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2:41 AM
Q: Crack this rhyme

Ak19 You can see me inside bars and also inside the stars. Some may call me a key, The above line is a clue to thee! My brothers are bigger than me, I again say, the above line is a clue to thee! I'm found inside a pack, Go ahead and try to crack! Who am I?

2 hours later…
4:25 AM
Small hints (un-hints?) for the CCCC: The two answers are not different spellings of the same word. "Perhaps" is not a "component optional" indicator.
4:41 AM
perhaps its a clue with two distinct answers, with defs in both the start and the end?
2 hours later…
7:09 AM
Q: A mysterious story that will leave you in the dark (1)

JS1This is the story of a man: He was designing a booster rocket that could put people on the moon. (3) Every day he would drink a whole pot of hot coffee. (2) One day he knocked his mug off the table. (2) It already had a chip on the rim from before. (2) But that turned into a big crack because ...

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8:09 AM
Are question bans visible to moderators?
"there is no indication to the rest of the community that a particular user has been banned." - puzzling.stackexchange.com/help/question-bans
my interpretation to this sentence includes the thought that moderators are part of the community.
which would suggest they can't see a question ban
@Deusovi do we have to solve both answers in order to make the next CCCC? If so, what if one person solves one, while another person solves the other?
@micsthepick Searching on Meta doesn't seem to produce anything, so I guess you'll have to ask an actual mod
well, I guess one has been pinged :)
We'll see if we get a response :)
3 hours later…
11:13 AM
Q: Green means go, red means danger?

Ben AvelingI bitterly regret the quip escaped, but that's poisonous chatter. (7,6)

12:12 PM
Yes, moderators can see whether someone has been question-banned.
well, if you ask me, that sentence should be reworded to make it not suggest that moderators can't see if someone has been question banned.
That might be an improvement, though generally I would take statements about what "the community" can do to apply only to non-moderators (and e.g. also not to Stack Exchange staff who happen to participate).
Incidentally, I'm not Deusovi but I think solving the whole clue (whatever exactly that turns out to mean) is required. It might turn out that one person solves part and another solves another part, in which case it will be a judgement call, just like when one person figures out the answer and some of the wordplay but someone else explains the trickiest bits.
2 hours later…
2:37 PM
Q: Need help in this number puzzle / reasoning

RishiI came across this number puzzle . I need help for solving . I think it has something do with square . The centre number is perfect square

Q: A partially ugly group with a casual secret

Gunslinger711I’ve assembled a group with nine members but you’ll have to guess what their names are. One letter from each name will spell the name of a 10th group member that everybody talks about but nobody wants to see. Below are four questions I’ve asked each of the members to give you some clues. Membe...

2:58 PM
Q: can someone help me solve this riddle?

Christine KleinknechtTogether with my brethren, we bend nature’s will You think me insubstantial, never making myself a burden Yet at the end of my days, I lie alone forgotten You spurn to touch me where I lie, although I oft catch your eye it has to be one word please :)

5 hours later…
8:04 PM
Q: help on this!? sticks and circles logic

Brad R. CarsonI'm completely stuck on this logic problem? Can anyone help me understand? I have tried to figure out the sticks and circles, but to no avail. I'd be grateful if anyone could show me how this is done, and if there is a resource to learn about this style of problem.

8:45 PM
Q: What is the next number in the sequence and why?

mr217 4 11 2 14 5 18 3 21 ? Find the next number in the sequence?

3 hours later…
11:49 PM
Q: Density type puzzle 3

JensAnother puzzle in the spirit of this puzzle. Enjoy! Final answer: (8,7,4)

The following riddle was taken without attribution from an ongoing event, and the original creator has stated that it should not have been shared. The question was voted up and received a (correct) answer
Q: Help me solve this riddle!

Callum RandleCan you help me figure out what word this riddle is about? Not spun, or simply woven My skin as smooth as a mirror You stain my face, contort my body I can hold the greatest power And pass it with a glance Yet you are prone to cast me off Without a second thought...

I've already flagged the question, but just wanted to post in here to help it gain more visibility

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