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12:03 AM
I really need to get better at cryptics...
4 hours later…
4:30 AM
@Stevo How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
No, the truth is, practice is insufficient. It requires trying clue and, when you fail, reading the solution and checking that it works.
I recommend doing this with actual crosswords rather than C4s, which have no checked squares to help you.
I also recommend doing it with strict Ximenean crosswords first. Any published first in the USA should be fine.
1 hour later…
3 hours later…
8:35 AM
CCCC: Nothing written in badly documented conclusion to emergency surgical procedure (12)
9:01 AM
@Stiv (with some help from Qat) du(o)denectom* _y
@msh210 That's the one :) Removal of the duodenum (or part of it).
Wouldn't the removal of only a part of it strictly be duodecimation?
Maybe exactly a tenth of it... (or a twelfth?!?!)
CCCC: Language of palms is incorporated into nīkau slang? (6)
@msh210 That's a really nice clue! It's AUSLAN in _AU SLAN_ (meaning Australian sign language)
9:07 AM
@Stiv thanks! :-)
'Language of palms' is a delightful way to describe it
(and you're right, of course)
9:28 AM
pretty nice clue
and of course i understand
nikau slang
CCCC: Yellow belly ran - a coward content to retreat (6)
rack my brains
huh, yellow belly=coward but coward in the clue
@Stiv (drawo)C A NAR Y(lleb)<
@MOehm Exactly right
9:49 AM
@Stiv could u explain it how thats correct?
CCCC: Coming release follows PR announcement (6)
@Stevo Sure. 'Yellow' is the definition. Canary is a shade of yellow. The words 'belly ran a coward' contain the word 'canary' spelled backwards - 'content to retreat' indicates this :)
The surface reading relies on conTENT to retreat, the wordplay uses CONtent to retreat, though
@MOehm ADVENT = AD (PR announcement) + VENT (release) = coming
@Stiv Yep.
9:52 AM
Very topical!
Yeah. The lush advent decoration here probably made me unconsciously pick that one. Or the upcoming advent calendar. :)
ahh, i was searching announcement with PR at the start, cause followind made me think...
10:26 AM
CCCC: LotR character eager to hold ring at last, ending in demise (6)
@Stiv GAMGEE = (rin)G in GAM.E + (demis)E, with an extended def.
i like how the surface describes a different character
Well, Sam's not eager, but at least tempted, no?
could be, it's been like 20 years since i read it... pretty sure he resists it like a badass in the films
Yeah, I haven't read it for quite some time, either. In any case, it's not his demise.
10:44 AM
Martin says: "Initially holding a follower of God, beautiful!" (9)
Good clue?
so martin = CHRIS, says initially = S, that's holding A = CHRISAS... not sure i get where the TM comes from or what the def is
11:09 AM
i guess goodnight!
11:19 AM
@MOehm That's the one, although as Jafe says I was aiming to define an entirely different character with the surface :) So no extended definition intended, more a Gollum-shaped distraction...
Yes. I've seen the error of my ways, but I had already written "extended def".
CCCC: Provoke online scheme after exchanging one part of a musical prank with another (5)
T(rick > ROLL)
@Jafe Yes. (I spare you the link.)
already heard it today in an uber driver's playlist
Oh, IRL rockrolling.
11:29 AM
no quick close option in that scenario, unless you really want to invade the guy's private space
CCCC: Swamp snake's skin (6)
(I wanted to clue "Stoned LotR character?", but "character" is a bit loose and the character is in The Hobbit, not LotR.)
11:41 AM
@Jafe slough ddef
that's right
CCCC: Tires deflate? Sadly, it's connected to a decrease in pressure (4,4,4)
12:21 PM
Fun fact: 12! ≈ half a billion (or half a milliard if you're British and over a certain age).
@Jafe Actually, "follower of" is supposed to mean "goes after"
Christ+ M(A)S
The wordplay works afaict (good job) but I don't see how the definition does.
Christmas is beautiful, right?
Definitions need to more specific
A good rule of thumb is if you can replace the word with its definition in a sentence, it's probably a good definition
yeah beautiful = christmas doesn't work, beautiful is an adjective and christmas is a noun
12:28 PM
(without changing the meaning, of course)
(also what jafe said)
12:52 PM
1:31 PM
@Jafe I love these clues, I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but Charles Richard Wilson (who goes by Ricky) is the lead singer of Kaiser Chiefs, but Ricky Wilson is a member of The B52s, who sang Rock Lobster, another name for Crawdads
I definitely overegged that one
2:33 PM
You don't want to overegg your crawdads.
2 hours later…
4:11 PM
@msh210 you can still write that here if you want, at the very least I think @Mithical could read it, or you could repost in English if you preferred
4:21 PM
I actually don't speak Yiddish
1 hour later…
5:47 PM
@Mithical ahhh ok, I know Yiddish and Hebrew are related (and I'm assuming you can read Hebrew?), but I didn't recognise anything but the script
They're related, yes. I can read Hebrew, muddle my way through Aramaic, and sound stuff out in Yiddish.
6:32 PM
@AncientSwordRage They're not technically related (Yiddish is a Germanic language whereas Hebrew is Semitic), but Yiddish has borrowed quite a few words from Hebrew and uses roughly the same script.
Any ideas toward the C4? I imagine one hurdle should be pretty easily cleared, leaving one more.
6:57 PM
Well, this looks a lot like (TIRES DEFLATE)* and there's FLAT right there.
7:26 PM
@Mithical ahhh now I know
@msh210 that's cool! I mainly suggesting to encourage other to post these sorts of messages (partly so when I do mine it doesn't look out of place 😜)
@MOehm REST and DIED as well but nothing else I can see
Also I'm wondering if it's about altitude/pressure not stress pressure so RISE is in there too
It could also be an anagram of deflates after a synonym of tires, for example flags.
FLAG LATE FEDS clearly ™
Well, the S must be part of FLAGS. Of course, "tires" could be the def.
@MOehm true, but it's 4,4,4 not 5,4,3
Yes, I know. But the second word could start with an S, no?
7:56 PM
… fwiw.
@MOehm true!
8:11 PM
@msh210 23 involving FLAT
7 involving RISE
23 with FLAT versus only 7 with RISE? How depressing.
@msh210 It's a let down
> it's connected to a decrease in pressure
8:54 PM
Q: Find two integers based on their sum and a random number

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9:44 PM
Q: How many seats around the table?

FirstName LastNameThis puzzle is very much inspired by a recent, excellent, one, posted here. If anyone, in particular the author of the other puzzle, prefers this one to disappear, I will immediately do so and I apologize already beforehand for plagiarism (as I am rather new here on this nice exchange but perhaps...

10:34 PM
Q: Reversible number problem

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1 hour later…
11:50 PM
Q: Confusing IQ question

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