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1:38 AM
Q: Riddle Number Three

Edward NigmaTime for a challenge! Here, the riddle is encoded using a specific cipher. You must decode the numbers and answer the riddle correctly to solve it. Good luck! 83191143|2367|02|41026731|434771|02|41026731? Note: I will start adding bounties to my riddles, should they continue to be unsolved...

2:15 AM
I'll join the partial answer train and give a theory on "cis¼πx|1U3U5,7"
The vertical line is notation for "calculate the previous expression, with the variable taking on this value", so graphing cis¼πx for the values x=1, x=3, and every value in the interval [5,7], draws a smiley face in the complex plane
Don't know what to do with the "Mig" after it though; it doesn't seem to go with the whitespace subpuzzle, and it seems a little small to be a puzzle on its own
2:34 AM
@stacksfiller - is SAKE an answer?
@ManyPinkHats that's the second 3 char extra bit (Msc before the AFOOT one, though that could go with the one previous)
could M stand for meta? there are a few of those 3 char bits lying around
oh the two chars after the M are acronyms for social media sites
fb, ig, sc, g+ (not sure about Mt)
oh MMt is probably (meta-meta-twitter)
SAKE isn't an answer
@stacksfiller is SMILEY an answer?
not quite...
2nd guess?
2:49 AM
3:01 AM
@stacksfiller is ACRES an answer?
3:32 AM
trying to backsolve... STONER isn’t an answer is it?
3:52 AM
ooh, a metameta? neat
huh, how does KARATE work then? because CHINESE 6 produces S
STONER is right
According to Google Translate, that character is a possible translation for 'six' into Japanese, so I think it's just the original parsing
JAPANESE has it more commonly - which is why I favored that char over 六 - i had a couple other obscurer options but computer didn't display those characters so I wen't with japanese, didn't realize it makes a word if you use chinese too though :o
4:08 AM
Is the movie A Bug's Life one of the answers?
Hey @Volatility, mind if I edit what you have so far into my answer?
@ManyPinkHats yeah!
(also, think it might be worth it to CW my answer at this point?)
also, @Alconja, you said you got BXFIPF.?
ay, excellent. Feel free to edit that one in for the GLITCHES+NOTDEATH, Deus, plus the SMILE from before
ha! nice
4:09 AM
community wiki - gives the answer no "owner"
That means the G+ answers so far are SIMPSONS and A BUG'S LIFE, so both television/movies
yeah, I was wondering if they were all some media production
I'm looking for some well-known media named Downward Dogs or something similar
UNDERDOG? There were both a TV series and a film for that
4:14 AM
ah right plural
There's a 2013 sports movie called Underdogs, so might as well ask
wowie thats funny but no
maybe there's some form of wordplay based on "turn down"?
i.e. "decline"
4:18 AM
huh hmm 🤔
Yeah, probably CW time... "🎌➡️🐷BXFIPF." goes together: Semaphore to Pigpen cipher (eg. B is one flag left & one down with semaphore flags, which when interpreted as pigpen cipher gives G) => GUITAR
ahhh, nice
hm, I figured most of the answer was still mine, which is why I've been holding off
(but that might just be me being selfish :P )
Fair enough. I haven't been keeping track of who did what. I trust your judgement.
"I trust your judgement." oh boy that's a huge mistake
@stacksfiller is LION an answer?
4:29 AM
What could possibly go wrong. :P
not in this case in particular, just in general
LION is :)
I see now
Sweet. "Leo #49 left" is essentially a cryptic clue, yeah
4:30 AM
so Facebook has the answers CAVE, GUITAR, and LION so far
I was looking for something like that but kept skipping over the # for some reason
"what's LIOEL?"
5:15 AM
@Deusovi yeah go for it!
sorry was offline for a bit
alright, thanks!
here are the sections we have left:






for the first "addition", I noticed that the Unicode hex values seem suspicious:
pizza: 1F355
shirt: 1F455
hearts: 1F495
but have no idea how that would produce anything useful for the second part of that
are you going to put the meta stuff in your cw? you can take what i’ve got in my answer and i’ll delete it
yeah - I'm adding it to my answer, though not sure if I should CW it yet
(would be happy to if general opinion is that I should)
i think stacks confirmed that the princess peach one was MARIO
oh, I didn't realize that
6:06 AM
i have an idea for the snapchat meta
the three answers so far can be paired with another four-letter word
and the third letters presumably are shared (like in SNAP CHAT)
dunno about SWAN though -- "swan lake" doesn't work
swan song?
hmm maybe
would be neater if the third letter was an A though...
maybe each pair overlaps on one letter, and the overlaps give the meta answer?
what words do you have?
6:10 AM
uric acid (I) and sand dune (N)
@stacksfiller is INSET an answer?
oh cool
nice one!
ooh nice one
so the meta answers we have are INSET and ACRES, right?
6:20 AM
yeah - probably all five letters
same VCCVC pattern as well
and presumably they are somehow going into that weird downward bit for the meta-meta
all very common letters, very anagrammable
hm? why do you say that
i think that's just the rendering; if you look at the transcription the downward bit is before the metameta
looking at the image it seemed that part overlapped the meta-meta marker, but that's not where it is in the text
err, yes, my bad
6:22 AM
(also, backsolve guesses: BETA, TUBE, ZOOT) @stacksfiller
ZOOT is right
amusingly, TEST could give E from BETA or T from TUBE
yeah trust me i know
and TEST CASE -> S
huh, neat!
hah never heard of a zoot suit before
6:23 AM
and to complete it, "test suit" is apparently a legal term
do we think the final meta is a pure meta because MMt has nothing before it?
yeah, probably
...unless it involves his previous puzzle, which is also a possibility
twitter has five distinct letters which anagram to WRITE, which also has two vowels and three consonants, but not in the same pattern
RIGHT is not write
6:35 AM
note: not sure if that was a guess but I assumed it was from the caps
didn't think it was an answer, just an observation
(i presume the solution's going to be a phrase this time too)
a bad pun, hopefully
2 hours later…
8:47 AM
Q: Which two numbers replaces the question mark?

Parchai I was solving some number puzzles. I am finding difficulty in solving this puzzle what two number will replace the question mark. I need answer with examination.

9:26 AM
for the google plus meta, I think each of the answers is a movie character that's a color in the google logo, which goes blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red
the Simpsons are yellow
in A Bug's Life, the main character is blue
Mario is red and blue (?)
9:50 AM
oh neat
hm, we can't really index into them that way though, because the last "red" is the sixth letter, and MARIO only has five letters
maybe that's intentional though?
there are also five puzzles but only four colours, so i'm not sure how that would work
MARIO: blue+red
?: red+yellow
SIMPSONS?: yellow+blue
ABUGSLIFE: blue+green
?: green+red
that might be a bit of a stretch
10:17 AM
only thing i've noticed for the facebook meta is that the words have the same number of consonants as vowels, but have no idea how to use that to extract
11:04 AM
Q: Maybe u should investigate carefully?

AHKieran I'm covered in numbers but I do no maths. I'm sharp and pointy but I do no harm. I get paid to do what costs me nothing. Some people like me but others may prefer my friends. What am I?

12:03 PM
Huh, 1000, neat.
Won't last long though :-P
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1:22 PM
Q: Through which number we can remove the question mark?

Mateen Ahmed I'm trying to solve this puzzle but so much confused and can't understand even.Please help me to solve this puzzle and also explain briefly.

2 hours later…
3:09 PM
Q: Using the letters, a,h,i,o,p,s,t , create an exclamatory sentence decrying the poor quality of an electronic cash register

JiminionLetters can be used more than once. If people have trouble, I will add hints. I have an exact wording in mind, but it is possible that another phrase would also win.

3:55 PM
Q: Alone, I am a group of three

Excited Raichu Alone, I am a group of three. When the leader becomes the trailer then I just did me. Then reverse, turn back, I'm seven of twelve times two, The one that's last to first is drunk second most by you. If you've found me, don't yet brag or boast, To finish, you must f...

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5:12 PM
Q: How do I solve this sudoku without guessing?

jerrymouseI have filled all the possible singles. Also identified and shortlisted candidates, pointing pairs. How do I move ahead without guessing? PS: I applied "Nishio", choosing one of the two possible candidate values on row 1, column 1. 7 will come in top left. Using which I can solve the rest of t...

5:27 PM
Q: Decode the letter from a criminal organization

Victor StafusaToday, the Brazilian police caught those letters written by the bosses of a big brazilian criminal organization in jail intended to be delivered to their men in the streets. The press claims that the police already decoded them, but did not published the decoded plaintext. Accordingly to the pres...

1 hour later…
6:44 PM
Q: A Criminal Conspiracy (Who is guilty #5)

Dr Xorile[This is continuing from previous puzzles. #4 was quite tricky. This one is meant to be much easier (I'm testing the boundaries here). I've been testing various versions and would love your thoughts. Playability? Enjoyment? Difficulty? Suggestions?] There's been another murder on an isolated isl...

6:59 PM
Q: Find the missing shape in this grid

Runemoro What shape should go in the empty square?

2 hours later…
8:35 PM
i feel like i'm in codenames where I really badly want to say some things but have to hold it in until the end of the game
9:34 PM
Q: Gift guessing game

QueenFeAt work, we are playing guess the gift. We get one guess and one clue per day. The first clue is "No guides needed". The second clue is 'It's not a frisbee".

9:45 PM
@stacksfiller Keep an SM log :P
In the meantime, I think I'll try another word web.
(For an example of a previous one, see puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/47548/…. I actually really like that one.)

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