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12:00 AM
truly no rush, after months, i'll bring it up again another time
I'm really not sure what I'd have to say. You're far more eloquent than I am, and I honestly don't have much more I could say than what I've said here
It was a fantastic puzzle. It's just hard to remember exactly how I solved it when it happened over the course of a month, four months ago.
maybe i'll commandeer your comments from here over the course of those months, about turning for instance
That was the one thing I was pretty sure I could talk about. (Originally, I didn't do anything with complex numbers at all - it was all geometric! It was just easier to express it that way.)
that's just what i was hoping for!
i was in play in discovering those patterns, but the geometric form took over in laying them out
it was like unrolling a tread from a wheel
like violating a desert with art by driving and leaving tire tracks
without the harm
I get the impression of you being "in play" from all of your puzzles.
12:07 AM
thank you for playing along!
They're always so expressive and full of metaphor, and both the presentation and the eventual logic behind them are stunning.
You more than took my breath away with your adventure through TGE's grid-climb
Ah, Grid-36? That was a fun one.
I don't remember it by that name
Hm? It may have been something else then
12:11 AM
A: WITLESS - A Puzzling Journey

DeusoviPartial Answer - Sets 1-12 solved, Summit partially solved IMPORTANT! READ ME FIRST! Try the puzzle before reading this solution. Please, it's worth it. If you can't figure out a mechanic, take a break and come back. Only look at this guide if you absolutely have to - for example, you've been ...

Ah! Yeah, I really need to go back to that one and finish up the rest of the solution.
I know it's been posted by others, but it'd be nice to have it all in one post. (Plus, solving the rest for myself would be fun.)
It is such a lesson in so many ways!
With the partial hints, for example, that decompose the puzzle
It's based off a video game called The Witness - you should definitely check it out!
Witness? about a person getting stuck in a grain silo (at one point)????
No, it doesn't involve grain silos. A quick Google search tells me you're referring to a movie from 1985.
12:13 AM
And that you might be referring to one from 2012
I'm referring to a video game, not a film.
The Witness is a 3D puzzle video game developed and published by Thekla, Inc. The Witness was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in January 2016, for Xbox One in September 2016, for Android, via the SHIELD Android TV, in January 2017, and will later be ported for iOS devices. Inspired by Myst, the game involves the exploration of an open world island filled with natural and man-made structures. The player progresses by solving puzzles, which are based on interactions with mazes presented on panels around the island or hidden within the environment. The player will have to determine...
(Don't read too much though - IMO it's best to go in blind.)
hoo, what a difference the word "game" makes after "video" .. there it was all along
another thing i like so much about your answer is getting swept up in the adventure
your narrative is action packed in an i-am-there way!
I think you'd love The Witness. It has the same style of discovering the rules as you go, plus lots of allusions to Zen Buddhism and other philosophies involving "aha moments".
@humn Thank you! I think you're giving it too much credit, but I really appreciate it.
not too much credit... agh, phone call...
Oh, also - on the topic of geometric puzzles, I posted a simple one a while back.
Q: Pairs of Pairs of Pentominoes

DeusoviSplit the 12 pentominoes into three sets of four. Can you pair up pentominoes so that each set makes two of the same shape? For instance, one of your three sets could look like this: That uses the L, P, F, and U pentominoes, meaning you'd no longer be able to use those in any other sets.

The statement itself is fairly simple, but I think there's only one solution.
12:19 AM
...call was quick...
I saw that pentomino puzzle but not in time to get in on it!
You should try it out (if you haven't spoiled yourself)!
(AFK for a few minutes myself - walking to lab)
You bet, thanks for reminding me.
(walk safely)
12:35 AM
I just looked at your solution to GRID-THIRTY-SIX, Deusovi, and remember it now. And have a slightly different way of saying one of the things I enjoy about some of your narratives: you can create an extremely effective and compelling feeling like we're right there solving with you.
Oh, thank you! I'm hoping to become a mathematics teacher, and I guess that style of writing has seeped into my puzzling too.
Sure! I always learn the best when i feel like i'm in the passenger seat rather than watching from the curb
Classes where the instructor just copies notes to the board are almost a waste of time.
(paraphrasing a great quote:) The material can transfer from the notes of the instructor to the notes of the student without passing through the minds of either.
Heh, that is a pretty good quote.
So all of a sudden i'm distracted by pairing up pentominoes.
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains - see this awesome guide for a cryptic clues primer, and join in!
12:42 AM
Oh, did the pin disappear?
yeah. annoying.
@humn Enjoying the puzzle? It's more difficult than I had expected when I came up with it.
I felt completely lost at first, now think I'm seeing a couple of edge areas that make enough difference to simplify things
The puzzle would definitely be in contention for Most Puzzle per Pound
Very clean.... even the image of all pieces (oh, thanks to dcfyj) is pixel-clean and easy to play with in an editor
Yeah, that wasn't my image. :P
I often don't remember who makes which puzzles but i do remember your jumping in to help someone else solve a different pentomino puzzle, with odd rotation
12:48 AM
the pentomino fiddle site wildbillmunson linked to is much easier than playing in an editor, btw. I spotted that puzzle a bit too late to have a real shot at finishing first, but had a bit of fun messing with it. came close, but .. no cigar
You'll get another chance to solve a puzzle first, someday, if you're good and deserve it, Rubio
is it just me or are quotes falling off the star board?
(Now everyone's looking at the star board to see if you're falling off it)
the bottom used to be "the first thing TGE did", like, two days ago
yesterday it was my PSEidol quote
and I don't think it's changing order, it feels like stuff has vanished
Yeah, starred quotes "decay"
I don't know the exact way that they do that though
12:53 AM
(not exactly to the point, now i'm wondering how different it might look depending on screen dimensions)
oh screen dimensions definitely affect how many entries show
It's a combination of age and number of stars. The less stars a quote has, the faster it decays.
(and hello)
ohai alconja
Rubio, i just remembered a nosy question for you: Are you behind a YouTube video about using a buzz saw to make paper?
if we're not careful we may soon end up with enough people to free Contact from its doldrums
and no - I don't have anything on YouTube
12:56 AM
It was linked to a video you listed here. and a riot, actually
Huh. I wonder which video that would have been. I don't post many.
I have a feeling I've seen the paper one you're talking about, or one similar, though don't remember it being particularly funny
it's not coming up in a search.
it was a real chainsaw and a real tree and real funny, to me anyway
spoiler: it didn't really produce real paper
sorry if I have the video-post reference misattributed... it was an hour of trololo
oh dear. :)
Yeah that sounds like something I might have posted
it was probably the 10 hour version actually, I usually link that one at people
that's the one! ... not finding it, though
The linked-to video, who knows - those tend to be very much dependent on your own search history
1:02 AM
I had never seen that before. And can't stop laughing. Probably the only one in the world who finds it funny.
Best comment on that one, btw: "can you add 100 hour vercion of this please because i get tired of keep clicking replay botton."
(just laughing)
Half-seriously, though, i might be among the fewer in the world who are genuinely impressed by the singing!
The staging is out of this world, though.
^that's the one my music-teacher friend found to check it out!
I also found a video of Trololo Joe himself watching YouTube spoofs of himself. Precious.
(rest of story: The teacher also hadn't seen or heard it before and had the same reaction as I did: Nice singing (technically)! But what's wrong with the rest of it?)
The singer (Eduard Khil) died in 2012. If you think the old staging was something, you may find the updated one even more interesting... or maybe less so, depending on your aesthetic. hehe
1:12 AM
I want eyes like that before I die.
Maybe he doesn't need the orignals anymore.
Dude was 77 in that last video, not all that long before he died.
And he can dance! Probably took most of those decades to get that good
Commenters suggest he's lip-syncing it, which is actually plausible watching it. either way, he had "it" hehe
Dude's no stranger to lip syncing that for sure.
"The YouTube national anthem", sung by the "Troll Father".
1:15 AM
But the original black&white recording-studio video looks genuine.
In any case, Rubio, thank you for another good deed in bringing the anthem to my stereo.
@humn I can do your superelliptical thing in 11 symbols, but regrettably 11<9 remains obstinately false.
And this time you admit to following a clue, Gareth.
I do? I mean, I may well have followed a clue, but I don't recall admitting it :-).
Your secret is safe with me
If you mean your remark that logs were a red herring, I was never expecting them to be otherwise; applying trig functions to u and v was the "obvious" thing to try, and having scraped together a few minutes I tried it :-).
1:22 AM
You're halfway there, Gareth. Once again I was insecure about it being too easy so i did a trick you might discover next.
There's a new answer from bmcfluff which says the answer is cos x + cos y
! someone might have gotten there at the same time?! what are chances?
presumably meaning cos u + cos v
I should have called it h(u,v) all along
and actually I think that's what I actually meant (I mistranscribed something)
which is kinda frustrating :-)
yeah, the thing I posted actually doesn't work
oh well
I've updated my answer so it's not outright wrong any more
but obv bmcfluff gets the tick
1:27 AM
what timing! it was obvious to me that you were about to go the rest of the way
There only was a rest of the way because I cocked up when converting my experimental diddlings on one computer into an actual answer on another. Never mind.
(in other circumstances I'd wonder whether bmcfluff read my broken answer, figured out how to fix it, and jumped in -- but that clearly isn't what happened, because there's plenty of working in their answer and if they could hack that together so quickly they could just as well solve the puzzle from scratch.)
and now that i look more closely, both of you did skip my to-be-first-worksheet/hint step
unbelievable photo finish. Gasp!
1:47 AM
So, on the CC, I'm wondering if "top spin" could indicate a rotation of characters... eg: "trap top spins" => *RAPT*, or "top spins [chat]" => *ATCH (or even "top spins" => *OPT*)... Of course that leads me nowhere, but maybe it'll inspire someone else.
I've been looking at that, especially following Sconibulus' comments about it being "easier" if discourse was chat - I really want to know if "easier" means "valid", or if it actually just means "easier".
Quick question: I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious, but how do you upload images for an imgur-maze? Do you just upload them from the question screen, or is there another page for that?
Question screen (and then delete the auto-included link)
You can upload them in the question page (there's a link at the top of the box to upload a picture) -
Ok. Thank you.
1:58 AM
it will insert a link, which you can delete (after you note what it was, of course) so that it doesn't appear in your question
As an aside, you can also upload them here in chat (that's what that "upload" button does), but I wouldn't recommend it ;)
2:10 AM
Q: Harry Potter Puzzle!! (no harry potter knowledge required)

geocacherI come to you with a puzzle that supposedly can be solved without knowing much about Harry Potter. It has been driving my friend and I completely insane, as we cannot seem to make progress. Here is the page with the puzzle. All the clues are described there, and supposedly the answer is a set o...

2:44 AM
Re: Alconja's C4 comment I tried looking into words with an anagram of OPT as a substring, but that didn't seem to help :/
Makes me wonder whether top is just first letter indicator
3:29 AM
@Sp3000 Wondered that too... but then you only get 1 letter from either "trap top" or "top spins", which doesn't leave much to work with for the other 6 letters.
Has scon dropped any other hints (other than the discourse => chat one earlier)?
Other idea I had was that "spins" hints at physically rotating a word 180°... eg. "top spins" => DOT
4:12 AM
Q: Dungeon Quest: a twisting and turning imgur-maze maze

qwertyu63You've come to this strange dungeon in search of lost treasure. You've reached the final floor and the door has sealed behind you. All you have are your wits, a clue picked up on the previous floor and the following poem: Arrows point the way, Circles return the next day. Squares twist, c...

3 hours later…
7:14 AM
Hmmm imgur still doesn't work for me
Oh no it is now
1 hour later…
8:24 AM
@BeastlyGerbil You still here?
@Alconja A little loose, but one potential parsing is (synonym for crawler) trap/insertion (top of "spins") = discourse. Having said that I think I'm digging into progressively looser interpretations right now :P
8:39 AM
well @BeastlyGerbil - assuming you come back - I want to include a very obvious reference to "you", a.k.a "Bestial Hamster," in a future puzzle, for which I need (a) your ok, and (b) a time, from 5m00s to 14m59s The time will have a minor significance but you get to gamble as to whether you should pick high, low, or random.
9:01 AM
@Sconibulus CAPTCHA = Crawler trap = CAP (top) + (CHAT -> TCHA)
Got Alconja to thank for the last half there
@Rubio yeah I'm game. I'll pick 10m27s
ok thanks :)
Gtg now though so good luck with that :)
Oh good heavens. Nice job @Sp3000
I had even spent time pondering "crawler" in the web-crawler sense, but didn't think of that :)
9:16 AM
I spent way too long on that clue, in many ways :P
I bet. :)
9:51 AM
CCCC: Crawler traps: each page follows misguided aim, producing joke response? (1'1, 1, 6)
Should be easy enough
10:02 AM
Q: Robot Dan and I

Jan IvanRobot Dan, world smartest vacuum cleaner, and I took our packages and fly to trip. We had to took our big pistol, that could shot down a tank. Last time we almost started world war 3, by shooting someone called "Canady." Lovely! Andes were our first stop. But we were disappointed by cheese food. ...

is I'M A TEAPOT a thing?
(I'M A*) T(EA+P)OT
Yes it is :) (HTTP status code 418)
heh, lol
(also, nice surface reading, I was stuck on BEAPOT for a bit before realising a TOT was a crawler as well :-) )
Not a very subtle surface though since it directly correlates with the def :P But just wanted to play with the last clue
10:21 AM
That's one of my favorite status codes, btw :)
10:33 AM
CCCC: "Fine, the second option. Ok then..." (6)
Me to clue: Are you okay? You sound exhausted.
11:12 AM
How do I put a space in MathJax?
@Rubio, you know MathJax. I know nothing about it...
that is, backslash+space
Like, $This \ is \ a test$?
1 hour later…
12:20 PM
Q: Cryptic Mastermind

LevieuxAnd now for something completely different: Cryptic Mastermind! Given below are five sets of five cryptic clues each, all resulting in five-letter words. The black and white pegs, like in regular Mastermind, indicate the number of correct letters. A black peg indicates a correct letter that is...

12:33 PM
Q: PSE Assessment Exam

RubioAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #27: Treasure-Hunt...   Welcome to the PSE Assessment Exam! This exam is designed to assess your aptitude, knowledge and experience as a high profile member of the Puzzling Stack Exchange community. This is a timed test conducted in a closed room with ...

12:51 PM
Q: Non-Congruent Fillomino

TheGreatEscaperHere's a Fillomino puzzle (rules can be found here). The gimmick is that no two areas can be congruent. Enjoy!

1:17 PM
Q: Introducing Domidoku!

dcfyjCome one, come all! Come see the new type of logic puzzle, the Domidoku! Here's a sample for all to try! The process is simple! First you solve the Sudoku and then you solve the Dominosa! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries, be they physical or mental, that occur while solvin...

Ah, I see the C4 finally got solved
Gamen! @dcfyj
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries, be they physical or mental, that occur while solving this puzzle. - the mental one is meant to happen with some heavy puzzles on the dashboard!
@Techidiot :P
1:42 PM
Is there any good solid documentation on this dominosa? I have never solved one before and not sure what to do with the sudoku
I fixed your weird image bug thing
Woo 15k
Oh. Thanks
Grats @BeastlyGerbil
@Techidiot This will give you an idea on how to solve it
Grats, and gamen
^ Thanks. Though I have see this a few days back on a puzzle Sconibus posted. I failed to understand it :) Let me rethink
1:47 PM
Yup, that's what reminded me about them
@BeastlyGerbil Grats, Bestial Hams...I mean...BeastlyGerbil! :)
@Techidiot I added an brief explanation of dominosa
Since everyone's getting hung on it
@dcfyj I found this nice faq puzzle-dominosa.com/faq.php
You know, sudoku is pretty easy to make. Dominosa, not so much...
2:03 PM
Took me about 20 ish minutes to make the sudoku, and about 1.5 hours to make the dominosa lol. Although I did have an unusual constraint and board.
It seems excel was the way :)
I know that, but I don't know what you're talking about lol
I mean, I think the cells in your puzzle look like Ms-excel cells :D
Nvm, I see the faq says, find a pair which appears once, but in sudoku, every pair appears twice I guess
2:14 PM
Oh, they are. I pretty much always use excel for grid puzzles
@Techidiot The dominosa is pretty hard (harder than the sudoku) but it is logically solveable.
And I am not able to start :p I went on coloring pairs but it was heading towards infinitely incorrect solution :p
:p I was randomly filling it 1-2,1-3,1-4 ...
But well, I know the rules now. So, that's a takeaway for today! :)
Keep at it and use all the information you have, you can solve it :P
Ivo beat you to it
Oh, was that allowed ? :p
Keeping a single number off
That's what the grey numbers were :P
In order to use 1-2 to 8-9 (which is only 36 dominoes) I had to remove 9 tiles, one of each number :P
2:34 PM
Yes,, I can solve it now. In fact, I am solving it on my own now. :)
3:07 PM
@dcfyj Done that :) Learned something new today!
I think the key is finding the initial unique ones (aside from the 53)
Your solution is wrong, you have 2 75s
Oh what!!!
Let me recheck
Oh no
Q: Three Evil Shades

Brent HackersA blind man was walking through a lush forest when he came upon three evil shades lurking in the shadows. The shades spoke to the man: "Our first is regal and magical true, But also a sign that something hurt you, Our second rises with the sun, From atop a tree it's name d...

Let me get back to that
3:09 PM
You didn't have to delete it lol
I will resolve and undelete it :)
In fact, I vote against deleting because ivo's answer references yours lol
Thanks for mentioning... oh, how did that happen :(
You need to make sure you look for the unique items first
and make sure you have one and only one of each tile
Yeah. That's what I did. There should be a small loop hole. Validating now
3:12 PM
You can use Ivo's answer to validate too if you like, his matched mine.
3:52 PM
ooh, My domidoku hit the HNQ
Q: The trunk of trivial trials

SilenusThis puzzle is a knockoff of humn's The case of the world's easiest puzzles. (humn has encouraged spinoffs in a comment.) Hey be careful with that case! Even the slightest nudge, jostle, or jog, and poof, those puzzles are solved. And trust me, not even the most gullible mark, er... Hello the...

Good. I am done. Writing up now
lol, that took a while
Oh yes, actually, imgur is playing naughty once again. Not letting me upload
10 minutes per image :(
4:18 PM
@dcfyj Done. I hope I didn't spoiled it again :p
@Techidiot is that a bug or a new thing that's been imposed?
It took me a while to upload an image for my puzzle a few hours ago too, a bit of a pain
@BeastlyGerbil I think it might be due to server load.
and it was the first thing I was trying to upload so it's not any new limit
The first few attempts when I try an upload gives the reject thing but it works eventually
4:20 PM
Yup. It took me about 15 tries
Yeah. It took me 2 hours for uploading bunch of images as a part of my solution. No wonder something is wrong
There was a tweet from imgur stating this
Q: Murder Mystery - Solve cipher GOLD13578

SubhamDisclaimer: Open question. I don't know the answer but I got very curious when I couldn't solve. A man was found dead in his bedroom. Autopsy showed signs of torture. It is believed that the reason for his murder is the family heirloom - a diamond. The only safe in his room is broken and empty a...

4:40 PM
@Techidiot apparently you didn't notice that there's only one 97 on the board :P
status.imgur.com is currently indicating all clear. (when, for us at least, it seems pretty clear that it isn't)
I had no problems this morning
Hmm, @Rubio may be some ripple effects of fixing being done at the back end
@dcfyj lol, no I didn't noticed. That would have made things pretty easier
Yup, no guessing required
As any logic grid should be :P
4:45 PM
I think there was another unique one too, but I don't remember
I started looking from 1-2, 1-3, ... 4-1,4-2...went upto 7-2,7-3 and concluded that each pair is appearing twice. May be I lost my patience :D
@Techidiot heh, "ripple effects"
I used excel to help me find unique combos while I was building. Trying to build the solution (by solving) while adding the 9 blocks was really hard lol
@Deusovi this is right up your alley, sadly you logged on too late :(
I saw it! Unfortunately, I'm awful at Sudoku.
7-6 I think is unique
4:49 PM
Yeah, I think it is. @Deusovi the sudoku was solved almost instantly. What took people a while to solve was the dominosa
(You can also notice that the bottom right has to extend upwards.)
That one's an obvious given that everyone spotted :P
Alright, cool. I figured that was the case, just making sure.
The less obvious (and harder) part, was to notice the unique number combos on the board. Plus I never stated what the grey cells were :P
Well, it's pretty clear that the grey cells are the unused ones
(and I think they'd have to be uniquely 1-9?)
4:53 PM
I know, but not everyone noticed that (and yes 1-9 was required for those)
the 36 tiles needed 8 of each digit
I still get a kick out of this: "Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries, be they physical or mental, that occur while solving this puzzle."
waiting for someone to make a sudoku dominosa cryptic crossword mastermind mashup puzzle
I'm not even sure why I put that in there, probably to keep with the circus attraction/game show setting type thing
@Matt Well, if @Deusovi will handle the cryptic crossword I can do the rest :P
Although I could do the cryptic, I would need considerably more time to build an already time consuming puzzle
I can definitely do cryptics!
I know!
I haven't really liked the sudoku cryptic crosswords so far. The cryptic clues don't interact with the sudoku at all - they just kinda sit on top of it
5:01 PM
Interact how?
The cryptic clue answers don't really "do" anything.
the crossword depends on the sudoku, but not vice versa
You could always build a CC that gives the sudoku clues
one of them that I saw resolved an ambiguity
I made my sudoku unsolvable without the crossword solution
5:02 PM
probably that one :)
haha, yup
He had 2 solutions for his sudoku, unless you took in the CC with it
if the CC gave the numbers, the enumeration is probably clue enough
(3) is only 3 different numbers
I used a sudoku solver to bring my sudoku to 24 clues. I wanted 17, but that wasn't happening :(
same for (4) and (5)
5:09 PM
How's the exam going @deus? :)
That first cryptic clue...
it certainly is something.
I had some fun with it.
could you imagine if the sudoku puzzle somehow gave the clues for mastermind
and the cryptics were necessary for the sudoku
I'm sure I could figure out a way :P
After all, I did put minesweeper with crosswords :P
omg these ideas
where were they months ago for the "unconventional tags" fortnightly
5:13 PM
Speaking of that, I'm trying to build a combination crossword/grid deduction puzzle but it's really hard to get it to work.
Well, the minesweeper crossword came out a week before that Fortnight
I just feel like my week is complete - one of my puzzles actually got Deus to start a shared spreadsheet for it. Whee! hehe
@Rubio Well, so far I'm the only one solving it
ugh, I wish I had time to start building right now
@Deusovi the grid you're trying to work with is numerical no?
5:14 PM
Yeah I see. Buncha slackers in here ;)
Anyway, I'm thinking about scrapping it and just publishing the grid deduction puzzle by itself.
@dcfyj No.
Is it possible to elaborate without spoiling?
Well, there are grid deduction puzzles based around drawing lines (Masyu, Slitherlink) and shading squares (Tapa, Kurodoko/0h h1)
and those don't necessarily have to be numerical
5:16 PM
and XO, and +-
Shading could be made numerical pretty easily since it's just binary in nature
Fair enough. Why are you asking?
If it's a line drawing one you could do it by numbering/lettering the cells and using two answers to notify a line between them
@Deusovi Seeing if I can give you the idea that makes it possible :P
No, I already know what I'm trying to do
Although to be fair, slitherlink is a numerical grid puzzle
the clues given are strictly numbers
Even if the solution isn't
fair enough
That's why I gave the example of Masyu
5:19 PM
and masyu is binary in nature as well, so...
I already know what I'm planning to do with it. Just trying to get a good fill for the grid
Ah, so the issue isn't the connection, it's the grid itself
I've got the connection.
Sort of like me and domidoku
I knew what I needed to do but it took forever to get a solution for the dominosa
Yep, but mine involves crossword grid filling, which I'm still very new to
5:24 PM
Full crossword grid filling is a bit painful.
Yep. That fish crossword was my second successful fill - it took a while.
I've done exactly one, ever, a loooong time ago. the final clue I shoved in just to be done with it required you fill in "BRIGBY" as an answer, and the clue to get that was just plain absurd
How did you clue that?
badly. I don't remember how exactly but I know "jail" was part of it
oh god
you used BRIG + BY
that's... wow.
5:26 PM
it was awful.
In my defense, the rest of the grid was pretty clean, and had lots of entries relevant to the solvers
Out of curiosity deus, which clue did you get first?
"Dismembered". Got that one immediately.
Hah! I figured it'd be one of 3 or 4
Well, considering we don't have clue 3...
That one, ubiquitous, hearken, or everyone has one
And I got 4 incredibly quickly too - I just happened to notice 2 first :P
5:36 PM
oh. no, I meant 3 or 4 of the clues, not by their number
"Hearken" was also a quick one for me.
The last two given ones remaining were expected. They add a little twist, which is maybe not all that fair, but the rest are remarkably straightforward so I figured I'm allowed a little latitude.
5:58 PM
Aha! Got 17.
Funnily, it was because I was idly clicking on a random "related question" in the sidebar.
I didn't even look at it before clicking. Just clicked randomly, distracted by something else at the time, and noticed the title.
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