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12:05 AM
Q: Statue View: Raindrops

DeusoviThis is a Statue View puzzle, an original invention combining two logic puzzle genres: Statue Park and Canal View. It is harder than my previous Statue View, so you may want to start there. Rules of Statue View: Shade some cells of the grid to form the given set of pieces. Pieces may be rotate...

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3:13 AM
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11:15 AM
Q: We are Unique Friends. Our Special Squares Share a Common Bond...Figure us out

UvcUse logical deduction only and document your steps in detail. $Given$: A, B, C, D, E, F, M , T are distinct digits(0 to 9). ABC, EBF, DDABC, MCMABC, TBBB are all concatenated Numbers. $Relationships$: $ACE$ X $ACE$ = $DDABC$ $EBF$ X $EBF$ = $MCMABC$ $ACE$ + $EBF$ = $TBBB$ ...

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12:35 PM
Q: A Simple Seasonal Riddle

ThePuzzlingPlatypusThe first line of this riddle has been stuck in my head for some time, so I figured I'd write it down. The rest I came up with recently. Sleeping soldiers symbolize my start, while worker's feats shall bring about my end. If you have a job, I might mean little, but if you are i...

1:15 PM
Q: A crossword puzzle

Ak19Here's a crossword puzzle. Can you solve it? CLUES ACROSS 2) Wolfram 5) Between stars 8) 333 - Cricket 10) Play and eat 11) 400 not out DOWN 1) The boy who got a watch from a comet 3) Nanotubes 4) Forest and shopping 6) ICC WC 2019 teams 7) First to cross heliopause 9) P...

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3:36 PM
Q: Choice of Music (Wordplay)

user3303504A boy tries to talk to his ex after class at school. However, she just puts on some music and shuns him instead, leaving him to wonder why. What type of music is she listening to, and why?

3:57 PM
Q: Do you know what's next?

Mike Karter'Predict' the next few (5 or 6) terms of this series. 1,1,1,2,3,6,7,? Hint : Who is the 'prime' suspect in this mystery sequence ?

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5:24 PM
How's PSE? I've been busy with other stuff so didn't have much time to drop by
Anything important I should know?
5:37 PM
Q: Pattern analogy (2x4 binary)

UnasReally struggling with this one, hope you guys can crack it. -OO- is to O--- -O-- O--O as ---- is to ? O-OO O--- O--O OOO- ---O O--O OOO- ---- O--O O--- ---- O--O ---O A B C D E F (Transposed from https://ww...

Q: Statue View: 2, 3, 5, 7

DeusoviThis is another Statue View puzzle. It's easily the hardest of the three I've made, so I recommend trying the other two as practice first. Rules of Statue View: Shade some cells of the grid to form the given set of pieces. Pieces may be rotated or reflected. Pieces cannot be adjacent (though t...

It's been fine! I've been making some logic puzzles recently, and I think jafe's series of 26 puzzles (!!!) is winding down soon.
6:03 PM
that was pretty cool
i have three days of finals and im done with school for now
summer vacation! let's gooo
@North The hard outer layer of a bicycle helmet needs to be intact. If it's cracked, get a new helmet.
That's something important you should know :P
oh :/
mith i hate you and i love you
Join the club.
6:38 PM
Q: What is memelemum?

KlaymenDKHere's a ... text? poem? dictionary? list? Something... e m me mum mele mem mume mumm melee melem meme memum mumele Given the above, what does 'memelemum' signify, and why that is? (Okay, I can see that a robot might question whether this "completely describes the problem - and is written ...

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11:00 PM
Q: A sheet of graph paper and a code

Cloudy7Samantha sat down at the fifth computer in her university's computer lab, hoping to retrieve the data she had put into that computer a week previously. However, when she looks at the computer monitor, she sees the following message: Access denied. Please enter the three-digit code to proceed. If...


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