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4:24 AM
Q: A picture is worth a million memories!

Ak19 What does the above picture refer to?

5:04 AM
Q: Inside Out and Back to Front

Jaap ScherphuisHere's a quickie: I own a shirt that has a logo on the chest on the left side. This morning I accidentally put it on inside out and back to front. Where did the logo go? Please explain your answer as clearly as possible.

2 hours later…
7:04 AM
Q: A weird cipher inside video game

irislusciniarecently a game named "ode to a moon"released.... during the gameplay there are several cipher sentences flashing on the screen. I was trying to decode them as a cryptography amateur(noob),but still no clue. I wonder if they are truly meaningful.

4 hours later…
11:14 AM
@jafe @Alconja @MOehm or other 10k-ers: regular delete-vote call on one, two, three closed questions :-)
do we have a policy on what kind of questions are deleted vs just closed?
A: When should I vote to delete a question?

Robert CartainoYou delete a question when the content no longer adds anything to the site. Questions are closed for a variety of reasons, so let's look at each close reason and whether they should likely be deleted: Exact Duplicate: It depends; Look at the context of how they are asked. You'll want to keep...

i see, thanks
I do these pingfests every so often in chat to drum up a delete-vote posse with whoever's around. But never for any question which might plausibly be reopened or might be argued to be on-topic.
12:03 PM
have you ever run for moderator @Randal'Thor?
12:22 PM
Well, I am a moderator on another SE site.
<---- hence the blue name
ah right
12:44 PM
@Randal'Thor howdy there
12:58 PM
looks like I came a little too late, and my greeting was missed.
1:23 PM
Q: Which family is it?

JKHA On the 20th of July 19 it's a large family of 175 members that keeps growing. Younguest is only 2 months. Only four of them are more than 10 years old. What family is it?

2:23 PM
Q: The revenge of 3D light bulbs

jafe This is a three-dimensional Akari puzzle (also known as Light Up). The five squares represent the layers of a $5\times5\times5$ cube, top to bottom. The objective is to add light bulbs into any number of cells so that the resulting grid satifies the following rules:1 Black cells are wa...

3:03 PM
Q: Masyu-making game

jafe Two players are playing a game on a $4\times4$ board. The players take turns adding either a white circle or a black circle into any empty square, so that the board makes a solvable masyu puzzle (with one or more possible solutions). The winner is the player who first makes the position unique...

3:43 PM
Q: Somebody hacked my clock

FlanManHarvey the hacker hacked my clock. At first, the results made no sense, but I eventually figured out his logic. At 12:00, the clock shows 12:19 At 12:01, the clock shows 12:15 At 12:02, the clock shows 12:18 At 12:03, the clock shows 12:18 At 12:04, the clock shows 12:17 At 12:05, the clock show...

1 hour later…
5:02 PM
Q: A Person Who owns or manages something

XoZzTCode @9?]O=u1,7@9@JdA8PLh English Word Clue: A Person who owns or manages Something.

1 hour later…
6:07 PM
@JohnDvorak thanks
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
You too, if you celebrate (tomorrow, I guess).
@Randal'Thor the site linked to in your SFF.se profile and the one linked to from the Twitter profile linked to from the SFF.se profile are both dead links.
Yeah, people keep mentioning that to me ... :-( It's only available via the Wayback Machine at the moment.
@Randal'Thor May wanna change the link to that, then. :-)
If another cccc hint is desired, let me know.
2 hours later…
10:22 PM
Q: Hiker's Cabin Mystery | Pt. X

I N T E R E S T I N GBefore we get into it, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate everyone on us reaching part ten, but especially you because you've been putting up with this nonsense and travelling all over the world to search for this person. But you still obediently head over to the (Answer to Part IX) ...

1 hour later…
11:41 PM
Q: Black to play and win (Teeko)

msh210$$\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|c|}\hline\\ &&&&\\\hline\\ &&&&\\\hline\\ &&X&O&X\\\hline\\ &X&O&O&\\\hline\\ \phantom A&&X&O&\\\hline\end{array}$$ $X$ to play and win. The rules of Teeko: Teeko is played by two players, black and red, on a five-by-five checkerboard. Each side has four checkers in...


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