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1:34 AM
maybe it is HATE CRIMES... the black rook that's on a dark square in chess stands on the h8 square (h8 = "hate"), and "crimes" is a synonym of "scandals" at least according to thesaurus. com although i don't quite see it
1:55 AM
I think that must be right, though I really don't like ATE for 8 and I too am not very convinced by crimes = scandals. But the underlying idea is a really ingenious one.
2:40 AM
Q: Make 1-100 using 2 0 2 2

nightdinosaurYou may use the following: Addition [e.g. 2+2] Subtraction [e.g. 2-2] Multiplication [e.g. 2x2] Division [e.g. 2/2] Decimal point [e.g. 2+.2] Exponents [e.g. 2^2] {tetration is NOT allowed} Square roots [e.g. sqrt(2)] {infinite roots sqrt(sqrt(sqrt…sqrt(2))))=1 is NOT allowed} Arbitrary roots [e....

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4:56 AM
@Jafe @GarethMcCaughan Also, "castle with black on black" doesn't mean the black castle that's on on black. Also, the black castle that's on black isn't h8: it's on h8. Anyway, we should ping @TakingNotes to pass judgement on your answer.
5:33 AM
@Jafe Yeah, this is the intended answer.
I've seen people use h8 to mean hate before, so I assumed that once the square was broken into people would interpret it as either HATE or HEIGHT, the former of which is correct...
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7:28 AM
Q: Why box (3) isn't possible and why box (4) is possible?

SourabhThe figure given on the left hand side is folded to form a box. Choose from the alternatives (1), (2), (3) and (4) the boxes that is similar to the box formed. Source: IndiaBix I understood that box (1) and (2) are possible from given figure but I can't understand why box (3) isn't possible and ...

7:42 AM
CCCC: Get rid of announcer's small hesitation (4,3)
@Jafe CLEAR OUT &lit?
I guess WIPE OUT also works
clear is 5 letters :)
@Jafe Another #BadC4Solution: VOTE OUT as in among us
8:06 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica @Jafe it's the latter one, weed out = homophone of wee doubt :D
Oh wow
&lits are cool
I like how "Small hesitation", with the numeration could easily hint at S+UM.
Nice misdirection there.
I guess it's oalt's turn, no yeses from Jafe needed
id prefer to wait, but yes others put down a clue immediately :D
either way it will still be a while since im a bit busy anyway, lol
8:29 AM
Well there we go, come on oAlt, at least if you have time
yeah-- i actually have one prepared
ill see if i can send immediately
aight just double-checking my definition
Looking for my dad while this song plays on my Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=ScDIkNcqZjE
Strange coincidence
CCCC: Chips with trout first partnered with rice mixed with grated cheddar: primarily eaten by people dwelling in the cold north and south (10, 8)
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica ey i know that song, i love both the original and that cover
Searching for Chips with trout first partnered with rice mixed with grated cheddar doesn't get me anything, so it's probably a misdirection
Long C4s get me confused\
8:47 AM
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
A quick C4 that I came up with: Indonesian temple dedicated to Buddhists (9)
Very easy
10:58 AM
@bobble Usually I'm fully in favour of closing old no-longer-on-topic questions according to current standards, but that person on meta does make a good point about the notifications (which is a new thing, we didn't use to get notified or emailed when our questions were closed).
Thanks, that's helpful. Maybe I should bring up on the mother meta that closing very old questions shouldn't generate notifications (at least not ones that come across as demanding action), though I sort of doubt they'd change it. — Nathaniel 5 hours ago
^ I guess that's the best idea
11:36 AM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica It's not a C4 if it isn't part of the chain (i.e., if you aren't posting it because you solved the previous one). It's just a cryptic clue in chat. I guess you could call it a C3...
12:11 PM
There are a few options for the C3 although I can't detect the wordplay
Q: Slow & Fast drivers

George MenoutisLet us define "fastness" as a characteristic of how fast/agressive a driver is. One aspect of this is the (maximum) time between a traffic light turning red and the driver deciding they have to stop. The assumption here is that a "slow" driver will have low (read: very negative, like minus 5 seco...

Q: Two more words and their anagrams

DrDExcluding the word SPINE, can you give me 2 words which are part of the human body that also have one word anagrams that are part of the human body? Again, please exclude SPINE. No partial answers. No slangs, abbreviations.

@oAlt Simple hint: rot13(gur svefg yrggre vf o)
12:49 PM
:000 (will come back to this later)
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4:19 PM
Q: Connect the Balls

Mritunjay KumarDraw only 4 lines join all the 9 balls. Hint- Bonus Question- Question Source

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6:44 PM
Q: Chess Construction Challenge #7: Double The Fun

Rewan DemontayMany thanks goes to @Retudin in a comment on my last question for this idea. In a chess position, pieces can be restricted as to how many moves they can legally make in theory. Since my previous question covered n=1, it is time for n=2! Given that: Every single piece, up to 32 in total, may be ...

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8:45 PM
Q: Commonality between this contiguous list of words?

The JokesterWhilst walking home from a long shopping trip, my friend sent me a text, which read: Hey, Brainiac! I remember that time you won 4 spelling bee's in a row, so here's something to scratch your brain with. Try and find out what these words have in common: • Havana • Antidisestablishmentarianism • ...

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10:00 PM
Is asking for the largest possible word square, ? puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/72540/wicked-winding-words
That question's kinda weird - it's essentially just "find the biggest word square", but it's asked in such a roundabout way as to require three extra tags (enigmatic-puzzle, pattern, and word-property), and it disallows word squares found from other sites; if Gareth is right and 9x9 is the upper bound, then any of those could be the answer, but finding an answer at that point seems like reinventing the wheel....
IMO that puzzle should be closed, but primarily for the fact that he doesn't allow solutions from other websites.
Because if 9x9 is the current upper bound, but if all the possible 9x9s have been posted elsewhere then is a sub-optimal solution going to be accepted?
The whole puzzle just seems poorly defined
Still don't really get why open-ended puzzles are being closed, I've had tons of fun with them as it allows questions to be revisited time and time again.
because we don't allow open-ended questions - they might be fun, but they're not puzzles in the same way. they don't have a single definitive solution, and having a single definitive solution is what this site is designed for
10:14 PM
The very fact they can be revisited time and time again is why they are being closed
I suppose. It would be nice if a separate place could be designated for open-ended questions, rather than just removing them all from this website.
shrug some other sites allow specific kinds of questions that would be main-site-off-topic on the meta site, but we've never done that as far as I know
I guess my point is that even if this website doesn't accept them, they're still really fun to research and maybe a little effort could be put into preserving them.
They're still going to be around - I'm not advocating deleting at this time, just closing.
Anyone have an idea for how to word a custom close reason for that puzzle?

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