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2:08 AM
Q: My grandfather's coins

Bernardo Recamán SantosWhen my grandfather died, he left his fine collection of coins, not more than 2500 of them, to his children, a different number to each of them, and in decreasing amounts according to their ages. To the eldest of his children, he left one fifth of the coins, while the youngest inherited just one ...

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3:49 AM
Q: A bully kill your mother

AdminYour mother died from the. You call the police and There is a school bag the is color green and black. There is 3 bully. One with red stuff on his hand One without backpack but his backpack is not same One with a toy knife

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5:30 AM
Can you help me out this..??
what have you tried so far?
Q: What are some specific cognitive gains we can have from blindfold solving a Rubik's Cube?

abunickabhiI have been blindsolving twisty puzzles since 2013. Blindsolving a Rubik's cube does have an effect on the person's mind. Which mental aspect gets trained more can be used to see if blindsolving does help in other areas of life. https://forum.artofmemory.com/t/what-are-some-specific-cognitive-gai...

I can't even figure out the first step..
look for commonalities between the sentences and try to match up words
for example, "good" must be a word that appears in both the first encoded sentence and the third encoded sentence (and does not appear in the other two). which of those could it be?
kw or bo..
But I cannot eliminate the choice between them.
5:40 AM
looks good to me - what about other words? can you figure any of them out?
time should be sy
looks good to me
6:03 AM
Let me try....Is there a generic technique?
what sort of 'technique' are you looking for? if you know a sentence where it appears, there are only four options, so you can just check each of those options
6:22 AM
Q: Feasibility of really big 3x3 Rubik's cube algsets like 1LLL and UF5

abunickabhiWith more and more people investing time in perfecting algorithms, we always try to go for crazy stuff like ZBLL, OLLCP, full floating 3-style and so on. These algsets are possible to use in actual solves if a lot of work is put into it. But there are some algsets like 1LLL and UF5 (5-style edges...

7:04 AM
Anybody who can help me with solving this sort of questions?
I seem absolutely clueless..
well, this isn't a very good question
the intended solution looks to be inconsistent
but where do you see the letters on the right in the words on the left? look for the letters that only appear once - you should see a commonality
7:21 AM
@Deusovi What am I supposed to check first in all such questions?
There's not necessarily going to be a strict algorithm that you can follow for every single question. Look for things in common, and figure out how those things can show you the correspondence.
All of the letters on the right appear somewhere in the phrases. Additionally, some of them only appear once - this can help you figure out what the association is.
Alright but what about the numbers?
Once you have the association to the letters, you have more to work with to figure out the numbers.
I can well understand that they are the last letters of every word..
But what about the special characters and the numbers?
Alright. So look for words that have the same numbers in common. What patterns do they have?
7:29 AM
I am not able to relate them..
For example, the only 4 is N, which is the word "in". The 5s are "new", and either "set" or "list" (you're not sure which one yet). The 6s are "high", "made", "post", "[sale/large]", "home", and "[set/list]". Do you see a pattern?
Not sure..I am still unable to go any further..
Q: Chess-based escape room

IsaacRoan SisonYou go in a room, the door closes. Some sign says: You must find a forced checkmate on the black king in two moves. The key for the Vigenere is ONLY your moves. In other words, if you played Qc3 followed by Re1 (regardless of black's moves) it would make the key Queencthreerookeone. The chessb...

@Deusovi What about the special characters?I have figured out the rest.
Do the same thing. Look for everything that has the same special character in common, and see if you can find a commonality.
7:40 AM
Please explain what you mean by special character in common?
Which words have !? Which words have @? Make a list of each character, and the words that go with it.
8:15 AM
@Deusovi Would you mind carrying the discussion between us to a new personal group that I have created?
Your responses and techniques seem to be very convincing to me.
@Deusovi I tried finding a pattern there is absolutely nothing that I could figure out.
@Deusovi It worked I got the technique..
Basically the specially character represents a unique word in the sentence.
Isn't it so?
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10:05 AM
@Sid Is it ELSE ("extra") = EL'S E (the minimum passing grade in some school systems)?
That's not the intended answer. Sorry.
CCCC Hint 1 : Bobble and Jafe together had the right construction but the wrong words
Is there anybody who got the connect between the numbers?
10:46 AM
hmm, extra can be abbreviated X (like in clothing sizes) but there are not a lot of 4-letter words starting with X and i don't see any of them meaning "acceptable"...
11:02 AM
Q: mona lisa art work

KritantSome famous artworks are kept in line to be displayed in a museum. 'Mona Lisa' was the first painting to be taken inside the museum hall, but the person who took it in didn't understand which wall it was to be put on, so he hangs the painting on a random wall. People with other paintings entered ...

11:27 AM
Q: "Physical" height of an infinitely distant joint point

iBugWhen driving along long straight roads, this is what you would typically see: Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash As you're probably aware, the solid lines on the sides of the road are parallel, in reality, or, in the 3D universe. However, if we operate on a photo taken, or in the 2D universe, ...

11:42 AM
@Jafe In cricket, 'extras' are runs awarded for bowling infringements. These have common abbreviations - one of these might be useful here: No-ball (nb), Wide (w or wd), Bye (b), Leg bye (lb), and Penalty run (pen).
12:19 PM
Q: What is the greatest number of pencils that you cannot buy?

Hemant Agarwal A shop sells pencils in boxes of 31 and 38. What’s the highest number of pencils a person cannot buy? In general, if the shop is selling pencils in boxes of p and q, then what is the highest number of pencils one cannot buy when 2. p and q are relatively prime 3. p and q are not relatively p...

12:56 PM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica Thanks for the bounty on HTM's Escape Room puzzle - sorry not to have made more progress this week! Will post if anything else strikes me, but admittedly at a bit of a dead end right now...
1:15 PM
You are welcome
1:48 PM
I am finding it extremely it extremely difficult to solve these two..I was able to do the previous questions..
Rajorshi, chat rooms are NOT personal help-desks for you. If you have a question, please post it to the main site.
2:03 PM
What do I use as tags here?
I can't think of what right now.
(for other Lair users, the context for me using all-caps is Rajorshi's repeated grammar questions in The Reading Room)
I posted it in the main site..
@bobble I actually feel it is easier to discuss over chat .That is all
I do not think I did any wrong.
2:27 PM
Q: How do I solve the coding decoding puzzle?

Rajorshi Koyal I am able to understand how the first two alphabets,numbers or special characters are working. However I am not able to reach any further a guided help will be most welcome.

3:17 PM
Q: The Extraordinary Sky of Saddlestania

BassThe infinite country of Saddlestania has some very interesting geography: its elevation from the mathematically flat sea level exactly follows the equation $$\mathbf{z=x^2-y^2}.$$ After traveling along the infinitely long, yet perfectly straight coastline, you arrive at Saddle Point, the only pla...

3:43 PM
Q: Not selling 100 pencils

RetudinA shop sells pencils only in boxes of fixed size. It cannot sell 100 pencils. It can sell any larger amount of pencils. It has one of each size box on display. question 1: What is the minimum amount of boxes it may have on display? question 2: What is the minimum amount of pencils it may have on ...

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5:00 PM
Q: What is the amount of water?

KritantA powerful sorcerer has hired Rickey Rat as an intern. The wizard gives Rick the task of carrying water from a well to the garden. The path from the well to the garden is up a staircase with 1000 steps. The wizard gives Rickey a one-litre bucket and tells him that the bucket was an old one he exp...

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8:34 PM
This user vandalized all of their questions, replacing all the text with "x"s. I have rolled back all the edits and poked with a comment explaining that they could delete instead of vandalizing. Anything else to do here?
8:47 PM
This seems to happen fairly regularly. Not sure there's much more that can be done without mod intervention.
Certainly what you've done here is what I've done myself in the past.
2 hours later…
10:58 PM
@Stiv Based off of this, the C4 could be WELL = W + ELL, def "Acceptable," though the definition part is a tiny bit loose imo

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