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12:20 AM
Q: You just realized I am doomed

Dannyu NDos You just found a game despite the World War III, which was a game by the computer experts before the war. There went a six-limbed, not an insect. I was not blind, I sincerely swear. I ate something healthy, yet not nutritious. Maybe I was hallucinating, by that cosmic light. I w...

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2:02 AM
Q: An Enigmatic Price List

JS1Item # Price ------ ------ 1 $1.25 3 $2.05 7 $20.00 16 $5.01 18 $50.00 32 $0.10 34 $1.00 35 $0.50 What are these items and how are their prices determined?

2 hours later…
4:29 AM
have been too lazy to work on AHK, and puzzled by all the puzzles :)
5:28 AM
Q: Previous palindrome date

Dmitry Kamenetsky2nd of February this year will be a palindrome date, because 02/02/2020 reads the same forwards and backwards. But when was the previous palindrome date?

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6:49 AM
Q: What was this unstoppable vehicle?

Tanner SwettThe other day, I was taking a driving lesson. My instructor was sitting directly behind me, as usual, while I was driving steadily at about 60 miles per hour. The instructor told me, "Slow down to 40 miles per hour, and maintain that speed." So I slowed to 40 miles per hour, as she asked, but I ...

7:10 AM
CCCC: An actor of rank's in a training piece (5,7)
Ah, delicious. This One Word Will Capture Your Attention actually hit HNQ. That's completely perfect :)
hehe of course it did
7:58 AM
Now is the moment that I regret not being able to place a bounty on questions
4 hours later…
11:43 AM
@jafe Clearly the answer is the little-known actor Ranks Ningpie.
12:43 PM
Or the even littler-known (but ranked) actor Heart Andsoul.
1:30 PM
heart is a valid first name... apparently there's an actress from the philippines named Heart Evangelista
although to be fair i think that's just a stage name... according to wikipedia her real first name is Love
2 hours later…
3:18 PM
Q: My twin is a friend indeed (4 letter word)

Ébe Isaac I can be hired if you can afford it Can be lent for those in need For work I can’t do myself My twin is a friend indeed Who am I?

3:38 PM
Q: Flip edge in Equator layer but there is yellow in every edge in top layer

Random userA way to solve this is to replace the flipped edge by a random block , but in my case all random block have yellow color, so if I swap than yellow will come in middle layer, which should not come there. I am a absolute beginner

Q: It is a type of Material

DEEMThis compound word is a type of material It is formed of 2 words Both words are animals But the word itself has nothing to do with animals It is useful. May be more than one answer.

4:37 PM
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus By making it a margonon, of course.
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5:41 PM
Q: Counting with towers

WoofmaoAn ancient civilization has been discovered which uses an unusual counting system, based on stacks of blocks. However, most of the information on this civilization has been lost to time, and little remains about their counting system. In fact, the only information you have is about a single numbe...

6:24 PM
@GarethMcCaughan haha precisely
1 hour later…
7:27 PM
How do you call a sockpuppet theatre without its puppets?

A show of hands
7:43 PM
Q: Prime number snake (2)

dawThis question is inspired by prime number snake. In the following grid, you have to place a number snake of numbers 1 to 100. Consecutive numbers have to go into neighboring cells. Numbers in grey cells have to be prime numbers. Number 1 has to be placed into the yellow cell. I claim that th...

....if anyone wants to go for Codenames or Contact, we're at 3.
8:44 PM
Q: 3D Slitherlink (Slithersurface)

Matthew JensenHere is a 5 x 5 x 5 cube filled with numbers. It's a 3D adaption of standard slitherlink puzzles. You must create a solid 3D object such that the number in each sub-cube matches the number of adjacent faces. You can assume that the surface will never touch itself except at connections. It mig...

9:25 PM
Q: Schooled by a Riddle

JohnsonI had a lot of fun writing this riddle, I think it's probably still on the easier side, but hopefully people enjoy it. My First is, oh my, a talking horse! My Second is You, but shorter of course. My Third is elemental, good for your bones. My Fourth is a drink which goes well with scon...

2 hours later…
11:19 PM
what does this look like (checking my rebus)
@Avi a microphone with a cord coming out the bottom and curving around
supposed to be a microphone, only
A sonogram wand
was afraid people were going to mistake it for an ice cream cone or something
@Avi What's the bottom part then?
11:27 PM
that's why I added the wire
@Avi a Rorschach test
idk. Looks almost like a theater (stage is on the left and the rest is the seats), but not quite
What's it supposed to be?
speaker icon
looks like this puzzle will fail :(
no, I probably just don't know what the speaker icon looks like as well as most people do
11:36 PM
oh, why not?
because it's a very common icon and I still didn't recognize it :-)
You can probably find a coarse-grain bitmap speaker icon online. Just copy it.
nonograms require low-resolution images if you're going to make them any reasonable size xd
Yeah, that's why I said coarse-grain
Meaning, low-resolution
in any case, I failed
need to come up with a different way to clue the word I'm thinking of
there was that one puzzle right
sequel to nonodoku or something
Dunno, I don't keep track of puzzles on PSE. I'm just here for the CCCC. :-)
11:43 PM
ah, yajilin
i recognized the speaker icon
though it won't make a solvable nonogram
Anyway, gtg. GameN.
11:47 PM

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