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12:26 AM
@ffao I didn’t say they were good cryptic clues... :P
Some of them come out better than others, and are worth writing down
speaking of which
C4 hint: the last letter is N
(that was probably way overdue)
12:41 AM
Hm. I think I might have an idea. I am missing a bit of the wordplay, though
@ffao want to help me finish this?
don't think I'm qualified
I think it might be PORT + ION
It fits the "almost home to anchorman" and the definition, but I don't know how to get ION (anchorman here is a sailor)
[anch]O[rman] in IN ("home") fits "home to anchorman at heart" at least
... wait not quite, nvm
So this could be an &lit, and we need to use the rest of the words to get ION?
In which case, ION being "not quite", as you said, would be reasonable.
what I still don't get is how portion would be defined in that clue
12:53 AM
a portion of something is not quite that thing?
that would be a very sketchy definition, but if you want to go that way then it can't be &lit anymore
true, that is a good point.
What if AT is an acronym for something so that "AT heart" makes sense as ION. For example, astatine (which doesn't work).
@ heart could be just the letter "a" (irrelevant if PORTION is correct)
Wikipedia doesn't know of anything
almost definitely unintentional
It could a cryptic definition/&lit for GALLEON? GALLbladder (an organ, not quite the heart)?
applantatION tonometry fits as well
1:07 AM
@JohnDvorak Those are terrible, I like both of them.
also tonometer
I have to say, I've never looked at the disambiguation page for "at" before.
Accelerator OperatIONs and Technology is two-star on Acronym Finder, but I haven't checked if the ION is centered exactly.
17 v. 14, not centered :-(
1:22 AM
home (IN) + tO ("to" anchorman, using the last leg of the relay definition) at heart = ion, but then we've used everything twice.
1:39 AM
I think he's having us on and there's no actual solution. :)
I like how the ideas are getting wilder by the minute
I kind of want to see one of those pan out now
The ! could indicate a cryptic definition, as you know, so it could be some terrible despicable pun we haven't thought of
2 hours later…
3:17 AM
Q: numbers want to cross a river, but their sum must be a square number

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4 hours later…
7:31 AM
You know what happens during such a lull: Music videos. After hours of conversation with Music Lover/Teacher . . .
(you might like that one too ^ @Mithrandir. Very rich harmonically.)
"And the darkest hour is just before dawn." <--- almost too cute, but just enough.
To understand what someone means is the everpresent puzzle. Earlier today I had a 15 minute conversation with someone without a common language.
do you ever have a common language with somebody?
Do I? Or does anyone?
Very philosophical!
That's an interesting question
They told me everything about how they arrived here with 11 siblings 54 years ago.
At least everything they wanted me to know.
Numbers are universal.
I do have a common language with everyone. But you'd have to see it.
When someone averts their eyes and ears on the street, i give them a hand signal.
Very low key.
Somewhere between a flinch and an en garde.
Perhaps that could be a branch of puzzling: Naturally encoded human signals.
We're full of 'em. I fancy myself as interpreter of subliminal signals.
7:55 AM
Q: Curiosity of the date 2.5 or 2/5

P.-S. ParkSome people write February 5th as 2.5 and some people write it as 2/5. Note that $2.5 \times 2/5 = 1$. Is there other date satisfying $a.b \times a/b = 1$? What can we say if we do not confine $a$ and $b$?

There is a universal language. Not English ASCII, nor music video, but until then . . .
(^ yeh, repeatatatatatatatatatat)
"That's just my way of saying `I love you'"
By now most i know understand that "drive safely" means "I love you." It's endearing to let someone new know, because they know how difficult it is to directly say "I love you."
C'mon, lurkers, this is MadLibs! When nobody's solving away here, we can type the indecipherable fantastic.
(In our spare time.)
Multiple repeat, because nobody intervened:
Play it loudly!
Might be interesting to decipher some of the lyrics. Probably already done elsewhere.
"The pack on your back keeps turning you around" =? "our baggage and nature holds us back"
"Lava's the lover who licks your boots away" =? "once you step onto the magma, there's no protection."
^ those are for you and you, @Mithrandir and @Rand
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . so Rand al'egys has been banned again . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
For you, @Rand e'phemeral:
( = @Rand e'phemer'al )
Palate cleanser!
^This was the piece that convinced me to get a real sound system.
. . . and the feral cat now scraped through the door just to hear my current system wake the neighbrs. No cops. Yet.
That feral cat must be deaf by now. I should be. Life ain't fair.
How it switches between 123 456 and 12 34 56 is magical.
Anyone understand that? (Took a couple of tries to put it into typography.)
Takes time to understand Heart of the Sunrise . When you do, you're almost ready for anything musical. It's an artificial pinnacle.
9:24 AM
Just remember, Big Brother and the Holding Company was the group. Janis Joplin was a lamented ornament. Listen to the guitars.
. . . at least a taste of such . . .
I'm the most shy person in the world, so i think, but when others jump i jump along. No jump?
Not at the moment. Make me stray.
I get it. Not a good lead. Working on it.
Information translation.
How to relay information from one medium to another?
It's all there, ripe for picking, but how to juice it into the next medium ripe for picking for them?
Those are platitudes, but perhaps some needed.
(I do believe by bullying others i can bolster the next phalanx of security.)
10:06 AM
Q: What is a Well-toned Number™?

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3 hours later…
1:08 PM
Q: Building blocks (1st of a riddle series)

user_194421 "We are the basic building blocks of something you use everyday. We constitute them almost all, being part of them in some way. We're like a ray in some respect, in that we begin and not end. But a ray's continuous and we're not, of the gaps we're constituent. In a ga...

3 hours later…
4:20 PM
a dormire (= while asleep, not adormire = in love)
(but, yes, both)
Try and figure out music one of these days. It's worth a lifetime.
(While at it, learn to edit medical articles. It's worth many lives.)
(Publicly lamenting the fading of one my guiding lights: JAK. You're already reborn in all of us! "Quality, not quantity.")
. . . i'll get over it. Until then, . . .
The dinger-danger (JAK) is dying of lung cancer as we type!
45 years ago we were rock climbing and i threw his ciggies off the cliff out of righteous concern.
Taught me a lesson more than him.
I haven't been as righteous since.
But he hasn't smoked for more than 30 years.
Life just ain't fair.
This, JAK, is the person who broke his own telephone in order to call a repairer with master keys that JAK could copy with silly putty.
5:04 PM
Q: Timmy's mysterious friends

user_194421Timmy has a few "friends". The first friend is a large body of water, but can be fit into two envelopes with one envelope left over. You can argue it's a verb, but it doesn't actually matter. The second is an animal. It can be represented in the shortest way possible. Its name is pronounced wit...

On the bright side, we'll never be at a loss to know what events are upcoming. We've got spammers to tell us about them!
Q: Josh the College Guy

user9148332Josh was new this college game, being an american, he sought out for education in other countries. He decided to apply as an international applicant. He only needed to give in his ACT scores which he took only once. He scored a thirty two, wow, nice score eh? His course of choice was geography...

Q: A Rhyming Riddle That Minds Its Feet

Hugh Meyers I’m barren, cold, the outward sign of misery Pointless, lightless, sad - there’s nothing here to see A note is dropped, you see it leaves a hole. Christmas answer, it’s a protocol. Ok, I may not be direct. Hundred like me, I expect. Please find the word I seek.

6:02 PM
. . . in the meanwhile, from Music Lover/Teacher, impromptu . . .
the sun just broke the half-moon clouds
Literally! And figuratively.
That's beautiful.
Then it's time for you to get . . .
Ready :p
6:16 PM
Mansh U's in love.
Hum N's as well. Rn't we all?!?!?!?
6:34 PM
. . . okay, time to flatten the asphalt. See you next time . . .
7:00 PM
this room should be called General discussion for puzzling.stackexchange.com and apparently where humn dumps his whatever because nowhere else could he...
7:56 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer , yeh, i appreciate the collection of minds here. I try to only dump when there's a break in the action.
I wanted to start an uninhibited backroom chat/channel but was told that this is as good a place as any.
I'll note that there have been weeks - not recently, fortunately - when I've not been able to be on the site much and, in coming back and trying to catch up on what I've missed, I had to scroll through dozens of pages and several hundred messages of video postings and humnologues. In moderation, it's fine; when it outweighs all other traffic in the room, it might be nicer to scale back.
I think many of us enjoy your idiosyncratic musings, but newcomers to the chat room shouldn't be at a loss as to what the room is for because the recent history in it is ... um ... off-topic. :)
Interesting. 9 users here have answered 10% of questions. (with >0 scores and non-CW answers.)
8:14 PM
@Rubio the traffic isn't much here...
I haven't observed the humnologues ever "outweighing the traffic" here (imagine what would have happened over The Nineteenth Byte if somebody did the same lol)
also, a "general discussion" room doesn't really have a specific topic (well, it does have the topic of its host, but long discussions of a puzzling-related topic should be moved to separate rooms anyway and short discussions aren't likely to be interrupted...)
of course, there are the exceptions (like The Nineteenth Byte, be careful when you go there folks!) where "chatiquettes" and such are very heavily enforced, which is a disdain for some people and mostly for rooms with a lot of traffic (TNB has an average of ~30 people in at a specific moment, although mostly ~10 active)
Oh, for sure we don't particularly stand on ceremony here (hence "was told that this is as good a place as any." - it is)
Thanks for the cheer, @Erik the Outgolfer!
Funny about that. I take it for granted that everything here is tinged with puzzle, whether or not blatant.
8:27 PM
When i wipe off, for instance, it's with completed newspaper crosswords.
But as for outweighing traffic, you can definitely find fairly large swathes of time where humn is the predominant talker, and has almost 3x as many messages here as anyone else
(mods excluded)
Anyway. I do enjoy humn's philosophical monologues. Sometimes I even understand them. :)
Please, though, allow that i rarely interrupt.
But "all things in moderation" is never a bad thing.
Granted. If you were interrupting you'd be muttered at grumpily.
I did want to start a water-cooler side chat.
@Rubio yeah, as the Ancient Greek saying goes, πᾶν μέτρον ἄριστον
=everything with measure [=moderation] is excellent
8:33 PM
Just personally I find catching up and trying to find site-relevant messages amongst the long periods of what otherwise would have been silence, but are instead filled with you filling the empty spaces, is time-consuming.
We need a checkbox: "[X] Show humnlogues?" ;)
Toggle them on and off hehe
Actually - I wonder if I can just ignore you, scroll back, read, and then unignore. I wouldn't like to have to, but that might actually work.
hide posts by this user does that
I don't think that works for the transcript...
and a refresh works
That should be a feature.
yeah, it doesn't, I just ignored humn for science but his messages still show up in the transcript
8:35 PM
yes we need a checkbox :P
I always use the "Show older messages" - and just tested it, it works
so I'll just do that if it becomes an issue :)
Press "hide posts", then use "load older messages"
Natter away, humn :)
> show older messages
eugh, that would slow down stuff if you use that too many times, that's why I mentioned the transcript ;P
8:38 PM
I dislike using the transcript
Backreference arrows can't be hovered on in transcripts, among other things
yeah it has issues
@Rubio , seriously, i take and serve everything here as something to figure out.
Anyone up for Codenames? I'm in the mood for getting ridiculously annoyed at my teammates.
@humn You have a refreshing and distinctly unique outlook on life. I enjoy it, to be honest.
@Rubio , you don't want to see what i hide.
oh, that was grim. I edit very much before typing here, despite what it seems.
Trip the light fantastic.
Gee, I wonder if the Grammy awards are coming up soon.
(Note to user watches: Wonder what's up with those tenminutemail mail address usernames. Might keep an eye on that.)
is there a charcoal-esque bot (yet) that scans new user profiles for patterns, including suspicious email addresses and names?
Is its name Mithrandir and does it just walk the page and click things? hehe
(That's a private room and requests for entry will be denied.)
Huh. I didn’t think mobotics was doing anything yet. Cool.
I haven't watched charcoal lately, but wouldn't it be fun to try and get it into a loop. It's basically a bot.
it's a main factor of SE's overall quality, I don't think we should make fun of it ;)
8:48 PM
I don't make fun of authority. I play with it.
Every authoritarian has a funny bone.
oh ok, that's cool
I could probably dredge up a list of all the usernames that have been deleted for spam on Puzzling in the last year or so, that might be useful to either train a bit with, or hand-build regexes around. If that would be of interest.
and ask a PPCG mod to include usernames from there too :P
I have most of them already.
@Rubio That would be cool - if you could dump it in a gist and drop it somewhere I'll see what I or Bhargav can do ;
8:49 PM
Ok will do eventually. Heheh
I was just looking at those
Seems like a herdarooo.
8:52 PM
It seems... quite suspicious.
no, Puzzling.SE will not host software cracks! now get outta here spammers :P
This is a live maze.
Ever been to contra dance for the first time?
Life: a maze you generally don't want to find the exit to.
hm, looks like they have been members for a month and they haven't been deleted yet...that makes me wonder how subtly do such users register, maybe they register with innocent names and after 10 or so days change to spam
8:57 PM
Some manage to hide for a short amount of time, but none escape my vigilance, my data.SE query, and the mod tools :P
Actually, since some of them never seem to do anything at all, we're moderately convinced someone is paying the spammer to get their website advertised on SE - and the spammers have decided user profiles on Puzzling.SE is the place to do that, so they can point their client(s) at the profile page and say Voila, there it is!
. . . a little seriously, if the spammers aren't doing their worst here, where are they?
uh, is there a "register ad" button anywhere? I can't seem to find it...
Yeah - I'm considering it might be time to go talk to the CMs.
We do still occasionally see spam get through. there was one last night, in fact.
8:59 PM
@humn you don't want to know
@EriktheOutgolfer , right you are, just sending a signal flare
@Mithrandir The general consensus thus far seems to be - if they're not actively posting spam, where's the harm.
But I'm fine with nuking them, which we may do at our discretion, though it's not something we must do. Mainly because I don't want them to think they can get an easy foothold on turf I feel responsibility to keep clean. :)
well, if somebody has spam on their user profile, it's pretty safe to assume they aren't here for good
9:02 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer The problem is that user profiles are a legitimate place to advertise your stuff.
So it can hard to tell if it's spam or a legit user.
advertising ≠ spam
the difference is that spam is unsolicited, whereas solicited advertising means you show your affiliation
I keep bragging that the contacts here are the lanterns of the future.
and generally spam is like "cracktools is good resource for crack software cracktools.com check it out cracktools is very good resource for crack ms office and windows"
(link doesn't lead to crack site :P)
@EriktheOutgolfer , after some system tumult, thank you!
One of these days i'll make a computer that works.
Remember, @Rubio, everything has a hidden message around here.
9:17 PM
Almost any computer works, for some definition of “works”. For example I have two very old Sun UE2 servers that would be perfectly functional if I plugged them in, but are currently doing duty holding up an unused table leaf to create a makeshift table for a TV in the basement. They “work” quite nicely for that. :)
I just gave up three 19" racks full of Sun 2s!
Love lost.
Great machines in their day. Nowadays I think my NAS has more compute oomph at a literal fraction of the power draw. A shame, but ... progress happens!
They live on in their descendants :P
The network IS the computer.
9:24 PM
(while the neighbrs and i are listening, thank you @Mithrandir) @Rubio, what do you mean by "IS"?
Thank you for the joy ride, @Rubio.
I haven't quite caught my breath.
Just don’t pass out heheh
Oh dear. youtu.be/dxayhMn6YAU ... this one please :)
9:39 PM
I love the coloratura!
And much else.
(coloratura = coloraturi)
Can't resist:
Fun fact: the 10th Anniversary Concert's Jean Val Jean is also in the movie.
What movie?
the Les Mis movie your End of the Day link is from
From 2012.
Curious, one of my riddles just got deleted for plagiarism. Yet I'm pretty sure I stated in the question that it was a ride that I heard in the past, ie not mine. How is that plagiarism?
Hm. Sorry, let me have another look - I missed that
Undeleted. The wording is identical with what's readily found online, so it looked plagiaristic. ;)
As I said, I heard it a long time ago 😋
MOD ABUSE! rant-rave-spew

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