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2:12 AM
Q: Answered it badly...on purpose?

Minh Tran Teacher: You got a 0. Miles Morales: Is that...failed? Teacher: Listen. If you answer all questions on a multiple choice test randomly, you would get a 25%. This means the only way for you to answer all questions wrongly is to...know the answer to all of them. Good job. - From Spider-...

3 hours later…
5:18 AM
do you guys need a hint on the C4?
2 hours later…
6:48 AM
it's been nearly a day, so it might be appropriate to give one
Q: What is another word for eighty if you add one letter to the beginning

Adam WilgusWhat is another word using EIGHTY If you add only one letter to the beginning of eighty?

7:05 AM
Clue for CCCC: Fifth letter is I @Deusovi @jafe
1 hour later…
8:21 AM
spam please close
hmm it's back to square one for me
Q: Professor Annity’s invention

Hugo SpoonThe following morning, I found my mentor, Professor Annity, busily cleaning up after what looked like a series of curious experiments. As I entered the lab, she fixed me with a familiar sort of excited, faintly frenzied expression, and ushered me across to the workbench, upon which lay five simi...

@jafe hmmm...
8:52 AM

AFSANA akhterIn a certain code, CASCADE is written as SCASCCA. How is PROBLEM written in that code?

9:32 AM
Q: Take Twelve to Total Twenty Two

UvcWithout repeating the numbers 1 to 12, Fill the grid below to total 22 in both directions.

10:11 AM
Q: I'm yearning in grey

jafe I have made films on wood. I have stopped by a park. Going outside late makes me happy. I'm yearning in grey. What is my name?

10:31 AM
Q: I wish, I yearn, for an answer to this riddle

Rand al'ThorIn a creature is my natural home. Have me in your meal and you'll become me. (With me, this line would be adjacent.) Experts take more time with me. In winter wear, I might be half a mile.

11:09 AM
when will we have the next fortnight challenge?
Q: Marsupials and Antelopes

Omega KryptonFollowing the surge of riddles from senpais: this, and this I hide as a puzzle in Malaysian spoon, Bounding sturdy monument and sturdy wood. Standing upside-down in marsupials' and antelopes' front, I'm a gesture, or three, for good.

12:10 PM
Q: You may find me... puzzling

jafe I am within my rights to stay silent. I am abandoned in the middle. I am held in by spirit. I am African capital. Who or what am I?

12:50 PM
Q: In a Fish that is not a Fish

Omega Krypton Righteous head of a snake that is a snake, Aback, held in a fish that is not a fish. Now, I'm beauty in disguise, Despite being, to most, nightmarish. I am looking for two answers... One on the surface, and one with a pun :)

1:09 PM
Q: write the numbers -4 ,-3 ,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 in correct place value so that each of the square adds up to 0

user60933please solve this question fast I have tried this this question 100 times but did not get the answer this is like magic square

1:29 PM
Q: Prime Knight travels through Prime Country...Ride along and Document Details of his Journey

UvcAs this Prime Knight (only chess move allowed) journeys through Prime land, he makes a pit stop at every successive prime site. No cell is never revisited. There are 64 of them..starting at 2 (cell A1) and ending at 313 (C8). The numbered cells shown in the picture are mandatory stops. $List$ ...

@Sphinx @Deusovi You say this puzzle is from an ongoing competition or exam ... shouldn't you leave a link in comments on the question?
5 hours later…
6:14 PM
What Deusovi says is that it appears to be from an ongoing competition. Perhaps the person who posted the problem will indicate where it really comes from and then the answer can be undeleted.
(For what it's worth, my guess is that it isn't a competition but someone's homework, in which case I think it should be up to Omega Krypton whether the answer is undeleted, and I would urge them to leave it deleted.)
7:14 PM
I think our policy has been to count homework as "ongoing competitions" too, no?
7:51 PM
A homework is technically is a competition
eh, not exactly
at least to the extent that a code kata is
although it is true that you can't directly worsen other student's grades by cheating on your homework
3 hours later…
10:27 PM
Q: What is the missing number in set B?

Usaka87A {6, 2, 2, 2, 16, 2} B {37, 37, 3, 3, 3, ?} The numbers in set A relate to one another through a numerical or abstract pattern. Set B has a similar or a somewhat contrasting pattern .The task in this short but hard puzzle is to identify the logic and complete the incomplete set.

1 hour later…
11:47 PM
Q: The Amazing Sliding Crossword

GoldenGremlinSolve the crossword then slide the blocks to create another configuration with eight new words. Across 1. Lure 5. Before long 6. Frosted 7. Permit Down 1. Scold 2. Formerly 3. Frost, for example 4. Limit


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