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12:00 AM
@bobble ???
They wanted to study the microorganisms which live on plastic in the ocean, so they put plastic in the ocean for a month before taking it out for study
throws plastic bag into open mouth
Remember me?
@Deusovi, were you going to do something about Anonymus being underage?
12:07 AM
@bobble Well, anonymous's birthday is apparently today, so they're 13
(and yes I remember you anonymus)
And no, Deusovi technically doesn't have to do anything about it.
But he did say he'll take care of it.
My current AP physics unit is 4 days long, but it has the same overall homework load as 2-week long units. UGGH this is so much homework.
Also, did I miss a CCCC?
12:25 AM
No, I don't think so
12:35 AM
@bobble I appreciate the concern; things are being handled.
sorry for poking :)
12:50 AM
Q: Heteromino: Introduction

BubblerHeteromino is an area-dividing puzzle with very simple rules. I encountered this puzzle type on puzz.link, and seeing there's none posted here, I decided to give it a try. Here is an example puzzle with solution: The rules of Heteromino are as follows: Divide the white area into L- or I-tromin...

CCCC: Regular soldiers taking nice way out on leaving (8)
(not super-happy with this one but it'll do)
No idea
I'm fairly certain "regular" means "take every other letter" (or replace "every other" with "every third", etc.) But I don't know where to start taking letters, and I can't parse the rest of the clue :(
that's possible, but not the only interpretation - it could be synonymized (either as the definition, or just as fodder)
1:04 AM
@Anonymus25 Happy birthday!
Hi msh!
@msh210 Please, no talking about my birthday, I'm a bit shy
@GarethMcCaughan Thinking about army as soldiers
"taking nice way out" looks like a synonym for e.g. "picnic"?
Q: Stepping Stones 1, 2, 3

Dmitry KamenetskyI came across this beautiful puzzle and decided to create my own version. Start by placing numbers 1, 2 and 3 anywhere on an infinite square grid. Now place numbers 4, 5, 6 ... $m$ in order, subject to the rule that when you place the number $k$ the sum of its 8 neighbors must be equal to $k$. Wh...

1 hour later…
2:20 AM
Q: Line between a programming puzzle and a programming problem

risky mysteriesI've answered many questions on Stack OverFlow, many of which got me to sit down and think in a way like it were an entertaining puzzle! Here is an example of such a post. I want to know where the line is drawn to separate programming puzzles and programming problems (sort of like the line betwee...

2:47 AM
Wanna talk?
3:19 AM
I ran into a contradiction when working on the hexomino puzzle. cries Starting over now...
4:15 AM
@PuzzlingMeta for the record if anybody bothers to answer
this is probably something along the lines of being a puzzle or not
being related with programming is just an attribute of a problem
If I can think of a coherent response I'll answer it. All I have are some vague ideas and word choices. Plus, I'd rather defer to the mods/people who have been here longer
4:38 AM
@bobble Hi
Any idea with Gareth's CC?
4:40 AM
no new ones
@bobble I am unable to change avatar.
go to your profile -> "edit profile and settings" (next to "activity") -> "change picture" (below your picture)
I have tried this.
did you see the "upload a new picture" button?
No problem
I will try to change later.
4:46 AM
I will be leaving for the night. Bye!
1 hour later…
5:48 AM
no progress on making the crossword >_<
i'm just gonna continue working on this other puzzle that remained inactive for months as well
1 hour later…
6:56 AM
"on leaving" could very well mean "remove the letters ON", which would make "regular" (part of) the definition
Q: Sudoku Logic From Another Planet

happystarThis is the brutally hard Tatooine Sunset Sudoku puzzle by Philip Newman ... except the Noble Happy Star has goofed! Two of the digits have been swapped and there are multiple solutions. Fortunately, you are not required to solve the whole puzzle. All you need is six measly digits – or more preci...

7:26 AM
"way out" could be an anagram indicator... so it'd be a word for soldiers minus ON containing an anagram of NICE, making a word for "regular"?
at least happens to be 8 chars
that would be 9, no?
(... if you erase both O's, which sounds like a stretch though)
platoon or legion would have ON... but don't see how those make a useful word
soldiers could be MEN or GIS...
if soldiers is ANTS we would have AN(CIEN*)TS... now to find a dictionary where that means "regular" :)
nvm that would leave "on leaving" unused anyway
8:20 AM
Q: How much money did this donut shop owner make?

Lt. Commander. DataIt's been a tiring day and Jack's hungry. His daughter calls him up and asks daddy to buy donuts on the way back. Instead of going to his favorite shop, Pi Donuts, Jack sees Sigma Donuts on the way instead, and decides to drop by. 'Five donuts please,' he says. 'That'll be 25 cents,' says the sho...

Hmmm, all of those opinions are good, but I'm feeling there is a much deeper meaning...
It's just that, it feels like it
i'm sure it does
8:57 AM
Let's talk?
12:06 PM
Q: Birds, an animal and a creature in the Kingdom

DrDThree colorful birds, one tropical From African lands a wild animal A made-up creature, beautiful, magical Keeping order in the streets, we are essential Who are we?

12:40 PM
Interesting, I randomly stumbled upon a (temporarily) suspended account
1:02 PM
Where and who?
1:21 PM
Q: Jewel Cave - A Statue Park-Cave Hybrid

Jeremy DoverThe goal of this puzzle, a hybrid of Statue Park and Cave, is to place the given shapes into the grid, subject to the following rules. As in both original puzzles, all unshaded squares must form a single orthogonally (on a side) connected region. As in Statue Park, two shapes cannot be orthogonal...

1 hour later…
2:46 PM
@Anonymus25 sure
Goooood morning everyones
hey North! and bobble!
Or I guess good morning to my fellow UTC-7 peeps
@Sciborg, bobblie update?
2:52 PM
@bobble "last seen 14 mins ago"
"Last seem 25 seconds ago"
Hello :)
The Sciborg has landed
Working but I saw I was summoned
2:57 PM
Bonjour, mon gentil-personne
@matt apologies for not checking the matt/sciborg room in a while, I had forgotten to favorite it so I wasn't getting notifications from it. My bad
How are you guys doing? :)
good :)
The UTC-7 kids are meeting before school starts
mine starts in 1 minute :(
It's 11:00 where I am, so lunchtime lol
3:01 PM
oh crap my class just started and I didn't even realize
hurry hurry!
@bobble See, you're hanging out with friends a few minute before class starts :P
Mick - bobblie updates?
@matt I was responding to Bobble's comment from earlier
3:03 PM
Been crunching yesterday and today so I haven't finished the eyes and mouth yet :) but I sewed the points a bit
yesterday, by bobble
I used to see my friends at the very least for a few minutes before school started... I've seen one recently to deliver a present, and that's it since school began
dumb me
Sciborg, you should probably do your work :)
4 mins ago, by Sciborg
It's 11:00 where I am, so lunchtime lol
in The Reading Room, 6 hours ago, by Tsundoku
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Don't cry, Prince of Trees. Take pride in the work you've done here.
Prince of Trees... I should add that to my Bio
Bam. My bio now just reads "Prince of Trees" :P
3:07 PM
@bobble I'm on lunch break so no worries :p
timezones are fun!
so, since you have time... are you going to have some crazy brilliant idea and bag a 3rd C4?
I spent a while thinking about it, but none of my ideas seemed to fit. Still brainstorming :p
3:09 PM
unless you're one of the unfortunate souls who had to program accurate timezone conversion in software. Funny rant
I have a feeling Mick is actually Deus in disguise and just pretends to be modest
@LukasRotter I'm so happy you love Computerphile rants too
Didn't Lukas have theory a while back that we're all Deus sockpuppet/bots?
@LukasRotter knew exactly which video you were talking about - tom scott is great
3:10 PM
Headcanon: Deus has 17 accounts here and we are 5 of them
Tom Scott is a national treasure
@Sciborg I'm pretty sure Bobble isn't Deus... wait, if Bobble is Deus, it would explain why Deusovi is so damn smart. The Bobblies drain the Puzzling-skills of anyone it lands on!
Nope, Deus is just ridiculously smart
@PrinceNorthLæraðr You've cracked the code
Deus was the Lord of the Bobblies all along
3:13 PM
That explains why he has an IQ of 9000, it's all the puzzling juice he drains from US
@Sciborg ohhhh, it suddenly all makes sense
It makes too much sense
uh oh what did i do this time
5 mins ago, by Prince North Læraðr
I have a feeling Mick is actually Deus in disguise and just pretends to be modest
@Deusovi yes
3:15 PM
2 mins ago, by Prince North Læraðr
@Sciborg I'm pretty sure Bobble isn't Deus... wait, if Bobble is Deus, it would explain why Deusovi is so damn smart. The Bobblies drain the Puzzling-skills of anyone it lands on!
Bobble and I are secretly you in disguise, and you use Bobblies to drain everyone's puzzling juice to make yourself the ultimate puzzle solver. IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER.
We're onto you
my sister tried to steal my keyboard and type "I confirm that I am Deus"
Wait she's reading this?
3:16 PM
... of course, you could just quote me and cut out the first part of that sentence
@bobble damn
> "I confirm that I am Deus"
So you admit it
@PrinceNorthLæraðr She came over and asked for some Calc help, and I showed her the chat
Hi Bobble's sister! :D
3:17 PM
@bobble I can't believe she understands
Hi, Bobble's sister! Glad you're here!
She says hi!
Wait if she's taking Calculus...
She left, but she asked if anyone likes Akari puzzles (Simon Tatham version)
Never heard of it :P
She should make an account and join this crackhead amazing group of chatters
Ooh, these look fun!
3:21 PM
akari puzzles are fun! not my favorite genre just because of how annoying it is to notate sometimes, but solving them on puzz.link is a nice time
@PrinceNorthLæraðr YESS
@Sciborg that is true
yeah, that's not the particular deep-seated issue that we have
(also, using "crackhead" as a derogatory term seems insulting to people who have genuinely struggled with addiction - might be best to avoid that)
True, sorry
What is the particular deep-seated issue that we have, out of curiosity? :p
a puzzling addiction?
3:26 PM
this site's name is great for puns
(an addiction to puzzling, or an addiction that is puzzling)
@Deusovi both?
was explaining the pun bobble was talking about
3:30 PM
3:51 PM
@JeremyDover don't want to start too much of a discussion in your puzzle's comments, but:
@Deusovi Thank you for the feedback. I agree that the rooting of the shapes to the edge was not used here, but at least for now I think that's a deficiency of the setter, not necessarily the puzzle type. I tend to be much more combinatorial than topological in my thinking, so I need to get myself out of my comfort zone. — Jeremy Dover 12 mins ago
I think the Statue Park rules already give a pretty significant amount of topological restrictions (especially if you play with the piece banks)? it's relatively rare for there to be an loop of unshaded cells in a Statue Park anyway, so I'm not sure the extra rule there adds too much
the main 'function' of the edge anchoring rule in Cave is to give you a reason to shade more cells than are implied shaded by the number clues, as I see it, and I think the piece bank already accomplishes that. not saying it's a bad thing to have the extra rule, I just personally prefer puzzle rulesets to be as simple as possible
so, deus, how many brains do you have?
(but I'm sure there's an interesting way it could be used! would love to see a puzzle that exploits that rule as a central part of the solve path)
@matt ...one?
I thought the solve path for that puzzle was an interesting one, if that's worth anything
oh, I did too - really liked the puzzle itself
just giving a minor (and probably unnecessary) suggestion regarding the ruleset
4:08 PM
@Deusovi Thanks for that. I do not disagree with you in any way, really. But one reason I want to keep the Cave connection rule, at least for now, is I think the connectivity constraints will come into play if I make the board sparser...say the 12 pentominos on a 15x15 grid.
With a normal Statue Park, I feel like the pieces bumping up against each other tends to be an integral part of the solve path. With the Cave cluing, I have a hunch that I can spread things out a bit more.
4:38 PM
fair enough! would be interested to see a puzzle that uses that
how much time do you spend making puzzles, Jeremy?
2-3 hours a day typically. Lately more, because I've had a lot of dead time, and I'm really psyched about this Jewel Cave format, and a follow-on project that I've been building to for a month.
I am semi-retired relatively recently, and COVID has limited the hobbies I can readily take up with my spare time.
4:53 PM
Everything you have heard about retirement being wonderful is 116% true
5:26 PM
thinks wistfully of ever being able to retire
@JeremyDover +16%?
@JeremyDover How old are you?
The spoken word cannot fully express the wonderfulness. Hence the 116% better.
About 50. I come from a line of short-lived men, so I figured if I wanted a retirement, I needed to start early.
Damn, you retired really early, too.
5:31 PM
Is Jeremy the oldest geezer here?
Do you have any tips for young people to be able to retire...? Or is that kind of just something I shouldn't expect to hope for?
Lol first question: "I have $100,000..."
That seems reasonable
take a look at this highly-voted one
1. Get the highest-paying job that you can stand.
2. Spend as little as you can while staying happy.
That's about it.
Well...you need to have #1 >= #2.
5:36 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Hmmm. From the things I've witnessed so far, 1) msh210 calls himself and old geezer and 2) Gareth is older, but not hilariously older than 42. I think it's a close one between Jeremy and Gareth
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Not sure if I'm oldest. Am definitely a geezer.
On that note, the age distribution here in chat seems interesting. At least from the people I've seen openly stating or indicating it, it seems to be either <25 or >40.
26..39 carry all of the economic load and can't afford the time to come here
Not positive, but I think Stiv is in the middle...at the very least Stiv has a young daughter. Between 25 and 40, I was way too busy between work and kids.
37 here proving you wrong
5:40 PM
Myth Busted
jafe: Was going to say "my people", but then realized you're closer in age to my son than to me. </sobs into coffee>
New hypothesis, 26..39 don't feel the need to disclose their age
I "disclosed" my age by complaining about senior-year classes.
It depresses me how easily I can tell when people are in my age group (21) because they're like "man, imagine retiring and owning a house"
5:44 PM
@jafe What
@Sciborg yyyep
@Deusovi understands
It definitely is tougher for you than it was for me...I bought my first house in the Washington DC suburbs for less than $200K. But that was not THAT long ago...1998...</sobs into coffee again>
this coffee is getting pretty watered down
Lord almighty, I'd kill a man to get enough for a down payment on anything close :(
5:46 PM
Everyone is an old geezer if they're older than I am
@Sciborg murder is illegal. don't murder.
@bobble indeed. not that i drink coffee anyway
@Sciborg Man, imagine being independent and driving a car
haha "$200k"
that's a good one
man, imagine having money
5:46 PM
@Deusovi Lol, my parents explained down-payment and all the stuff that comes with buying a house
I was like
Hold up, how do you even save up for a down payment like that?
That's the dilemma.
I have money... which has been saved for year and years for college and will probably all be gone afterwards
It's not like you can get a loan from the bank for a downpayment, because the bank is lending you the rest
@Sciborg Ex. 20:13
@Sciborg Did you have debt after college?
5:48 PM
@bobble heh
What's the most stressful part about college?
idk bout anyone else, but my mom actually had to take a semester off because it was so stressful for her
So, I was lucky enough to land a really good scholarship because of my PSAT scores, I was a National Merit scholar and that actually let me graduate debt-free after also working to pay things off. Which is a lot more than most people can say unfortunately. But obviously college was still super crazy and stressful.
Most stressful part was working and keeping up grades, that was a big nightmare that I would not recommend doing lol
How much did you get for the PSAT? I'm taking mine (well was going to before it got cancelled)
in USA, debt. Anywhere else, thesis
5:51 PM
I don't want to disclose amount obviously but it was pretty much a three-fourths ride.
<leaving for lunch>
speaking of college and things - what's everyone's dream occupation?
@Sciborg Dannngggg. Maybe I should actually study for my SAT more
@JohnDvorak Thesis?
If you can get a scholarship @PrinceNorthLæraðr, absolutely get one, it is worth it to save you trouble later. PSAT is super worth it.
@matt Composition
5:53 PM
hm, nice
@matt Would love to be a game developer but in Michigan that's, uh, not really a thing I can do :/
@matt If we don't count ridiculous things, I already have it - Just a plain software developer.
Or a doctorate in Philosophy, I haven't quite decided yet :D. Not that I'm going to land a job per se but...
@LukasRotter ah, but we do count ridiculous things
Sciborg: mind saying where in Michigan you are?
5:53 PM
Sure, I live in Holland/Zeeland area at the moment.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr master's work? Not sure how it's called
@JohnDvorak thesis, usually.
I dunno, how about a dog surfing instructor
@LukasRotter That sounds... amazing
@PrinceNorthLæraðr indeed
5:55 PM
sigh. Meanwhile I have... two Bs and a C- right now UGH these are the worst sets of grades I've ever had
Panda Cuddler
Did a road trip down 131 10 years ago...beautiful country.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr oh no
5:55 PM
@LukasRotter God I want that job
West Michigan is really beautiful honestly, I do love living here. I'm still trying to find my forever job though, so if that ends up being somewhere else I may move in future.
Income aside, of course. Panda Cuddling might not be the most well-paid job.
@LukasRotter You're a software developer too? What kind of stuff do you work on? I know Bubbler was telling me about some stuff they were doing a while back.
I think the forever job is a thing of the past. Good news: I think the dam has broken regarding telework. You may well be able to get a good job working remotely from where you are.
Hence why high-paying job seems like such a nebulous, impossible concept for me, I guess. Most of my stuff has been contract work and doesn't pay well enough for... anything, really.

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