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6:02 PM
19 is supposed to take a little trial and error, but it's not supposed to hold up the whole show forever. if it goes on too long, I may change a word of the clue.
Sorry Deus. Arun Kumar Dave is gonna ninja this whole thing out from under you. ;)
6:22 PM
@Deusovi delete this please
Whew. Working on a large puzzle. Learning MathJax for effect, it's not necessary, and creating tables without a table tool... >.<
Yeah my next 'biggy' has a load of Mathjax I've copied and adapted from @Rubio :P
Heh. I'm trying to get this done in time for this FTC...
Oh my. What did you copy and adapt, may I ask?
You've got a few days (4?) left :P
6:25 PM
And creating crosswords is harrrddd >.<
I ended up making half of them just black :P
Lame :P
The text fonts (\mathbb) and making text big (\Huge) and a couple of lines across (\hline) @Rubio
Thats about it :P
I've been using this:
Q: MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

MJD To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression it and choose "Show Math As > TeX Commands". (When you do this, the '$' will not display. Make sure you add these. See the next point.) For inline formulas, enclose the formula in $......

6:26 PM
No \bmatrix? :P
me too
it was really helpful
ah. Ok, I was hoping it wasn't something I'd be ashamed of now :)
no don't worry :P
I got to use some lessons learned in the aftermath of the Puzzling Times in my latest puzzle, which was good
@Rubio You mean you're not ashamed of using \mathbb and \Huge?
6:28 PM
@Rubio in the afterMathJax I think you mean :P
She's got \Huge .... tracts of \mathbb
Sure...? I guess...?
Okay, dropping out so I can concentrate. No Lit flags ATM. Pizza's arriving.
sounds good :P
Q: Cubrt, sqrt, "whatever"rt shouldn't be allowed

ThalesI don't think using rts is fare. No cubrt not even sqrt. Because it means ^1/2 or ^1/3, meaning that you added new numbers. So, for the 8 you should use: 8!!/8/8 = 6 For 9, looks like it is not possible if you don't use sqrt.

7:16 PM
My punctuation decided that it likes the next line better, instead of staying with its sentence. How do I teach it the error of its ways?
Is your sentence long?
@Rubio: An indirect anagram? Really? D:
@Deusovi In the exam? :(
Yep D:
7:18 PM
Bad @Rubio, Bad!
@dcfyj One of the sentences is: Each station should reveal a tinyurl to a Google Maps location. The period jumps to the next line.
That's not particularly long...
what's the mathjax around it?
$\mathbb{Each \ station \ should \ reveal \ a \ tinyurl \ to \ a \ Google \ Maps \ location. \ You \ will \ use \ information \ from \ different \ stations \ all \ over \ - \ there's \ no \ telling \ what \ might \ be \ useful.}$
Why blackboard bold? That's meant to be used for individual symbols.
Because. </cryptic>
7:20 PM
@Mithrandir just put 2 \ after the period, it's jumping down because of lack of room.
@dcfyj Thanks!
@Deusovi That way, the caps stand out, and I'm weird.
I think it looks nifty
@dcfyj Final solution updated again :) Will have a nice sleep now
7:26 PM
lol, ok. Good night
Ooh, a gif. Nice
7:42 PM
Wouldn't have thought of that for 19 lol
Oh, I didn't know one of the questions I posted was part of that hunt. Nifty!
7:58 PM
@Deusovi Oh. Oh man. That actually was a complete slip, lol
Oh no wonder. Man. that was stupid. Sorry, I wouldn't do that intentionally
8:12 PM
So apparently something atypical snuck into each of my cryptics - so we'll just go with that, and beg indulgence. :) and that'll be a good reminder to me to not rush my cryptics
You should never rush a puzzle, nevermind a cryptic :P
@Rubio oooh dear you'll get a telling off from @Deusovi now :P
"rush" is a relative term :) that puzzle's been percolating for about 3 weeks
(And yeah, I am sad now)
percolating lol that's not a frequently used word.
Wow. actually I see I was collecting the timings for the PSEdoppelganger "solvers" exactly a month ago, so this puzzle's been in the works for almost 5 weeks
8:33 PM
*yawn* Finished that crossword.
Now that I finished my workaround, is there a way to create tables in MathJax? :P
you'll need some wood, a saw, maybe some nails...
:P I thought that was quite good
I've been using this:
A: Is there Markdown to create tables?

PandyaYou can create table by using Box Drawing Unicode. This answer helps the new users about the required box-drawing Unicode uses with Unicode-Key. For creating Table, the following Unicode are essential: 1. Two lines: Horizontal         ━     U+2501 Vertical             ┃     U+2503 2. Four ...

\table ?
8:36 PM
is there such thing?
If you want to create a table look at the 'What is a XYZ word?'. They have mathjax tables
...Too much work to adapt that for sudoku. :P
8:37 PM
I'll continue with unicode
in LaTeX it's \tabular, but I'm not sure about mathjax
8:50 PM
building a sudoku in mathjax is actually somewhat nontrivial. there's no particularly convenient way to use the table formatting to draw the cell boundaries for the whole 9x9, AND still get thicker boundaries for the 3x3 sub-grids
now that I've learned a bit more I could probably come up with something, but my last attempt was an unmitigated mess.
If you don't care about any of that, then making basic tables in MathJax is actually pretty easy. Find some of the older MathJax driven "What is a ... Word™?" puzzles and you'll see how. (More recent ones based on my template are, well, overkill for your purposes and are likely to be unnecessarily confusing)
18 mins ago, by Beastly Gerbil
If you want to create a table look at the 'What is a XYZ word?'. They have mathjax tables
Thats what I said :P
I know. I added a wee explanation though; if he was looking at recent ones he'd be right about the work to adapt. An older one though (puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/45504/… for example) should be quite straightforward.
ah yeah, sorry, \begin{tabular} in latex
I seem to remember {tabular} doesn't exist in MJ, but \begin{array} and \begin{matrix} do
9:24 PM
Night all!
2 hours later…
11:12 PM
Just got up from my nap. I see nobody's finished off Rubio's puzzle yet
@Rubio That's fine! I slip up on my puzzles all the time.
11:25 PM
Hey, @Alexandros! c:
11:46 PM
@Deusovi Hi @Deusovi :)
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