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1:03 AM
Ooof, I found this riddle online
Who wants to be filled but will always be empty?

@Avi The answer to your riddle is clearly the space between the atoms that make up a trash
3 hours later…
3:54 AM
Q: I love books and to read them and count them but I didn't have enough time!

Angela DingSo, I have ten books. My friend from Indonesia gave me ten and my friend from New York gave me 75. Then my sister took 4 but my brother got 1 back. Then I sold 15 to my friend from India and 5 to my friend in China. Then I wanted to count them all again, but I didn't have enough time. I was wond...

1 hour later…
5:05 AM
Wow, y'all were mighty chatty today :)
5:20 AM
:( my poor riddle
Destroyed by an unintended good solution in minutes
Hopefully the title change narrows things down, otherwise I’ll have to bite the bullet and delete it
yeah sorry about that :)
5 hours later…
10:10 AM
@North VTC -> off-topic -> speculative answers :-P
Also, read "The Library of Babel".
1 hour later…
11:12 AM
@GarethMcCaughan the answer to the c4 is B+LIMEY (definition being "my")
...which i never would have gotten without @msh210's comment, so if he wants to go next that's fine by me :)
6 hours later…
5:11 PM
Q: Hidden message on PNG image

Jack HudetzI am using Debian 8, and have a PNG image with a "secret message" embedded in the code somewhere. The secret message is not located in the image itself, I am positive of that. I have tried some simple commands but found nothing that would have a prewritten message in it. Where do I look to find t...

@jafe I always thought that was just an interjection
5:32 PM
Q: What is the name of this puzzle with two overlapping circular tracks of smaller objects (spheres in this case)?

user3.1415927I have an old, poorly constructed puzzle: I've seen a better version of this, but all the internet searches I've tried have yielded either artistic designs or metal puzzles of interlocking rings. What is this [type] of puzzle called, and is there a recommended place to purchase such things? (A...

5:46 PM
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus yeah it is, but so is "my"
like "oh my, what a show"
@GarethMcCaughan Why, who might have done that in the past? *thinking face*
...although if I were to create a similar puzzle now it would be completely different.
6:15 PM
@jafe I'm guessing if msh210 had wanted to go next, officially solving Gareth's C4 would have been the best way to do so :)
6:53 PM
Q: This One Word Will Capture Your Attention

Rubio My prefix might be a bash for computer users. My first infix is a lap, perhaps. My second infix is an antioxidant, kind of. My suffix is a small island. When I'm assembled, I'm strangely attractive. What is the word?

7:51 PM
@Avi Challenge accepted.
I'll accept when someone solves the antioxidant hehe
Yeah. The "kind of" makes me think it's a pun.
(And that was a rare occasion of Tom being wrong on a wordplay puzzle.)
His was a very creditable attempt indeed.
Oh, I didn't say "blatantly worng".
But when Tom posts an answer to those, he usually has it.
8:01 PM
Yah - I finally decided it didn't work cuz it doesn't really fit the title. Otherwise I was like, oh dear, that's a valid but unintended solution
8:12 PM
@Rubio Looking forward to it
@Sphinx ...
The second infix will blow your mind!
what happened
c l e v e r <3
but how dare they use that name
>:c I am very partial
I'm soooo salty
Aha. Haven't heard of the drink, but it fits.
@Avi what's wrong with using that name?
8:21 PM
I'm partial to the name
but whatever
Yes; I realized this ;)
My prefix is meta, my infix is meta, my suffix is meta and even my comments are sooo meta ...
autohotkey is annoying
Autohotkey is the only thing that preserves my sanity
8:32 PM
writing a macro to solve my puzzles for me but its AI engine is insufficiently intelligent
you use a macro for review queue?
I've exclusively used Linux for desktop for, like, 15 years - my fairly recent new job, though, is all windows 10. i'm all muscle memory for being able to select text and then middle-click to paste it in somewhere
from what I understand we have nothing to review
and can't do that on windows without AHK
transitioning between OSes is tricky
the lock-in is too stronk
the worst is when i'm in front of my home machine, using VDI to get into a windows desktop at work, so I'm actually on my linux desktop where all my usual things work - but can't do them in the VDI, and can't run AHK there either
8:49 PM
I think I used to know a solution but I forgot because I didn't need it xd
@jafe Correct! I think it's possible that @msh210 didn't want to go next but also possible that he didn't want to go next right then. But I think you're fully entitled to set the next one.
Q: Modular exponentiation. Why all different?

Jeck CoelerWhy is it if we use 1 2 3 4 mod 5 and we take x^3 of this numbers, we come to: 1 3 2 4 (all numbers are different as you can see)

9:07 PM
@Sphinx uhhhmmmm, what?
3^3 = 27 % 5 = 2
definition of modulus?
flag it as "needs more focus"?
it's just completely off-topic. Just because you're puzzled by something doesn't make it a puzzle.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question does not appear to be about creation and solving of puzzles, within the scope defined in the help center.
that's what I'm going with
@jafe good point
By the way, the reason I haven't posted is approximately 1% stack drama, 99% complete lack of poetic inspiration
That's why I posted that one riddle about summer around memorial day of whatever year I did that; to get the alliteration in the first line out of my head
Challenge @ThePuzzlingPlatypus Make a Reverse/Inverse Nonodoku
9:19 PM
@Avi I can barely write a riddle
practice makes perfect
Still waiting for someone to write that nonogram guide
nonogram guide?
what's there to learn
I guess i could make it myself
How they work? I am bad at grid deduction
if only this AHK script would work out
9:20 PM
question, what would a reverse nonodoku be
but I think @Stiv should be the one to do that because he invented it
uh, he did?
I invented reverse nonodoku right now ;c
Only problem is that it doesn't work....
not reverse nonodoku
I was talking about a reverse nonogram
no, regular nonodoku
he invented regular nonodoku
9:23 PM
IT was his first "needs a name" puzzle
I invented reverse nonogram
that's what I meant
he invented regular, so why shouldn't he be the one to reverse it
reverse nonogram being inspired by nonodoku
what's a reverse nonogram though?
nonograms have been around forever
well, that's the problem
9:24 PM
I know what a nonogram is, but how would you reverse it?
you have no idea either, do you
That's the puzzle :P
well, I had an idea
all I could think is give an image and write clues for it, but that's not fun
The real problem with it was that the reverse part wasn't working out
what was your idea?
I can't tell you that; I might end up figuring it out
9:26 PM
I forget who, but someone, I think it was one of the mods, reversed a sudoku once
that was "here's a sudoku, fill in what they originally gave you"
I was thinking of making a SuSudokudoku puzzle
again, can't reveal the details beyond the title
because it actually does work
why do I want to say "sudoki doki panic"
doku doku
I'm glad you know what that is, because I don't
I think i'll go for a bit while you do that
@Avi Must say I'm delighted that the word 'nonodoku' has infiltrated your subconsciousness! :)
9:40 PM
Guess I'm a total goober then
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus I believe this puzzle might be your reversed sudoku...
It's by @JMP
10:02 PM
@GarethMcCaughan The former, just because I've been going a lot alot lately.
@Brandon_J heh
10:24 PM
11:19 PM
Q: Obtaining three equal factors from a given number

Vassilis ParassidisLets have two sequences. S1 12,45,171,648,2457,9315,35316 and S2 21,81,306,1161,4401,16686,63261 The ratio of the last two terms 63261/35316 is almost equal to $\sqrt[3]{3(\sqrt{21}-1)-5}$. If we want a closer approximation we can obtain more terms of the above sequences. The question is h...

they're both oeis sequences but I'm still puzzled
seems good to me
Oh my god he said "antiquarian"
11:37 PM
@Stiv that's the one
ah, perhaps I misheard
and... perhaps I didn't :D
urgh, trying the last Betty Botter one and it's tough

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