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12:34 AM
@bobble I think it's ok? Some of the interpretation are wrong
@AncientSwordRage then why are so many of them upvoted, even highly upvoted? That indicates a degree of correctness, usefulness, and general community acceptance.
@bobble *the
@bobble because paradoxes are confusing (doubly so when they aren't actually paradoxes) and many people are wrong
2 hours later…
2:55 AM
The questioner seems to be saying that anything goes since lateral-thinking. That's uh not how the site works
2 hours later…
4:25 AM
In the C4, I wonder whether "castle with black on black" can clue BOOK. (Both B and K are used as abbreviations for black, the latter in "CMYK".)
Maybe not, but "BOO? ?K?"
cuz TakingNotes seems to imply that it's not OO
Idk either
@oAlt not simply OO*
4:47 AM
Q: One wanted peace while the other wanted war. What are the name of the 2 brothers?

Funny side UpThere once were 2 brothers. These brothers were polar opposites. One wanted peace while the other wanted war. What are the name of the 2 brothers?

3 hours later…
7:22 AM
@bobble C4 Hint 2: The word "castle" isn't always a verb in chess terminology...
Please, I can't take that poker anymore...
Does that mean that castle means rook?
That could mean the letter R
2 hours later…
9:37 AM
that seems likely
1 hour later…
10:47 AM
opinions on cryptic clue correctness wanted
if i have an &lit. clue with the structure "foo getting bar", with wordplay like FO(BAR)O and definition which is a "bar" that sometimes gets "foo"
is it better to word the clue with or without the hyphen?
option A: Foo getting bar!
option B: Foo-getting bar!
in option A the definition is arguably misspelt, and in option B a natural reading would have the wordplay elements in reverse order, as in it'd be BA(FOO)R or something
i'm leaning towards B with a slight suspicion of option C which is "it's not a very good clue structure because of this issue"
@Jafe So am I. B is better than A because the definition must be written exactly but the wordplay can have an extra hyphen.
(Which it does, in B.)
yeah that makes sense, you can add extra punctuation but not remove any that would be required for the straight reading
11:17 AM
Q: Cipher puzzle, but i cant find the name of cipher

iSpy ErrorsIm in a room with a puzzle, there is a sign that says "T=19" and i have to encode the word "ACED" but i cant find the name of cipher so im stuck, tried A1Z26 cipher and caesar cipher but neither gave me the right code, there is a keypad wich includes numbers: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 so it has to be n...

@Sphinx given the above question, i'm wondering if this was an original question after all
and by wondering i mean "pretty sure it's not"
11:37 AM
Good catch @Jafe - the subsequent question posted just now makes it clear this is from an existing game, so you're spot on with your analysis.
i guess they didn't realise there's a wiki page with the correct answers to every room
Q: Room Puzzle, containing chess and ciphers. Can someone help?

iSpy Errors I Have to force checkmate black king in two moves only its white turn. And the keypad Someone also asked this question here like a month ago, but the answer was wrong i tried alot of things but didnt work

11:57 AM
also the "clever trick" of putting the board upside down in the previous puzzle seems to have been just a copying error as the screenshot shows the board the right side up in the actual game... how about that
12:10 PM
Ha! (shakes head) Option a: Laugh, Option b: Cry, Decision: Unsure
12:41 PM
@Jafe oof, it's the second (i think) time they didn't give proper attribution :/
also the correct answer was found so i'm sure this one will be back with the next room they get stuck on
decided against using the clue i asked about above... here it is
A bug-eating rook? (6)
@Stiv (oh, it became a 10k link)
@Jafe Nice
12:55 PM
@Stiv I don't get the wordplay though
yup that's it :)
R (rook) in COVID (bug), all making a 'bug-eating rook'!
(See the earlier exchange re Jafe's concerns)
12:57 PM
I know that it was an &lit, just the rest of the wordplay
of course, the question mark in this case indicates definition-by-example as not all corvids are rooks
in the c4 if castle really is ROOK it would have to be the entire first word, no? can't see how rook (something) would mean racist attacks...
Searching for "Bug eating rook" got me Corvid, I just didn't get Covid
@Jafe would castle -> Rook -> R be too indirect?
i don't think so? castle is an existing term for the piece and even if you call it castle it's still abbreviated R in the notation, right?
I am stumped tbh. I have no idea of this C4. I kinda wanted a letter as a hint.
1:01 PM
It is the only possibility though, as the latest clue said it wasn't a verb
it's like king > rex > R which you see all the time
Or Queen: Elizabeth: E
or thousand > kilo > K
so if it's R we're looking for a term for racist attacks in the form Rxxx xxxxxS
1:33 PM
@Sid same (to all statements) heh
1 hour later…
2:56 PM
Q: A rhyming riddle: "Line them up in order..."

Joe_AKLine them up in order, And into teams as well. Each of them’s a character, Under someone’s spell. Some have foreign accents And put on different things: A cute hat, something grave, Tails and dots and rings. The leader might be biggest, Or they’re equal in one case. Some will often go alone And n...

3:25 PM
Hi - I'm running some testing on 125 rhyming riddles that I've written. I'm trying to cut them down to 100 to go into a book. I need people to test them so that I can gauge the difficulty and identify any flaws.

I'm trying to control the test conditions carefully and make sure that the riddles get tested fairly evenly, so I have unique links for each person participating. If you email me at enigmata.riddles@gmail.com or send me a message on Reddit (Joe_AK), I'll send you a link which will give you 5 riddles to try.
2 hours later…
4:57 PM
Q: Open dice Problem

SourabhThe following figure is folded to form a box. Choose from the alternatives (A), (B), (C) and (D) the boxes that is similar to the box formed.  Source: YouTube Video In the above YouTube video while explaining the answer, he claimed that since 1,2,3,4 are clockwise in given question they will be...

5:21 PM
Q: Largest pair of consecutive numbers, not greater than a million, that can be expressed with four fours

Bernardo Recamán SantosWhat is the largest pair of consecutive numbers, not greater than a million, each of which can be expressed using precisely four fours and an assortment of standard operators (including concatenation, exponentation, square root, factorial, gamma fuction, decimals, and periodical decimals)? In gen...

2 hours later…
7:23 PM
Q: What is the solution to the matchstick puzzle as shown below?

林尽水源I encountered this puzzle on a Chinese video platform and couldn't get a solution. I enumerated all swaps between numbers but could not make the equation hold.

7:47 PM
Q: Chess Construction Challenge #6: One move royale

Rewan DemontayIn chess, it is possible for a piece to have only one legal move. For example, in this positon the Black king can move only to h2. Given that: All 32 pieces are available for use. Construct: A position with as many pieces as possible have only one legal move. However, and this is the catch,...

1 hour later…
9:14 PM
@Randal'Thor since you expressed support for closing old question, I'd appreciate help explaining to someone on meta that closing old questions is worth it, even if it sends a message to the person that their question is closed...
Their main gripe seems to not be that their question was closed, but that they were told about it and the message is unwelcoming
Not sure how to respond
Honestly don't have the emotional bandwidth to at the moment but also don't want to leave it hanging.
9:58 PM
@bobble not sure there's much point in removing the answer from the question, as it's not unanswerable anyways with edit history. The question will probably need to be closed either way I'd imagine
I removed it because it shouldn't be there. No matter what it shouldn't be there, if it is to be a question, so why not remove it?
Also, I made my edit and comment before seeing yours, for context
I guess so, and I also forgot not everyone has access to edit history, so worth removing
Oddly enough I don't think its actually closeable
Not everyone has access to edit history?
I read edit history as an anonymous user, for other sites, all the time
I may be getting my privileges mixed up in that case
Are you thinking about votes? Vote breakdowns can be seen by 1k+ users, or those with a userscript
10:13 PM
Q: A Hot n Cold Riddle

B ManWhat can keep heating up and then all of a sudden freeze? Source

@bobble thats probably what I was thinking of
Don't think theres anything that can really be done with that ^^ question other than downvote tbh. Theres nothing about it that can warrant a close vote. I've flagged as low quality though
@Sid Well the problem with doing that is that sometimes there are numbers involved as well...
(unofficial c4 hint??)
11:02 PM
Q: How do I solve a 1 to 9 puzzle?

MarientteI need help to complete this 1 to 9 puzzle. I have no experience with puzzles like this, and I really need help. I am supposed to complete a 1 to 9 puzzle, whereas if it was completed all the numbers in each row, column and diagonal would equal the sum connected. Please help, is there some techni...


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