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12:58 AM
1:19 AM
@Avi Course’s last essential composition, perhaps! (5)
Maybe I should start a career as a cryptic clue ghostwriter
Test’s essential component, perhaps! (5)
1:47 AM
_ES_ + SAY (“perhaps”)
@North perhaps, perhaps
ah, it's good to post
and i actually spent quite a deal of time making this question
definitely one of my proudest ones, even if i just posted it
2:11 AM
posted on January 18, 2020 by North

To: My Mods! (and the community) Note: The following is a letter enclosing the details of what's going on. It's more for "story" and humor, but does have some information that you might want. To save you time for those who'd rather not read the letter (and hurt my feelings), here is the tl;dr: The letter below does not contain any ciphers, steganography, or hidden messages.

woah what
s with sphinx
also questions give you +10 per up vote now? That's interesting
1 hour later…
3:41 AM
Yeah - past posts have also been retroactively adjusted :)
5 hours later…
8:19 AM
Q: Let's get down to a Riley riddle!

LizWeirMy prefix, proudest hunter, still stands guard o'er home and grain; My suffix, firm foundation, from which space is realised; My infix, part outstanding, leaves a gap for us to work. But ye who seek me out, beware: for heroes fall, but not all rise.

8:39 AM
Q: Is it possible to put the numbers into circle?

NickThis topic is motivated by the trolley813's answer on my question. Question. Is it possible to put the numbers $1,2,3,...,23$ in circles so that the sum of the four numbers on $9$ sides of $3$ large triangles give the same sum? My attempt is: The total sum is $1+2+...+23=276$, but $13$ num...

4 hours later…
12:33 PM
Possible duplicate of Updated the warning messages about quality standards of questions on PSE (the older one should be closed in favour of the newer one, since the site has changed so much since this was posted). — Rand al'Thor 2 mins ago
Since that's a close vote on meta, I figured I should mention it since nobody checks the meta review queues.
(The answers on that old question could also use some downvotes, since the site is so different now.)
5 hours later…
5:29 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Yes, indeed. You don't mention, but ZO is ZOo.
(as I'm sure you realized. I'm just saying so for the benefit of anyone who didn't.)
6:07 PM
am i the only one who finds that the white indicator for the left menu bar annoying?
6:38 PM
6:59 PM
Never thought that I would see Zoroastrianism in my life again lol
2 hours later…
9:00 PM
I did indeed realise that ZO was ZO(-o); I thought it was clear enough that I could leave my explanation uncluttered :-).
I suppose I have to make another clue now.
9:44 PM
CCCC: Attacking, taking a piece, gaining two pawns -- good! -- and the queen. Might be an exciting game! (5,5)
10:05 PM
heh, think i used ZO< + ROASTER once... not sure if it was here or in OK's room
10:25 PM
in OK's 屋企(home), Oct 17 '19 at 4:23, by jafe
CCCC: Persian leader from magical land returned after insulting humourist (9)
ah yeah it was in the other room
@GarethMcCaughan if "Attacking" clues "STI", I've got it. But I don't see it....
let's hear it anyway :)
10:33 PM
Q: Feedback for puzzle i made up

NorthexSo I made this puzzle where you have words that branch off into other words. For example: The blue letters you take and move it on to the next blank space, still putting it in order: For example, FUN and RAM would get RUN, not URN, UNR, NUR, RNU or NRU. Here is the complete puzzle: ...

@jafe STI taking R + p + p + O.K. + E.R.
i see, makes sense
one might have an "attack" of a disease but yeah i don't see how "attacking" = STI either
neither do I, but it sounds plausible
inb4 the def is "Attacking"
11:26 PM
"Attacking" does not clue STI, but you will not be surprised to hear that most of the rest is right. (I hope you don't mind having that confirmed even though you don't have everything.)
@GarethMcCaughan Not at all (do I mind), or I'd've shut up about what I got so far.
Q: Solving an enigma

kt476OQBA BQWG OZBF XSFX AIUF MIQE FGBE JEAJ UNLE QXTR ZEXL YFKJ LBQV XDRG N My friend gave me this and said it was an actual message so I'm determined to find out but I'm not sure how to crack it. Anyone?

^ why can't people just give up and ask their friend, instead of asking the internet?
thus allowing their friend to show off their cleverness and feel good
11:47 PM
At least some of the time, the reason is that it wasn't really "my friend", but there's some sort of competition they're trying to cheat on.
Oh, of course. It's "Attacking, taking a piece" = STRIking
and the rest as above.
Got it! Well done.

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