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12:26 AM
Q: Seven Part Exhibit

IAmLucidNonsense What word is displayed by these seven clues?

12:51 AM
Q: Enigmatic maths

IAmLucidNonsense$\left\lceil{\left(\left(2-1\right)^{19}+5\right)^{\left(\frac{20-23-5+14}{\left(\cos\left(\cos\left(\sin\left(\sqrt{\ln\left(\ln\left(\frac{20-\sqrt{25}\cdot19}{9-24}\right)\right)}\right)\right)\right)\right)}\right)}}\right \rceil$ What word is conveyed by this math expression?

1:16 AM
Q: 12:41 puzzle (unsolved)

whywerentyouatelfpr2 the answer is a 4-letter word. good luck, i will not be giving any hints. this puzzle is very old but i just found out about this website so i might as well post this here so that it wont remain unsolved anymore. the puzzle is solved using only the image (no clues to the puzzle in title or descr...

4 hours later…
5:03 AM
Q: 1D1P - Bad Code

sus1d1pThis is an unsolved puzzle from a weekly event. The answer is six letters long. bin≡↔:179546212709,18560270954,1424144309585 smore:TTTTSRRRIIQQFFFVVVVEEEIGGDDDNNNNRREEEA {┐┌;Z&N!X&P∩H!M∩J;'H'!½#P;ꗝ೨ኬ←ᱛ߸;"^!∩_"!a;}!ኸ *@!(%^S^!)#&^H*%)%@!&(#*!!)^I$()%@@F*@#%!*T" OQ1GFvZ#aW1n!9G7t...

5:24 AM
@AncientSwordRage C_ R_ (A_) W_ + DAD (def: crowd-pleaser at Louisiana grill perhaps)
CRA... well, as I was typing it : )
6:18 AM
Q: Number of elements as compound

DavidWhat simple compound is precious to life and encodes the total number of elements? What other thing does it code and is revered by some as precious to life? Accepted solution should show how the second thing refers to the first.

6:38 AM
@juicifer correct!
6 hours later…
12:11 PM
Q: Can any two different 3×3 scrambled cube exactly same on all the faces?

Mayur GardeAs we all know there are millions of rubix cube combinations possible. If I have two 3×3 rubix cubes both are scrambled, I want to make one scrambled cube exactly same as another without solving them? Can it possible? Is there any algorithm that can solve this problem using computer programs.

12:31 PM
@juicifer was it ok?
1:26 PM
Q: Form an equilateral triangle

EricAlice and Bob take turns to mark points in $\mathbb{R^2}$ (i.e. infinite 2D plane). Alice can only mark $1$ point on her turn, while Bob can mark $4$ points. They're free to mark their points anywhere as long as they don't overwrite a previous one. If any three points Alice has placed form the ve...

3 hours later…
4:24 PM
Making code blocks work in spoilers might become my new full-time job. Not even <pre><code> formats everything correctly
Not to mention you can't put any text into the same spoiler without it being visible
@AncientSwordRage yeah I think it was good
you were probably right about not needing the "perhaps" but I think the clue works with or without it
4:41 PM
CCCC: Charles (Ricky Wilson) heading tour of album's debut - a second hit single from movie soundtrack (3 4)
2 hours later…
7:05 PM
@juicifer CAR WASH = Charles Ricky Wilson heading, tour of Album's debut, A S (=second) H (=hit)
7:19 PM
car wash, yeah
7:34 PM
CCCC: Smut-filthy stain on allegedly incorruptible agent (9)
(Sorry for breaking the pattern.)
8:10 PM
@LukasRotter You can put text before the <pre>, but not after it. (But I seem to remember that that used to work. I'm quite fond of ASCII-sketches in a monospaced font and <pre> always was an easy option for spoilers, if I remember correctly.)
8:25 PM
If you put it inside another tag it seems to work. E.g. <pre> :) </pre><p> :( </p>
8:43 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/a/116614/1017231 works for me on this answer
1 hour later…
9:50 PM
Q: Colored trominoes touching corner-to-corner on a grid

Vassilis ParassidisLet's have an 8x8 GRID to be filled with trominoes of 3 different colors. There are 7 trominoes of each color. Trominoes of the same color are not allowed to touch side-to-side anywhere. In the presented example, there is an empty square in the position B3; trominoes of the same color touch corne...

10:13 PM
@msh210 if it was 'strain' not stain, it could be must* + aches, though I'm not sure what makes them an indication of incorruptibility
11:05 PM
Q: 10x10 Fillomino

whywerentyouatelfpr2INTERACTIVE SOLVING WEBSITE For help/rules on solving, please look at the website's "help" section, which lists fillomino rules. Please use the website to solve the puzzle unless you are unable to. Post a screenshot of the finished puzzle in your answer.

11:30 PM
@msh210 NASTINESS = STAIN* + NESS (def=Smut)
@Stiv yep!
Well found.
11:51 PM
Cool. Spotted NESS first then worked on the 'filthy' anagram... Will post next one in the morning - time to sleep now!
@Stiv good knowledge

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