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5:16 AM
Q: A horse running in very uneven way

Ms DesignerWhat will come in place of (?) in the following no. series. 2, 6, 6, 9, 18, 45, 135, 472.5, ? Please explain logic with anwers

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1:30 PM
Q: What game am I?

Deepthinker101Can you work out what game I am? (My original puzzle): Head hung low in… (5) - Best card of the deck (3) Written much by peer and shakes, often read for the love it makes (6) - Certainly not pretty after a car crash (6) Elegant flower and popular where there is red light (5) - Ferocious beast ...

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3:54 PM
Q: Three Tongues of Rock #2

Thomas MarkovInspired by my last riddle: Three Tongues of Rock One is round He sings of dark art One with lips He gently caresses The third he sings Of men who wear dresses This one should be pretty easy. Enjoy.

4:35 PM
Q: Number missing! Replace the question mark

Prim3numbahA number is missing. Find "?". ((13 19 4□)⁽⁷ ⁴ ⁻¹⁾□) + ((14 6 4□ 3□ 5)⁽⁶ ² ² ⁻⁴ ⁾□) + (4□ 13 12 12 23 7)⁽⁴ ¹⁰ ⁻⁷ ⁻¹ ⁻²⁾ = ?□

1 hour later…
5:45 PM
@Rubio Maybe it's time for another hint?
I'd post one myself, but it probably wouldn't prove very helpful.
You could hint that the 9th letter is
Oh, yeah, nice one. Okay:
CCCC hint: The ninth letter is
Wait, wasn't hint 1 T.......?
oh well that's unfortunate
CCCC hints 1 & 2: T...L...
5:50 PM
Can't... unsee...
Nothing happened there
Okay, that gives me an idea... but not sufficient to get it. Specifically, I think we were talking about the wrong genre earlier and another song from the king is meant... but I don't see how the wordplay works.
Well... there are Dutch castles called ter Such-and-such. Apparently it just means "the". But if we allow "the Castle" as a clue for TER — which seems wrong to me — then we've "the King" = R in {TER about endless HILL(s)} = "Thriller", a song.
6:28 PM
I wouldn't use a Dutch word unhinted like that. Not only because eww, but because I don't know any Dutch words. :)
It's (h)ILL(s) inside (TH(R)E + R) (rook, castle).
@MOehm And so it is.
Hard, but fair, I hope?
The construction is fair, but a bit piecemeal. I thought about the TH(R)E and also of R as rook, but I should have investigated songs of the King of Pop. Never mind.
The "king in the castle" surface is pretty good.
6:43 PM
Hehe. I enjoyed that the King was both surface and cryptic relevant.
CCCC: Sword fights where the witch came from: At first, a king is installed, later a king leaves (5)
7:10 PM
hm, interesting - I think I know how this one works, but I can't get the wordplay
7:23 PM
@Rubio yep. Very nice. For some reason, I never think to remove both ends for "endless".
7:40 PM
@msh210 I had to bite my virtual tongue so hard when you got the right answer but not the construction. :)
@Rubio I hope it didn't virtually hurt you too much. :-)
I’ll live hehe
3 hours later…
11:13 PM
@MOehm Solution to your CCCC is ENDOR (where the witch came from) with K at the start and R removed from the end, making the martial art of KENDO.
but it may be a while before I can post a replacement

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