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12:16 AM
Q: Yet another rebus puzzle

anodyneRebus puzzles tend to go pretty fast, so be quick! What is the picture below trying to say? To use @UnidentifiedX's words, "For those who don't know, a rebus is where words are represented by a picture and you try to figure what word or phrase the picture is trying to represent."

1:13 AM
Q: A shocker in soccer, pt. 2

anodyne You’ll spar better with five letters; I charge a fee, must be me; A precise gun if I’m done; And I’m a band to cross land. What am I? Note: This riddle takes the form of A shocker in soccer. The key is to take a gibberish riddle and figure out which second half of the line matches u...

2:10 AM
Q: Yet another rebus puzzle

anodyneYet another rebus. I have a feeling this one will go quick. What is this picture trying to say? In @UnidentifiedX's words, For those who don't know, a rebus is where words are represented by a picture and you try to figure what word or phrase the picture is trying to represent.

3:07 AM
Q: The Coloured Cube

Krishna “Watson,” said Holmes, “I am picturing a cube with each face either completely red or completely blue.” “That sounds like a waste of your mental talents,” I replied. “You are quite right, Watson, but it’s your mental talents that concern me at this precise moment.” “Well I do wish they would...

3:26 AM
Q: I make big structures look marvellous

Ébe Isaac As an object of beauty, I’m fabulous Take a closer look, I’m nebulous I can be rolled all around Or found beneath the ground I make big structures look marvellous

2 hours later…
5:03 AM
Q: Coffee time rebus riddle

Ébe IsaacGiven the first picture as context, what does the second picture suggest?

3 hours later…
7:53 AM
Q: Why does the boiler in Riven drain when the rubber hose is disconnected?

last-childThis question has spoilers for Riven, since it requires explaining one of the puzzles in the game in some detail. In the 1997 puzzle adventure game, Riven: The sequel to Myst, one prominent puzzle involves a boiler the size of a small building: To solve the puzzle, the player needs to figure ...

2 hours later…
9:47 AM
Q: Bacterial Growth

Krishna One particularly bizarre case took Holmes and myself to a laboratory where some odd-looking cultures were being grown in Petri dishes. “Watson,” Holmes said to me, in a way that suggested he was about to demonstrate his superior intellect. “Imagine that a Petri dish contains bacteria which div...

@mbingo i think this is C_+OVERT
4 hours later…
1:31 PM
@jafe It is!
CCCC: Diesel vehicle restricted to adults (3)
1:54 PM
Pretty sure I know the answer but having trouble figuring out some of the wordplay...
(I have a #BadC4Solutions explanation available but I'm sure the intention is something better.)
i wouldn't be so sure :P
but hey, the hashtag doesn't specify whether it's a "bad solution to C4" or "solution to bad C4"
Well, OK. The answer is clearly VIN, obtained by turning I to A in VAN. The #BadC4Solutions bit is the proposal that the I is actually a mathematical function-restriction symbol in the form of a vertical bar, as seen e.g. at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restriction_(mathematics). (And of course A=adults.)
2:11 PM
Would you say that the Nine Tailed Fox is a talebearer?
@GarethMcCaughan ah, that's clever... not the intended solution, i'm afraid
2:32 PM
Q: A Jumbo Crossword

Krishna Across 1 Monopoly square (7) 4 Odds and ends (4 -1 - 4) 8 Diplomatic building (7) 9 Implements (5) 10 Fad (5) 11 Overnight carriage (7) 16 Mischievous sprite (7) 17 Laundry machine (4,5) 18 _ Kush, Asian mountains (5) 20 Tapes (9) ...

^ quite unchecked for a non-cryptic, I believe
also, who wants a jumbo crossword's worth of non-cryptic clues? I dunno, maybe someone does. Not me.
Taking advantage of my poor paint skills
to make poor paint riddles :x
2:49 PM
@GarethMcCaughan lots of people do lots of non-cryptic crosswords all the time. Jumbo ones, even.
I know lots of people do non-cryptic crosswords. I didn't think jumboes were common at all; it seems like too much at once somehow.
Q: Poorly Painted Rebus (1)

Avi What might we say about this person? The answer to this riddle is a common object, phrase, or idiom

from a daily paper here
(I would not normally do a crossword like that in English. I use it primarily as a way of improving my Hebrew.)
Fair enough. Perhaps someone will enjoy solving Krishna's krossword, then.
(but obviously there's a market for it)
2:56 PM
@msh210 What in the world
Where*in the world, you mean?
@Avi No
3:01 PM
@North hm?
@msh210 Why in the world are there faces
@North that's the clue
The answer presumably being the person's name
I was like why is the arrow backwards and I realize Hebrew's written right to left
If you're left-handed, is it easier to write right-to-left?
3:06 PM
no idea
but it's definitely possible to write left-to-rigth
well no duh
haven't tried writing in reverse honestly
(bold of us to assume that writing right-to-left is reverse)
so uh
writing right-to-left is not uh
mechanically more easy/difficult as a leftie
since the same letter-set is being used
and the letters are formed the same way; however, because I have to mentally write the word from last letter to first letter
it's a little bit slower to write b/c mental calculation
@Avi Well Hebrew is written right-to-left, i.e., the letters also face right to left unlike english
But say I was ambidextrous
3:11 PM
@North I would assume so. Dunno
If you were ambidextrous
then writing with either hand would be almost equally as fast
Would it be easier to write right-to-left using my left or right hand
Don't know
but you'd be able to do it equally well
Unfortunately I'm not ambidextrous
again, IMO english is harder to write with the left hand in cursive
but normal English is fine because the hand just lifts
3:12 PM
I'm acrually missing a left hand brach so I kinda have to be right-handed
I can fix that
Oh, I write in cursive as like my primary way of writing
if you have no arms/branches you'll be equally bad with both
Hence, ambidextrous
Btw I'm not joking about that. I don't have a left hand
My arm never fully developed past my elbow
Avi's Ambidextrous Alteration Center: "We'll make you ambidextrous for sure!"
3:14 PM
@Avi You realize that statement could be perceived as offensive, or at least bad humor?
Ok, it's bad humor
Just like joking about dead people
George Washington would've loooooved washing machines
It's like joking about cancer after someone told you their family member died from it
they died lol
(coughs in bad humor)
dies from coronavirus instead
should've known the cough was a sign...
3:16 PM
And here I thought adults were more mature as they grew older....
See, that's what you'd think
but wouldn't life be so depressing if you didn't find all the little things that make your day brighter
e.g. dead people humor
I don't know whether to cringe or laugh
if you're as deadpan as possible, it'll be funny
stops breathing
3:19 PM
I almost said I'm dying, but I realized that's not supporting my point
alrighty time to come up with another poorly painted rebus
@Mithical how do you do that
3:21 PM
@North *\*sigh**
as in, \**sigh** or *\*sigh**
3:23 PM
On Discord you have to do _\*sigh\*_
@Mithical That's actually very useful
@Mithical that works here as well
3:24 PM
yeah that's easier to remember
Yeah, but it's simpler to do the other way. Fewer characters.
@GarethMcCaughan Jumbo noncryptics are common. The trouble with this one is that it's poorly checked.
Diesel vehicle--->CAR?
If A is adult
But restricted?
TRUCK-> ???
3:31 PM
oh it's adults
MAN Diesel SE is a German manufacturer of large-bore diesel engines for marine propulsion systems and power plant applications. MAN Diesel employs over 7,700 staff, primarily in Germany, Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, India and China. The global after-sales organisation, MAN Diesel PrimeServ, comprises a network of the company's own service centers, supported by authorized partners. == History == In 1980, MAN AG acquired the Burmeister & Wain Danish shipyard and diesel engine producer. Though engine production at Christianshavn was later discontinued in 1987, successful engine programs...
@jafe MAN (ddef)?
doesn't work, plurality mismatch
as in humankind
not children, of course
Restricted to adults, i.e. R?
If "restricted to adults" is a unit, then R is the most likely thing it clues (though it could also be X and maybe there are some other similar options).
3:37 PM
I mean NC
i.e. NC-17
Unlikely to be NC with a 3-letter answer
I think RESTRICTED might be the unit
though I dunno; maybe ANC or NCA is the name of a diesel vehicle (or a Diesel vehicle, meaning a movie with Vin Diesel in it)
and adults adds extra letters, perhaps
there's a series he was in called XXX
which must be the answer
3:38 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Literally just figured out the same thing while watching your conversation
@GarethMcCaughan wait serious?
To be explicit: @jafe Answer to your CCCC is XXX because there's a series of that name that Vin Diesel starred in. (And of course it means "restricted to adults".)
That is clever
(Series of films, to be precise)
@GarethMcCaughan this is correct :)
3:42 PM
hot damn
ohhhh that's the fast and furious series
If I only knew the actor's name I migght've gotten it
CCCC: Princess Leia's partner dropped small coin (3)
I'm getting better XD
HAN, but idk the wordplay
If ydk the wordplay then ydk the answer either, usually.
3:51 PM
small coin = PENNY
There's a vietnamese coin called a PHAN, small coin, drop p i.e. penny so (-p)HAN?
(I mean, it might happen to be right, and I make no comment about this specific case, but as a general rule the first thing that comes into your head on the basis of definitions is quite likely to be wrong.)
the answer isn't bad
the solution is bad
or at least, my solution is bad
3:53 PM
I'm thinking small coin might be dime
so (-d)
maybe the def is princess
and Leia's partner is "HAN"
or any other person that worked with her, I guess
Maybe We're looking at this wrong
maybe the def is "Princess Leia" as well
Doubt it, how?
i don't know
it's unlikely but possible
as everything else is
my rebus puzzle is quite controversial :O
3:57 PM
Idk any three-lettered word that can be Princ. Leia
probably because of my poor paint skills
Going back to this could it be SOL(-o) = SOL (which is a coin: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_sol))
That means "small" cluing "O" but it could be "naught" which could be said to be small.
I would not use "small" to clue O.
@GarethMcCaughan Okay, perhaps we categorize this under #badC4solutions
this is a gareth clue, I just realized
4:04 PM
i mean small coin i could see as O
it seems very possible to me that "Princess Leia" is actually going to have a split in it
"Princess [=] Leia's partner..."
HRH is the abbr for princess
i wonder if it's another leia entirely
could be, but then whom?
ohhh maybe harrison ford?
4:22 PM
dropped small, making HARRIONFORD
Ah, of course, that's a very common coin
which is not a word yet, so we "coin" it
Q: Poorly Painted Rebus (2)

Avi This is a... The answer to this riddle is a common object, phrase, or idiom

@jafe It's like some fifteen letters long
@GarethMcCaughan olo is a bitcoin, apparently.
4:39 PM
does that mean I was right
Princess Leia's partner, SOLO, dropped, and when he dropped, his last two letters smashed into one another and became a U, yielding SOU, a small coin. That's gotta be right.
Q: Poorly Painted Rebus (3)

Avi He is a... The answer to this riddle is a common object, being, phrase, or idiom

@msh210 what???
@Avi Wot, wot?
4:49 PM
wat wat wat
wat wot wot*
@David Looks like the question was too unclear to identify a correct answer
wat wat wat
wat wot wot
wet wat wet
werum warom worum
wei wei wei
wis wis wis
Wei lol he died
I'll have to redo #3 :(
Q: Poorly Painted Rebus (3)

Avi This creature is a... The answer to this riddle is a common object, being, phrase, or idiom

5:18 PM
Hmmm, I am concerned about my C4 clue. A word it needs is more obscure than I thought it was. It's present in my dictionary of choice (and not marked as obsolete or anything like that) but the free online ones seem to lack it.
I will be happy to reveal the answer and set a fresh clue to replace it, if The People so desire; or I can leave it as it is, with the warning above, and see what happens :-).
5:39 PM
i have a feeling it's the word for "coin"...
either way works for me
Q: It's?? A Rebus!

anodyneWhat is the image below trying to say?

Q: Poorly Painted Rebus (4)

Avi What do I think about this picture? It's... The answer to this riddle is a common object, being, phrase, or idiom

@GarethMcCaughan "werum" We do?
@Deusovi Will try to keep quality up on rebuses after this series is over
Is there a conclusion to this series (some sort of metapuzzle)? If so, you may want to combine them all into one question.
I'm not entirely sure how to do that
I don't know how I would do it either - was just wondering.
5:45 PM
in terms of putting them in one place, considering that they're already split up
I have a conclusion though
I think a single rebus by itself isn't really much of a question, to be honest -- especially with how simple these are.
is it reasonable to put 5, 6, and 7 all in one question?
7 is the conclusion, of course
I'm not sure. It seems like several unrelated questions in one, which is generally discouraged, but at the same time I wouldn't want to see them all on the site as separate questions.
@Avi Does number 7 tie together results from 1-6?
5:58 PM
@Avi oh, that's what you meant - I misunderstood you here
then yes, I would put them in one place
is it too late now?
I can tie together 5, 6, and 7 in one question at the moment
I'd make a new question with all of them (acknowledging that the others were already asked). Then have the old ones closed as duplicates of the combined question.
6:20 PM
@Deusovi "princess" in one sense can be "bae" or "hon"; in another, "VIP". I don't see how any of this helps us.
In another direction, here’s a list of possible Princess Leia partners.
"Princess" is also a common name for a bitch. I don't see that that helps, either.
6:56 PM
princess could also be DI
Q: Problem of the Colors

Rohit AshwinRoses are Two Violets are Seven Whites are ?

Q: Word association: Choose the pair that most relates to WATER : THIRST

RiddlerA. Milk : White B. Gasoline : Engine C. Transport : Stranded D. Speed : Crash E. Wine : Sober Why did you choose what you chose? Explain your reasoning.

7:16 PM
Q: Many safes & a keypad - Rebus Puzzle

anodyneWhat is the image below trying to say?

Nothing in the middle of nowhere! (2)
O + _H_, definition ! ("exclamation")
I don't think that really works
same reason you can't use "." as a definition for ERA
7:35 PM
Q: 4 (or 5?) Brothers

TCooperEach brother tells us a bit about themselves. Can you identify their names? 1: "I'm the oldest of us, at least to you humans. You all say I'm weaker than my brothers, but my domain is infinite - a concept few comprehend." 2: "I'm the second in age and the second in might. I'm the most useful ...

Okay out of curiosity, who marked
Q: Word association: Choose the pair that most relates to WATER : THIRST

RiddlerA. Milk : White B. Gasoline : Engine C. Transport : Stranded D. Speed : Crash E. Wine : Sober Why did you choose what you chose? Explain your reasoning.

this to close for "not proper attribution"
^^That above does not warrant a close IMHO. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?
Communist film award: Maoist leader in the middle of nowhere (2,3,4)
So, uh, I'm not going to make this a rebus
but I just realized
(gravestone with pa's name on it)
or Pa with gravestone for Son
Not a huge fan of single rebus puzzles
But to each their own
7:50 PM
was just talking about the wordplay there
Father buries artists (8)
Dad why'd you kill them!
That was supposed to be my job :(
Sincere father massacred most of deer at last (9) - (FATHER)*+EL(-k) + _T = HEARTFELT
those quiet family men can be pretty intense at times
Pa ate heart of every = F(_E_)ATHER
need to find some way to turn this into a CC lol
missing def, no?
8:00 PM
Earth's leader was eaten by Pa + def?
Earth's leader was eaten by Father Nature (7)
nature, as in "birds of a feather flock together"
nature = feather?
nature is a disposition belonging to someone
feather is an appendage belonging to bird
hence, same part of speech, I believe
don't think that flies as a definition
neither do I but it was the best surface
@jafe Ha!
8:08 PM
oh my god
I can't believe I missed that
I studied all these years in vane
Better than studying in vein.
... I missed the joke
You wouldn't want to study inside a blood vessel. Or a wind-direction machine.
But the latter is preferable probably to the former.
Nah the latter is medical
If I were a bird surgeon I'd probably just wing it
My patients would probably have a lotta egrets though
And frankly I think my boss would be un-emu-sed
Owl have to think of some way to fix that
Otherwise he might be over-egg-sited
Perhaps I'll buy a-n est-presso machine
Anyways, I think I've made enough puns for now... I should ta-crest now.
9:14 PM
I'm not sure the definition is PRINCESS LEIA'S PARTNER
Because the wordplay "DROPPED SMALL COIN" seems hard to fit together
@GarethMcCaughan Is it in Merriam-Webster?
Q: Twilight Zone (TOS) Visual Riddle

JoeBThis puzzle suggests either an actor or a character from the original Twilight Zone.

9:48 PM
@North Not the online one. I don't know whether it's in printed M-W dictionaries; I don't have one.
More precisely, the word is there but not with the meaning I need it to have.
10:00 PM
partner=SO. dropped S → O. (This is just an idea, not a solution. I don't see anywhere to go from here.)
sounds like a pretty difficult route to clue "O"
fun fact certainly irrelevant to the c4 at hand: in french, ducks say "coin coin"
"Nice thought but technically a need for speed is not a real need, and does not inevitably result in a crash." – Riddler 2 mins ago
This person has clearly never played Need for Speed
@GarethMcCaughan rip
10:16 PM
"The need to feed is not a real need..." -- Riddler's last words, surrounded by zombies
"The need to seed is not a real need..." -- The tale of Riddler and Eve
in that world, paradise wasn't lost
"The need to weed is not a real need..." - Riddler's last words, as he entered the forest
"The need to deed is not a real need..." -- Riddler's last words, as his house was taken over by a squatter
ah, crap, my clue is broken for another reason too
so I'm definitely retracting it; replacement coming up shortly
CCCC: Orphan featured in publicity for bicycle accessory (7)
The intended solution to the other one (which, again, turns out to have been broken as well as unfair) was MEG, which has at various times meant a 1c or 5c US coin or a 1p UK coin (this is the meaning that's not in any of the free online dictionaries I could find), formed as MEGHAN minus HAN. But, alas, although Ms Markle is married to a prince she is not a princess but a duchess.
@GarethMcCaughan p(annie)r
P(ANN ach msh210 got there first
10:25 PM
Easy but nice, I thought.
Q: A Range of Rebuses

AviIn the Land of Rebuses, I found some paper, as well as a few images: Some of these have already been tackled here: 1 2 3 4 Any images were found on freesvg.org or drawn manually. The answers to the rebuses are common words, phrases, or idioms

@jafe that's what you get for wasting time with the shift key :-P
and i so rarely do that!
ok, I've flagged my 1-2-3-4 as duplicates of this
would appreciate if they could be closed
\r \i \p
CCCC: Completed, finished joke woven into Las Vegas location (6,6)
@GarethMcCaughan fwiw I was wholly unfamiliar with that meaning of "meg".
10:32 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Returned (possibly) diamond coin (3)?
relying on the unfamiliarity of meaning
Ryan with Chinese duchess (6)
found the red herring :P
gotta include one for kicks
btw, the XXX clue was originally meant to be "Diesel vehicle of former executives on the radio"
but at the last minute i found out that the film title is pronounced "triple-x" and not "xxx"
which would have been a homophone of "ex-execs"
@jafe teehee
(though it's not quite a homophone, for me at least)
gz <> ks?
i'm terrible at recognizing those
10:45 PM
Q: Twilight Zone (TOS) Visual Riddle #2

JoeBThis puzzle suggests either an actor or a character from the original Twilight Zone.

xxx is ˈɛksˈɛksˈɛks ; ex-execs is ˈɛksəɡˈzɛks
yeah fair enough
(or thereabouts)
probably close enough for these purposes, though
10:57 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I had an discussion with a friend of mine about this recently. It turns out that both Meghan and Kate are still both princesses even though they are "styled" as duchesses (they do not have to yield one title for another, duchess is just what they "go by") so this is a perfectly fair part of the clue.
However, Meghan will lose the title of princess once both she and Harry give them up.
Interestingly, the Duchess of Cornwall is also a princess: the Princess of Wales, which is not something people realise but is obvious when you think about it.
Q: What is a Fascia Word™?

RiddlerIn the spirit of the What is a Word™/Phrase™ series started by JLee, a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Fascia Word™. Use the examples below to find the rule. $$ % set Title text. (spaces around the text ARE important; do not remo...

Ah, OK, then I don't feel quite so bad about the clue. Still, it was unfairly hard given the MEG issue, and even slight dodginess about the "princess" part makes it more unreasonable still, so I'm glad I retracted it.

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