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12:15 AM
Q: 🍩🔔🔥Scrambled emoji tale⚛️🎶🛒 #2️⃣

Victor Stafusa Note: If the emoji charactres of this question and its answers are borked, doubtful and what you can see are mostly boxes (like □ or �), I took an screenshot for you. Here is a story. It has 12 parts that were scrambled (each part in one line). The title shows up in some part of the story,...

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1:30 AM
Call to arms: micsthepick is defending in Contact!
2:29 AM
Q: When does a (grid) puzzle genre have its own tag?

athinSo I just realized there is a tag for nonogram. More browsing, there are tags minesweeper, mastermind, slitherlink, and other genres of grid puzzles (a.k.a grid-deduction) as well. Hmm.. There is sudoku, but no kakuro. There is partiti, but no fillomino. Moreover, there are no masyu, akari, LITS...

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3:49 AM
Q: Nono-cube - Ultimate Puzzle Giant

Omega KryptonPrologue - Instructions Shamelessly copied and pasted the following from @jafe's puzzle :P This is a three-dimensional nonogram. The first square gives the enumerations for the Z-axis, top to bottom. The next sixteen squares depict the layers of a $16\times16\times16$ cube. Some rules: If a ...

I have no idea who i should give the check to. Any suggestions?
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6:17 AM
Q: 3D? No-no! 3 Sides

Omega KryptonIntroducing the Isometric Nonogram! α) Boring Definition Column: Blue Part + Green Cell Row: Yellow Part + Green Cell Adjacent/ Continuous cells: Purple Cell + any of the Orange Cells β) Clues All clues are provided. Only one colour, red is needed for this nonogram. ...

Q: Reverse dots and boxes – Guess the last move

jafe Alice and Bob are playing a game of reverse dots and boxes. The players take turns adding one horizontal or vertical line in one free spot on the grid (marked with light gray lines in the below image). Alice goes first. If a move completes a $1\times1$ box, the player gets one point ...

6:45 AM
Can't resist gushing! Puzzling.etc was great before i found out but it/we keeps/keep up the steam to new velocities. I really wish i could bounty questions.
(And, yes, i wish i could complete my uncounted-by-now unfinished-as-yet puzzles. They might be goodies! What i've posted completed themselves, for better or worse.)
@humn i also have some such puzzles lol
@OmegaKrypton , No doubt!
@OmegaKrypton, yours is the most recent puzzle i plus-ed! So visual, so suggestive.
thanks lol :P
@humn this idea came to my mind when i was thinking of a twist to jafe's nonograms, but then this took me some time to draw the diagrams lol
and the puzzle was only a beginners' edition... let's see how it works out
6:51 AM
So much to look up. I just love nonograms.
To make it too easy, @Omega Krypton, would you mind a link to jafe's nonogram?
you know what? i only learnt what nonograms is when jafe posted the 3D edition - beginners
I'll give a link to mine in return . . .
@humn jafe has a LOT
A: Tricolour nonogram

Omega Krypton oops just realised some mistakes: 1) row 252: 5 chunk should shift right for one block 2) first row of FRANCE: first grey block should shift right for one block

6:53 AM
Thank you!
A: 3D nonogram, beginner's edition

Omega Kryptonnonogram: this is depicting

And again!
welcome :)
my own:
Q: Nono-cube - Ultimate Puzzle Giant

Omega KryptonPrologue - Instructions Shamelessly copied and pasted the following from @jafe's puzzle :P This is a three-dimensional nonogram. The first square gives the enumerations for the Z-axis, top to bottom. The next sixteen squares depict the layers of a $16\times16\times16$ cube. Some rules: If a ...

Q: Nono-Cube: Approach at Your Own Risk

Omega Krypton Inspired by jafe's 3D nonograms :) Answer is one word. This puzzle is a part of Ooohh, it all makes sense now! :D

Q: Not Just Black and White

Omega KryptonAnswer for this puzzle is one word. Have fun! Highlighted parts are where I realised I have clued it wrong... Sorry for all this inconvenience! Hint: usefulness level 1 usefulness level 2 This puzzle is a part of Ooohh, it all makes sense now! :D

and 3). that's all compared to jafe's idk how many...
6:57 AM
Now you're asking for it! I don't think this one's been solved:
Q: Semiminibino...hologram

humn      ☆   Be the first to make your own semiminibinononohohohologram   ☆ “  !  ” you interject?   Might not be quite as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as it sounds, though. What could look like a...

[speechless] +1ed
@Omega K, did you take to more than two colors? Or just to the limit? I never thought of either and now can't stop.
@humn not yet...
A "chromatic" nonogram could consist of integer values that add up to a column or row. I would start with something easy.
(Got so excited on the subject that my mouse jumped off the table.)
7:08 AM
sorry should be oink
I keep peeking at the puzzles mentioned and am forming ideas but this conversation is more fun at the moment.
. . . and still looking for my previous favo(u)rite . . . stay tuned . . .
Oh no! Looks like user Silenus has been scratched. (I hope to remember incorrectly.)
. . . change of username . . .
Q: A simple nonogram

GoldenGremlinSolve the nonogram.                   (Click for a larger version.)

notorious no-computers tag...
7:19 AM
as if it were needed in this case.
there are online nonogram solvers
but not for 3d, triangular, and multicolours (i think)
Oh. not yet!
that's why we make them >:)
Fill in the blanks.
7:22 AM
How about a multicolor or multidimensional crossword?
(Guess i'm talking about USA-type crossword, but who cares.)
multicolour CROSSWORD? wdym?
multidimensional : made
Q: Pure 3D Crossword

Omega KryptonThis puzzle was made as requested by EKons, here. So, enjoy this three-dimensional realistic sensation!

and another one by jafe
Q: 3D Crossword, Cryptic, Statue View & Maze

jafeThe following image depicts the layers of a $5\times5\times5$ cube. Using 3-dimensional thinking, can you find the way out of the cube? Empty version with no crossword numbers Empty version with crossword only 1. Crossword (blue squares) Across 1. Separately 4. Hurry 7. Phy...

U Bd, O K!
& Ur using up my +-es for the day.
Here's my original, that was thrown under the wheels deservedly a lesson:
Q: More-than-Two-Dimensional Crosswords from Atomic to Zen

humnFollowing Peter Taylor's answer to The smallest crossword  >   It's not hard to construct a 1x1 crossword:   . . . A single-cell crossword could be called atomic. _______ Surreal: |10 | Across Down Up Diagonal (no black | ...

@humn lol
@humn i dont get the question posed as well. sorry :/ (didnt -1)
+1 from me
7:30 AM
@OmegaKrypton , Thank you for not -1-ing, much as it deserved it. I didn't know what i was doing, just the best i could.
I still think of Puzzling as almost anything goes.
try posting more specific questions later no maybe? ;) (and i am definitely not entitled yet to say this, given my rep)
@OmegaKrypton , yes, a lesson or two, or three or . . .
You and i have enough reputation points to make a difference, @Omega K, congratulations!
Took me years.
Of fun!
7:34 AM
Hey, @jafe, just to be rude, did you make up your avatar/icon?
Hey, @humn, just to be rude, why ask?
nope, that's the default one i got :)
(And you know, @jafe, i'm a fan of your work, just to be complete.)
no offense
@humn 2nd one here
7:39 AM
Sooner or later . . . (I'm a graphic designer, just to get personal.)
and your avatar is nice @humn
you made it urself?
Thank you, @Omega K! Yes.
Figure it out in full scale.
guess how i get the omega piece in my icon. [those who know please keep silent :) ]
i know hehe
Oh wow wow, @Omega K, i just looked at your piece at full scale. ! ! !
Action packed.
I can see the hand reaching for the piece that completes the puzzle.
(Correct me if i'm wrong.)
7:43 AM
the... final... piece
Oh I'll, correct me: It's the piece of resistance!
lol both works :)
but where's the source? i didnt make that piece myself
Too much fun.
At one point i was part of a group depicted by omega, resistance.
(Still am.)
piece de resistance lol
7:45 AM
It can mean two things: Something irrestable, and ...
Something that resists.
oxymoron :)
Answer: from wikipedia logo ;)
@humn @jafe
Hey, if you're gonna call me an oxymoron i might just call you a pluripotent.
@OmegaKrypton "Piece de resistance" gave this incredible puzzle
7:52 AM
How i love puzzles that combine verbal and visual!
And, for now, i'm out of votes. Ain't there a way to allow more?
(I should know, but my intrusions to meta.meta.stackwhatever have been curtailed.)
(After all, i'm only humn. Used to be murine.)
For anyone who cares, i learned English from natives and have a love/hate relationship with the language. It embodies the best and the worst of natives and invaders.
Bye for now.
8:18 AM
Q: we are five we have three thousand four hundred fifty who are we?

ATheartwe are five we three thousand four hundred fifty, who are we ?. Its a riddle like question but stranded with getting the answer for this question , am very sure the answer will make me slap my head if i get help. it might be about things of our daily use or logic.

8:37 AM
Q: Three Subway Escalators

FlanManThis is not my puzzle, and I don't remember the source, but I don't see it posted here yet, so... A subway station has three escalators running side-by-side. One escalator only descends from the street to the subway platform, and the other two escalators only ascend from the subway platform to t...

too broad??
Q: Game Night at the Binomial Elks Club

JS1The Binomial Elks Club, being predominantly composed of ambitious and competitive personalities, often held game nights in which members enjoyed battling each other for high stakes and bragging rights. On this particular night, a crowd had gathered around Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. These two f...

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9:50 AM
If y'all want a CCCC hint, I'll be glad to provide. Just so you know: I'll be barely online for the next 6-7 hours and then completely offline for about 26 hours for shabbat.
hint then please
"Simp" is of course in an unusual dialect (like South African English or 1970s English) or register (like slang or formal). In fact, words in unusual dialects/registers are rampant here: they're in the clue itself, they're in the solution (or component solutions) of the cryptic part of the clue, and one is the solution to the definition part of the clue.
10:07 AM
The idea that operating a computer counts as work is one I will never understand
I mean... please educate me on the subject
@JohnDvorak I haven't read it carefully but en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electricity_on_Shabbat seems to be a reasonably good introduction.
10:28 AM
> when using a CRT display (but not later types of display), words which appear on a computer screen are actually flickering many times a second; according to some authorities this means that such writing is not considered writing at all
I feel like this kind of distinctions misses the purpose of sabbath and stumbles deep into rules lawyering
I feel like I really hope you are careful to avoid making this a contentious argument. (Also, it's being started just as, for obvious reasons, a group of people with one specific and important opinion about it are going to be unable to comment.)
I would suggest that attitudes to "rules lawyering" may reasonably vary.
10:45 AM
@JohnDvorak You could call it that. There are many detailed, technical discussions about halacha (Jewish rules of practice). That doesn't mean that the spirit of the sabbath is unimportant. And, yeah, I can't stay here and debate this much now but feel free to ask stuff on Mi Yodeya if you like.
Is Sabbath starting already? Didn't realize that, sorry.
Fri/Sat midnight is still five hours to go, even for Japan.
Sunset, not midnight.
Sunset on Friday?
Friday's sunset to Saturday's sunset
(you basically learn this in SE chat :P)
It's maybe worthy of note that one specific but highly influential religious tradition took "boo, look at those Jews with their rules-lawyering and neglect of the spirit of the law in favour of its letter" as a means of differentiating itself from its predecessor. Adherents of any version of that tradition may want to consider that this may give them a not-entirely-fairly negative attitude to formal religious rules.
The idea that the creator of the universe might like intricate formal systems of rules doesn't prima facie seem any sillier than the idea that he/she/it might dislike (to take a few fairly well known examples found in major religions) eating cows, lending money at interest, or homosexual sex.
10:54 AM
True. Does orthodox Judaism state that he does like that?
(also, should we postpone this discussion for 24 hours to give msh210 the ability to participate, or rather 48 to cover everyone?)
I'm curious, where does msh210 live?
... or should I avoid the topic altogether?
11:22 AM
@JohnDvorak UTC+3 right now
@GarethMcCaughan interesting
Thanks for the link
@JohnDvorak no, but I've stuff to do before sunset (partially because we don't cook on the sabbath but we like to have nice meals in its honor :-) )
Ah, thanks.
11:37 AM
Enjoy your sabbath, @msh210
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12:59 PM
Q: What is a Romeo Word™?

Omega KryptonIn the spirit of the What is a Word™/Phrase™ series started by JLee, a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles.Template taken from Rubio. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Romeo Word™. Use the following examples below to find the rule. $$ % set Title text. (spaces around ...

> What's wrong with the title?
oh god
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3:19 PM
Q: 5 Precommitting Pirates Puzzle

MagmaAnother variant of the Pirate Puzzle, inspired by this variant and a bit more complex. Scenario: Five pirates of different ages obtain 100 gold pieces in total, and want to decide how to split them. Procedure: First each pirate, in order from youngest to oldest, makes a proposition on how to ...

3:53 PM
I'm Adventist. We have the sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset too
Q: What is a good/standard list of "simple English words" suitable for puzzling?

QuuxplusoneSuppose I'm trying to computer-solve a puzzle, or computer-create a puzzle, where "every word in the whatever is a common English word." For example, intuitively, BUNNY is a common English word, TAPIR is borderline, and EURYPTERID is definitely not a common English word. Where would I find a com...

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5:20 PM
Q: Finger sequence – find the continuation

jafePick the correct continuation for the sequence. Options:

2 hours later…
7:40 PM
Q: Complete the series on this set of numbers

John SmithHere is one that I can't seem to solve: Complete the following series: 529, 531, 542, 544, 561, 558

8:21 PM
Q: Stuck in a Virtual Dungeon

andré You're stuck in a virtual room. You tried to open the door but it seems to be locked. The robot guard opens the door's tiny window and looks at you. You: Can you please help me get out of here? The robot doesn't seem to be able to talk but he displays a message: 24D024CC246024DD24D324CD...

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10:21 PM
Q: And yet we'll reunite

JKHAMy crush texted me: Met me there, tomorrow, 21th of July. Prove all your romance is true. Prove what you learnt in maths, computer science, litterature... and during all those years of studying will serve us. If we are meant for each other I'll see you at 9pm. 1987 : A ’2019 ’ * P C, T T ...

11:01 PM
Q: Saturdays' Sequences

JKHA 0.469281 0.267974 0.333333 0.333333 0.666667 0.499346 0.333333 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 3 2 F 0 0 0 0 U P F O X F E 0 0 1 1 2 1 1 Here are 5 intertwined sequences. I will add one sequence each saturday until this puzzle is solved. Saturday added sequence will be connected to all previous sequences....


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