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2:18 AM
Q: Can someone explain why this account was merged with my main account?

Ξένη ΓήινοςSo I registered this account about two months ago, after I deleted my previous account that was associated with my main login. I registered this account using a different e-mail address, I made up a different user name, and I didn't even upload a picture to change my avatar, and I absolutely didn...

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3:47 AM
Q: The key is persistence

Number BasherSolve this. TGljZCBsZ2dpLCBscXkgaHNjbm12IG1sciBlbHBwY3d2eXguIExCUVZQQyEhISA= The key to solving this puzzle is persistence.

4:38 AM
Q: A Little Brittle Riddle

Number BasherRiddle I start with half of nothing, end with half of eternity And in the middle lies a town, named "Monster Bakery" Little hint Oh, and it isn't

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6:19 AM
Q: Good Rectangles and Evil Numbers

Number BasherRectangles and Squares Good Rectangle We define a good rectangle as a rectangle in which $ \frac lw = 3 $ where $ l $ is the length of the rectangle and $ w $ is the width of the rectangle. Tiling This is simply to clarify. There should be no problem if you ignore this section, but I would like t...

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7:56 AM
I feel like this CCCC should be either the name of a politician or a synonym for 'politician' of the form (e.g.) COVERT+(d)ATE, with a word for 'secret' and a word for 'rendezvous', with a 'D' removed somewhere between them. I'm not seeing the answer though.
8:51 AM
Q: An affix riddle to dip into

Auribouros My prefix is a great part of what can be found in bird cemetaries My infix is a shortened form of a capturing device's name My suffix is sounds like a great quantity of matter, but prefers to dig What am I?

@Stiv it's <word>(-D) = <word>gate but I can't figure out what with word is
9:16 AM
Q: I start with the end

Number BasherI start with the end. A sixth of a sixth I end with the start. A third of a third. What am I? Tiny Hint Small Hint Big Hint

Like it could be RYWINGATE from RYWING+(-d)ATE except it's Rywin and they're not a politician
10:06 AM
Q: A third, A third, A third

Number BasherA third, A third, A third I am a third like the fourth state of matter I am a third like what math puns make me feel I am a third like the blank: C U IN THE ______ That's Spanish, dude! Now translate it to English I start with the good and end with the bad Hints Important hint, you won't be ...

10:57 AM
Q: "type":"excalidraw/clipboard"

Number BasherDecode it The following encoded message decodes to TEST: {"type":"excalidraw/clipboard","elements":[{"id":"vgQMR0Be5TQHAiw9o9niP","type":"freedraw","x":480,"y":300,"width":192,"height":15,"angle":0,"strokeColor":"#000000","backgroundColor":"transparent","fillStyle":"hachure","strokeWidth":1,"stro...

1 hour later…
12:17 PM
apparently "fornigate" is a term for the clinton-lewinsky scandal... doesn't really work for the c4 but TIL
9-letter -gates include watergate, pizzagate, gamergate
12:46 PM
Stiv is close.
ha, it's CANDID + (-d)ATE!
candid as in camera
A Janus Word
so it seems
CCCC: Carl's mother and father finally kiss (4)
1:03 PM
Q: Rileys From The Grave

someoneinexistence My prefix is a veggie, My infix is... though, it's on the interblags [citation: xkcd] My suffix is to eat, in Spanish, in English, in Spanish, And altogether I am not GERMANE, but am GERMAN. My prefix is two, My infix, is, misspelled. My suffix is my country's, and? My whole speaks of spicy pe...

1:15 PM
@Jafe looks like it could be ma + _r + x, but that's karl with a k
oops yeah you're right, my mistake
that's the correct answer
ok cool
I was like this fits far too well haha
CCCC: Capital of American state overthrown by Bolívar, primarily (6)
1:34 PM
I'm thinking COLUMBUS - Capital of Ohio, Colombia was one of the many states liberated by Bolivar. It ALMOST fits.
Except I missed the enumeration. I could have sworn that was an 8.
it's B_+(OGOT+_A)< &lit.
1:57 PM
@Jafe it sure is
2:13 PM
CCCC: Container ships pass through here, troubling Mr Zhou (6)
2:33 PM
CCCC: Correspondent from Nepal squirms under pressure (6)
@Stiv P eNpal*
@msh210 Yep :)
2:48 PM
CCCC: A U.S. mailer is disturbed: it often carries smelly cheese. (9)
salumeria? AUSMAILER*
I think the first guess might be it.
3:07 PM
@JerryDean yep!
CCCC: Cheese with stone sound defense. (9)
CCCC: The traitor queen has a moment (6)
3:14 PM
CCCC: Traitor spoil a long jacket. (8)
3:32 PM
@JerryDean turn coat
that's right!
CCCC: Pole is prompt for garden party. (8)
2 hours later…
5:47 PM
@ChrisCudmore yep!
6:07 PM
Q: It's a... Ohh... puzzle (BpFp)

Prim3numbahI'm looking for a 5-letter word. 100100100100 100 100 100 100100 100 100 100100100100 000000000000 0 0 000000000000 0 0 000000000000

1 hour later…
7:25 PM
All cases have the spider win is the meaning of "can possibly" and the strategy must be finite in time — NielIGuess 5 hours ago
what does this mean??
> All cases have the spider win is the meaning of "can possibly"
7:48 PM
Q: Please respond Mark!

I'm NobodyI have been trying to contact my son Mark for past 4 days, I hope he is alright. My 17 year old son went to attend "Mathematics Summer Camp", I am really eager to know about the camp, his friends, stories of his camp. Unfortunately, I am unable to contact him through his phone. I also received a ...

4 hours later…
11:35 PM
Q: Bits and pieces of maps?

Varun W.Your friend texts you this image. What does it mean? Note: I created this puzzle. Good Luck!


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