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12:52 AM
Deleted. Thanks for the heads-up. Alas, I assume the poster has seen the answer that someone posted.
Yeah, it's unfortunate that some questions just slip through the cracks
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5:53 AM
Q: Express $1-2-3-4...$ using one summation ($\sum$) only in the simplest way possible

fishfagNo taking outside any constant/variable, and also the goal is to make it simple as possible.

8 hours later…
1:56 PM
Q: 16 people around a round table

CodeNoobThere are 16 people around a round table for a meeting. Every hour there is a new session. In each session, the people whose neighbors in the previous session are both sitting or standing will sit, and the people whose neighbors were in opposite state (one sits, one stands) will stand up. What i...

Q: The Weird cipher password?

The Demonix _ HermitDuring your search to the ' great hidden computer virus ' , you realized that you are just a password from accessing it. Frantically , you searched for a clue that might help you . At last you finally found the following puzzle , written by the programmer of the virus , Ms. Anne Sweet. The '...

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4:37 PM
Q: land of light bulbs

Jyotish RobinLeuks is the land of light bulbs, where the bulbs are leading a peaceful life, with no humans at all. Presently there are 100 residents . (Of course, they all are light bulbs!). Let $a_{1}, a_{2}, . . .,a_{100}$ be the 100 residents. The relationships that exist among the residents are quite co...

4:53 PM
This is kind of a long shot, but the C4 is making me think ÆTERNA; A (hArd pullers' second member), then East, then TERNA ("a list of three nominees for institution into a Roman Catholic benefice", but I wonder if it has some meaning in chess for the knight/bishop/rook). And then AETERNA is obviously a "sort of race" of immortals.
And the Æ would maybe explain the 1/2 business. The worst part of all of that is that it's using "east" twice, and there's no clear way to get "A" + "E" + "TERNA" in that order, even if you're generous about everything else.
5:12 PM
Perhaps the 5½ ± ½ means that we are looking for two entirely different solutions, one (5), the other (6), which both can be constructed from the same clue. (But the defs could be at opposite ends or span a different set of words.)
And the five-letter one might be HUMAN = MAN (knight, perhaps) after (following east of) H (hard) + U (puller's second member) = sort of race.
nice, that sounds plausible
5:27 PM
the only 6-letter running race I can think of is "sprint". Assuming you're right (which I believe), and assuming Deusovi would want the second solution to be as different as possible from the first, maybe we could back our way into the other one.
it could be a political race or something, though
"Sort of race" could be just an anagram of "race", but takes awfully many letters away.
FI (F1 / Formula One) could be a race that leaves more opportunity for further wordplay.
You could shuffle "of race". No idea if it helps.
5:44 PM
It makes the letters go somewhere else.
(Because it's "care of". Haha.)
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6:58 PM
On the topic of ambiguous cryptic clues: On the day of the Brexid referendum, the Guardian published a special crossword, where some clues could be read in different ways. Fifteensquared has an analysis.
7:09 PM
math.uchicago.edu/~wald/thanksgiving15.pdf is a variety cryptic you may enjoy if you like this type of thing
(also, that's interesting! reminds me of the classic [CLINTON/BOBDOLE] ELECTED puzzle)
@MOehm Yes, that's correct for the (5).
(had to check if previous schrodinger clue setters had confirmed partials, and it appears they had)
7:31 PM
Thanks for the confirmation. I've looked at the clue some more for the other answer, but I'm running a bit out of ideas ...

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