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1:57 AM
@North You need to unpause Mith or else the satire will build up, resulting in structural failure which will consequently end up being the demise of this chat
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11:00 AM
Q: An Infinite Sequence has been Developed based on one Simple Rule. Can you continue for at least ten more?

UvcUsing one simple rule, an Infinite Sequence has been developed. First 60 terms are given. Can you continue the sequence for at least next Ten Terms? Series continues from top left to bottom right. $3, 31, 41, 59, 53, 89, 97, 79, 23, 43, 83, 79, 2, 41, 19, 97, 71, 37, 51, 5 97, 59, 23, 7, 89,...

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12:57 PM
Q: Riley Rebuses that Share a Common Theme

u_ndefinedRiley Rebus, started by Kevin L, is like a Riley Riddle but with images instead. Here are 5 Riley Riddles that share a common theme. Can you find out the words and the common theme?

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2:15 PM
Q: Four-in-a-line Puzzle

athinDisclaimer: This is an open-problem, I don't have a complete solution for this puzzle yet. We are playing a $2$-player game: you as a challenger and me as a judge. Initially, there is an empty infinite $2$-dimensional plane. Alternately starting from you, put a single point. Your point...

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9:19 PM
Q: Solve a rubic Cube without ever looking at it first

FranciosCertainly physics plays the total role in solving any puzzle. I ask if a Rubik Cube can be solved using physics/algorithm only without having to preview the starting colour layout. As long as one understands the algorithm it can be solved 100% blindfolded.


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