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12:07 AM
haha alright
12:47 AM
hello there 00xxqhxx00
Morning here
for me it's checks time 4:48pm
1:10 AM
physics homework: "This guy used a wrong assumption and got this answer. Why is his assumption wrong?"
me: "oh I got that answer."
(~40 minutes ago. still haven't figured out why the assumption is wrong)
1 hour later…
2:18 AM
So... I just finished making another "new-genre" puzzle...
I think if people don't stop me, I may end up spamming entries to FTC#44 :|
Spamming new genres is always welcome :D
Q: Palette: A Multicoloured Grid Deduction Puzzle

Matthew JensenThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community. I've been dreaming up potential logic puzzles involving colours, and how they mix to form new colours. This logic puzzle uses the three primary colours (in the additive colour space, how l...

2:33 AM
It's a really cool FTC, i'm enjoying all the cool stuff people are making :)
1 hour later…
3:40 AM
@Sciborg, are you there? I'm going to hit post once you're ready.
I'll be ready in a sec, making hot chocolate :D
very important puzzling juice
oh, I just realized this puzzle of mine isn't exactly a standard one, so I will change a bit and publish it here
What kind of puzzle is it?
@Sciborg ah idk whom you're asking haha, but mine is Pentopia anw
3:46 AM
Should have pinged you, my bad :p
they're asking you; my puzzle is a Tetrikabe they asked me to make
ooh i see
I've never heard of a Pentopia, i'll have to look it up! Sounds neat.
My hot chocolate is made and blanket burrito is complete, i am ready to solve :D
Upvote tax paid, puzzle powers activate
Aww look at this cute puzzle! I love it
the numbers are shy <3
3:50 AM
I did say "gorgeous clue arrangement"
This is a lovely arrangement
I'm very touched that you made me a puzzle
it was just for the rep
it's okay, my heart is still happy
solved in a little over a minute
Not that hard, but pretty cool
It was an easier one, but I hope you liked it!
3:53 AM
The last one was a nightmare :P
I had a much harder idea that revolved around reasoning with the O (instead of the I), but I scrapped it because I figured an easier one would be better for our resident baby bird
@athin go for it! i'd love to see more new genres around here
Baby bird is grateful
Deus, someone's in the Grove asking for help
and I don't understand their notation
I forgot how much I love Nurikabes and Tetrikabes, solving them is so relaxing
4:01 AM
if you get stuck, I'm here to help :D
It's going well so far, these are fun deductions!
did you find any global deductions yet?
there are 2 in the intended solve path
i think i found the first one, it feels correct
Q: Tetrikabe: Hiding in the Corners

bobbleThis puzzle is dedicated to Sciborg. Copying the dear gentleperson, some of the 4s are hiding in the corners. Rules: (Nurikabe section shamelessly stolen from an earlier puzzle by @jafe) Numbered cells are unshaded. Unshaded cells are divided into regions, all of which contain exactly one numbe...

Q: The king of the social media? (Again?)

Jingbo the dudeThe beginning of my name began with a single letter and an “-“. I post music songs. I am hated by Pewdiepie Who am I?

ah-ha, there we go. almost done
I made a Fancy Ocean Deduction
4:09 AM
you could try to write up an answer, but I have a feeling Bubbler will be posting soon
Yeah. No worries, I knew i wasn't going to get it first :p
solving them is just fun
> I welcome multiple answers, if later ones can show a better-explained or more elegant path.
There we go, solved!
nice, that's different then my intended path but also looks valid
My two deductions were a) those two gray squares needed to be filled and could only be reached in specific ways, and b) the L placement needed to be there instead of the S because the latter would block the ocean. But I imagine Bubbler found the intended path
4:14 AM
annoying comment on my question:
> Also, this seems quite easy even to brute force since the shape is restricted.
That completely misses the fun of Tetrominoes :p
I'll be curious to read Bubbler's writeup because i definitely feel there was a more elegant way to get there.
if he doesn't get the intended path, I'll explain it in chat
I hoped you enjoyed solving your own specially made Tetrikabe!
It was very fun, thank you for making it <3
Hot chocolate + blanket burrito + puzzle to solve = happy Mick
vibe music?
Yup :D
I found this YouTube channel that does jazz versions of classical music, so that's been my vibe track today
4:20 AM
You may also enjoy working through my Tetromino Minesweepers. The first is much, much easier and the second requires some fun global deductions. More puzzles for a blanket & hot chocolate night.
Tetromino Minesweepers? don't mind if i do
the first one can be solved like a regular minesweeper, but a more elegant solution has tetromino deductions
the second is absolutely bonkers and I love it to bits
Which is the bonkers one?
oh, i found it.
...oh my god
4:22 AM
can you see the bonkers-ness?
I'm going to do the simpler one first and then i'll give the bonkers one a shot
The mines are grouped in the tetromino shapes, right?
yep, and the numbers act like regular minesweeper
@Sciborg My path is the same up to the fourth image
Ahh, I must have missed the second global deduction then.
Then I determined the bottom right must be S, since R2C2 would be an L either way
4:25 AM
Bubbler, PLEASE post your answer before Deepthinker updates with deductions
@Sciborg yesss :p
Erm, it takes a long time for me to produce images anyway :(
my favorite part of the bonkers one is how there are two question marks that have 8 blank squares surrounding it, and you wonder "well, how can I figure out what goes in those squares?" and then you solve it and it's glorious
the puzz.link editor has image-producing powers!
I really don't want to reward Deepthinker!
(but I will if they get deductions out first, but grrrr)
(that guy definitely has to THINK DEEPER*)
Sciborg, write your solution up!
4:28 AM
ok bobble, calm down
Bubbler has the more elegant one i think, since i missed a global deduction
I um have a poor opinion of the thinker
Okay, I'll try
Q: Pentopia: One-way Crossing

athinThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community. Here is a standard Pentopia puzzle. Rules of Pentopia: Place some pentominoes into the grid (not necessarily all of them) so that they do not touch each other, not even diagonally. Pento...

@bobble i'm not entirely sure that justifies screaming?
4:29 AM
here comes 15x15 standard puzzle..
it already came
@athin It looks great! +1 for coolness
1 min ago, by Sphinx
Q: Pentopia: One-way Crossing

athinThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community. Here is a standard Pentopia puzzle. Rules of Pentopia: Place some pentominoes into the grid (not necessarily all of them) so that they do not touch each other, not even diagonally. Pento...

calmed down
Eh, what the heck, I'll write up my solve path - that way me and Bubbler can share
4:31 AM
@bobble thanks.
moving and clicking mouse furiously
ooh pentopia
Posted my solve path :)
(also sorry everyone for screaming about deepthinker)
I credited you with doing it first, Bubbler, of course
The Pentopia looks super fun!!
4:50 AM
Huh, the tetrikabe got a downvote?
my answer got a spite downvote, it seems.
I think someone didn't like being sniped.
the mature and reasonable response, of course
Thanks for posting too Bubbler! Upvoted :)
I think yours is the completely logical solution, would not be offended if you moved the checkmark Bobble.
4:57 AM
now you can go work on the tetromino minesweepers! (or the new FTC entries that came out recently)
distant happy puzzling vibes
gah, do you think it's worth cropping thinker's pictures myself? It's a pain to scroll through as-is
nah, just leave it
I'm really embarrassed about how I behaved in chat here, I'm sorry. Deepthinker is really grating to me and I've been actively trying to avoid interacting with them for a while.
understandable; in general though it's better to talk about behaviour you dislike rather than people. the former can be improved
5:06 AM
so as for behavior I didn't like, restricted to just this answer:
posting an answer without any explanation
using pictures that have a bunch of outside stuff in them
not spoilering their answer
same, it's just tempting for me to bring up some particular person's name here but I really try not to
doing a deep case-bash on a puzzle that has a very nice elegant solution
waving away the entirety of the ending deductions as "fiddle"
not removing outdated parts of the answer in editing (it still says that they'll update with deductions soon)
and that's just this one answer
i agree that those are all bad
spite-downvoting both the puzzle and my answer
oh, forgot that one
5:09 AM
i've left comments on the most important parts there (the first two), and downvoted appropriately
that too
I worked this out first. — Prince Deepthinker 5 mins ago
^^ what to flag as?
no longer necessary
Deus gave them a good explanation of their problematic behaviors here, we will let you handle.
(Appreciate you stepping in.)
yep, we love you mods! <3
To cheer you up bobble, I am working through your tetro-sweeper and it's really fun :D
5:13 AM
(also if you aren't sure what to flag something as because there are multiple options, any one is fine - if it's worth deleting, we'll delete the comment. the precise flag you use isn't that significant)
Good to know.
Question - for minesweeper, does every mine have to be accounted for in the number zones, or can mines be placed outside the number zones?
they can be placed outside for mine
I'm debating about where to put this darn straight piece, is why i ask
5:20 AM
I can provide nudges!
i haven't made a ton of progress yet, so they would have to be big nudges :p
I'd just point you to the parts of the board with the next deduction
well, i'll try and place a confident tetro first and then i'll ask
at the moment my board is entirely arrows and scribbles
first one or second one?
First one
5:24 AM
also, note that the non-accepted answer for that one is the intended path, since the other doesn't use tetromino logic
have you placed any non-mine squares yet?
Just haven't placed a confident mine yet
I just realized a Thing!
which is....?
Words are hard but the 1-squares are IMPORTANT
i can place a BUNCH of things now
yep! because they can have only 1 mine
frantic clicking sounds in the distance
5:31 AM
baby bird is happy!
Baby bird is flying!
This is such a cool puzzle
over the mines, I hope
Window-smashing and mines would not be a good combination
Rotation and reflection are allowed, right?
for the first puzzle, only rotation
no reflection
second puzzle allows both
5:35 AM
ahh, i didn't catch that - that helps with this next thing
now i can place a tetro!
I flagged one comment as "unfriendly or unkind" for dragging another user into the conversation, it was removed, and then a different comment was edited to contain the same content. Should I flag again?
I'm assuming Deus is handling the current comment thing unfolding
how many tetro do you have now?
Just the one, but it's a Very Cool Tetro
@bobble yes, flagging again is appropriate
5:40 AM
It's just... learning all over again why I stopped interacting with thinker
@Sciborg want a nudge? or are you workin' good?
Workin' good
This is a really fun puzzle type
(re: an earlier comment: i find it helpful in shading puzzles to mark "only one of the two cells here can be shaded" on borders. my usual notation is a double slash on the border)
(it's great for tapa puzzles, especially ones with a lot of 1s in the clues)
@Sciborg inspiration was idly playing minesweeper and going "but what if polyomino"
"[thing] but what if polyomino" is probably a frequent inspiration :p
so far I've had that and "nurikabe but what if polyomino"
tetrikabes are harder to make legal because there are more limitations on what is a valid solution
... any more progress?
(I'm going to have to leave soon-ish, so any nudges afterwards can't come from me)
5:47 AM
Did another Cool Deduction so it's going great :D
I'll probably go sleep soon too
For a difficulty comparison: I'd rate this 2/5 (maybe 1.5) and the second one 4/5, so if you're struggling here then the other will be very hard.
that doesn't bode well for Baby Bird
second one also requires a bunch of global thinking (factored into difficulty), and I know you have trouble with that sometimes
That is a common window-smashing area for me
I'm tempted to try to make a medium-difficult one, but I want to work on my second FTC entry
anyhow, bye for the night!
5:53 AM
Good night! :)
How's it going Mith?
@bobble you might enjoy battleships minesweeper! similar idea
this one was fun
Ooooh! Bookmarking for future puzzling
@Sciborg tired
6:15 AM
@Deusovi Solved, and it's indeed fun!
2 hours later…
8:33 AM
Q: How many self-intersecting polygonal chains are?

NickThis is continue of A&Q. Let's say there is a regular hexagon with center at point O. Question. How many self-intersecting polygonal chains are there that connect n=7 points? The self-intersecting polygonal chain passes through each point once and chains should be non-isomorphic.

8:58 AM
Q: Coming from CS Stackexchange: What does this mysterious code do?

joyusbroI came across some code and I'm trying to crack the case as to what it does: for $0 \leq f \leq l < len(A)$, the function is def foo(A, f, l): if f == l: return A[f] m = (f+l) // 2 x = foo(A, f, m) c = 0 i = f while i <= l: if A[i] == x: c += 1 i += 1 if c > (l - f...

9:47 AM
Q: Expected value of a biased game

FrafI heard this puzzle a while back and wasn't sure how to answer it: You play a game whose cost to play goes up at every round, and there are 2 possible outcomes. Winning and losing. You win with 60% likelyhood and lose with 40% chance at all rounds. Round 1 - Costs \$1 to play On the first round, ...

10:36 AM
Q: Hokuro Puzzle: Introduction

sarsaparillaThis is an entry for Fortnightly Topic Challenge #44: Introduce a new grid deduction genre to the community. This puzzle type is inspired by Kakuro, and it has similar rules. Kakuro is short for 'kasan kurosu' (加算クロス) meaning 'addition cross'. Using Google Translate, I get 'hōkō kurosu' (方向クロス) w...

hell yeah, sarsaparilla's back
10:49 AM
nice puzzle too
have no idea how to break through
11:20 AM
@Mithical helloooo its been a long time
Hi jafe as well :D
ooh jafe
12:03 PM
12:21 PM
CCCC hint 2: In the clue, there are two indicators.
3 hours later…
3:31 PM
hah! I can review tag edits now!
also, happy 5,000 rep :)
4:20 PM
the minesweeper battleships puzzle just got a lot easier after I read the rules
4:42 PM
solved, agreed that it's fun!
4:55 PM
translated can be an anagrind and "live perhaps" has the right number of letters... hmm
what would be the second indicator?
5:13 PM
good question
what if the anagrind is acting on "it's"?
could be... or even "prompt it's"
although that would leave only 2 letters for "live perhaps"
maybe translated literally means translated and it's like "c'est" or something
5:32 PM
Q: Skyrise City : Power Game (Logic ?)

gmn_1450I recently did those Skyrise City tests and one of the games caught my eye, the energy one. I couldn't really deduce a logic behind it, just a few clues (one of the generators always gives more energy than the others, for example). Is there one? There has been a power cut. You must restore as mu...

5:57 PM
Q: A Short Connect Wall

hexominoThe 16 words below may be partitioned into 4 groups of 4 connected words. Additionally, each of the four groups can be represented by a single group-word. Finally, the four group-words are connected by a single four-letter word. +--------------+--------------+--------------+--------------+ ...

1 hour later…
7:18 PM
dunno what rhymes with "creme de la creme"
maybe "creme de la phlegm"
7:34 PM
w- why
> We propose a model for the transition from a haplodiploid cyclical parthenogenetic life history to parthenogenetic paedogenesis.
more from "bobble runs into complicated science words"
what's haplodiploid?
... oh.
Adjective: haplodiploid (not comparable)
  1. (biology, of a species) In which members of one sex are haploid and members of the other are diploid; found especially in the Hymenoptera
Noun: haplodiploid (plural haplodiploids)
  1. Such an organism...
> we propose a model for the transition from a ????????????? to ??????????
most "complicated science words" are figure-out-able just by breaking down prefixes and suffixes
7:46 PM
paedogenesis = child-creation
parthenogenesis refers to "various aspects of asexual reproduction"
speaking of six-syllable words, there are 2,187 of them
how many of them are non-German?
... in english
german has 722 six-syllable words
finnish has 7,917!
and russian has ...
8:04 PM
I have >5000 rep, so why is it saying I need peer-review to edit this tag excerpt?
oh, that's "trusted user". darn
also nice question mark
@bobble 5k to review, 20k to unilaterally edit
finnish has a lot of long words because we just keep adding stuff at the end instead of using multiple words like normal people
e.g. the translation of the movie title "they shoot horses, don't they?" is two words long
8:11 PM
long words = good words?
ah yes, agglutination
like whats the longest word in finniss (that you know of)?
hard to say, there are really long examples but a lot of them cross the limit of not really being understandable anymore
a pretty common example is järjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkäänkö
i found lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas which means "airplane jet turbine engine auxiliary mechanic non-commissioned officer student", apparently
8:16 PM
that's pretty extreme yeah :P
@jafe Is that a common word which is an example of a long word, or a word which is common only as an example of a long word?
> Supposedly the longest Finnish word (40 letters), which is not a compound word but created by adding suffixes and clitics in a way which might as well make sense. Nobody ever uses it really, and it translates into English roughly as: "even with his failure to have systematized".
it's common as an example, like it has understandable suffices in a legal order but you'd never use that in a sentence nor would people understand you if you did
vastatykistömaalinosoitustutkakalustojärjestelmäinsinöörierikoisupseeri counter-artillery targeting radar systems engineer specialist officer
@jafe Off the top of your head, what's the longest word you can think of that people would actually use (outside of trying to make a long word)?
8:21 PM
something with a bunch of nouns stringed together probably, like tietojärjestelmäasiantuntija (information systems expert)
apparently, if you want to say "blueberry pie" in Ojibwe, it's miinibaashkiminasiganibiitoosijiganibadagwiingweshiganibakwezhigan
you can use words like that without anyone being like "whoah, long word"
@matt holy cow
In English, it's probably a chemical name, but only by scientists or pharmacy students. Normal people (ha!) would probably stop at inconspicuousness or something.
Q: Optimal Strategy for Matching Pairs

BarkerI found a reality TV show recently that I thought would make a fun puzzle. On the show are 10 men and 10 women that have been "match by experts" (ie. randomly paired). Their goal is to determine which men were paired with which women; either they get all 10 correct and everyone wins or everyone...

8:24 PM
Afrikaans has Tweedehandse­motor­verkoops­manne­vakbond­stakings­vergadering­sameroepers­toespraak­skrywers­pers­verklaring­uitreikings­media­konferensie­aankondiging
which means "issuable media conference's announcement at a press release regarding the convener's speech at a secondhand car dealership union's strike meeting"
common in everyday speech, i bet
yea, definitely /s
have you ever tried to make a Finnish cryptic? I'm sure Gareth would just Google Translate solve it again
Probably the car salesmen struck just so someone could use that word.
@bobble finnish cryptic? that would be amazing
8:26 PM
maybe i'll try at some point!
I could try to solve it, but I doubt I could… finish it.
ba dum ch
badum tss
@jafe jinx
the final extraction phrase could be "you just used Google Translate didn't you"
8:28 PM
maori has this 85-letter place name
> Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­turi­pukaka­piki­maunga­horo­nuku­pokai­whenua­ki­tana­tahu
he he he
remember "llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch"?
reminded me of that
9:09 PM
I'm thinking the C4's a clipped synonym for "prompt" followed by a translation (anagram?) of "it" or "it's", with the definition "live, perhaps".
Q: Stochastic Taxicab Path

FeryllA city's roadworks is laid out as a perfectly rectangular tiling. A commuter within this city has to travel to work a distance of $17$ blocks east and $7$ blocks north each day, and tries to take the same route one day as he does the next... with just a touch of novelty. He will choose at random ...

@Sphinx I edited the MathJax out, and they edited it back in. grrrr
9:27 PM
(they edited it back out after my comment)
9:40 PM
A: Questions about the new minimum age for diamond moderators

MithicalLess of a question than just... I'm disappointed. You state: We understand that this is a change some may be disappointed by and that it may seem to indicate that we don't believe that younger members of our communities can be great moderators - over the years we have known many mods who started...

I'm pretty sure that at least two of this site's mods were under 18 when they started (as pro-tems).
I saw that and was sad - I mean, teens are perfectly capable of being responsible human beings.
And I lost by 14 votes to Gareth while underage :p
It's not going to affect me personally (no chance of elections here before I turn 18) but still... ugh
I lurk on main-meta nearly every day to check for important stuff
To quote myself:
> Even though I'm no longer a moderator - and am now above 18, to boot - I can't shake the feeling of a bit of a slap in the face.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 9 mins ago, by Mithical
I'm having trouble even expressing why I feel so disappointed with this change.
also, dear goodness I'm going to be 18 not too long from now... where did my childhood go?
9:46 PM
It does seem to go quickly. At least I know where mine went! :P
I spent a good chunk of mine reading a mind-boggling number of books. To be honest, most of them were not even good books.
There was a solid two years I would read literally anything with dragons in it.
Hey Bobble and Mith :)
9:51 PM
*waves hello and goodnight*
'night, mith!
Good night!
how far are you with Tetromino Minesweeper?
I solved it :)
... the I is supposed to be the first piece
9:53 PM
As in the first deduction?
It was my first piece, yeah. The gray squares in the middle were just partial pieces
because the 3 has five spots open, and there are three that the 1 touches, so it must use the other two, and then the only piece that fits is I
but looks like you made valid deductions, so that's good!
Yup. I think i just did the middle deduction out of order
But the I piece was the first Confident Tetro
what kind of deductions did you enjoy here that you haven't used in other genres?
9:56 PM
I had a BLAST with the sweeper deductions. Like, seriously, those were so fun.
The combo of mine and tetro logic is really really fun.
pun alert! pun alert! pun alert! :P
I'll see if I can make another after second FTC entry is out
10/10 puzzle
I had two false starts where I placed the T piece wrong
Then I realized "oh, the straight piece goes first" and that was the attempt that succeeded
by the way, second puzzle (once you feel up to it) features a "cram everything into the remaining space" deduction, and it is glorious
Cram-it-together deductions are always hilarious
9:59 PM
Hey, North is here too :D
so, do you feel up to it?
hi North!
I'll try it in a bit, no promises on if i'm good enough to solve it :p
@Mithical Wow
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