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12:14 AM
well, in view of the last one:
CCCC: Prostitutes' corsets undone in cars (7)
@GarethMcCaughan ESCORTS
12:43 AM
wasn't meant to be hard, obvs
but I liked the fact that so many things fitted together
and of course it's a cute surface
and the parallels with the previous clue
Ok, Rubio, it all comes down to you... Don't mess up the (C)prostitute Car Chat Chain.
Well. I can give you a throwaway prostitute clue but there’s no car in it. Hehehe
Oooh wait hang on. I’m on mobile so my real CCCC will have to wait a few, but:
Prostitutes’ horns chase Tesla car model (9)
12:58 AM
There. Car.
1:11 AM
That's eight letters
it's 9
it's also a terrible clue cuz the answer doesn't really mean that, but whatever
it was a rush job :)
CCCC: Radical swordsman's mark frequently pursues fiend's heart (6)
1:51 AM
@Rubio Z+E+ALOT (Z is Zorro's mark, E is fiEnd's heart, and A LOT is frequently). Def. is "radical"
@EricTressler ✓
i have a userscript that is making ✓ huge
when it's the only thing on the line
I'm too lazy to turn it off ;)
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7:11 AM
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10:03 AM
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1:15 PM
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1:53 PM
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2:31 PM
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3:48 PM
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5:14 PM
CCCC: Outrage against government note in rime (9)
1 hour later…
6:18 PM
government here is obviously the state of New Jersey, US. making it I(NJUS + TI)CE ... nailed it
wait really
(It's tantalizingly close to a solution, but I can't imagine it's actually correct hehe)
I just got excited because I live in jersey haha
Please accept my condolences.
6:40 PM
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7:18 PM
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@Matt One of the great things about living in the US is that you can always move to a better state, which leaves you with at least 47 of them :-p
plus Canada
Or you could pull off a reverse American dream and return to Europe.
And sacrifice my good bagels and pizza? nevar!
Might be worthwhile to wait and see what happens after Brexit first
Italy? France?
Brexit might take a while ... or even be backed out of entirely.
7:27 PM
I'm predicting that all of Europe slides into the sea, except for Northern Ireland. You heard it here first
Time to learn to like dark beer I guess.

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