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2:19 AM
ugh, calling for formatting help - i edited the numbering on my previous crossword but the down clues' formatting suddenly went all wrong... and i don't know why it went wrong :///
(i don't want to have to edit it again because it's going to look like spam-editing)
2:59 AM
Q: Whats the last number in my wordy number sequence?

AnkitI have a wordy number sequence, partially shown below: $ {1, 45.2548, 1262.6650, 32768, 390625, 10077696, 282475249, 3037000499.976, 31381059609, ... }$ Can you find the last number in the sequence?

1 hour later…
4:04 AM
@oAlt fixed
if you start with 1 you have to have a backslash before the .
otherwise it ignores the numbers you have and just puts 1, 2, 3...
Ah so that's why
Thx v much :0
Q: Answer to the question: "Who Wins?"

FeryllCrié ala caleverti miku'ilatmo doci pramilerfu

2 hours later…
6:29 AM
First "true" mathematics puzzle I've posted, see if it's off-topic puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/110592/…
6:43 AM
Q: Can you irrigate your lawn with 23 sprinklers?

Parcly TaxelYou have a perfectly circular lawn with radius exactly 4 metres. Lately the grass has been turning yellow and quite rough, so you go to Stiv's Diabolical Instruments and describe your problem. "All we've got for you is 23 sprinklers, each one irrigating a perfectly circular area exactly 1 metre i...

7:07 AM
Q: Lines and Squares

102152111This 'puzzle' is from the New York Times website, from its puzzles. I decided it was fun and so I would share it with you. Question Here are 10 straight lines and 17 squares. Here are 9 straight lines and 20 squares. Find the smallest number of lines needed to make exactly 100 squares. Once you...

7:26 AM
In the C4, "points arranged…" can mean an argument/syllogism/proof. Or, in other words, a THESIS. But that leaves "Dash and twelve" as the wordplay — which almost fits the Morse code wordplay aforementioned, but I don't see that "twelve" can mean twelve dots.
Oh, and anyway it was THESES… THESIS has thirteen dots.
7:49 AM
Whose sis has thirteen dots?
8:25 AM
crossword progress: 8 words left to clue :0
9:04 AM
Does this mean I should put up a vague clue?
i'd appreciate a hint
Uhm… A letter, another cryptic hint or a generally vague statement? (I feel bad because I offered you a turn and then took it away like an ass)
hehe no worries, it was your turn after all
letter maybe?
CCCCClue: _ _ _ _ E _
That is pretty unhelpful, but I will say that it isn’t THESIS or THESES no matter how much it would be nice if it were ;p
9:27 AM
"arranged one in front of the other" seems pretty promising as the def for a word ending -ed
10:01 AM
Q: Hole community (HU)

Prim3numbahTry make sense of the image below. Answer: 2 3 1 3 1 2

over 40% of gladys meta done
10:34 AM
Depending on my progress I think I might also release on Friday... A bit excited
sounds good
10:49 AM
@Graylocke I reckon the answer is likely TANDEM ('one in front of the other'), with the wordplay something like T (twelve points) + AND + EM (dash), where 'arranged' implies reordering them like this. However, I don't know why T = twelve points, other than noting that it begins with a 'T' - can 'points' clue an initial??
11:01 AM
@Stiv looks promising
I note that each side of a backgammon board has '12 points'. I also suspect this is probably irrelevant :)
a sharp object's point is its end, so could twelve points be T_E somehow?
that said surely the EM is the dash so that wouldn't make any sense either way
Ah okay, so T AND E from '12 points' and just 'M' for the dash?
not sure i like just N/M for "dash"
11:17 AM
the answer is correct but the construction is somewhat simpler (and I should have stuck with me first construction)
my >.<
@Stiv Do you want my construction or are you happy tinkering? :)
I mean technically you are correct with your construction, you just don't need to order it that way.
@Graylocke we all know that is the best kind of correct
So is it not 'T AND E' + M 'arranged' to give 'one in front of the other', or is 'one in front of the other' doing double duty? (Or something else altogether...)
No it's T (a dash in Morse code) AND (literal) EM (a unit of measurement equal to 12 points)
I see it's T (dash in Morse code) + AND + EM
which is the length of a long dash (as well)
11:25 AM
Ha, crossed messages there!
so I was going to have "A dash and a long dash arranged one in front of the other"
but I thought people might not like "em" = "a long dash"
so I went with the other definition... which was frustrating because you latched onto dash = em ^^; but ALSO the morse code... just not together
I get it now. Found it tricky splitting the clue into its wordplay and definition parts for quite a while...!
I mean... I think it is valid, right? >.>;
It seems valid to me, just equating '12 points' to 'EM' requires a specific way of thinking, I'd say...
well it's the sort of the same thinking as getting em for dash ^^;
11:28 AM
(especially when dash=EM comes more naturally - hence my multiple confusions!)
@Stiv I still don't follow that part
I was so pleased with a dash and a dash, but it sounded weird ^^;
Teaches me not to overthink things... ^^;
@AncientSwordRage See the 'Printing' section here
"a measure for 12-point type; a pica"
@Graylocke very much so IMO. nice clue
Aha, so that's why there were suspiciously more X's than usual in that crossword @Jafe :P
11:37 AM
Everyone was so quick on both Morse and printing :)
@oAlt heheh
@Jafe glad y'say so
in retrospect i should have mentioned there was a theme in that one... especially since i remember a puzzle where someone asked if there was a theme and i was like "i usually mention it if there's something more going on"
@Stiv gotcha
@Jafe ah fair point
12:17 PM
@Stiv I used your name in my most recent puzzle. I hope you don't mind
How have my puzzles been doing?
@ParclyTaxel That depends - have you made me a serial killer?!
no, it's just a name there...
I know that you are a prominent puzzle setter/solver on this site
a diabolical instrument peddler, it seems
However, the puzzle was not inspired by any of Stiv's puzzles. I had to verify that it was OK
Aha, I hadn't spotted that one today - looks pretty harmless :)
CCCC: Eddy Merckx's last victory: looked triumphant at ten seconds ahead (6)
12:24 PM
nice surface
Thanks - it's taken me AGES to make this one work! :)
i think it's V (victory) + ORTE (second letters of "looked triumphant at ten") ahead of X (merckx's last) = VORTEX (eddy)
very nice...
The longer I stay in this chatroom, the more aware I am of my stupidity... :(
If it makes you feel better, I feel that too? ;p
12:32 PM
nope man, the one you made was also very nice
@Jafe eddy = Vortex?
@Sid like a whirlpool
Oh. Didn't know that actually.
@Stiv ^
forgot to ping
because i was excited
12:35 PM
@JerryDean heh thanks :) but it still comes with feeling stupid compared to other people ... the rest is practice and learning from other people's solve paths :)
"Eddies in the space-time continuum!"
@Graylocke Guess I'll keep practising then!
@GarethMcCaughan It's some kind of... Eddy
The only line in Voyager: "It's some kind of..."
(Mine was from one of Douglas Adams's books. Ford says he's detected "eddies in the space-time continuum". Arthur, who isn't all that bright and isn't really paying attention, says "Ah, is he, is he?" and then "Who is Eddy, exactly?". So the exact same eddy/Eddy pun as in the clue.)
Ah - I should have remembered where that came from.
@JerryDean That's what I do! I am trying to build my own puzzles but they keep having problems :)
1:01 PM
@Jafe Indeed :)
CCCC: Jason Statham role: Bellboy in bellgirl's body? (11)
@Jafe TRANSPORTER! (cdef where 'porter' = bellboy)
1:19 PM
Q: Long string no spaces , related to turing

Snehal ShaMessage : JEDSIOTRNSIFTITIAETENNETNCERALORR hint: Germany The Germans are shipping Krupp K5s to the English Channel.So stay away from the rails.

1:40 PM
CCCC: Paradise found in uncut opiates (6)
@Stiv beautiful
Thanks :)
The latest one is much more rough and ready than that...
@Stiv _ut opia_
Absolutely :)
1:44 PM
@Graylocke CCCC: Arrange one in front of the other? That's offensive (6)
uh, hooter?
anagram for o+other, and can be a slang for a private part
Not my intended solution, I'm afraid. I'm also not sure how "one" clues O.
2:00 PM
Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch.
Q: An Altered List

WoomyRogueThe following list of items has been altered. They all use some form of wordplay originating from the item, with some being very literal and straightfoward, while others are obscure and challenging. You need not solve all of the items (but congrats if you do!), the answer is the category of the o...

2:21 PM
Let's solve the above together
...but where can we discuss?
OK, the number is clearly sin(4°)
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is ⤴/⤵ there! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's Archive & Statistics of past clues.
@ParclyTaxel yes, but is that the intended "item"? maybe so, but I doubt it
(The above puzzle was set by the one who solved my No Time to Die one, so that perked me up)
@msh210 that is merely my observation
One guess is SIGNATURE as it's a "sign for"
2:49 PM
Hello to all .. can i ask here puzzle creation suggestion ?
Yes, what?
@Swati are you up?
I want to create puzzle on anime theme ..so any suggestion on that ? How can i make my puzzle easy for all to solve not just people who watch animes ?
Altered List: first item seems to be ARROWHEAD since it's an arrow into a head
@Swati What I do is scatter multiple references to the anime throughout the puzzle text. Either explicitly or in the intermediate answers
That way there is a thread informing solvers that it is related to the particular anime
@Swati that's a tough one. What do you have in mind? Riddle or crossword or something else?
@ParclyTaxel Nice way to solve .Thank you for your time :)
3:00 PM
What are you talking about?
@Sid Thinking of picture puzzle related to anime series,,
@ParclyTaxel That resembles a stick man figure to me XD
Which NFL teams have red helmets?
@Swati Picture Puzzle? You mean Rebus?
3:10 PM
Well the Chiefs are the only team to definitively wear red helmets (Bengals are more like orange.) But wait, Chiefs play in Arrowhead Stadium
Is that one CHIEFS, then?
@ParclyTaxel stiv has solved it XD
Ah, I see you guys are talking about the Altered List puzzle - afraid to say I cracked that these are actually Sherlock Holmes book titles and posted an answer a little while ago, sorry! But I'm still missing a few if you want something to get your teeth into?
3:31 PM
It's ok, we are too slow anyways :(
1 hour later…
4:37 PM
Q: I close in all around you, making you nervous. What am I?

PuzzledI close in all around you, making you nervous. You want to evade me as much as possible. Lifts, Tunnels, and under your bed. What am I?

2 hours later…
6:48 PM
Is this a place where I can ask for an explanation on why my latest puzzle was closed?
People complained that it "lacked details or clarity" as an /enigmatic puzzle/.
There was also a complaint that it linked to a Youtube video I'd created for the puzzle, while frankly there are plenty of other (also enigmatic) puzzles that do the same, e.g. puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/106466/…
7:06 PM
Q: What is an Amoeboid Word™?

Kabir Kanha AroraThis is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I like to call it an Amoeboid Word™. Find the rule that decides whether a word is an Amoeboid Word™ or not, and why they are called ...

Q: A Z340 question from a competition anybody know how to solve it?


If it's otherwise something that needs to be brought up on meta or somewhere else, let me know
For me, a YT video created by the OP being required definitely cuts it (I assume everyone draws the line somewhere else, there's not hard-set rule AFAIK), which is why I VTCd. I did pick the wrong close reason because I simply chose the one which other people have already voted for. (wrong in the sense that I don't think it necessarily lacks details)
7:22 PM
Why is this rule being applied so unevenly, then? I could narc on so many other (well received) puzzles that appeal to external resources.
I also don't see how "being created by the OP" makes it worse; if it weren't created/hosted by me, it would suffer more from the ability to become outdated, not less.
I don't know why and I haven't looked into how unevenly this is applied, I can only speak for myself... I'd be in favor of closing the linked question as well.
*would've been, now there's no point
What is the "point" exactly? Isn't it a matter of principle?
Old question, solved, no attention
Not for me
So what is your take on why videos aren't an acceptable puzzle format?
I don't think, e.g., that it's anything more than a virtual concern that one day Youtube will become a deadlink
7:50 PM
External resource. It's a soft rule the community has seemed to have agreed upon. I wouldn't trust that the video link stays up for years to come. I don't think the OP is more trustworthy than some random youtuber. I cannot give you clear-cut if thens I go by, I judge it on a question per question basis. You can ask on meta if you feel like this should be well-defined within our guidelines/close reasons.
(in cases there isn't such a meta thread already)
A: Audio/Sound/Video-Puzzles

GentlePurpleRainGenerally, we try to ensure that puzzles are entirely contained within the StackExchange site. This is because there is no guarantee that any external site will continue to exist. We want the puzzle to be just as accessible 20 years from now as it is now, but if it depends on external resources...

> In your case, I think the main issue is that the entire puzzle is elsewhere. You're not just including a resource as one piece of the puzzle; the entire puzzle is the resource. That means that for someone who may be behind a firewall with no access to YouTube, or who doesn't have the capability of video playback on the device they're using, there is essentially nothing of value in your post.
Q: Does Puzzling support embedded YouTube videos?

StevoisiakOver on Meta Stack Exchange, SQB asked Which sites have YouTube embedding on? Searching on Puzzling Meta, I was able to find a post requesting support for code snippets, but found no mention of embedded YouTube videos. Additionally, YouTube embedding is not shown in the markdown preview window, ...

(answer: no)
A: Where should binary files be stored?

RubioThere are many good points raised in niemiro's answer, but I wanted to emphasise a couple things. Puzzles should be self-contained - this avoids any of the considerations raised regarding the possibility that data goes missing if its hosting location goes off-line. We strongly recommend that, i...

(relevant despite the title)
For context, I Skipped the CV review
Oh, actually this one is better than the "binary files" one
A: Is using a personal website to host content for a puzzle frowned upon?

GentlePurpleRainI would venture to say that this would not fit within the scope of Stack Exchange's mandate. It's goal (as I understand it) is to become a repository of good questions and answers (though I am having trouble finding documentation to that effect). Questions that simply link to another website ar...

(\o hey @Feryll, I'm the resident search crown)
8:08 PM
Regardless of whether this rule is justified, and regardless of whether it's "recommended" vs "mandated," I don't think intentionally choosing an incorrect close reason to maximize the probability that a puzzle be taken down is proper
If this is the only means of enforcing this rule, then it's rather inevitable that it's not going to be applied even-handedly
It might not be proper, but reviewers are humans who can't always be bothered to write out a full custom close reason when there are these easy, ready-made options right there.
There is another close reason that fits: a community-specific reason
I'd support a meta encouraging more and better custom close reason use when it's an edge case which would be helped by an explanation of why a stock close reason might apply
Yes, that's what I meant by "custom close reason"
I think I'm one of those who uses custom close reasons most often (even before my recent closure spree). I like being able to explain myself.
But I've chosen a stock reason sometimes when I knew something was off-topic, and I hoped someone else could explain it better than me/I didn't have time
Just to be clear, it's not the fact that it's not custom that I'm calling it improper, it's that there is a stock reason that applies, but that one was avoided
Just because others had already jumped on that one
wait, which stock reason?
8:17 PM
"Needs detail or clarity"
"A community-specific reason" is also stock
No, it is not
Clicking on that gives you another menu, with some site-specific stock reasons, and the option of writing a custom
"A community-specific reason" → "Other - add a comment" → textbox to type custom close reason
You can't close with a generic "This is closed for a community-specific reason"; either you use a site-specific stock reason or you write a custom
(granted, I've seen custom reasons along the lines of "this has nothing to do with puzzles", but that's still technically a custom reason)
I didn't go that far in exploring the option, then. Still, even a blank or gibberish custom reason is better than knowingly selecting the wrong one.
I'd say both are worse, because there would be no explanation of why
I assume one RV is from you; two other users so far agree that the question should be open
But the key here is that all of the above are bad options - a custom close reason linking to our policy on self-contained puzzles would be best
Well, if it really is a concern of people that Youtube will become an inaccessible resource or that I'll intentionally mess with my own video, I'll add a transcribed score to the puzzle/other elements of the video to the puzzle body.
Without spoiling too much, could you say what elements from the video are important? E.g. is sound important? Certain visuals? Are you expecting analysis of screen-grabs? Etc.
8:27 PM
Just the title, the static image, and the description text. There are redundancies built into the puzzle, though, so I could imagine someone solving it but not all the hints along the way.
ah, it's a static image? I haven't even clicked on the video
You could also write a meta requesting for YouTube video embedding; if you can present enough posts that would be improved with an embedded video we might be able to throw it into the backlog of The Powers That Be
Embedded video wouldn't actually address anyone's concerns, would it? It just makes viewing the video content slightly more convenient, but I don't take it Stack would host the video itself
A: Which sites have YouTube embedding on?

StevoisiakI've put together an incomplete list of sites based on manual testing and site-specific research. (Essentially, searching posts from every site and running tests when necessary) The majority of the hyperlinks below point to relevant meta discussions about whether YouTube embedding should or shoul...

I'm unsure whether it would pass the self-contained policy
probably not
I'm throwing ideas into the void here, peeps!
8:33 PM
@Feryll I don't see how the idea of "I'll delete this video I don't care about anymore" or "I'll delete this unused YT account" (which to my knowledge nukes all the videos you have on it) is so unlikely.
Is it more likely than "I'll nuke my previous Puzzling questions/account"? I would only ever delete a video/account such as that if I did intend to destroy my own questions.
Nuking your puzzling account keeps the questions. Nuking your question is only possible under certain circumstances (e.g. no answers) and would delete it from the site altogether, rather than leaving a useless post with a dead link.
Yeah, maybe you at this point in time would only delete your YT if you want to destroy the question. Not sure user X last seen 5 months ago thinks the same
@LukasRotter practically no questions are hard-deleted, 10k-ers and mods can see 'em
Yes, but I don't think that makes the case much different
What if user X last seen 5 months ago wants to go and subtly break all my previous puzzles in other ways?
8:45 PM
How would they go about doing that without bumping the post, thereby making users see what they've done?
Moreover, if we're worried what happens to my question in X months/years time, we should be in favor of retroactively voting to close past (or even just recent) offenders.
What do you mean by "close... offenders"? I'm unaware of a mechanism for closing a user
Offending posts, to clarify
At any rate, the question has been reopened.
@Feryll Sure, and some users do do that to an extent (e.g. the [open-ended] killing spree by bobble). But I think most can't be bothered scavenging, bumping and closing dozens of potential candidates just out of principle.
(well, in the open-ended case it's a little bit different, since the question by its nature still welcomes answers, which might be annoying)
I don't think most users "can't be bothered," it's that "there's no benefit for the cost."
8:57 PM
Would anyone be interested in a formal meta discussion, either about the policy in general or this specific question?
Chat is... not the best venue for extended arguments. Most users don't come in here, there's no way to vote or collaboratively edit, etc.
Which one? I can whip up a meta post on either pretty quick
I would put my two cents in.
oh, sorry xD I'd go for the policy on external resources in general.
I guess you can always frame it as an ongoing policy and link my specific question as motivation.
9:02 PM
good morning lovely people :)
bobble hat on I shall pull something together
@Dmihawk (cries in utc+1)
stop living in the past then :P
you need to move to the center of the universe - which is Texas, obviously, I have to say that or they'll come to get me
9:05 PM
Stop living upside down :P
oh but it's so much fun upside down!
defying the laws of physics every day by not falling off
Fun fact: The countries you and I live in differ by 2 letters. People sometimes think we also have kangaroos. Unfortunately not
do... do you think I live in Australia?
9:08 PM
cries in Kiwi
Good night :)
@msh210 this is SORT + I.E., a term for a military offensive
9:28 PM
We will not stand for this kiwi exclusion, ready the battle emus.
The war will be swift.
The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War, was a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the later part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running amok in the Campion district of Western Australia. The unsuccessful attempts to curb the population of emus, a large flightless bird indigenous to Australia, employed soldiers armed with Lewis guns—leading the media to adopt the name "Emu War" when referring to the incident. While a number of the birds were killed, the emu population persisted and continued to cause crop destruction...
'borg! <3
send hugs and caffeine pls
You will have all the hugs and caffeine the navy can muster, comrade-in-arms
How goes it?
I've just finished an 8-day run of work where I clocked up 100 hours, so I'm beyond shattered
Holy lord almighty
the good news is, the demo to what could potentially be our biggest ever client went really well (so I hear)
9:33 PM
Are you okay though? x-x
I am preparing to send a meta discussion into the void
I will be, and that's why I thought I'd pop in to see me PSE family <3
I've got my first DnD session to look forward to weekend after next! #hype
Yay! <3
trying to decide whether to stick with my tradition of playing a magic-based class (e.g. Wizard), or trying to embrace something I'd normally never go for (like a Bard)
Bard is also magic-based
9:36 PM
I'm assuming you are playing 5e - wizards in this edition are essentially versatile spellcasting glass cannons, Int focus, while bards are support and occasionally healing-based, Cha focus. Both of them are magic classes, but bards are considered sort of "half-casters"
The better option depends on your party makeup and your personal style
sciborg, you will change that "sorta" to a "sort of" RIGHT NOW
But both are really fun :)
@bobble sorry ;=;
will it help if i tell you i finally made the utility phone calls?
or you shall BURN in the FIERY pits of MOR- oh good
was very proud of myself
i did my Professional voice
oh well done!!!
9:39 PM
now i must borg away because sam just got here, poof
hmmm perhaps saying "magic-based" wasn't the best example. DnD is supposed to be about role-playing, and I tend to pick characters which match my natural traits. If someone said to me "you are playing a character who is the life of the party, outgoing, and very socially adept", I'd be like ummmm I have to go...water my cat
so do I stick with my usual knowledge-focused, quiet, support style character, or try to leave my comfort zone and RP someone who is greatly different to myself?
would you like me to link to you rpg.se's chat?
to ask my question there?
sure? or just have a place that actively discusses stuff like this

 TRPG General Chat

Main chat room for tabletop role-playing games. Anyone can ask...
thanks :)
9:51 PM
ooh, this reminds me:
Oct 27 '20 at 4:24, by bobble
There is a nonzero chance I will have a small drawing of a bobblie taped to my graduation cap.
awwwww, that's awesome!
I forgot to take the pictures before going on a trip, but I wore this to graduation!
also, congratulations on graduating!
10:38 PM
Q: Revisiting the "self-contained" policy

bobbleWe have a long-standing policy about strongly preferring self-contained puzzles. This meta is to revisit that policy. It was inspired by a chat debate about an enigmatic puzzle by @Feryll. The puzzle originally consisted only of a line of text, then a multiline link to a YouTube video. It has now...

1 hour later…
11:43 PM
@Dmihawk This is super funny to me, a socially-anxious introvert who plays D&D with a bunch of other nerds with varying levels of social comfort - the party's default state seems to be "I'm gonna wait for someone else to make a decision", so I end up leading most of the social interactions, which is definitely a little outside my comfort zone, but I'm super close with everyone in the group so that helps for sure
That message kinda got away from me but I just wanted to share lol
it's helpful to hear other people's experiences, thanks :) the first time we ever played, we were all so anxious about "doing it wrong" that we spent nearly an hour edging nervously towards a sphere the DM had described, poking it with sticks, throwing rocks at it, casting spells on it, before eventually one party member summons the courage to stick his finger into - we all immediately look at the DM to see what dire consequences the party would face...
...turns out it was an anti-magic shield
@Deusovi @Feryll sorry for the ambiguous English in my comment there, I meant to say that I wasn't trying to be snide and I knew Feryll was trying to have a discussion, but I unintentionally created a mid-sentence echo
Makes sense! I wasn't sure how it was meant - it could've gone either way, as I saw it.
@Jafe it is indeed!

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