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1:26 AM
Q: Sto-stone puzzle

u_ndefinedSto-stone is a puzzle made by Nikoli. Here are the rules: You must color the cells with black with the following rules: There are rooms enclosed in bold lines. The number on the room shows the number of continuous black cells in that room. No number means any number of black cells. No ...

1:58 AM
Q: Teapot riddle no.14 (fan made)

user477343Teapot Riddle no.14 (fan made). Proceed. Rules: I have one word which has several (2 or more) meanings. Each of the meanings is a teapot (first, second ...). You try to figure out the word with my Hints. Note: I have decided to use American spelling as there are more people...

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3:50 AM
Q: Before light and beyond black

Bennett Bernardoni Before light and beyond black, the destination appears. It exceeds water with vegetation comprised of leaves. Next necessary action is to begin an expedition. Always, great figures come to cross first here. Reaching there demands much attention to subsequent words. Your hunting sh...

4 hours later…
7:50 AM
Q: The next number in sequence

Piotr WasilewiczWe have following sequence: 12345, 33552, 45624, 66345, 73557, 45678, 66885, 78957, 99678 What will be the next number?

8:05 AM
Hello @Cashbee?
your riddles are always a little too hard for me to solve without pre-posted partials
oh, hahah
but i really like them
when there are no partials i still try them, and i always come up with wrong answer
Yeah, this one should be a little easier. I noticed that my recent riddles have seemed to lack answers after a couple of days
i know they're wrong when i write them, but when theyre fuinny i still post them
8:06 AM
Q: A Funny Riley Riddle

user477343 Riddle me this: My prefix can rip and tear, pointy or curled, Where ours mainly grip unless werewolves exist. My suffix is greener in one perfect world. Some yellow is seen, where some gardens consist. My infix has rules unlike the underworld. It governs like schools;...

Well, my riddles used to be fairly easy a month or two ago
@user477343 I think that's much better than posting too easy riddles
I posted an easy one yesteday. Answered in 10 minutes. no fun
Yeah. I am just trying to meet to the "standard" of Puzzling. People here are too good.
I wonder if there can be some kind of chat where people who are not the greatest at riddles can answer/post riddles there?
Unless there already is
8:07 AM
@user477343 hehe I do that before posting
i use a chat of another stack, where i am RO and there are some friendly chaps there keen to solve some riddles
This looks like a good page to post riddles and receive feedback. But I just receive feedback when I post my riddles on Puzzling.SE anyway. And besides, the more answers there are, the more risk of laggg
I mean, that's in my experience of bad internet (especially in this post)
What is RO by the way?
Just looked at your riddle posted yesterday (the teapot riddle, I presume) and no wonder it was answered in 10 minutes. The first user to answer it was @El-Guest! :D
Wish I could upvote but I have to wait 15 hours (reached my daily voting limit)
Q: 'Next privilage' design bug

Black ThunderThe background color in Next Privilege is not completely filled. Here is a screenshot to explain it:

@Cashbee well would you look at that. I made my riddle slightly easier and it has already been answered now xD
8:24 AM
@user477343 haha yea, but still. i guess it was indeed easy.
RO = Room Owner. they have some power like ability to kick, timeout, remove messages.
@Cashbee I used to show my riddles to my mum to get feedback, and thus far, she has only solved two of them, hahah
Ahh, thanks for the clarification :)
How do you become Room Owner? Do you make a room? And which other stack is this chat located? :D
the riddle sandbox is a bit paradox if you ask me. If it can't be solved there, how can you be sure it wouldn't be answered on main
yea you are room owner if you create a room. but the one i mean is the main room of the IPS stack, just like this one is the main room for PSE
you becvome RO by being a good room moderator, are active somewhat often, and are a good chatter :)
being a good room moderator gaining trust of mods, since you can't moderate yet
@user477343 The IPS room is not really there to post riddles, but sometimes we have smalltalk and other random stuff. that's when i sometimes drop a riddle
@Cashbee sounds fun :P
Would IPS be interpersonal skills?
8:51 AM
@user477343 @Cashbee The riddle sandbox was created at a time when PSE was widely felt to be suffering from an overdose of not-very-good riddles. So the idea was that in order to post a riddle you'd have to put it in the sandbox first for feedback, and then only riddles that were well received there would get posted to PSE itself.
Although the proposal to do this had met with a lot of approval, it turned out a lot of people -- including some people who made extremely good riddles -- really didn't like that system, and it got canned rather soon after it was created.
ah. makes sense, thank you :)
I don't know how many people actually watch the riddle sandbox these days; you might not get a lot of feedback by posting there now.
I do wonder occasionally whether the sandbox should make a comeback, as an explicitly temporary thing. "Sorry, we are currently being hit by a deluge of cookie-cutter Riley riddles, and at present any riddle in that form needs to go via the sandbox. Please either post it there for comment and assessment, or wait until the Riley craze subsides."
But it would probably be a terrible idea.
yes. yes it would
the better idea would be to just delete all Rileys, of course
9:09 AM
Ah, okey dokey
And yes, I agree it would be a bad idea (not terrible), and @ffao THAT would be a terrible idea
Q: See me once, see me twice

CashbeeA very short riddle just came to my mind, let's see if it can be cracked: see me once, food can usually be found see me twice, thundering typhoons all around hints are coming daily, if needed. Good Luck!

9:21 AM
Q: overloaded question title

JonMark PerryLook at the related section from this question: The next number in sequence That's a lot of very similar titles, and I don't think there can be many left. This issue needs addressing, one solution is to perhaps add an unique ID to each title?

Another great idea inspired by the above: give every question a GUID instead of a title, so we don't have to waste time thinking about titles for each question
so when I submit a question, I can just refer to it as, say, 7b37333b-a3f3-46a1-8929-829d4ec3f9b0
@ffao that ruins the fun xD
But that's a beautiful title, nonetheless
@ffao people will try to decode it because many titles are hints xD
@user477343 aren't you going to repost at least your 'hole' anser? I didn't answer that one yet ;)
9:37 AM
Oh... hehehe okay :D
nvm it's wrong >.< i don't know why i just asked you to post it
Eh well, I don't mind :P
@user477343 i edited my comment, helps maybe
I know, I saw the sneaky edit :P
10:13 AM
Q: Another strange Riley riddle

Yout RiedHere is a new Riley riddle. My prefix is how @Duck eats(no offence), My suffix sounds like an undefined place, My infix kills millions, Altogether is what I am.

10:45 AM
@ffao "Question titles: what not to do"
Q: Number-sequence puzzle

simonzackHere's a number sequence puzzle on INSC-2017: 132, 2646, 2128128, ?, 8482124821221022.5 I managed to get some progress but don't know how to complete it (progress deleted as comment request).

11:33 AM
Q: See me once, see me twice #2

CashbeeI had a lot of fun with my "see me once, see me twice" question, so I thought I'd make a series out of them. So here is the next riddle: see me once, the hammer falls. see me twice, the gamer calls. As last time, it starts with only one 2-liner. Additional hints will be given almost h...

12:07 PM
@user477343 can I ask for feedback too now? (for the see me once and twice riddles). I know you haven't cracked one yet, but still. Should I write more lines from the beginning?
and do you think I should continue the series?
@Cashbee hah, I already thought I gave feedback. But yeah, you should definitely continue the series. I think the two lines is perfect because it is short and sweet, but you invented this craze, so you can add three lines as well (once, twice, thrice) but I think it will lose its touch at four lines and more.
@user477343 trice is going to be hard to find potential words
Although I haven't cracked one, they are really good, and am glad you thought of those! Originality!! Just keep it as-is, in my opinion. The community seems to enjoy it thus far. Perhaps once you post a few (and then others post some "fan made" ones), then we can start manipulating :P
ok sounds good
@Cashbee yeah, that is a drawback, but English is full of weird languages. For instance, the word "u" appears three times in "unusual". Maybe you could work with that?:D
(If you will, I won't answer, just to be fair) :)
12:17 PM
the short and sweet is what i was originally thinking of, but it was too broad in the first riddle
@Cashbee I didn't think so. The other answers I suggested were only partial, for they didn't really fit. But yeah, short riddles run the risk of being too broad; though this is quite unique :)
el guests answer really astounded me. he found two possible answers
matching the clues perfectly
He is the best of the best, really. And get this --- he has not posted a single question :P
I won't be surprised if he is elected as moderator :D
but i think if I can keep the first two lines narrow enough (≠ broad) it should work
If he applies, he will definitely earn my upvote. And you are probably right on that fact. It might also make the riddle harder, which would get more attention :D
12:21 PM
i still fear of making them too hard
I don't want 'em to be unanswered after a week
That's not possible when you got hints and expert puzzlers on this site. If one of your riddles is too hard, I will offer a bounty on that to attract some attention if you'd like :)
But I think I'm on the right track, just keep on posting them :)
There have been ridiculously hard puzzles solved (though some have taken 3 months until somebody solved it, hahah)
yea you havae a point
thanks for the chat
@Cashbee no problem. (Here is the 3-month one I was talking about)
12:28 PM
I know, right?
12:53 PM
Q: Wicked Winding Words!

user477343 What is the highest number $n$ of $n$-letter words can you find that share this property? I will accept the answer with the highest number $n$. So if $n=5$ is the highest out of the answers at a given moment (with a solution different to above), then I will accept the answer with that part...

@user477343 I just added a hint using see me thrice. you can still try to answer :)
@Cashbee Okay. I also just posted another puzzle. I will be doing some homework and will be back shortly. If not, I'll be asleep :D
1:10 PM
Q: A Riley Riddle For All

gabbo1092Here is another riley riddle. Hope you all enjoy! Prefix of the word is a commonplace, where ales and good times set the pace. On to the infix, you and I can all do, think of eating ice cream without a spoon. Suffix is next, the dimensions of all, contemplating how big or how small?...

1:43 PM
Q: NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle

KevinThis was presented on NPR's Weekend Edition by Will Shortz. I've been trying for days and have no clue. The following two word phrases having something very unusual in common. What is it? And when you find it, think of another two word phrase that has the same property. Property Rights Land M...

1:59 PM
Q: Teapot Riddle no.17

JannisTeapot riddle no.17: should i write fanmade or not? not quite sure... Rules: I have one word which has several (2 or more) meanings. Each of the meanings is a teapot (first, second ...) You try to figure out the word with my Hints. First Hint: My first teapot is not a place where you sho...

3 hours later…
4:40 PM
Q: Morning riddle from dream

gilhad One early morning I was half sleeping This riddle wording I found in head sitting : (here the riddle begins) Nobody have it, That I can say, But if you give it, You get the same (Well, this is translation, so all typos on my head, those are not part of r...

4:56 PM
Q: A Rather Odd Who Am I?

gabbo1092Tried something new with this. Hopefully it pans out well. I don't expect it to be too difficult... Good Luck! So who am I? Riddling never I'm going Crazy to Kindly give Receptive you Onward up Lies never Loudly let Even you Drive down

1 hour later…
6:17 PM
Q: A Simple but Odd Riley

PerpetualJI have another simple Riley riddle for the community here; good luck to you all! Stab at the infix, it’s hidden quite well; fall into aheap, but remove the shell. Test the prefix for taste, a simple vegan meal; just don’t forget, the end you must peel. Eat at the suffix, but wash yo...

6:49 PM
Q: See me once, see me twice #3

CashbeeYou guys seem to like these riddles, so here you have another one: See me once, the winged creatures visiting. See me twice, small children's eyes glistening. See me four times, are you even listening? Here are the previous riddles in this series (the solutions there have nothing to d...

1 hour later…
7:53 PM
Q: A who am I riddle

Jim WWho am I? Outcast, always alone at the end of the games we play Beauty, defies me and leads to my demise Jagged, the structure in which I stay Fire, surrounds me its warmth I use as a disguise Restless, even in death I return Expendable, are the pawns I send forward to stop you Hi...

1 hour later…
8:58 PM
Q: Solve this riddle

Unza My answer is 9 but I'm not sure about the answer

2 hours later…
10:35 PM
Q: A Colorful Riley

PerpetualJAnother simple Riley for the community while I continue to put my next story riddle together. This one will hopefully take a little longer to solve. Good luck to you all! Pry for the prefix, all you need is my eye; or was it yours? I don’t know why. Into the infix, stare for a while; it’...

Q: 1984 - take the digits 1,9, 8 and 4 and make 246

tomNext year is the 70th anniversary of the publication of the book 1984 by George Orwell. Here is a puzzle to start the anniversary celebrations off a bit early ... Warm up Can you assemble a formula using the numbers $1$, $9$, $8$, and $4$ in any order so that the results equals $246$. You may ...

11:08 PM
Q: An Undisturbed Riley Riddle

user477343 Riddle me this: My prefix is gotten before the race starts. My suffix will enter without pausing parts. My infix will soften with heat, switching hearts. I am, altogether, a place to remain. My prefix, an asset but not as it starts. My suffix won't enterta'n mixed ret'na ...

11:40 PM
Q: 1984 - take the digits 1,9, 8 and 4 and make 369

tomPart II... Next year is the 70th anniversary of the publication of the book 1984 by George Orwell. Here is a puzzle to start the anniversary celebrations off a bit early ... Warm up Can you assemble a formula using the numbers $1$, $9$, $8$, and $4$ in any order so that the results equals $369...

11:56 PM
Q: A Riley by the Pool

PerpetualJOkay, so maybe my Riley riddles aren’t as simple as I portray them to be. Here’s another for the community. Good luck as always. Observe the prefix, you’ve already seen it; you all know it’s hidden; it’s place you’ll forget. Remember the infix I tell you it’s rare; or maybe an animal, pe...


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