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4:21 AM
Q: Adding up numbers in Portuguese is strange

ChaoticMy friend from Portugal said that 2 + 2 is 8 in Portuguese. And he could prove it. I did not understand it at first. But then he showed me the following equation: D O I S D O I S + ________ O I T O Ah, now it is clear. Two is "dois" and eight is "oito" in Portuguese. And the equation abo...

For anyone interested, I've made a major overhaul of my automated rot13 spoiler comments script. It now: renders much more nicely with an inline panel that preserves formatting, including links, etc; decodes content that uses non-"standard" format strings (like rot13[...], (ROT13)..., Rot13:..., etc); handles nested parentheses (thanks @GentlePurpleRain); and actually works again with the refreshed theme (thanks @Rubio).
woot woot
maybe put an update message on the meta question about rot13 comments
Will do... as soon as I fix a minor bug that my announcement above uncovered :P
ain't that how it always is ;)
Actually, I ain't fixing that... I think it's just because the url in my link contains the substring rot13... :D
If I could still edit it I'd use the shortened url.. like this rot13 testing...
Yeah, that renders properly...
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9:07 AM
Q: The garden where everything is possible

poisnInANutshellAn old man spoke to me today. He said: "A long time ago, I buried something very important. That was 20 years ago." After he said that, he gave me a note where it was written "Hyih Jbimjbilom Ufogchcog". To solve this, he said we need to travel back in time and we should ask Caesar. If you could...

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1:55 PM
Q: Mysterious dream

poisnInANutshellIn my dream, some People asked me for help. They said I should wake up. So I woke up and there was this letter. Dear Percy We got caught and only you can help us. You've 60 minutes (try it and let me know if you passed it). We hate him, but got Rom and ask for help. You need 3 Whooxu...

2:34 PM
Q: El Dorado Word Puzzle II: Videogame Edition

SlowMagicLet's keep going with the El Dorado puzzle. Same rules apply. Given a set of common words, can you figure out which videogame title they cover? All letters in the title must be covered, and letter order must be maintained. For example: Given words: AFT EMOTE ERR TOSS =====...

3:12 PM
Q: Help the Monkee get to the bandanas

jafeMicky Dolenz, drummer and vocalist of 1960s pop band The Monkees, has lost his headwear collection. It has been hidden in a labyrinth whose walls are in unknown places. To find out the location of the walls, solve the cryptic clues and place the solutions in the labyrinth. Can you help the Monkee...

3:31 PM
Q: I'm just a whisper. Who am I?

Matt I've made several friends along my way. Some of them I've changed. I like to think I help them find their voice. Sally, for instance, had an insulting serpent's tongue. With my help, she became calming. William resisted change. However, in some cases, I was able to influe...

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6:42 PM
Q: What in this world is she trying to say?

AkariI happened to meet one of my friends after about a couple of years. Obviously we both were very happy, but still, she didn't leave her habit of challenging me to decipher what she was saying. I thought that again she'll give me some seemingly random characters to search for some meaning; but she ...

7:03 PM
Q: Rubik's cube corners backwards?

KuqAfter long time i took the rubik's cube and wanted to solve it, but i feel like there is something wrong with the corners. Hope that you smart peapole over there can tell me what's going on.

4 hours later…
10:57 PM
C4 hint (1): First letter is S
@Alconja Solution to your CCCC must be SACRIFICE (CARS* + IF + ICE) but I'm not sure I quite understand the definition. Presumably it's "prostitute" as a verb, but do "prostitute" and "sacrifice" really have overlapping meanings?
OED gives as one definition "To sacrifice or debase for some profit or advantage" but it doesn't seem to me like sacrificing is anything like central to the meaning there.
(all the examples it gives look much more like debasing than sacrificing to me)
Perhaps I'm being a little loose with definitions. I was going with google's "verb, 2. give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations" (which lists prostitute as a synonym), for eg. "to prostitute/sacrifice your values for money".
But, yes that's the intended solution.
11:16 PM
Damn, I have to make another one now :-).

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