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2:50 AM
@athin :P
3:23 AM
Ok, I'm pretty sure I have the C4, but would never have got it without a bit of Qat assistance which makes me feel a little dirty... (though i did wonder about the answer briefly before the first letter clue, and may have got there based on that alone if I still had it in my maybe list...)
what is Qat? thx @Alconja
oh thanks and how's your progress with my ode lol?
Qat, Onelook, and Nutrimatic are my three typical gotos
3:30 AM
@OmegaKrypton Yeah... don't ask...
Haven't had a chance to look again since my initial partial posting
(notice that NOW could also be WON -- it's an ambiguous clue, annoyingly)
also, I haven't made any progress either (though I haven't looked at it for too long - got 8 clues the night it was posted, but then fell asleep half an hour after that, and only took a brief glimpse at the posted answer with most of the solutions)
it's an annoying user, ambiguously
just kidding :P
@Alconja bear in mind that fiend is also a word, regarding your theory about missing letters
Yes, realise that. I was considering that it had a missing letter given the first line refers to "friend" and the fourth contextually is referring to the same person.
MOehm also gave some useful comments regarding the clues
3:41 AM
Yeah, noticed at least a couple of my missing ones were given in comments, just hadn't come back to it yet...
4:15 AM
@Alconja I don't think one should be ashamed of using Qat when a C4 has been unsolved for days
Q: An Unusual Amount Of Help

Rewan DemontayAnother day, another helpmate to solve! Here's a really complicated one! The Black pawn on Black's first rank moves like a normal Black pawn. It's White to move first. Given that White moves to help Black checkmate themselve, find the quickest mates such that Black mates: -With a queen -Wi...

@Sid Yeah, I know there's no "rules" to speak of, but my personal Qat-shame threshold is closer to a week than two days. :) I'll leave it a little longer and if no one else gets it I'll post.
1 hour later…
5:23 AM
@OmegaKrypton Or did you mean "quite a pleasing user", by any chance? :)
5:57 AM
Q: Four-dimensional light bulbs

Jan Ivan In reaction to Three-dimensional light bulbs - rules are same (almost) This is a four-dimensional Akari puzzle (also known as Light Up). The nine squares represent the layers of a $3\times3\times3\times3$ hypercube, top to bottom (… or something like that). The objective is to add light b...

6:36 AM
Q: burr or cube puzzle need help on solving

Ericstrong textHave a 8 piece wooden puzzle that I can not solve. 8 separate pieces, all the same width, suppose to make a cube. Please help.

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7:38 AM
@MOehm not him ;)
7:55 AM
@Alconja wow. That's quite a feature-heavy tool.
8:36 AM
Q: Cover a cube with four-legged walky-squares!

plasticinsectThis is a four-legged walky-square: This shape has an interesting property: It is possible to map multiple copies of this shape onto the surface of a cube in a way that perfectly covers the entire cube with no gaps and no overlaps. How can it be done, and how many copies of the shape are need...

8:50 AM
Q: One 'double agent' two-step on a waltzing floor

OnlyF I'm in a jam – cornered I am! – No clue 'bout where to go Here's what went down, a pretty gown Some wine, a French chateau She whispered underneath her breath "Come dance with me and know what's coming up – so far away – oh darling, please follow!?" I dropped my guise –...

this is the greatest open question on PSE, and i have a wiiild theory about it
anyone wanna hear it?
To have it confirmed or torn down?
@jafe me
the latter is perhaps more likely... put on your tinfoil hats, people
he = prime numbers, she = fibonacci numbers
they "dance together" for a while: 2, 3, 5
then she "sways at her side of the floor":
his "dance is quite intense":
the dancers eventually end up in opposite corners
i dare you to tell me this is all coincidence
@jafe this is all coincidence
oh, oh! also check out the title
@msh210 how dare you
one... doubled... two-step is 2... waltz is 3... 1,1,2,3... oooh
8:59 AM
... nice find!
@jafe can't resist a dare
especially such an easy, surefire one :-P
Primes and Fibonacci, that's a brilliant idea. (Together with enumerating the dance floor tiles in the first place.)
no, I kid, you could well be right
@MOehm much better than Uvc's (shhh)
9:02 AM
Much more artistic, in any case.
But what about the cipher tag?
yeah stumped on that
Ah, of course there's the mysterious note.
@jafe the gigantic nonogram will be posted soon ;)
9:14 AM
i bet it takes at least 3 days to solve
that "scrunched-up note" is reminiscent of a continued fraction
it isn't a standard/traditional continued fraction as is, but maybe it's worth pursuing that angle...
In mathematics, a continued fraction is an expression obtained through an iterative process of representing a number as the sum of its integer part and the reciprocal of another number, then writing this other number as the sum of its integer part and another reciprocal, and so on. In a finite continued fraction (or terminated continued fraction), the iteration/recursion is terminated after finitely many steps by using an integer in lieu of another continued fraction. In contrast, an infinite continued fraction is an infinite expression. In either case, all integers in the sequence, other than...
(but then the cipher tag wouldn't make much sense... presumably the note is a cipher.. right? I don't know PSE tagging and also am not good at riddles so I dunno)
I don't know. There are fractional slashes, but that's about it, no? To me it loos like a series of "steps" from Her / Him divided my hyphens.
well, fractional slashes and minusal (???) hyphens
some have no dots ., which makes me think of them as numbers (so some happen to be integral and others fractional) as opposed to e.g. spots on the board
9:26 AM
@jafe it's out!
bam! +1
@GarethMcCaughan I really don't think so but: MAN (the man=the police, and a regular cop, not a superior officer, can be called a man) in COCHE (an ancient city in what's now Iraq) = COMANCHE (American)
"in" has a double duty there?
It's also inelegant that MAN is already part of "policeman".
9:35 AM
@jafe the whole use of COCHE for "(in) the Middle East" is very weak... I don't know which is worse, counting "in" as part of COCHE or as an indicator (or whatever you call them)... both are bad
@MOehm I agree 100%
Like I said, I really don't think so.
Well, inelegant, but not illegal.
Q: Nono-cube - Ultimate Puzzle Giant

Omega KryptonPrologue - Instructions Shamelessly cpoied and pasted the following from @jafe's puzzle :P This is a three-dimensional nonogram. The first ten squares depict the layers of a $16\times16\times16$ cube. The final square gives the enumerations for the Z-axis, top to bottom. Some rules: If a row...

@msh210 No, COMANCHE isn't the intended answer. I agree that it's inelegant but not inadmissible. Perhaps if I'd ever heard of Coche I would have rejected my clue as not having a unique answer :-).
9:51 AM
I'm not disappointed. my hopes were extremely low :-)
@OmegaKrypton You can, you know, creatse an n-dimensional nonogram for any n>0. (Well, n>1 for hope of a unique solution.) Of course, it'll be difficult to picture the result, but it is solvable nonetheless.
If you're looking for a new challenge....
you mean the 4d one?
the 99-dimensional 1x1x1x.... nonogram
one clue: the enumeration for the X axis is "1"
and the axes are named A,B,C,...,Z,AA,AB,...AZ,BA,...BZ,CA...till CU?
4 dimensions is apparently X, Y, Z and W... no idea how that goes for more
or maybe A,X,I and S lol
10:10 AM
I prefer C,W,M,F,J,O,R,D,B,A,N,K,G,L,Y,P,H,S,V,E,X,T,Q,U,I and Z
@OmegaKrypton yes, or any n... but start with 4 :-D
^^That's how the Welsh label their axes.
@jafe usually x_1, x_2, etc (subscripts)
Perhaps A Q U I C K F O X J U M P S O V E R T H L A Z Y D G
@JohnDvorak I'd think you'd prefer PYFGCRLAOEUIDHTNSQJKXBMWVZ
10:13 AM
[scratching my head]
10:50 AM
@msh210 not sure... i do find it interesting though that there are 34 numbers in the note, 34 lines in the poem and 34 squares on the floor
as someone noted in a comment
desperate reach: "american policeman" is (dirty harry) CALLAHAN, "in the middle east" refers to AHAN, azerbaijan (close enough)... and "stationed" is CALL because, um... reasons
11:09 AM
wow, you got it
(no you didn't)
@jafe yeah
@jafe stationed = on call, maybe
Q: 5 Negotiating Pirates Puzzle

rinspy5 pirates of different ages have a treasure of 100 gold coins. On their ship, they decide to split the coins using this scheme: The oldest pirate proposes how to share the coins, and ALL pirates (including the oldest) vote for or against it. If 50% or more of the pirates vote for it, then the ...

11:50 AM
could be CRUX containing [synonym/hyponym of American]+[synonym/hyponym of policeman]
or CRUX/CENTER/CENTRE containing [synonym/hyponym of American policeman]
and meaning east
but then "the" is superfluous, so I doubt it
(or CORE)
1 hour later…
1:04 PM
@jafe I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.
well Hey, look at the time. It’s time for ... Today’s Bad C4 “Solution”™️!
It’s obviously CHEROKEE because the policeman is a HERO and CKEE is a radio station that the hero is in the middle of. The word “East” in the clue is a red herring - Gareth is sneaky like that. And of course a CHEROKEE is an American. #BadC4Solutions
if CKE is a station too then you don't need the red herring
I know. It’s not.
of course, it'd still be a bad solution :-)
I really wanted it to be Cherokee but if it is, how the clue would work is beyond me.
1:09 PM
if it's Cherokee it could just as well be Comanche (or some others IIRC)
2 hours later…
2:46 PM
So I've made a tool which can help people solve and create Square Spin puzzles since they are clearly a hassle to answer. Where would it be on-topic for me to share it?
Q: Wordplay subtraction paradox

SlowMagicThere are words from which you can remove a "chunk", leaving a new word. Like this: WISHBONE WI SHBO NE WI SHBO NE WI <poof!> NE WI NE WI NE WINE There are also words that work the other way, for which inserting a "chunk" produces a new word. Fo...

Q: Wordplay addition paradox

SlowMagicThere are words from which you can remove a "chunk", leaving a new word. Like this: WISHBONE WI SHBO NE WI SHBO NE WI <poof!> NE WI NE WI NE WINE There are also words that work the other way, for which inserting a "chunk" produces a new word. Fo...

3:27 PM
@OmegaKrypton can you give me a summary of edits? I'm too lazy to look through the images to see what changed.
@micsthepick mainly left border i think, but that may not be all of the edits. i redid the removing of answers and pasting the pic, so im not too sure myself lol :P
ok, perhaps I can get a subtraction diff in gimp?
what's that?
I'll try it, and if I have any success then I will post some images
it seems like the images have different scales
yep i think so...
the worksheets are different
3:36 PM
I was going to try to do a pixel comparison (in GIMP I pasted the original image and then added a layer with the difference mode)
oh well, so much for lazyness
sorry for the trouble...
did the z plan change?
hey... dont be intimidated, its not as hard as it seems ;)
@micsthepick nope
is there really a 2 on the very left of that row in layer 12?
or does it start with a cut off 1?
no 1 seen in rows in layer 12
3:45 PM
at all?
I meant layer 13
I saw that it was the fourth last, so I subtracted four from 16 :P
@Deusovi On the "Getting one over the boss" puzzle, how do you get the last phrase, "Quite the reverse"?
It's not directly extracted in any way - it's just a common(-ish) English phrase that means "the opposite", but also applies literally
@micsthepick lemme check
2 2 2 1 @micsthepick
then next is 2 2 2 followed by 1 1
1 2 1 at last
@micsthepick pls ping me when u need me
that contradicts the fact that there is a 4,9 on the first column and zeroes on the next from the z-plan
why? unlabeled r/c s are UNKNOWN, not 0s
3:56 PM
they are labelled as 0 though
yep on the z plan, so?
because of the 4,9 there must be a cell on the leftmost on that particular row, correct? @OmegaKrypton
so the very next one should be filled in too
but the z index would disagree
sorry it should be 1 2 2 2 1
4:01 PM
okay, that's what I thought
im sooooooo sorry :/
all good!
only to add the 1
hopefully there is nothing else :p
4:40 PM
@OmegaKrypton on the third layer, is the second row with just two correct? it blocks off the first and last block on that row, but the second layer needs one in that position, and the 4 in the z-plan suggests that it needs to continue
CCCC hints: (1) First letter is C. (2) Third letter is N.
@micsthepick I see we are on the same page
dammit! should be 1 1 sorry :(
@GarethMcCaughan canadian? :P
(Canada != America)
@micsthepick @DarkThunder ping me when you need to, but please dont expect me to answer quick... i'm going to bed now... cya and g'night
best ping me here:
4:54 PM
Q: need help in solving burr or cube puzzle

EricI have a 8 piece wooden puzzle that I found in a yard sale that I can not figure out. All pieces are the same thickness. Please see photo Thanks for all help. Sorry about the last post, new here and not sure how all this works.

5:10 PM
@micsthepick If that's a serious suggestion you need to explain how you think it works.
it's not serious...
but that does not mean that it will never be
@micsthepick Regardless of whether you are actually suggesting CANADIAN as an answer, note that while Canada != America a Canadian is certainly an American even if not a citizen of the United States.
but, I want to solve another puzzle first
(As usual, nothing I say is intended as a hint unless I say it's intended as a hint.)
I want to know why I'm getting double pinged, because I can only see one tab of TSL
5:13 PM
Well, I did reply to two of your comments, but I guess you mean you got two pings for each?
You'd get extra pings if I edited the comments (editing a comment re-pings anyone @-ed in the new version) but I didn't.
does it happen if you ping me the other way?
you mean without explicitly replying to your comment? I think that's the same mechanism underneath, but let's see:
hey @micsthepick, look over here
still double pinged
5:18 PM
@micsthepick let's see if an audio icon shows up in two tabs
it's coming from the same tab
how do you know?
hm... how many tabs are there in the first place? :D
@EriktheOutgolfer believe it or not, just 7
5:33 PM
hm, only one window?
@GarethMcCaughan chrome puts an icon above the tab that is playing a sound
yes, only one window
then you can definitely keep track of where the speaker appears :P
maybe close the tab and reopen it? even better, (1) close the tab, (2) someone pings you, (3) reopen the tab, but that requires a little coordination
I can get micsthebot to ping me
ping @micsthepick
5:36 PM
and now @micsthepick ?
double ping again
the heck
maybe try incognito...?
5:38 PM
ping me so I can see whether I get two pings? (I've had sound off previously.)
nope, just one for me
(on Firefox, if it makes a difference)
okay, was on chrome, now I'm on firefox
notifications setting is "when mentioned"
@micsthepick so, how many pings?
one I think
5:44 PM
unusual to see something working right in Firefox and wrong in Chrome, because so many developers never bother to test in anything other than Chrome...
hides in a corner
well, I do test in browsers other than chrome, but only when I see that necessary
yeah, on Chrome for me
it's only happening to micsthepick as divine punishment for not testing enough in non-Chrome browsers
2 hours later…
7:36 PM
Canaanic is not, despite its name, in the Middle East. (Not that I can see how'd it'd fit the rest of the clue anyway.)
@micsthepick that happens sometimes on slow connections
8:00 PM
@GarethMcCaughan D(etective) I(nspector) in Canaan = Canadian
@msh210 Bingo!
@micsthepick I owe it to you.
(And my apologies to those who feel that "in the Middle East" is a bad way to indicate insertion into CANAAN, or that Canadians aren't really American. I understand the first of those but think it's OK. On the second: nope, Canadians are American, as are Mexicans and Brazilians and so forth.)
CCCC: Zip mother up, simp (6)
2 hours later…
10:13 PM
Q: "Strange babies ate raspberry pancakes," sad daddy says. "Worth million dollars." Tyrannosaur investigating

jordanI am absolutely stumped at this one. There should be a ~1-5 word answer that is somehow hidden in this. the one thing that I can see is that "Worth" and "million" are the only words that don't contain an 'a'. My regular techniques are failing me here.

10:59 PM
@GarethMcCaughan oof. DI I would have never come up with
I looked at Canadian so many many times too.
Is Canaan supposed to be “the Middle East” ? “stationed in” as insertion indicator is perfectly fine. “in the Middle East” for Canaan seems okay. Just “the Middle East” seems dodgy, and your clues are pretty much always pretty tight. Am I missing something obvious?

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