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3:25 AM
@Deusovi As far as I can tell, we don't really have a policy on homework. Should homework be allowed? gave us a pretty weak idea that homework questions shouldn't be allowed. A later post asking about Questions from homework/assigments got pretty much identical results before being closed as a duplicate. Neither feels strong enough to me to be considered a community consensus.
I usually respond to what looks like homework with a, sometimes mildly snarky, comment that we're not here to do people's homework and that people shouldn't encourage such questions by answering them, helping to drive downvotes and an eventual push to VLQ closure
i don't mean that i want to undelete my answer, it's fine for me :) but what subject could that be homework for?
(stock text:)
> Your solution, which I’m sure is complete and quite possibly is very helpful to OP in completing their homework, really doesn’t belong here any more than the question did. We would like to avoid incentivizing people from asking off-topic questions here; if the perception (or, worse, the reality) is that off-topic questions get full answers anyway, there’d be no reason for people not to ask them. But we don’t want off-topic questions here, so ... let’s not reward them with answers, please.
...for actual off-topic questions due to being problems not puzzles
since, fortunately, almost all homework stuff we see ends up being problems and fairly obviously so
having said all that - if we're talking about the weird CASCADE -> SCASCCA thing, it feels like a programming course assignment
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4:50 AM
Q: Find the third ( τρίτος -tritos) one

Ak19From the below two equivalences, can you find what corresponds to the third (tritos) Greek letter ? $\alpha \equiv$ Earth $\upsilon \equiv$ Japan $\iota \ \equiv \ \color{red}{?}$

5:00 AM
This CCCC is messing with my head.
hint posted yesterday: Fifth letter is I
Yes. That didn't help me much. Well, someone here will eventually get this
5:43 AM
@Rubio sure thanks!
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7:30 AM
Q: Who Am I? (A Dead Guy)

ProsoponYou seek him who died at sea, Try and find who he might be. A heart that did not wilt in flame, Writ on Roman stone is his name. Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change, Into something rich and strange. Now with his Adonis he lies, Who thought not himself worthy of fame, An...

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9:10 AM
Q: One to Eleven Sum to Twenty Five

UvcFrom the picture shown below, deduce the missing numbers ( one to eleven)..none of them repeating. Four Numbers surrounding the kind of Five diamonds A, B, C, D, E all add upto 25 as well as the five numbers in the outer circle. Three numbers..7, 5, 1 are already filled in.

9:33 AM
hmmm... the quality of Uvc's questions are improving... :)
They are definitely becoming more varied
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10:49 AM
Q: Normal Knight sees the Big Picture during his Countrywide Travels

UvcNormal Knight is savvy, energy saving as he travels through Regular Country... Ride along and Document Details of his Journey As this Knight (only chess move allowed) journeys through , he takes minimum (63) of hops to reach his destination of 64 starting from 1. He makes a pit stop at every suc...

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3:09 PM
Q: Fibonacci Cycles Back...Figure out the Fibonacci Number FBN

Uvc$Given$: $F$, $B$, $N$, $U$, $V$ are all digits that can vary from 0 to 9..but not necessarily distinct. $FBN$, $NBF$, $UV$, $VU$ are all concatenated numbers. From information given below, what is $FBN$?

Q: Setting up the trap

jafe Start with eleven in one ee four ee six; add what is missing from otherhood, oke, icks; improving position, go upwards by one; mix up for organs, remove fifty-one. Add to the end an American nation; abbreviate all and add short operation; age for a few more years, then turn ar...

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4:28 PM
Q: An A.K.19's riddle

Ak19 At my beginning there's a vessel, You can slash me with a chisel. I belong to the first from a total of four, There's nothing to add more ... Who/ what am I?

5:20 PM
@Deusovi What? No!
Well, Rubio already posted the meta links.
Personally I like the policy taken by other SE sites that we shouldn't care whether a question is from homework or not when evaluating it on its own merits. But then this is a case where Puzzling's differences from other SE sites might be relevant ...
@GarethMcCaughan Uh? Whatever happened to "assume good intent"?
@Rubio No, my original comment was about the magic square question.
Q: Invert the numbers

AkiI have an array of numbers containing 0 and 1 only and you are given a a constant C . You have to invert all the 0's to 1's by taking exactly C number of elements . What is the max number of 1's we can get ? You can do inversion operation any number of times . C <= N always For eg1 : [ 0 , 0 , 0...

5:55 PM
@Randal'Thor If "assume good intent" means that when we're in the middle of a deluge of active contest questions lightly obscured and posted as "my friend asked me", and someone posts something that looks a lot like a contest question, we should assume it's not until we have cast-iron proof ... well, then I'm going to question the wisdom of "assuming good intent" in that sense.
6:28 PM
Q: 1! 2! Fizz! 4! Puzzle

WhoArgh, how I hate those mean kids and their newfangled game!

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8:08 PM
Q: A sentence with all numbers

DEEMCrazy thought. Can you make an (grammatically correct) english sentence using english words which are all numbers? Each word in that sentence must represent a number. I am expecting a minimum 6 word sentence. For example: Answer to a question: How many Xs you see on that board? I see ...

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9:28 PM
Q: Elementary, my dear …

Rubio My list for today Iodine-Sulfur+Americium-Scandium:Phosphorus Iodine-Titanium+Molybdenum+Thorium+Yttrium-Lithium:Helium Praseodymium+Oxygen+Vanadium+Erbium+Boron+Sulfur-Lithium:Aluminum Germanium+Neon+Silicon+Sulfur-Tin:Hydrogen#Carbon Phosphorus+Sulfur-Cesium:Neon ____...

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11:02 PM
Oof it's been a while
Tryna get a job so it's been a bit busy

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