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7:02 PM
BTW, my puzzle was technically solved, but I'm still waiting for someone to put up a full solution ;)
The technically correct answer currently only uses one data point, but I hid more stuff that isn't mentioned there.
I probably have everything that you want.
But, I didn't solve the puzzle and don't want to gain Meaningless Internet Points for that
So post comments on the solution that got the "technically correct answer" and they can edit your findings in.
@GarethMcCaughan Already have. But, then, I thought I shouldn't spoonfeed them everything...
IMO, if you solved those parts, you should get the credit for solving them.
I can understand being hesitant to incorporate someone else's answer, though - but people do regularly incorporate other people's partial answers and credit them (with like a 'hat tip to @username').
7:18 PM
@Mithrandir In this case, they got the final answer before me. So, Ideally it should be them incorporating others' observations
@Mithrandir tappety tap click tap click click tap ... BOOOOM
(side note: I've never been anywhere near the solution to the puzzle ;P)
7:34 PM
Also, @Sid, you could post a partial answer and have them incorporate it.
8:13 PM
@lauir I’m on the go, so here you go for now onlinesequencer.net/674065
(The end is quite interesting!)
8:46 PM
Q: Can both chess players promote all their pawns to queens?

TenMinJoeIn standard chess rules, a pawn is promoted if it reaches the far side of the board. Usually, the pawn's owner chooses to promote it to a queen. Is it possible for 18 queens to be on the board at once, in a legal game of chess? (Two original queens, plus all promoted pawns). Assume the players c...

9:11 PM
@Mithrandir Still here?
You are one of those so-called mods, right?
On Literature.SE, not here, but yes
I have a question about advertizing rules
Sure, fire ahead.
9:13 PM
I'm working on creating a little game and need some help from the community
Is it allowed to simply post a link to the game and ask my question?
Hmm. 1.) You must disclose that it is your project. 2.) You should include all information in the question itself. All SE questions should be more or less self contained.
I see. So I should try to explain the game mechanics if possible
As long as you clearly indicate that it's your project, though, you should be clear for advertising.
Very good
That helps. Thanks!
No problem! :)
@Avigrail also, this is probably useful: puzzling.stackexchange.com/help/promotion
9:21 PM
@Mithrandir Thanks again. I'll have a look :)
9:32 PM
A: What's cold and hard and doesn't bend?

micsthepickpartial answer. first part: second part: explanations: “It's cold and hard and doesn't bend,” “Can bring a life to a speedy end:” “It's neither cruel nor kind nor nice.” “Your faults and you it judges well:“ “Too much and you can go to hell;” for the last part, I am not sur...

I suspect that what I am missing is a textual reference of some kind
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