could be wrong, but the one I think most likely wrong is for "eucosmopolitanism".
(Looking that one up now.)
ah, it's kinda the opposite of what I thought
so of course cosmopolitanism in humans means, so to speak, "taking the whole world as one's city", and the corresponding term in biology means when a species is distributed very broadly.
And "eucosmopolitanism" is apparently something of a neologism -- not just a technical term but one recently made up and not widely used -- meaning "a true, natural, and prehistorically global (or extremely broad) distribution" (that's a quotation from the paper that seems to have introduced the term).
So I think the rest of my guesses are right. They've looked at worldwide distributions of species of near-coastal-dwelling fish and found evidence that lots of them are very broadly distributed around the world's coasts.
see, that title makes much more sense :D
Is sqrt(a)*sqrt(b) sqrt(a*b)?
6:06 PM
Okay, just double checking
What about sqrt(a)-sqrt(b)? Is it just sqrt(a)-sqrt(b)?
you need to be a bit careful about that
sqrt(-1) times sqrt(-1) is not sqrt(-1*-1), at least not the way you would normally define square roots
Ah, good thing to remember. Thankfully, I'm working with trig, so I don't expect to run into sqrt(-1) anytime soon
6:09 PM
if u is a square root of a and v is a square root of b, then uv is a square root of ab, but not necessarily the square root
yeah, some stuff doesn't work once you leave the realm of reals
I think something's gone astray above -- when you asked "What about sqrt(a)-sqrt(b)? Is it just sqrt(a)-sqrt(b)?" that looks to me like the exact same thing twice. Am I missing something?
I think he was confirming that you can't say sqrt(a)-sqrt(b)=sqrt(a-b)
ah, right
6:37 PM
Still not sure how jafe managed to release 3 full variety-grid cryptics in the one fortnight...
yes, that is true
Hello!! I have so many notifications oh my goodness :p
6:50 PM
go and read up!
Oh lordy, this will take me a bit
There we go, I think I'm mostly caught up - how have you guys been?? :D
good - Thursday was (as my parents pointed out) the first time I've had a Thanksgiving dinner with grandparents!
hey mick!!
Aww that's really fun :D
Hi Matt!
we always would visit them for Christmas only, since there is more time for that school break
6:59 PM
week was pretty good :)
I bet they were really happy to see you!
anything new with Screeny?
do you have updates on: SHIELD, Screeny, Poofy, Statue Parks, How To Train Your Dragon sequels, etc.?
+ pse boss rush?
Screeny is on break since I needed a mental break from writing code, we watched some more SHIELD after we caught up on Mandalorian, Poofy didn't come with me to Thanksgiving but I'm back at the apartment now so he's back on my desk, and the How To Train Your Dragon books are still awesome :)
7:02 PM
Had a really nice Thanksgiving with family this year, it was a great break.
Glad you guys had a good holiday too :)
only bad part about Thanksgiving was there was more than the normal referring to the kids as "girlies", "our girls", "my girls", etc.
on one of the days I was most definitely not feeling like a girl
Yeahhh, same - the only bad part of my holiday was the misgendering, but at this point I'm used to it. Don't let it ruin your holiday :(
I didn't let it affect my hoiday, seeing as I had a holiday
My hands are cold, sorry :p
7:06 PM
are you being Blanket Person?
I am being a Blanket Person, yes
The heat in my apartment is still what professionals call "completely not working"
no, professionals call it "pay me money to fix it"
that too
Or maybe I can convince the bobblies in my walls to fix it
or maybe they're the ones sabotaging the heat
oh my god
they're trying to freeze me out, it must make my puzzle juices taste better
what if they're making Borg-sicles
7:11 PM
I'm supposed to be writing up a paper about zooplakton biomass and surface-level primary productivity, but it's taking me 3x the normal amount of time because it's boring and I'm being lazy.
scientists apparently release less research papers Thanksgiving week, so I had less choices
did you enjoy the crazy title that we got Gareth to dissect?
my paper writing strategy was always to stare a blank document for like 2 hours while i do something else, then go into a hyperfocus rampage and write it in like 20 minutes
And yes, i enjoyed the Gareth pinging :p
meanwhile I just finished eating a bagel
Was it a good bagel though
7:14 PM
it was
i see
hot take: i hate bagels
all kinds?
fight me
there is no good bagel
I like cheese and chocolate chip
chocolate chip bagel? never heard of it
7:17 PM
bagel textures to me are either sandpaper or mush, can't stand it
also I like salmon cream cheese, except not on chocolate chip bagels
Salmon cream cheese is pretty good, that's fair
my bagels are always very boring
(ie, plain on plain)
Anyone who can just... eat a plain bagel and not choke is like dark magic to me
i assume that is not good?
7:19 PM
How do you eat it plain????
Teach me your magic???
I just do?
parents saying "we only have bagels for breakfast" and being hungry
Fair point
don't tell them
one of these days i'm going to post an impassioned tiktok rant about bagel textures
7:24 PM
hey msh!
@Sciborg perhaps you just haven't had a good bagel
@Sciborg hi
What would you define as a good bagel?
I'm open to new experiences
chocolate chip bagel, freshly toasted (so it's warm and soft) and the chocolate chips are a little bit melting out
@Sciborg One that has good taste and texture? I know I couldn't find a good bagel in all my years in St. Louis, for example. (Though I was limited to the kosher ones, so that's not saying much.)
7:28 PM
hmm... toasted chocolate chip bagel that's softer sounds not too bad.
maybe I'll run to the grocery store later :p
did you make any more salted ice cubes?
I had some ice cubes left in the tray that i forgot about, so I made one more salted one and used the rest in a smoothie :P
anything interesting from SHIELD you wanted to mention?
We watched 5 and 6, the skydiving sequence was pretty rad
Fitzsimmons is hecking adorable
you have been converted, then?
7:35 PM
Usually my ships are exclusively gay ones, but i might make an exception for this ship
They are really cute together
both Fitz and Simmons have gay ships I know about - Simmons with Skye, Fitz with Mack (who you'll meet next season)
quietly googles
Ah, so it's called "Skimmons" :p
yes it is :D
i'm a simple person, i see gay, i ship it
The show is really very good though, had to watch these last ones without Partner but I'm enjoying it a lot.
The writing and acting is excellent
both of the slash pairings, in universe, are just bestest friends. only friends. why would you suspect anything else?
7:40 PM
of course
I need some help for math, @bobble you available?
(i'm here, hello)
I love shows where it's super obvious two of the same-gender characters have insane chemistry but the show pretends super hard that they don't
hello Deus :p
Something else nice: Fitz gets a lot of really good disability storyline stuff next season, which doesn't go away magically and he just learns to adapt
Aww, I like those
7:42 PM
though of course by the time you get deeper into the show, absolutely everyone needs therapy badly
Basically all the shows i enjoy these days can be summed up as "Everyone Needs Therapy"
do you need therapy after watching them need therapy?
covered my eyes for the eyeball scene, so i think i'm okay :p
my brother talked me into watching Sputnik with him over the break though, and after that i needed some therapy for sure
okay, so just checked. Eps. 7, 8, and 9 are mostly one-offs, 10 has a major plot development, and then there is eh sorta-plot stuff, then 16 has extra plot stuff and then 17-the end is all PLOT PLOT PLOT
Okay, so 10, 16 and 17 are the really important ones
I know there's gonna be a Big Twist but wasn't sure when that would happen
7:50 PM
you could honestly skip all the eh-plot in about 3 lines of explanation
I'll still watch them all, but i'll just pay extra attention to the Plot Ones
warning, i will almost definitely start shipping Skimmons now :p
17 is the one with Big Twist, part 1 and 19 is Big Twist, part 2
Got it
The Fitz-Mack one is largely from how Mack is nice and lets Fitz get better at his own pace while everyone else just dismisses Fitz because he can't perform at his previous level
maybe i'll have two ships
7:55 PM
last season has both Fitzsimmons with much declarations of love, and Fitz-Mack and Skye-Simmons with much declarations of how important their friendship is.
though less Fitz-Mack because some spoiler plot stuff
"friendship" sure, sure
best friends
close friends who go everywhere together but definitely aren't together
In Season 4 the Skye-Simmons get a special "it's us against the world" plotline
just them working together, trying to rope others in but mostly just trusting each other
with their "friendship"
7:59 PM
Q: More mysterious fractions

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have the following sums of fractions. $\frac{36020}{7203}+ \frac{36025}{7204}+ \frac{36030}{7205}+ \frac{36035}{7206}+ \frac{36040}{7207}+ \frac{36045}{7208}=F$ $\frac{15363}{5120}+ \frac{15366}{5121}+ \frac{15369}{5122}+ \frac{15372}{5123}+ \frac{15375}{5124}+ \frac{15378}{5125}=K$ The sum...

Skye declares how much she ships Fitzsimmons at the start, to make sure you know it's just friendship
heterosexual writer #1: how can we make sure everyone knows these characters are straight
heterosexual writer #2: i got it, watch this
shippers: Look, they're working to save the world with the power of their "friendship"
seems totally straight to me
Mith, you came at the perfect time
If I remember correctly, Simmons has a tearful declaration of how important Skye is to her later in Season 1, and also a tearful declaration of how important Fitz is to her after that. The only real difference is that the Fitz one involves kissing.
8:04 PM
I think the Fitzsimmons shippers can't count you in their number any more
look, i'm a complicated person
can't a person have a straight ship and a gay ship of the same person
is it a poly ship now
8:06 PM
it could be but it doesn't have to be
there are no rules
I'm not super into shipping
what about the rule that you can't ship someone with themselves... oh, right, alternate realities
she should follow her heart and do what makes her happy
All characters are ace unless otherwise stated
fair fair
8:12 PM
I mostly ship characters when shows make too big a deal of clarifying that These Two Characters Are Definitely Not Gay and it's fun to speculate about if they secretly might be
(also I know nothing about AoS, except that a couple of my friends are really into it)
Highly recommend watching AoS if you get a chance, it's a great show :)
8:25 PM
@Sciborg unless, of course, the two characters are already gay (such as in a particular Star Trek but I'm not telling you which one)
ah yes, Spork
and the remake with Sulu, presumably
@jafe all ther(Ag)e. Very nice clue!
@Sciborg actually no
wasn't there Sulu in Star Trek Beyond?
that was a nice clue!
8:29 PM
@Sciborg yes
not the people I had in mind though
@Sciborg I know little about Star Trek but have seen some original and TNG episodes and am pretty sure Sulu is in one of them
Though it's been many years, so I'm not sure.
They heavily imply it in TOS, but only in Beyond did they confirm
Beyond that though, I have no idea who else there would be
@Sciborg Takei was actually annoyed about that I believe
He was, yeah
Which is understandable, just because the actor is doesn't mean we can always assume the character is
anyway, I was not thinking of Sulu
8:38 PM
then who?
well, unless you want spoilers for star trek discovery...
oh, i thought you were talking about the ones before that. i was trying to rack my brains for anybody in TNG
Q for sure
8:41 PM
what about Q?
can i get a "g" for "genderfluid"
there's GQ
and totally had a crush on Picard
like, not even a question
8:44 PM
there is no debate
w- what is happening
many things
that doesn't exactly help
you can't tell me you watched the Q episodes and thought "yes, this seems straight" :p
9:07 PM
@msh210 thanks! that's correct, of course
That was a good C4, "silver" = "ag" is a fun trick :D
Q: Sixteen cards on a table

Bernardo Recamán SantosSixteen cards numbered 1 to 16 lay on a table. Anne and Clare each take four cards. Anne's cards add up to 23, while Clare's add up to 48. Bernard and David also take four cards each. The product of Bernard's cards is 4480, while the product of David's cards is 1050. Which four cards did each of ...

9:43 PM
CCCC: Exultant shout: "Energetic activity at night! Lots of women!" (5)
10:24 PM
Bobble, you're back :D
Would you like to see another bunny picture?
Very much yes
I am attempting to blur the background because there's some stuff there
bunny is trying to hide under the other bunny
it isn't working
is the bunny successfully hiding?
10:30 PM
no, but bunny is trying and i love her
anyways, do you have puzzly stuff to talk about?
Not at the moment, I've been having a mini-nap on the couch and puzzling would require getting up
there was another Vasilis (?) puzzle today that got some downvotes, it seems
yep, though I'm ambivalent on whether to close
People were debating in the comments, i'm not sure whether it's close-worthy either
Mathematics puzzles are not my thing
this reminds me - @Deusovi, are you available for help solving the giant quintuple-chimera Fillomino?
I have deduced exactly one border and am stuck on the rest
10:37 PM
giant quintuple-chimera?
this sounds terrifying, please elaborate
so, here's the ruleset - it takes half of the page
Oh... my god
and here is my current board-state: the only border I've added to the initial arrangement is the one between R9C2 and R10C2
i'm not even the one solving it and i already have an aneurysm
I have some global things I know - the 1s on both sides must be seeing the same large number, and that large number only, otherwise if one was seeing a lower number it would also see the large number.
I think that it's the same number for all of them, but I can't confirm that because the snake is messing up my proof
The number also probably has to be 7 or greater, because it must be bigger than the others and no consecutive + no rectangle means no 2, so 3 - 5 - 7 to keep same numbers from not touching
10:42 PM
but I'm having trouble making any deductions with all of this global sorta-knowledge
oh no, 'borg, do you need help?
this puzzle is an abomination of God
here's one without any givens that I solved without help, and I was so proud of myself
(from the same pack linked before, by the way: mellowmelon.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/pack04ff2-v1mgl.pdf)
it's only a Skyscrapers
Nice! :D
You are a smart crown
so can you help me solve the giant quintuple-chimera Fillomino?
10:48 PM
oh lordy no
i'm only human
this requires the divine intervention of Deus
Deus, Lord of Puzzles, we summon thee
mystic chanting
We bequeath thee!
Gift unto us your Wisdom!
perhaps we have to provide a sacrifice?
i am willing to sacrifice my third favorite hat for this occasion
what does it look like?
10:54 PM
well... maybe my fourth favorite hat
but he has to promise to give it back
also, if you go to The Grove, you can watch in awe as Gareth presents some sort of imaginary number proof of the sin and cos addition formulas
hang on, let me make a demonic summoning circle so we can summon deus. i have some leftover halloween candy
unfortunately my apartment doesn't allow candles so... snickers bars
comment under a complete non-answer (providing an answer to a single clue in a larger crossword):
> Welcome to Puzzling! I think your answer is valid :)
If it's just a single clue, rot13 in a comment would have been much preferable to an entire answer.
new user, so I understand why it isn't a comment - but it's much better off deleted, and then they can get rep elsewhere to earn commenting privileges
11:07 PM
Definitely good to be gentle about it, new Puzzling users don't always know not to post partial answers - made that mistake myself
hey, matt's back :)
hey mick! probably won't be back for long
but I am back
11:37 PM
Bobble how is the quintuple chimera puzzle going?
I still haven't made any progress
I started it like a week-ish ago, and I got that one line only
To be fair, that's more than i would have gotten in like... a month of staring at it
I think your demonic summoning circle didn't work
but i put so many snickers bars in it!
we may have to change tactics
he has a cat right? we kidnap the cat and hold it as hostage
11:43 PM
nooo! we cannot bring that precious baby into this
how about we take the cat and you get to play with her and snuggle?
that is reasonable, i accept
just got here uh what's going on
11:47 PM
1 hour ago, by bobble
user image
I was asking for any help with the giant quintuple-chimera Fillomino
It's Walls, Skyscrapers, Snake, Non-consecutive, and No-rectangle
also, Sciborg, you have to give Naia back now
she is best cat and i love her, but you may have her back
What did I just join?
we attempted to summon Deusovi, and then we kidnapped his cat
11:50 PM
It makes perfect sense
ah yeah - i don't know if i ever actually did that puzzle
so let's tackle it
did you see my "vague global deductions" comments?
do you agree with them? any help proving them?
(sorry one sec)
11:53 PM
when you get back - here is an annotated grid, where same letters have to be part of the same mino or all part of the snake
and either d or e must be snake
i think
(sorry, math is happening in the grove)
I can wait

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