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3:20 AM
@dcfyj - I added a comment to your puzzle re: formatting, but a few other clarifications...
"Each clue has how many numbers are in it written in the Parentheses" - you mean how many digits, I assume?
@BeastlyGerbil i don't suppose you're awake in here right now
"No answer is greater than 8 or less than 0" - again, I assume you mean "No digit...", since there are muti-digit answers?
"Each clue is separated by a semi-colon" - I don't see any semi-colons, so I assume you changed your mind and they are now separated by ∎ (well there is one, but presumably it got missed when you converted them over)
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5:27 AM
Q: Two many rainbows?

humnWish I’d had a camera at the time but a cartoon will have to suffice, representing two actual incomplete rainbows that stop in midair where they cross, lit only by a setting sun. This seemed so paradoxical, I honestly wondered if it was a dream. After all, on a normal rainbow with two arches, ...

6:11 AM
How do you people start to try to solve a challenge/puzzle without being given much information? I'm trying to learn how to look at them, and how to figure out where to begin.
2 hours later…
7:55 AM
@Deusovi I can ping people even when they are not online, and it then obviously applies for anyone.. For example, I can ping Bmyguest now, but he is not online.
8:42 AM
@Alconja I was thinking the same thing.
1 hour later…
9:59 AM
@duzzy Maybe pick an example that (1) looks like it doesn't have much information and (2) has been solved by someone who frequents The Sphinx's Lair, and ask specifically about that?
2 hours later…
11:32 AM
@Rubio am now
11:48 AM
I am excited today. I have prepared a riddle! A long time since my last one, which was an unmitigated disaster..
Preparing my brain....
I see, no one has got the Dice Star returns yet. And Sconibulus has disappeared. I would probably go back to it later...
12:06 PM
There are way too many clues we don't have really convincing answers to in the dice puzzle.
(I posted a bunch of things about it here in TSL recently, including a couple of semi-plausible suggestions for some of those clues. No one else seemed to be interested, though.)
And Sconibulus refuses to give any hints except that I had a single-digit number of wrong answers in my answer.
(my comments started somewhere around here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/33063016#33063016)
(actually a few before there)
Least useless comments from then: SILKEN and CATGUT are both kinda-plausible answers to the "natural fiber" clue, and one contains EKN and the other TTU. I think SILKEN is more likely. I don't understand why MOehm's ELSTER answer is plausible but don't have anything much better (but EEMIAN is about equally plausible and has EEI). "Protect from harm" could as well be SHIELD as SECURE. I think that's most of what I had to add.
I did try building up a table of residuals as I did for the earlier Dice Star but we really need more confidence about more of the clues before that's very useful.
Yeah, Silken is better than thread(WHich I had).. I have no idea about elster... I prefer Shield to Secure because secure takes away one of those SER
12:37 PM
Oooh Electorate badge
I'm glad my puzzle hasn't been solved super fast, it took a long time to make that lol
Thats the most annoying thing
I didn't really expect it to get solved quickly by its nature but I thought there was a possibility.
I was annoyed at how quickly Alconja got this
But I suppose he created the original so he knew what to look for
I always get so scared when I get a notification that someone posted an answer to my puzzle within the first 12 hours :P Luckily it turned out to be two partial answers in the latest case.
12:48 PM
I remember seeing that. There was no way I would've gotten it, I've never even seen British coins lol
@LukasRotter I've got two com wikis going on mine haha
Is anyone except Deusovi working on a mechanical-puzzle right now? (or at least wants to post one this week?)
I have no time :(
I've got my new puzzle and the casino one to work on and a mound of homework.
Will have to stick to just solving for this week'
@LukasRotter I was inclined to believe your puzzle was real until I saw 297 upvotes in a single question within 2 seconds of it being posted
@LukasRotter how did you make it?
@LukasRotter Nope, All my puzzling time was spent on making my little monster.
12:59 PM
@BeastlyGerbil It's just two user scripts (one for the "active questions" where it pops up and the other for the actual question).
Or do you mean you want to know how exactly the code looks like for a particular part of the puzzle?
I just wondered at the votes, the colouring and so on
Its all pretty amazig
@GarethMcCaughan whats happened! You're on the second page of reputation this week! :P
For those that are interested, I made my puzzle more legible, as per @Alconja's idea, and added a clue I accidentally left out.
@BeastlyGerbil The votes are an endless loop (with setInterval) that decreases the value of document.getElementsByClassName("vote-count-post")[0]. Background transition is made with body.style.background = "url('http://cdn.sstatic.net/sites/puzzling/img/bg_pattern.png?v=92ab26e4496d'), linear-gradient(to bottom, white 80px, orange, black 400px)"; (exactly the way it's also done with the normal background). Colored text is just a span with style="color:red" etc.
I actually didn't even realize the neat trick with the background until a few weeks ago. I also changed the look of my chatroom since then. I think Puzzling has one of the best default backgrounds of SE :P!
1:20 PM
I came back
You did?
@BeastlyGerbil good morning - had a question on your Prison Officer puzzle which is driving me up the wall ;)
@BeastlyGerbil I have more and less active weeks. And more and less successful ones :-).
the new hint didn't help either. my question is whether or not i'm even on the right track with this - would I be correct in looking at single records' catalog numbers here?
I updated a couple of the Dice Star clues, sorry about dropping off the world like that, I had much less free time with internet access than I anticipated
on the plus side, the U.S. GP was great
1:29 PM
You watched it live?
I mean, on the stands?
@Rubio see my comment to Techidiot's answer
yeah, I was at turn 12
so the dice thing
I think the Jenny one must be TUTONE which handily contains TTU
the garden pest one can't (thank whatever gods there may be) be DESLUG now that "mammalian" is in the clue. DEMOLE???
Rubio points out that remove pests would be Demole..
(so do I, see above)
DEMOLE is not in the OED, for what it's worth
1:33 PM
Oxford does not contain all words, I believe'..
"all words" is a pretty ill-defined phrase :-)
@GarethMcCaughan ah yeah hadn't seen the updates thir morning. guess i was on to something after all, just didn't find the right one
Now, I begin to feel-Those who eat will be eaters to get the TEA.
Could be EATERS, though that's a ... disappointing ... clue if so.
The glacial erosion one is making me feel stupid and/or ignorant.
the glacial erosion part is meant to be an extra hint, it's not the main thrust
1:40 PM
yeah, but it seems the most likely way to find the answer
(I understand that the main definition is the thing about missing to an abnormal degree)
unfortunately I don't think "jökulhlaup" is a 6-letter word meaning "missing" :-)
@Rubio unlucky there
i was thinking fjords but not on the dice..
@GarethMcCaughan maybe 'jökulhlaup' is missed in a relatively famous quote?
nah, probably not
@BeastlyGerbil heh i could smack myself. i somehow copied the code wrong, and was looking up permutations of 2238 all night last night instead of 2338
i totally would have had that a good 12 hours ago if i wasn't a moron
oops, lol
1:53 PM
oh well :)
You can have a go at mine, no one's solved it yet :P
at least i knew what to do for once. that was kinda fun actually
@dcfyj your puzzle is being solved by "elites"(As Deusovi put it yesterday). It should be solved soon and if it is not, you can pat yourself on the back for a good,difficult puzzle
No idea, I've only seen two wikis to prove anyone's working on it.
can i ask a dumb question - how does one see the community wiki for a puzzle?
1:59 PM
bowdlerized british birds: I looked at the list here and, while I may have missed things because I was rather losing the will to live towards the end, I didn't see anything that looked either very bowdlerized or very much in need of bowdlerization. Perhaps the ruddy duck or the bustard might be bowdlerizations.
@Rubio see it?
Other slightly suggestive bird names: various red-breast_ed things; the European _shag; the frig_atebird; the wood_cock; various kinds of tit; the red-_rump_ed swallow; and the thrush, whose genus is _turd_us.
i mean - your puzzle appears to be being worked on in a wiki but i don't know what wiki that is or how to find it
ugh, sorry about broken formatting; apparently italics only work when what's between underscores is a whole word.
A community wiki is a multi-person answer
2:00 PM
@Rubio "community wiki" just means that an answer isn't owned by any single person
so anyone can edit it
and no one gets any rep for it
oh. i see. :) thanks
(which makes me cry, because what's the point in solving interesting puzzles if you aren't going to get Arbitrary Meaningless Internet Points for them? :-) )
Because they're interesting :P
It's a matter of life and death,isn't it?:P
I'm glad my puzzle earned the title of "interesting" ^^
2:04 PM
Also, rough-looking foliage isn't correct because OP edited that hint although it looked sort of convincing..
Looks like @DanRussell is having a field day with the clues community wiki haha
I am surprised, no one has solved my riddle yet. (Although, I am probably happy)
2:35 PM
The first and last stanzas kinda make me think of Gideon v. Wainwright, but the middle doesn't seem to work
You're really going at those clues @DanRussell
@dcfyj Actually, it's more @LogicianWithAHat than me so far. It's going to be tough to know whether some are right or wrong.
Are there any clues to what the "First" "Second" etc. mean?
Albeit only a few, some of which you guys have already solved
There's one in particular that is a massive hint toward their meaning
Think it's probably primes, but the first one of those clues is throwing me off
Which one is that?
2:43 PM
The only Even One cubed, with only Primes
It's three digits
my guess is 512
1 isn't a prime
3-digit cubes are 125 216 343 512 729. 3 and 43 are prime; the others (if "only primes" is meant to mean "built out of digits of primes") don't work
1 is primish, if not really prime, 6 and 8 would be even one digit numbers cubable into 3 digit numbers
but 7 can hardly be "the only even one", surely
even with capital letters
2:45 PM
Some of the clues refer to the totals, and some refer to the digits, the numbers in parentheses just tell you how many digits the answer is split into
not sure what other famous things there's an "only Even One" of besides primes
perhaps "with only Primes" means what we're looking for is some prime numbers that add up to 8 (there was going to be something nomogrammatical, wasn't there?) so 3+2+3 or something???
@dcfyj "famous" because it doesn't make much sense if "first one", "second one", "only even one", etc., just mean first/second/... within some completely arbitrary set of numbers
though I suppose they could be something like all the answers to the clues, with some wacky self-referentiality going on.
Oh of course, they all refer to something rather well known. If you look at the clues wiki you'll see that dan is starting to piece those together.
@GarethMcCaughan No, any time I reffered to another clue I used the #:'s notation
@GarethMcCaughan Yes, I think that clue means: the sum of these three digits is 8, and the digits themselves are all prime. So 233 or 323 or 332 ...
2:53 PM
One's older brother is 7? Because they look sort of similar?
I think the older/younger thing might just be higher/lower
if One does refer to primes... one's older brother may be 1
as the only thing that comes before the first prime
What is perfect? Something to do with the sum of all its factors? Or something like that? (I read that in java class)
a "perfect" number is one that equals the sum of all its factors, other than itself.
it is not known whether there are any odd perfect numbers (if there are they must be very large)
all even perfect numbers are 2^(p-1)(2^p-1) where the latter factor is prime (which implies that p is prime). So the first three are 6 = 2^1(2^2-1); 28 = 2^2(2^3-1); and 496 = 2^4(2^5-1). (But, despite the apparent pattern here, not all prime numbers will work for p.)
prime numbers like 3, 7, 31 are called Mersenne primes after a guy called Mersenne who wrote down a list of the first I-forget-how-many. (But his list was wrong.)
@DanRussell I've had that song in my head the last few days because of this puzzle lol
@dcfyj Which song?
3:01 PM
And I am beginning to think,my riddle is getting too broad...
While solving these crossword-type clues, don't forget that this puzzle has a minesweeper aspect to it
3:17 PM
Hey @MariaDeleva, haven't seen you in a while
@Sconibulus I believe, SILKEN and Tutone as found by Gareth,is correct?
they certainly seem plausible
Ok, SO the puzzle-solver thing is wrong...
not ANSWER but something else?
3:22 PM
oh ok
With incomplete information?
Oh, I don't know, I haven't looked at that puzzle any time recent
oh, that's interesting. INFERS???
He closes it as too broad :p
3:23 PM
2 letters too long :P
that would put INF at 7,15,16
@Sid ha ha
INFERS surely sounds good...
I'm not entirely happy with INFERS -- you do it with not-incomplete information too (and for me the complete-information case is more "central" than the incomplete-information one).
it could still be right but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find the intended answer is something else
(not coming up with any ideas for the something else, though)
I don't like hewers too... Might be correct but not too convincing...
That's one of the ones I found, I looked for a better option but didn't come across one
3:33 PM
Yeah, neither did I. as I said, it could be correct as OP hasn't edited that...
With the words that we are sure of... taking away the die letters, we end up with.. SED ONE TEK HOA SHE OND MON SIL EAN HWE MIS DIN HFR
@Sid HFR looks wrong there; if H ends a word, that word ends in IH, DH or NH. And otherwise what on earth could the word be?
th is a plausible ending
of course, that depends entirely on whether or not that die can be moved
MINERS is worth considering as an alternative to HEWERS.
It's a shame that MASONS is impossible because of the dice.
OOH, good one
'lo @Alenanno
3:48 PM
Still, there are 2 SER-too much.
Oh wow, that "AFTERNNON"...
If you do something do it right, even a meme! :D
afternnono alenanno
@GarethMcCaughan ahah hello
3:52 PM
I think I did a good job on the difficulty of my puzzle. People are solving bits and pieces of it at a decent pace, but it isn't getting solved instantly.
Ok let's pretend I'm saying hi again, so I say this:
Much better.
@Alenanno I see, you have a major in languages... WHich languages are you fluent at?
Apparently that glass has a hole in it and that man drinks from his hand, because it never fills
maybe the liquid being poured into it is just really volatile
(and there's a fan or something so that the vapour pressure doesn't build up too much)
@Sid Sardinian, Italian, English, Spanish, and French (a bit rusty), then various languages at lower levels. :D
3:54 PM
How would volatility cause it to not fill? it would just go BOOM!
Apparently someone that watches Fairy Tail joined this room 4 minutes ago
Highest number of consecutive eyes in Rome- Is that 0? I read "eyes" as I's..
true there are no I's in the word Rome
but if it were 0 why would I write consecutive?
Because you wanted to fool people??
Haha, that is a possibility
Totaling the end of this year (year this was originally posted) the last two's root and then half that (2)-92? 2016- 2+0+1+6=9 and Sq.root of 16 is 4. Half of that is 2?
4:04 PM
Some of that is right
Ok, the last part is right. Not the first part...
@Sid Roman Numerals I think
so possibly 3
Also you're forgetting one of the rules
Nice table @Alenanno!
Two Firsts with two useless multipliers in between-2112? First prime and useless multiplier is 1,of course
Are you building your own answer or adding to the wiki?
Hey @MOehm, I posted my puzzle :P
4:12 PM
Adding to the wiki...
@dcfyj: I've seen it, quite a whopper. My black square suggestion didn't catch on it seems, but I like the current look.
ah ok, I haven't seen any edits, so I was wondering.
They have solved most of it... would be cruel if I just stole the answers...
@MOehm Yeah I thought of doing it this way first, but I was worried about the length
@Sid Most? not really, they have a decent chunk, but some of that is wrong.
In any case, I am too busy(read:lazy) to write all of that.
4:14 PM
Imagine trying to build this thing.
Took forever to write the clues
@MOehm I'm sure you understand why I said telling you all the answers were numbers was no help :P
@dcfyj Not for the puzzle, no. I've only looked at the first dozen or so rows so far.
GTG now, today optics is calling. I Should try to find a way to be invisible! Good luck on the puzzles...
the roman eyes one could well be 4 rather than 3 -- I think IV rather than IIII is a mediaeval thing rather than an ancient Roman one.
(I agree it surely must be about roman numerals)
@dcfyj volatility would cause it to evaporate, and maybe it could be persuaded to evaporate just as fast as it's poured in.
@dcfyj though I bet realistically it would then end up looking very different from the picture for all sorts of reasons
4:37 PM
I only just now noticed that I capitalized the word random in my intro paragraph...
4:48 PM
@dcfyj Thanks! :)
@dcfyj It's actually two tables, I didn't manage to break it into two columns automatically. :D
So are you just going to make the table or are you going to solve some of the clues? :P
@dcfyj I tried but it's very cryptic lol
You can do it ^^
5:07 PM
I seriously doubt that. :P
Why's that?
@dcfyj I guess I'm more adept in other types of puzzles.
Which is more adept than I in any puzzle :P
5:27 PM
@dcfyj :P
Provided I counted right, there are 7 clues that were interpreted incorrectly.
5:43 PM
Wow. I actually got an email for this account! :'P Its some french person claiming that I can claim a share of 12.5 million euros lying dormant in a bank... If anyone falls for that I'm surprised they actually managed to set up an email! :P
6:02 PM
:33123802 I agree.
@LukasRotter: What ?
He's making a joke about your removed message.
@Deusovi Gareth's jokes are wondeful and hilarious, this one is excellent:
yesterday, by Gareth McCaughan
@Lukas Rotter that isn't a drinking game, that's a fast track to death by alcohol poisoning.
@ArbitraryKangaroo You weren't supposed to respond :(
6:06 PM
@Deusovi Why the <IQ test> or nonsesne <pattern> puzzles are allowed (and passively somehow, encouraged (?)) here ? They're reducing the quality and making the site gibberish extremely quickly.
What do you do, when people post answers which match a majority of the riddle but don't explain all the lines?
@LukasRotter ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo I don't see any pattern puzzles on the site.. Their number has reduced, I believe
@ArbitraryKangaroo I don't like "IQ Test" puzzles either. But they're still technically puzzles, and we don't have any reason to disallow them as of yet. Maybe make a post on meta, and we'll see if other people also agree that we shouldn't allow them?
(Honestly, if you made a post calling for the banning of IQ test questions, I'd be all for it. I see way too many of them, and none that have actually been good.)
I'm glad my latest isn't an IQ puzzle :P not that I'd post one in the first place... I find them to be unoriginal and rather annoying.
6:09 PM
@Sid: There were some hell-ish pattern puzzles like this, this, this to name a few. Yeah, they have reduced, and some are great, but most are not
@Deusovi: If I post, it would hold record for being shortest meta post. I have nothing more to say than "The IQ test puzzles are nonsense in any angle you look. Ban them".
You could be a little more verbose as to why
Hey, short meta posts are fine by me. I'm not particularly verbose either.
@ArbitraryKangaroo My plan was to respong to a deleted message of yours (which I don't even know the content of) and pretend like I agree with you on a topic. This way nobody except moderators would know what we're talking about. Wasn't necessarily meant to be a joke, but just to produce confusion. (I would've edited it to further explain my controversial position on the topic)
@ArbitraryKangaroo Edit history is visible to everyone. so no :(
I know, but you would edit your deletion request from your message...
Why do you constantly remove your chat posts? it makes it next to impossible to know the conversation when you only see half of it
6:14 PM
Yeah, you probably shouldn't remove them, AK.
@dcfyj I solely agree with this guy. (Banning by mods for referral to another QA site ?)
Wait, that makes it a puzzle. Guess what AK had written!!
Closed as too broad...
Well, I actually planned to create an acrostic with the first letters of the chats to form a metacryptic clue (I'm not joking), but this plain failed off considerately at few points, and it's spiralwise, so you can't guess it the clue from what the chat messages are now.
@Deusovi: Well, when this ("testsolve some puzzles for a hunt I'm creating"...) will be made ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo I should probably remove that from my profile - it was referring to a now-abandoned project.
I'm planning to post some of the puzzles from it here.
6:19 PM
@Deusovi: That's why your reply (in mail) read very weird then.
Yeah, sorry about that.
@Deusovi Have you had a chance to look a the mini-monster I made?
@Sid: What is "gtg" ?
The Minesweeper? I looked at it briefly, but haven't had a chance to work on it.
got to go
6:22 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo It means "(I've) got to go".
Hey wrap round palindrome: got to go -> ogottog -> got to go
@ArbitraryKangaroo And "anagram of itself".
Actually, contrary to that one question about "anagram of itself"-ness, there are only two words that have that property.
Stifle and Filets?
6:30 PM
according to a website I found the list is 4 long: filets, fliest, flites, stifle. Although I don't think flites and fliest are words
I think flite is roughly the equivilent of rap battle
Nah, that's flyting.
So doesn't count :P
and fliest sounds like it could be the most fly thing you've ever seen
ahh, it has a y?
6:32 PM
is fliest a word?
I wouldn't count it as one - it's certainly not in common usage.
fliest isn't getting any results though
but what about e-flits? Short visits to web pages using the hmmngbrd app?
Didn't @Sid say he was going to add to the com wiki for the clues? he's never edited it lol
@Sconibulus or maybe F tiles - what you have too many of in Scrabble when your only option is "fluff"?
6:38 PM
I flagged a comment as rude and abusive as I was just told to 'knock myself out'. That is rude and abusive right?
@Deusovi why not riffraff?
"Knock yourself out" means "go ahead".
@BeastlyGerbil Sounds like it.
@BeastlyGerbil depends on the context, but probably not\
@Deusovi Pretty sure he's joking
6:39 PM
usually it means "go ahead, I won't stop you"
no he definitely wasn't joking he was having a go at me
@Deusovi Looks like Super Scrabble!
@BeastlyGerbil I was saying that you were joking
I guess it sort of implies that they think you're wasting your time
Nah, that means "go ahead" in that case. I don't think it's offensive.
6:41 PM
His names thumbtackthief, you can see his argument with me here
I think it would be rather difficult to knock yourself out anyhow. Not something I care to attempt
@Sconibulus But if you thought the other person's wasting his time, wouldn't you more likely say "don't knock yourself out"?
From what I've read his intentions don't seem friendly so I flagged it
'Fake rules like those are why people think they don't like Monopoly. Play the real game, not your made up version.'
@BeastlyGerbil Just speaking exclusively about that expression, I think he meant it in the classic "go ahead" way.
@BeastlyGerbil By the way, if you want, you can onebox comments.
@BeastlyGerbil Actually, for all his rudeness in how he expressed himself, he's right about Monopoly. He could have left out the "knock yourselves out" bit, though.
6:44 PM
Like I told him I was usin the rules I know, and I use a different type as I'm english
'I mean, first off, this is not an original puzzle, but whatever. The house rules you are suggesting are not real rules, and they make the game take hours and then everyone complains that the game is no fun and takes too long. If you and your friends enjoy playing it that way, knock yourselves out--but it's not the real Monopoly, it's your own variant.'
I interpreted that as not very nice
"knock yourselves out" in that case means "I can't stop you"
I agree as well.
Everything he's saying is accurate. Maybe it's not the nicest way to state it, but it is true.
And it doesn't seem rude enough to me for deletion.
@BeastlyGerbil If you click on "## mins ago" after the comment you want to quote, the URL of the page will change. Copy and paste that URL here on chat if you want to quote a comment on the site (any SE site). It will properly format it as a quoted comment (with links).
6:46 PM
I don't like Monopoly for different reasons, mostly because it's horrendously luck-based, people are eliminated early and get bored, and the time between the game being won and the game being over is often measured in tens of minutes
@BeastlyGerbil I use the free parking house rule as well, but it's still a house rule as in the official rules it says you just sit there.
Fair enough that it's not rude. It just came across that way to me, I was unsure so I flagged it.
@Sconibulus Whenever I play it's almost always just my wife and I so that's not an issue :P
I also don't like being accused of plagiarism
@Sconibulus Agreed. There are so many other interesting and easy board games - Settlers Of Catan, for one.
6:48 PM
I like A&A but I almost never get to play it :(
@BeastlyGerbil: To be fair, it is in a lot of other places. Not with your additions, but "A man pushes a car to a hotel" is a classic one.
Yeah I'd never actually heard it before
Most meta post probably ends with the conclusion (I may be overly wrong) : Yeah, you're right/wrong, but for X, this issue can't be taken much care of. Or occasionally like this: Yeah, you're right/wrong, let's do X. After some days/weeks/months: X was a good idea, but now it's implausible for Y. Repeats.
plagiarism is a little harsh, it's just that it's a widely-recognized board game, of course there will have been riddles about it
Seems my 'original idea' wasn't so original
6:50 PM
@BeastlyGerbil It happens
The quality is probably over important: I bet most of ciphers/riddles/patterns/iq tests are nonsense, and around only a quarter of quarter posts are not insta thought.
This was a pretty original board game riddle: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/43868/…
but I think it was only original because the board game in question was pretty obscure
Anybody knows any good mathematics (not logic puzzles) puzzle (may be hardcore, but puzzles) site which is not for kids?
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