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12:45 AM
Q: Roaring walls of water

JafeThis is part 2 of the puzzle series that started at Living the traveller's dream. Each part is solvable on its own. Dear Puzzling, Time really does fly when you are having fun. It seems like only yesterday that I left home and I'm already on the way to country number three. That said, I have t...

@Mithical so it seems
1:13 AM
@AncientSwordRage oh, I'm really busy at the moment - @TakingNotes, do you want to take it?
1:34 AM
Even too busy to beat me to jafe's crossword!
Q: A brain[expletive] sudoku

venus This is a Sudoku that is also a brainfuck program. The standard rules of Sudoku apply. The same symbol can not appear twice in the same row, column, or 3x3 box. The grid should also form a functioning brainfuck program. There are two requirements, the program must halt, and it must produce the c...

1 hour later…
3:03 AM
@Deusovi sure, i'd love to!
CCCC: Racist attacks castle with black on black scandals (4, 6)
3:27 AM
i think i know what the answer is but 1) can't find wordplay 2) zero clues in my repository :P
let's hear it!
"HATE CRIMES" fits very easily in the enumeration... and that's it unfortunately
oh and not all of those deal with race so that's more doubt (although it just could've been accidentally unindicated)
At first I wanted it to be TEAPOT DOME but
1) that's (6, 4)
2) that's a single scandal
3) perhaps a little too history-nerdy
3:40 AM
it is, in my humble opinion, the best-named scandal
ha, wikipedia has a list of american political scandals (because of course it does)
although "scandals" being in the plural could mean we're not looking for names of specific scandals...
GATES? (alluding to the "thing"-gate format)
that could make sense
4:43 AM
13 messages moved to ­Trash
Huh, I got an email from "Stack Overflow" that "Your question has been closed". I guess that's a new thing.
sorry about that :/ it was too good an opportunity since it got bumped again, and it is open-ended
Oh, no need to be sorry - you're quite right that it's a textbook case of open-ended.
Even I was getting annoyed by the steady trickle of new answers :-P
I'm planning to work through the questions in small batches, starting from the lowest-voted up.
Though, not sure if any actually need to be historically locked, 'less mods/high-rep users think they're delete-worthy
The only question on this site which did need to be historically locked, mods refused :-/
@bobble Thanks for taking on this project! It's always a little daunting to start closing a big set of legacy posts.
4:59 AM
@Randal'Thor you can help in the Close queue :)
@Randal'Thor I've seen your meta-post and read the capture - looks like something delicious to read once I get 10k
And, feel free to dispute a closure! If you can make a good case for something not being open-ended, removing the tag and doing other clean-up may be the best option.
@bobble Oh, I intend to. Even if I haven't posted much here for a while, I'm always monitoring the review queues.
3 hours later…
7:54 AM
castle attack = siege, racist is a misdirection for race car driver? Black on black could be tire marks on asphalt
2 hours later…
9:28 AM
castle with = King (in a chess move)
Or "rook"
I could take a punt on KING MAKERS ? But I feels it's unlikely as I can't get MAKERS to fit
1 hour later…
10:37 AM
Q: Discounts in a shop

Dmitry KamenetskyI came across this sign in a shop and thought it could make a nice puzzle. So you can buy items and get discounts depending on how many items you got. You can combine discounts and use as many as you need. I want to buy $n$ items. Is there a value for $n$, such that I need to use all three types ...

11:03 AM
Q: How did the king paid the worker?

F Nishat A humorous king pays his worker with one inch gold bar everyday. He had a $31$ inches gold bar and he paid the worker $31$ days of a month cutting it in just $4$ places. How is this possible? Taken from the book Neurone Abaro Onuronon by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

1 hour later…
12:26 PM
yes it's me, long time no see o/
12:46 PM
@OmegaKrypton \o/
heyy @OmegaKrypton
1:47 PM
@TakingNotes hmmm. I want to say castle simply clues OO but I don't know of anything that can be scandals/Racist and have OO in them.
OOO is even less likely, then
@OmegaKrypton yess
Although, OO can be like in the middle of a the first 4 letter word.
there's no insertion indicator, though
2:03 PM
2:23 PM
I considered OO being clued too, but I'm not so sure about it since it usually has the dash
@oAlt castle as OO has been seen before. So I wouldn't be surprised.
OOps (pun fully intended) ah ok
Anyone have thoughts on what to do with this? Is it open-ended, or should the tag be removed? puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/20476/69582
It seems like the open-ended tag was just added as a catch-all, as there was an intended solution; imo the tag can be removed
They reference the fact that the tag was used in the question and in at least one comment, does that change anything?
e.g. should I edit the question's note about the tag out?
2:35 PM
I think that would be best, with an edit summary explaining the change to OP
I can't find where the tag is mentioned in a comment, but I think removing the tag is still best
That was my answer. As promised I'll wait for a while to see what other answers there may be and accept whatever gets the most votes. — chasly - supports Monica Aug 24 '15 at 21:13
it's a reference to the part of the question which refers to the tag
Hmmm.. I don't think it's open-ended per se, as there is an intended answer, but more of a "waiting to see if anyone has anything better" - maybe a weird practice, but I don't think a use case of the open-ended tag
Although I could be completely wrong
this is the reason I asked in chat :) I don't think that's the intended use-case of the tag, no
see my edit?
That seems like a reasonable solution :)
Is a question with a provable main puzzle but a hilariously open-ended bonus (they're grading on "most interesting"??!?), overall open-ended and closable? puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/6301/69582
2:45 PM
Hmmm... not sure
I would think not, as it isn't the main puzzle, but it is still pretty goofy so idk
you don't have to know, I can leave it hanging in the chat for later people to weigh in on :)
@Sid has it? it's not one I've seen...whats the connection?
chess (algebraic notation for castling)
@bobble I'd say the bonus isn't important to the puzzle and could easily be removed ... but the main puzzle is itself pretty open-ended ("find the longest" usually is) ... but it actually has a provable answer namely that no solution exists.
Bit of a weird case, in short.
There are answers addressing the bonus, so it can't just be edited out
2:51 PM
If it was posted now, even without the bonus, it'd probably be closed before people realised there's a provable (non-)solution rather than being completely open-ended.
@bobble ah ok
^ good point @Randal'Thor
Overall I'd say leave it: there's not quite a strong enough argument to close it, and it's not doing any harm.
The tag would still apply?
(it's entirely coincidental that @AncientSwordRage and I both started actively chatting in here at the same time)
(no SFF mod conspiracy)
2:53 PM
I wasn't suspicious of a conspiracy before, but now... ;)
@Randal'Thor shhhh
@bobble I'd close it ::shrug::
3:14 PM
I keep seeing "sandals" in the C4 clue.
@msh210 oh me too...
And I can't think of what scandals should clue
1 hour later…
4:29 PM
Any ideas fellow stackizens?
Get a long, hot poker, and stick TakingNotes until we get an early hint :)
@bobble I like this idea, but can we use Blackjack instead? Bridge at a push...
shh, make sure the mods don't catch you
@Randal'Thor don't catch me
@bobble done
2 hours later…
6:19 PM
@AncientSwordRage huh, new face!
Hi! I'm North
tree meets ferret
@PrinceNorthLæraðr but I like my old face!
Hi! I'm pureferret/ASR
6:46 PM
Nice to meet you

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