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12:51 AM
Q: We have always been around

Master YodaWe can come day or night In darkness or light. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes more We sneak up on you as you move for the door We can dance we can jump we can bounce and we can roll We can put on a show but we won't have control Who are we?

2 hours later…
2:23 AM
If anyone is around, I am going on a trip tomorrow, and I get very bored riding in trains. I have a book, but I was wondering if anyone knows of some puzzles that can be printed out and could feasibly last a few hours. Something that is not standard sudoku/etc, but preferably logic and not wordplay
i'm assuming you wouldn't want normal grid logic puzzles? or would you?
Oh, probably not. I have those on my phone, so unless it's a particularly clever one...
You could finish paramesis' unsolved puzzles...
we should have a month on puzzling dedicated to puzzles like those.
@Alconja that's not a bad idea
it looks like I would be better off having references at hand trying to solve those ... I don't even understand people's comments
okay, I do understand the comments, but I'm not familiar with (for example) Yin Yang puzzles, or Corral
2:33 AM
What about designing your own puzzle?
that's a good idea too
2:45 AM
2:58 AM
@EricTressler try and figure out that homeworlds monopoly thing?
I'm gonna try out using gimp to make a card template for a thing
@DestructibleLemon I don't know the rules, even. Is homeworlds a board game?
sort of
but there is no board except for a flat playing surface like a table
I believe in the question there is a link to the rules?
Oh, btw, thanks for introducing me to that game
It's pretty good
No problem
It is my favourite game from the pyramid arcade set... except for some rule confusion
Anyway, I was thinking of making a customisable card game but with perfect information or something
or at least no luck
except for who starts first and such
The problem is is that the things I want to put on the cards differ greatly in size... however it will only be digital I think.... unless you print them on paper or something
That will be a very big project
3:08 AM
Speaking of cards
Does anybody have any tips on printing your own card set?
I think there are websites where you can get them printed
but I've never done it
@EricTressler It's gonna be SROMG: the CCG
anyway, the basic idea is there's no buying cards crap, so it's mostly a level playing field, except for obviously skill differences. You can place whatever cards in your hand that you like (up to a card limit), except you can only have one card of each type
Does that stand for "Sorry, oh my god"?
it might be SROMCG or something instead though
Oh, ok
3:14 AM
I saw it a day or two ago (I think in TNB)
@Wen1now There's places like this where you can print custom cards... Haven't had any experience with them though...
my current project is creating poker on discord, and then i will progress to enigmatic-puzzle on discord with your only interaction with a bot
i think it would be interesting
So I'm just thinking about how I should format the cards if the size varies so wildly in these comics
I guess I can make 4 basic types of cards: regular Garfield strip size, sunday sized, single panel, and overly large.
also maybe a 5th miscellaneous category
however the fourth SROMG strip is almost a regular strip, but also too large vertically from the final panels... not ideal
@Alconja That seems like a nice website, thanks!
3:30 AM
not secure for me...
also I don't know but maybe check a couple different websites for price comparison possibly?
What do you mean
it tells me i have an insecure connection
however it might not be the site
Oh right
What are you supposed to search for
I've tried in the past but the only thing I got was 'buy custom-made football trading cards' and other pointless junk
card printing?
custom cards didn't work?
@DestructibleLemon The people who've made the sites are pretty skillful and do stuff like 'make your game first, then we'll give you a price quote'
3:36 AM
as something else
although I'm not sure what kind of cards you want
Just plain playing cards
Okay, I mean custom playing cards, but pretty much the same as plain playing cards
"custom playing cards" gives a lot of relevant results
@Wen1now think of all of the promotional playing card sets you see... it's really common for people to want decks of custom cards. The price should be accordingly pretty reasonable
@Wen1now what is the theme?
Well... currently it's unthemed
4:17 AM
Do you have a plan for what you are making, or is it just "it'd be cool to have a custom set of playing cards"
Yeah, I do
Actually, I've made a pen-and-paper version and it was enjoyable
basic rule description?
It's actually pretty simplistic
To begin, everybody gets five cards
Each card has a level
On your turn, you draw a card and may place a card in the middle facing towards yourself
(this is still turn 1): each player may now either place a card on top of the previous card, with a larger level (e.g if the previous card had level 5 then the next player can play a level 6 card, but not a level 4 or 5 card)
Or they can pass. Say there are N players. Then after N consecutive passes, the top card on the stack is 'activated' and its action is used (e.g 'Draw another card')
Then the round continues from before
The turn ends when there are no cards left in the pile
Then the next player begins their turn
What is this
4:26 AM
It's the great game of absolution and redemption
read "The play" and "The end of the game" at the bottom
Is it supposed to load really slowly
It seems like a difficult game to win
I think it's funny
Alright, I guess I should go. I'll be back in a few days, maybe a little bit from a hotel in the meantime. 'night
Okay bye
4:43 AM
Q: How to tell if a Mathematical Rubiks puzzle is solvable

MarquisDeSitruceI recently came up with a series of mathematical puzzles based loosely on Rubik's puzzles(or should I say combination puzzles). They go like this: you have an n x n group of numbers where you can shift either a row or a column in any cardinal direction(left,right,up, or down) however you must inc...

Hey, has anybody heard of the genre 'meta'
5:05 AM
@Wen1now As in ?
5:16 AM
No... as in a game genre, called 'meta'. I tried googling it but didn't get anything
4 hours later…
8:53 AM
Q: I am from the future, and I need your help to meet someone

padawanI came from the future. Earlier today (when I was still in the future), I was supposed to meet my friend. I asked Where do we meet today? The response was I feel depressed lately, I need some fresh air. Maybe Bournemouth would be a good place to come back to life. If you catch me...

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10:31 AM
Q: Nine lemons,find the difference

maxaselaYou have 9 lemons.which look exactly same.same height,same color.. There is no identical different between any. All lemons weigh equal,expect one.which little less weigh than others. You are allowed to use a scale..which can compare weight.but u can only use the scale maximum 2 times. Can you ...

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2:08 PM
Q: place the first and last numbers

user6433464Find the pattern from given numbers and place the missing numbers.

3:07 PM
Q: Generate the Number for sunday by finding pattern

user6433464That Puzzle I found on another site so I put it here to share with you. I will give link for the pattern logic of given puzzle.


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